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You are here: > News > March 10, 2013

You're Invited to the 19th International Conference on Analytical Trilogy

Come join us from July 6-12 in Cambuquira, MG, Brazil to experience the transformative principles of Trilogy that have been changing lives all over the world, wherever they are applied, whether to individuals, families, technologies, groups, businesses, and even governments.

The conference will be held at the Grande Hotel Trilogia in Cambuquira, where I stayed while visiting in January. The group transformed what used to be a dilapidated hotel, which is what Trilogy does wherever it is applied.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

As those of you who follow our news know, I recently had an amazing experience -- life-changing -- down in Brazil at the invitation of the STOP the Destruction of the World association, an idea that was launched 55 years ago in 1958 by Dr. Norberto Keppe while doing his training studies in Vienna, Austria; joined about five years later by Dr. Claudia Pacheco. (Profiles) They have written dozens of books about the principles of what they call "Trilogy" that have been translated into dozens of languages. Over the years, they have attracted people from all over the world to become part of this work.

I've been reading a couple of the books and find them quite good. Though I don't agree with every detail, the core principles, for the most part, are consistent with what I would consider to be the "hub of the wagon wheel" principles that are common to all religious philosophies (the spokes of the wheel) in their highest expression. Hence the non-denominational appeal of Trilogy.

When they invited me to come visit them, I thought I was just going to see their Keppe Motor -- and that was indeed interesting -- but what was most impactful for me was the experience of hanging out with the wonderful people who have become part of this project over the past four decades. For them, the Keppe motor is just one project that illustrates the principles of Trilogy implemented into a physical device, which has some unusual characteristics. Nearly a dozen members of their group are involved in manufacturing the Keppe motor powering a fan, their first embodiment -- the fan club, as we affectionately call it.

Of course they can't make medical claims, but I can tell you the experience we've had with our motor, as an anecdotal account. Since I returned from Brazil, my boy has had the Keppe fan running at night next to his bed when he sleeps. Since he was very small, he has had this obsession with having a fan going while he sleeps (white noise?). He has also had problems with migraine headaches, which he says come about 5 times a week, on average. Several times a month, the migraines are so bad they are debilitating, sometimes putting him down for a day. But he hasn't had any migraines since he's had the Keppe fan in his room, except one mild one, a few days ago, when he didn't have the fan running that night.

It's not necessarily that the Trilogy people themselves are spiritual rock stars, but that the Trilogy principles they embrace enable normal people to be extraordinary -- something that is within the reach of every human being: "The Energetics of Consciousness in Everyday Life".

And it is with that premise that STOP is conducting yet another international conference -- their 19th -- on July 6-12 at the Grande Hotel Trilogia (which they bought and refurbished 10 years ago) in Cambuquira, MG, Brazil, via Sao Paulo. 

If you're not familiar with that hotel, check out the story I wrote about a tour Gilbert gave me of that facility while I was there. You'll love it. (If you've read this far, chances are pretty good that you are into this kind of stuff.) Their transformation of that dilapidated hotel is a metaphor for what they are able to do with people, groups, organizations, businesses, and hopefully even countries and the world by dis-inverting what is up-side-down.

The primary error of humanity is arrogance, which causes people to become blind to their pathologies, and because they don't see what is wrong, they don't go about repairing it, so the corruption grows like a cancer. The internal anti-Christ rises to power and takes control. By merely humbling oneself, one can then expose the man of sin, who sits in the temple of the heart, and replace him with goodness, which each person is born for, it being the essence of the soul. At least that is my understanding of what this is all about, and why trilogy works so well to enable people to work together amicably.

So we invite you to come join us in Cambuquira, both for learning and sharing, but especially for experiencing this first hand.

The conference website describes it as follows:

A stimulating and diverse selection of lectures, symposia, workshops, panel discussions, reading-study-training and interactive demonstrations, featuring theory and practice of breakthroughs in "New Physics Energetics," "Psycho-socio-therapeutics", psycho-somatic healing and their application throughout diverse sectors of society.

I'm presently reading "The ABC of Analytical Trilogy: Integral Psychoanalysis", a book that will be given to everyone who registers for the conference. Here are a couple of gems I found in my reading this morning:

"A Trilogical Enterprize [is] where all workers are also owners, and there is no boss." (p. 77)


"When you realize [understand], then can you realize [do]." (paraphrasing p. 78)

This later statement summarizes the concept that once you combine conscience (feeling) with understanding, then can you see yourself clearly, to address your problems and step away from your pathology and into goodness.

On the opening two days of the conference, on Saturday and Sunday, the group will participate in a cultural festival that has a rich history. It is called the Festival of the Divine, which was started in Portugal in the middle ages by the wife of King Don Dinis-St. Elizabeth, "in order to commemorate the future of Humanity when the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit would be among us and all peoples would live in harmony, justice, peace, abundance, and universal spirituality. Temporal Powers would not be as they are today, but people of God would live in freedom and equality."

Those who celebrated that festival were expulsed from Portugal, many of them fleeing to Brazil as well as Newark, New Jersey, USA. This is actually the hidden spiritual foundation of the Brazilian people, and is one of the reasons why that culture is so much more open than most. It is much more a melting pot of cultures than anywhere in the United States.

To put this in vernacular that we can relate to here in Utah, this festival shifts the focus from "follow the prophet" to "be a prophet." This festival encourages the individual spirituality that transcends institutions and re-establishes the need for each person to take responsibility for his/her own spirituality and not rely on institutions for a connection with God. This principle doesn't just apply to religion, but it applies to all things: politics, health, education, media, etc.

From a priority point of view, how important/valuable is this Trilogy group?

While it would be inappropriate to say their concepts represent the one and only true path, let me say that when I was preparing the write-up titled: "Keppe Headquarters zip code a disinversion counter-point to Mormon Headquarters zip code", it seemed to me that this group and their philosophy have a pivotal role to play in setting things right in these times of transformation from a corrupt civilization to an enlightened one that is our destiny.

So attending this conference would be a good way to jump in the deep end and start swimming. And if you are already up to speed on what Trilogy is about, you might consider submitting a paper to be considered for being presented at the conference.

There is going to be at least one session that will be open to the audience / participants to express how the principles of Trilogy have impacted their lives. So you might want to be thinking about this. How has Trilogy effected your work, your home life, yourself personally, your community? And, as a take-home task, be prepared to be considering how you can implement these principles among likeminded people where you live. This could be manifest in you launching a Keppe motor manufacturing group, or it could be something else -- maybe a free energy device you've validated and want to roll out locally.

In looking at the cost for the conference on their registration page, you'll see that their pricing is on the conservative side. The price for the week-long conference is $200 USD, the price per person for a double room at the hotel is $80/night, which includes three meals. The 5-hour bus-ride to/from Cambuquira from Sao Paulo is only $100.

One thing I should warn you about is that getting a Visa to Brazil from the U.S. takes time. They have a reciprocity arrangement, dishing back to the US what the US does to Brazilians who try to visit the U.S. You will need at least 27 days to process the Visa at the lowest cost, with their "rush" option being 11 days and very expensive; and you will need your airline ticket and a letter of invitation from Brazil (from ICAT) in order to apply for a visa. I recommend to process your Visa, otherwise you're facing having to fly to a consulate unless you happen to live in one of the few cities that have a Brazilian consulate. I was able to get a 10-year visa. Don't be afraid to ask.

Here's a screen shot from a recent conference call of people from STOP who are helping to organize the conference. On the STOP connection in that call, there were about a dozen people present in person.

Full Disclosure

PES has a business relationship with the Keppe Motor group, and stands to benefit from their success.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated April 04, 2013




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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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