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You are here: > News > February 21, 2013

LENR-to-Market Weekly -- February 21, 2013

Highlights this week include: Rossi's 3rd party testers want another round, report expected in April; NASA story: 'The nuclear reactor in your basement'; LENR, Dendrites and Perhaps Dreamliner Battery Fires; DOE May Finally Fund LENR Research; Did the 2004 US DoE review reject cold fusion?

Cold Fusion Now will be lecturing at LASER UCLA

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of various news items about the various LENR companies since our February 14, compilation.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Rossi to Josephson — Report Publication 'Probably' Around End of March - Nobel prize winning physicist Brian Josephson posted today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics and asked whether the 3rd party testers might be able to provide an update, since Rossi is not able to. He wrote: "In view of the repeated and unexplained delays, it would be comforting to those wondering what is happening... (E-CatWorld; February 21, 2013) (And
      • Rossi: Peer Reviewers Require More Testing - According to Andrea Rossi the long-awaited 3rd party report of European testing of Andrea Rossi's hot cat reactor is undergoing further tests. Rossi reported, "I have been informed today that the third party tests will be completed in the third week of March." I followed up with a question about what the reason for... (E-CatWorld; February 16, 2013)
      • E-Cat, Rossi assures independent report prepared in April - Andrea Rossi said that independent testing will end probably for the third week of March. The results will be published in April. (; February 18, 2013)
      • Quality Control For E-Cat Factories - "We have organized a quality control system not dissimilar to what happens for other industrial plants that cannot be tested like light bulbs…we have nothing to invent about this issue." (ECatReport; February 15, 2013)
      • From the Archive: Interview with Sergio Focardi - An ECW reader brought my attention this week to something I had missed: a well-done English translation of a 2011 interview with Sergio Focardi by the Bologna station Radio Cittΰ del Capo. The transcript which was posted in full on the website provides provides some interesting insights into Focardi's involvement with cold fusion,...(E-CatWorld; February 17, 2013)
      • Andrea Rossi's Reading List - A reader of the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently asked Andrea Rossi about some of his favorite science and mathematics books, and Rossi has been happy to give his responses. I thought it might be useful to some to list them here — perhaps serious students might want to get hold of some of... (E-CatWorld; February 19, 2013) (And ecatreport)
      • Waterborne Diseases And The E-Cat - On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, some of the contributors have been exploring the possibility of using heat manufactured by E-Cats to purify water. Since the units are hybrid, now, capable of running off of either electricity or gas, they could be transported to remote areas and used to purify water. (ECatReport; February 18, 2013)
    • George Miley, LENUKO
      • Miley Unveils LENR Power Unit Proposal/Hot Ecat delayed - George H. Miley has unveiled a picture of his low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device the LENR-Gen Module. The module is described as a Hydride Gas-Loaded Nanoparticle Electrode Cell Design for distributed co-generation power. The device is apparently an electric generator in which heat created by LENR will turn a turbine to generate electricity. (EnergyCatalyzer3; February 16, 2013)
  • General Cold Fusion
    • NASA on LENR
      • The nuclear reactor in your basement - How would you like to replace your water heater with a nuclear reactor? That's what Joseph Zawodny, a senior scientist at NASA's Langley Research Center, hopes to help bring about. It would tap the enormous power of the atom to provide hot water for your bath, warm air for your furnace system, and more than enough electricity to run your house and, of course, your electric car. (NASA; February 13, 2013) (And
    • Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works Shooting for 100 MW Fusion Prototype by 2017 - At a Solve for X talk, Charles Chase of aerospace giant Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Programs (which goes by the alias Skunk Works) talks about a project of inventing and developing is working on a nuclear fusion ('hot', not 'cold') process on a compact scale, something that could be built on a production line... (E-CatWorld; February 20, 2013)
    • LENR, Dendrites and Perhaps Dreamliner Battery Fires L- The Boeing 787 Dreamliner lithium-ion battery fire mystery remains unsolved. But the remote yet possible cause – that a low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) triggered the failure – just got more likely. (NewEnergyTimes; Feb. 12, 2013)
    • Chemistry World Editorial Encourages Scientific Debate about 'Bad Science' — Cites Cold Fusion - An interesting editorial in the UK's Royal Society of Chemistry publication Chemistry World by University of Liverpool chemistry professor Mathias Brust encourages scientific journals to address and debate 'bad science'. Brust's article, entitled "Safeguarding science against falsehood demands debate", expresses concern that there is not enough post-publication debate about problematic scientific claims, and feels... (E-CatWorld; February 15, 2013)
    • Did the 2004 US DoE review reject cold fusion? - No. "Cold fusion," as reviewed in 2004, was primarily the Fleischmann-Pons Heat Effect, with palladium deuteride, through electrolytic or gas loading. The review panel was evenly split on the issue of anomalous heat, half considering the evidence for a heat (…) (ColdFusionNow; February 19, 2013)
    • DOE May Finally Fund LENR Research - ...a few days ago the DOE, through their ARPA-E programs, is now seriously considering providing funding to Dr. George Miley for a device he claims is based on LENR. George Miley is a well respected professor who has done nuclear fusion research, and he ran the University of Illinois Fusion Lab. (; February 18, 2012) (And
    • [Archive] Einstein, Physics, and the Universe - Dr. Robert Piccioni discussed the life and work of Albert Einstein, as well as the Big Bang, dark matter, and cosmology. He also spoke about efforts to launch cold fusion, a safe way to harness nuclear power for clean, abundant energy. Many such claims about cold fusion have not panned out, but an offshoot known as LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, shows promise. "I think it has a real shot, and deserves to be supported," he said. (; February 17, 2013)
    • LENR, Cold Fusion, summary for policy makers - (; February 17, 2013)
    • Science and Symptoms of pseudodifesa - If all the "theologians" and "fundamentalists" Science did a conference and one were to compare the results of many historical examples of false science were then reassessed over time, perhaps they would do a real service to science and researchers, including border that risk on their own. If Italy scientific misfires will not only be the fault of the funding ... (; February 18, 2013)
  • Events
    • Cold Fusion Now to speak at LASER UCLA - "New Energy Emerging." Cold Fusion Now will be representing at the next LASER event this Thursday Feb 21 at California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA in West Los Angeles, California. Talks begin at 7PM. The Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) series of (…)  (ColdFusionNow; February 18, 2013)
Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2013 6:57 AM
Subject: LENR-Forum newsletter 2013/02/17

In our newsletter some recent hot subjects:
*  Peter Hagelstein Cold Fusion 101 Courses of January 2013 at MIT-IAP :
*  Switzerland: LENR Cars and Chauvin in Swiss media. He is supported by Logitech founder:
*  Miley (LENUCO) : applying to ARPA-E fast funding with a 10kW home reactor project, missed few votes yet huge last day mobilization
*  AlainCo publish a synthetic article about scientific evidences of LENR (and a french executive summary, that you can translate):
*  Found a pre-release of Edmund Storms cold fusion review in Naturwissenschaften (2010). A must to read :
and many other subjects, controversies, findings...

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated April 19, 2013




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