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You are here: > News > February 13, 2013

Tour of the Grande Hotel Trilogia -- Home of the Keppe Motor Manufacturing Group

Come with me as Gilbert gives us a thorough tour of the hotel that their group bought ten years ago and restored, where many of their group now live, sharing communal meals and social life when not working in their manufacturing facility down the street.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Yes, another story about my amazing trip down to Brazil to meet with the people behind the Keppe motor.

Really quick, before get to this story, let me mention that today Dr. Claudia (vice president of STOP the Destruction of the World, Keppe's organization) gave me permission to post the Keppe motor 4.0 plans without charge at PESWiki. This won't be the full, step-by-step documentation, that will still be available for a fee, but it will contain all the information needed to replicate the motor, or to comment, theorize, etc.
Something along these lines had been their intention all along. We're now finally getting to it, but it will take me a couple of days to get it ready.

Now, back to the story.

Why would a bunch of free energy nerds want to take a video tour of a hotel?

I'm confident that most of you will be glad you did.

This isn't just any hotel. It represents what Trilogy (Keppe's non-denominational philosophy) does to people and groups that adopt it.

Ten years ago, the group was visiting Cambuquira on another matter. A waiter, sensing that there was something special about the group, pled with tears for them to stick around and help their town, which was on verge of disintegrating.

Having built a 7-story high-rise in Sao Paulo for members of their group to be able to live together, with a community kitchen and other common areas for socializing; they asked around Cambuquira to see if there might be a hotel for sale. "All of them", was the answer that came back. No one wanted to do business there.

They ended up picking one that was dilapidated (like the town), and were able to get it very inexpensively -- for three times less than another offer that had been made. 

And they transformed it back into a wonderful facility, and even added a chapel in a back storage room. That is a metaphor for what they do to people and groups as well, bringing God (spirituality, recognition of a higher power, angels, gifts of the Spirit) back into being an important part of their life and function.

They grow their own food in an organic garden in the back; and they even have a fish hatchery to grow their own fish. They also launched a brick-making project there at their facilities, which has now grown into a job for several women at a new location.

They share meals together, and serve the community together.

Many of them do free classes for the community: art, piano lessons, dancing lessons, dentistry, hair cuts, therapy. They've had many events at the facility, world class performers, conferences. And they can run it as a hotel when they have such events, tapping into the community to help them (creating jobs) with things like maid service and providing meals for the guests.

Being involved in an intentional community myself, I know what an undertaking it is to pull something like this off, so I have nothing but respect for their accomplishment.

I forged a special connection with Gilbert, who gives us a tour of the hotel (in the video below). Both of us are piano players; and we both played Bethooven's Moonlight Sonata for our piano lesson graduation at around 17 years of age (he did all three movements, I only did two of them). Gilbert is a piano professional, having played at the restaurant atop Sao Paulo's tallest building. He also does a Cable TV program for a channel in New York City, where he went for 6 months at the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street events, inspiring many people there and instructing them about higher ways of thinking and behaving.

No, this is no regular hotel. This is a story about an amazing group of people who touched me very deeply in the 12 days I was there last month.

To illustrate the synchronicity and divine hand that surrounds their work, let me tell you something really quickly.

Today, Dr. Claudia's daughter, Flavia, spoke with me by Skype to thank my wife for sending her a link to a documentary about near death experiences (death and back). It is the best compilation I've seen, but for Flavia, it's timing and impact were especially poignant since she is considering doing a documentary in Portuguese about near death experiences. Our conversation went into other areas as well, and I used the example of Nick Vojicic, who was born without limbs, and had all the reason in the world to complain, but instead has become a motivational speaker, touching millions of people with his testimony of God's goodness and power to transform lives, notwithstanding weaknesses.

After talking to Flavia, my wife told me that Nick and his wife had their first child today. I didn't even know he was married. Talk about overcoming! His wife, who he married a year ago yesterday, is gorgeous. If you're not familiar with Nick, do yourself a favor and watch on of the thousands of videos on YouTube about him, and be prepared to cry, for victory and inspiration. The guy can walk (hobble), swim (and get out of the pool on his own), skateboard, surf board, golf, sky dive, drive and park a boat. One of the videos about him has had 34 million views.

So, with that introduction, here is the video of Gilbert giving me a tour of their hotel, that before I arrived in Cambuquira, I thought was just "a hotel I was going to be staying at", not "their hotel that they have transformed."

And back to the subject of the Keppe Motor, that many super smart people have been beating me up over in the comments. Let me just say this: If there are problems, this group will fix them, because they are not afraid of critique. Their humility, which is a key to their philosophy, enables them to acknowledge and overcome errors.

I should also mention that yesterday, I talked to a Ph.D. student at a European university who is doing his dissertation on overunity phenomena -- a first, as far as I know. He is very interested in replicating the advanced Keppe motor which has been measured by two high level labs in Europe to be in the region of 137% efficient. He would like to have a number of other universities do the same, and to publish a peer-reviewed paper about the phenomenon -- that it works (if that is their conclusion), and why they think it might work.

Also, here is a video of me interviewing Gilbert the next day, near the end of the walk-through of how to build a Keppe Motor, at their assembly facility down the road.

Interview Gilbert Gambucci from Kawai Films on Vimeo.

And here is a video announcing the upcoming conference at the Hotel on July 6-12. I plan on going. See (no relation to E-Cat) about their 19th International Conference on Analytical Trilogy. This one will be about "The Energetics Of Consciousness In Everyday Life", and will include workshops on how to start a business making the Keppe Motors as a project around which to build an intentional community that practices these principles.

ICAT July 6 - 12 from Kawai Films on Vimeo.

# # #

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Last updated March 02, 2013




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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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