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You are here: > News > February 8, 2013

Aviso engineers are currently working on control software

Ismael Aviso has provided an update about his progress in bringing forward his system that apparently pulls electrostatic energy from the surroundings. On the side, he has make a breakthrough in his health water generation process, making it much more affordable.

[Click on images for enlargement]

Ismael Aviso demonstrates his water technology production equipment. (Norwegian investor on left requested to not be identified.)

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Just a little update from our friend in the Philippines, Ismael Aviso, who developed an energy device that appears to pull energy from electrostatic phenomenon, similar to Tesla's Pace Arrow car.

On February 5, he wrote (slightly edited):

The alt energy R&D continues. For the last six months, my engineers have been working with the design and are developing software based on my ambient collection, to become very versatile to adapt to a rotary or reciprocating kinetic energy engine or motor. 

We are now on better land elevation to avoid the flooding problem, just a 5 minute walk from my house.

Our new software will help us to test and increase or scale up the load, until we reach the convincing applicable load.

He also provided a couple of PDFs regarding his water health product which has been helping maintain a flow of revenue while helping people.

What Ever Happened to...?

Jerome Dangman from Nexus witnessed Aviso's demonstration on August 24, 25, 2012. See the Nexus issue that contains the article about this visit to Ismael at (bottom of the page) (Google translate)

In our last coverage last August, titled Aviso Demonstrates Capacitor-based OU System, Jerome Dangman from Nexus magazine (French version) was there witnessing a couple of groups that saw a demonstration of the technology. By way of follow-up, here is what Jerome had to say (slightly edited):

Hello Sterling,

On February 1st, Ismael Aviso emailed me and wrote that his Norwegian investor suddenly changed his priority from the airplane motor R & D to the design of a new "healthy water machine." He said he first discovered this machine in 2007. But with this machine it would be quite expensive to produce the water: $10 for 20 liters. He had a breakthrough recently as he found a machine that now produces 20 liters for $0.10 (10 cents)…
As soon as he will be done with this new machine, he wants to go back to the airplane motor. 
That is all I have.

Now, concerning the Keshe plasma bottle, I tried the experiment and obtained a better result than the young guy on the video: 160 mV instead of 60 mV. As I did not have potassium hydroxide, I used a liquid organic fertilizer (looks like crude oil). Very amazing result. The impedance of this generator is quite high: 10 mega-ohms at the beginning. This is why it is best to measure the voltage with a high impedance voltmeter (more than 50 mega-ohms). 
With this generator, I charged a 470 micro F capacity. Even though the cap voltage was small (around 0.1 V), that was real electrical energy! (I mean you could measure the voltage without concern about the impedance of the voltmeter). But then the voltage of this plasma generator dropped and its impedance became extremely high (more than 100 mega-ohms). I will write an article in the near future in Nexus.

He also shared another upcoming development he'll be reporting on, that is not yet ready for coverage. I then asked him: "What about the group that was there when you were there, who witnessed the system?" to which he replied:

Well, these two engineers (at least one of them) who came to visit Ismael after me, in my opinion he is [not] in contact with them anymore. Because he did not tell me anything about them since their visit. But he does not tell me everything he does...

I then asked Aviso, and he said: (slightly edited)

The two persons are: Mr. [T.S.] from [the] USA (involved in similar Rohner PlasmERG technology) & Mr. R. from South Africa. The South African guy, for whatever reason, was terminated from the company he is working for two weeks after his arrival. [As for] Mr. S., we are in communication, [and he is] planning to come back, once he gets the funding to pursue the development of my own version of the repelling force, or maybe [to] combine his technology with my own.

Earlier, he had written:

One of my investors (Norwegian) suddenly shifted his priority from his airplane motor R&D into building my own designed of [the] healthy water machine, after he discovered (he stayed at my place for 30 days last Aug 2012) [that] a lot of cancer & other chronic diseases [that afflict] people get cured.

I discovered it in 2007, but the cost to make 20 liters cost $10, but after so many years of developing, to reduce the cost, last year I had a breakthrough, making the production cost very cheap: from $10 down to $0.1 in every 20 liters.

Even poor people with health problems in my neighborhood can afford to buy my healthy water. 

We started building this healthy water machine last September, 2012. 

I might offer this healthy water machine to any interested water bottling company or JV to any existing water station.

In January 30, 2013, the healthy water machine was completed, so now we can concentrate on his Airplane motor design & alternative energy R&D. 

In response to a comment by Mark Dansie on February 8, saying he will be in the Philippines around February 18 and he could come by and check out the Aviso technology, Aviso responded (slightly edited):

We are just starting to organized our workshop set up after the transfer to a new location. After that, we will assemble our system based from our new software that will take maybe up to 45 - 60 days of test and do trials. We will start from lowest level of load and then slowly increase it, if there are no problem. 

My experience [has been that] every time I want to entertain a visitor with good knowledge in alternative energy R&D to verify my technology, it requires a lot of preparation to make sure there is no leakage of classified data. It must be agreed beforehand what [is] to be done & expected & test instrument allowed. It costs quite a bit of money & time. Another important thing [is that] not every body will be entertained. This must first be approve by my investor.

I just spoke to my investor, and they said we need first the credentials of Mark Dansie. We don't want to waste our time. Individual person must be entertained without cost to them [the investor], but must be a representative of a big company, like, for example, now we are in negotiation with the engineers from [(name of three large automobile companies)]. 

Actually, once we complete our own testing (we hope [to have it done by the] middle of this year), we are planning a testing procedures in a University of the Philippines including D.O.E. & D.O.S.T , like what we have done before, that they formed like a team. 

# # #


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