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You are here: > News > January 26, 2013 (Published Feb. 3, 3;45 pm MDT)

Keppe Headquarters zip code a disinversion counter-point to Mormon Headquarters zip code

In a world where everything is up-side-down, let's take a look at what the Alphabetics code I discovered has to say about how the STOP the Destruction of the World organization is turning things right side up, and its relevance the emergence of exotic free energy technologies.

This article is a departure from coverage on exotic free energy technology and is largely a spiritually-based article. If that kind of material is not of interest to you, I invite you to pass on this article. There is relevance to exotic free energy from a prophetic destiny point of view.

Will, Roberto, Cesar, Andre & his wife (whose house is shown in the backdrop, one of the walls of which is built with bricks made by one of their projects), and Cesar (2).

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I imagine that when you read the title to this article, you thought to yourself: "What?!!"

What do zip codes and and Mormonism have to do with exotic free energy?

Actually there is a connection. Bear with me as I attempt to tie this together for you.

First, a bit of background.

As those of you who have been following my news know, I recently reported on my trip to visit the Keppe Motor project by the STOP the Destruction of the World organization in Brazil, which totally overwhelmed my expectations, leaving me feeling like I had come back from Paradise Lost or something of that magnitude. I was stunned, not so much by the motor technology, which is remarkable, but by the amazing group of people that have gathered from around the world to build an intentional community concept that could be applied to any group setting, whether it be a business, a church group, a club, a family, a community, or a government.

Their group is applying what they call the principles of "Trilogy" to every day situations. The Keppe motor was actually invented based on the question: How can we apply Divine principles to electricity generation, harvesting energy from nature that is freely available and everywhere present? Cesar Soσs was the primarily engineer on this project, basing his research Dr. Keppe's new physics. A number of other associates, including brothers Alex and Roberto Frascari, were instrumental in the early development of this motor as well. And now, they are in production with a product that is available for sale that uses this motor, with more advanced versions still being refined; and they are open sourcing that motor, both to allow people elsewhere to build a business around the motor, as well as encouraging them to use the principles of Keppe’s science of Analytical Trilogy in having a better experience with their coworkers in launching such a project themselves.

The STOP group believes that these non-denominational principles could help transform our planet.


I recently posted this quote on the home page at PESWiki:

 "Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality, and banks destroy the economy." -- David Icke (and Chris Hedges)

The primary reason for this is pride or ego, which makes people blind to their pathologies, and makes them overlook schemes that are not for the good of humanity, so that they end up, little by little (like boiling a frog in a pot gradually), implementing draconian measures, and before long, we have the world we see now, where everything is upside down.

This is why academia, media, governments, and others have been so loathe to pay any attention to exotic free energy technology claims. The NIH (not invented here) syndrome makes them reject ideas that don't originate in academia, governments ignore pleas for funding of these things, and the major media plays lapdog in ignoring anything that isn't endorsed by the corrupt establishment.

They forget, or don't stop to ponder the fact that the inventive process is an act of revelation, and that pride is a very effective mechanism for halting revelation except from the dark side. Where do you find the humble? They are the garage tinkerers.

Even as Jesus was born in a manger, among the most humble of circumstances, and maintained his meekness throughout his life, I would posit that so also have the myriad of exotic free energy technologies been born in humble circumstances. And though the establishment may try to reject and crucify them, their destiny is to come forward for mankind, to empower the individual and bring down the mighty.

Getting back to Spiritual Roots

As I discussed last Sunday in an interview with Richard Jones and Cesar Soσs, Trilogy addresses this inversion and provides a way to turn things right-side-up.

In the "end times", the high (prideful) are made low (humble), and the low (meek) shall be made high (honored). It's not necessarily that the prideful are destroyed, but that pride itself is eliminated from people's heart, enabling them to once again be good.

That's why "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." (Matthew 5:5)

It reminds me of a prophecy in Ezekiel 21:27: "I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him."

We live in that day of tribulation when our task is to become humble, turn to God (goodness), in order to be part of the new world that is emerging. A broken heart and contrite spirit (humility) are the key to the new heart and the new world.

I Can Relate to That

Spiritually, hanging out with the STOP group was like coming home for me. 

For more than a decade, I have been putting my religious life and studies on Sabbatical, focusing on exotic free energy.

But in mingling with the STOP people, with the Keppe Motor project, it as if the spiritual interests I had put on the back burner were rekindled.

Much of what they said resonated with what I have learned, both in my Mormon upbringing, as well as in my post-Mormon meanderings and exploring and adopting of other paradigms that made sense to me, as I took personal responsibility for my spiritual life as an independent, rather than leaning on any denomination for my identity.

I feel a strong sense of connection to the STOP organization and what they are seeking to accomplish for mankind.

Enter Alphabetics

Back in 1997, I discovered a code in the alphabetical sequence of words in the Old and New Testament lexicons and the numbering associated with them. Those numbers correspond to modern people, places, dates, addresses, phone numbers, zip codes, and even social security numbers. I call this phenomenon Alphabetics.

This isn't because our destiny is cast in stone, so the past predicts the future with such specificity. Rather, it is a principle of resonance. Letters, words, numbers have meaning and frequency.  A number anciently resonates with that same number now. Thus we are able to find commentary from the past on very specific modern situations by looking up those numbers in the lexicon and looking at the words around them.

As I introduced this concept to Dr. Claudia Pacheco, VP of STOP the Destruction of the World organization before leaving down there, I gave her the following example.

LDS Headquarters Zip Code

The LDS Headquarters in Salt Lake City -- the Vatican of the Mormon world -- has its own zip code: 84150. Its properties include:

  • Salt Lake City Temple
  • Mormon Tabernacle
  • Assembly Hall
  • LDS Church Office Building

It is where the leadership of the LDS Church hangs out when they are not travelling, and it is where twice a year, the membership of the church gather to listen to instruction from their leaders, who they consider to be modern prophets and apostles in the tradition of those of that title in ancient times. My parents were married in the SLC temple, which building, more than any other in the Mormon world is the trademark image for the Church.

There are only 8674 words in the Old Testament lexicon, so let us take the last four digits, which are the most specific to that location: 4150.

Word number 4150 in Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament, which is based on James Strong's numbering system of the alphabetized words of the Old Testament, includes the following phrases:

  • (1) a set time; "the vision belongs to a time (somewhat remote)"
  • (2) an assembly
  • the holy tabernacle
  • (3) the temple
  • holy places
  • seats of the prophets
  • (4) an appointed sign, a signal

These are direct quotes. You can see for yourself in a photocopy I've made of that page.

I can't imagine a word definition having more direct, encompassing, and specific relevance; and it happens to have the same number as the last four digits of the zip code!

And this is the kind of thing you find with Alphabetics, which I studied and compiled intently for several years. I've not written a book about it yet, but I plan to.

Words Before and After

Another thing you find in Alphabetics is that words before and after a word in alphabetical sequence very often also have commentary about that word, sometimes extending many words away and still having insightful or even prophetic relevance.

For example, the word before 4150 in Gesenius (he doesn't always give his definitions in numerical sequence) is:

4148: (1) correction of children by their parents, of nations by kinds, of men by God.
(2) admonition, discipline
(3) instruction, doctrine

That certainly is consistent with the idea of what takes place at zip code 84150.

When we get to word 4149, which derives from word 4147, we see some polemical commentary, as it means "bonds, specially used of the bonds of a yoke".

My mind goes to many things with these words, including the role the Mormons were given as husbandmen of the Lord in these end times to protect and sustain the freedoms vouchsafed in the Constitution of the United States, helping to promulgate those principles to all the world, as a fundamental part of the kingdom of God on earth, which isn't just about the gospel, but is also about a righteous government. 

There are some wonderful people in the Mormon world, just as there are in any religion. But when it comes to living up to their religious destiny, it has been my observation that the group as a whole is falling far short, except for a few "remnant" among them. The same is true of most churches today.

Instead of being a light to the world and the savor of men, when it comes to these things, generally speaking, the Mormons are as salt that has lost its savor. Instead of standing up for freedom and exposing secret combinations (NWO Conspiracy) as they were admonished, they get in bed with the conspirators and help promulgate their propaganda, thus helping the latter-day beast to rise and subdue the nations, bringing the world into subjugation to its global tyranny. I spent a good decade exposing and elaborating on this in my website 

A couple of words above 4147 is: 4145: "foundation". Freedom was to have been a bedrock principle of the Mormon faith, but they have rejected it. The same holds true of the Christian world in general. The Mormons are more culpable because of the added light and knowledge they were given on this subject, from which turned away.

4145 is the word used in Isaiah 28:16 "...Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation...", which brings to mind the prophecy: "The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner." (Psalms 118:22) The Jews rejected that stone anciently, and the Mormons are prophesied to do the same. But, not to worry: "This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes." (Psalms 118:23) Good will come of this inversion, just as it did from the Jew's rejection of Christ. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. When we get things right side up, we'll see that the awfulness of our blindness will lead to the brilliant awakened state of peace that will last for 1000 years.

Some people have pointed to Psalms 118 as being the "center (focal point of sorts) of the Bible. The center verse is Psalms 118:8 - "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man."

Of course, these are my "readings" of what I see in these words. You might come up with an entirely different interpretation or thought process. That's okay. These things are not set in stone, with only one correct interpretation. They are for those who have eyes to see, who think for themselves and take responsibility for their own walk with God. They are modern parables.

On the other side of word 4150 are several other pertinent, though-evoking, prophetic definitions, but we'll not go there now.

On the bottom of the next page is where the word "Mormon" transliterated into Hebrew, inserts alphabetically (after word 4178). And this falls on page 459 of Gesinius, which number is 1/2 the number of pages in that book, which ends on p. 919. So you can imagine that between 4150 and that insertion point are many very significant Alphabetics parables to consider, including the phrase "with our ominous names we indicate future events... men who in their persons shadow forth future events." (4159)

Perhaps you can see why I was so absorbed by this kind of study for several years.

Even though you might not agree with or follow my interpretation of the significance of these things, you cannot disagree that there is something to this Alphabetics thing. The numbering of these Old and New Testament words have something to them, as does the alphabetical sequence.

The very first word in the Old Testament is "ab" which means "Father", and is the root from which the word "alphabet" comes from. In Hebrew, the word "ab" is spelled aleph bet. But Alphabet is actually a word with hybrid origins. "Alpha" is Greek, "bet" is Hebrew. So the very word "Alphabet" conveys the idea of the Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT) lexicons. I would argue that this fact points very strongly to Alphabetics being integrally tied to the work of the Father.

The first word in the New Testament lexicon is "a" (alpha). Zodhiates comments: "Alpha is used with the last letter of the Gr. alphabet in the expression 'alpha and omega, the first and the last,' which is applied to God the Father or Christ. The Hebrews, the Greeks, and the Romans all used their alphabetical letters as numerals, which accounts for the ease with which alpha and omega also represented first and last."

Keppe Headquarters Zip Code a Variation of the LDS Zip Code

I didn't get into all of this with Dr. Claudia, but just touched on it very briefly -- maybe a 1 minutes synopsis.

She immediately wanted me to look up their zip code. She walked to her desk and pointed down to the number: 05401-450, in the heart of Sau Paolo (St. Paul, who was chief in taking the gospel to the Gentiles).

I immediately noticed that this number uses the same digits, but in a different sequence. Even the last three numbers (Brazil's zip+4 counterpart) are a variation of the sequence of the same digits.

The first two digits are in the same sequence, but placed in second and fourth position. And the last two digits are in the same sequence, but placed in the first and third position. So it is a combination of the chiasm principle (first (a) shall be last (b), and the last (b) shall be first (a)), as well as of the parallel principle: a, b, a, b., which ties strongly into the work I did prior to discovering the Alphabetics code. I dug out tons of chiasms and parallels in the scriptures, Old and New Testament, as well as Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and even some contemporary talks, including the Declaration of Independence and one of my own talks. Inside of these pairings of ideas are contained the same kind of parables, rich with meaning and prophetic, polemical insight. The Mormon's own scriptures admonish them for selling out to the New World Order and thus rejecting God, as thoroughly as the Jews did Jesus.

One thing that is very significant to Dr. Claudia, who is also very much into prophecy and symbolism, is that their people identify with the tribe of Judah. Whereas prophetically, the Mormons relate themselves to the "Gentiles", though many North American Mormons (such as myself) are adopted into the tribe of Ephraim.

The Jews, who were expecting a political Messiah, rejected Jesus anciently, as he came to save them from their individual sins, so the kingdom was taken from the Jews and given to the Gentiles, who subsequently fell into apostasy (Dark Ages). In these latter days, the kingdom was restored to the Gentiles (Mormons), who are focused on the gospel, but are supposed to be building on that foundation to help promulgate a government of God that will protect the freedoms of all mankind. Because they reject that mission, the kingdom will be taken from them and given back to the Jews (House of Israel).

Anyway, I can't help but think that this inversion of numbers of the zip code is very significant and symbolic. And as I have subsequently looked up the word definitions in the Old and New Testament lexicons pertaining to various combinations of these numbers, I see a theme arise that is consistent with what I said above, enlarging it. And I can't help but think that Keppe's group could be the beginnings of this end-times transition of the kingdom of God on Earth, away from the Mormons, and back to the House of Israel, spread throughout the world.

And this Keppe motor project could be a benign way of providing a reason for likeminded, awakened people, all over the world, to work together, not just building these motors, but building a harmonious group of people who love working together because, using the principles of Trilogy (which I'm just now starting to study and comprehend), they dis-invert the up-side-down principles that the rest of the world has been living by in recent times, finally getting things right, spiritually, whatever their religious backgrounds might be.

This movement will not be about people joining a new religious denomination. It will be about people finally understanding and living the highest versions of their own backgrounds. In most cases, it will entail people becoming independent from reliance on corrupt religions, but standing independent in their faith, no longer needing the training wheels.

So, if you'll bear with me, I'll elaborate on these zip code variants, one number at a time.

A Note about Gesenius' Lexicon

H.W.F. Gesenius' Hebrew Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament was first translated to English in 1824, the same period of time in which the angel Moroni is said to have appeared to Joseph Smith to instruct him about an ancient record he was to translate into English, as the beginnings of the Mormon Church. The standard alphabetized numbering for the words in the Old and New Testament Lexicons was established by James Strong in his Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible which was published in 1894. 

Keppe Headquarters Zip Code: 05401 in the OT

Word number 5401 in Gesenius' Old Testament lexicon means "to arrange, to put in order."

In the context of the temple and LDS Church headquarters, this brings to mind one of the most controversial prophecies of Joseph Smith, recorded in Mormon scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 85

 6 Yea, thus saith the still small voice, which whispereth through and pierceth all things, and often times it maketh my bones to quake while it maketh manifest, saying: 
 7 And it shall come to pass that I, the Lord God, will send one mighty and strong, holding the scepter of power in his hand, clothed with light for a covering, whose mouth shall utter words, eternal words; while his bowels shall be a fountain of truth, to set in order the house of God, and to arrange by blot the inheritances of the saints whose names are found, and the names of their fathers, and of their children, enrolled in the book of the law of God; 
 8 While that man, who was called of God and appointed, that putteth forth his hand to steady the bark of God, shall fall by the shaft of death, like as a tree that is smitten by the vivid shaft of lightning. 
 9 And all they who are not found written in the book of remembrance shall find none inheritance in that day, but they shall be cut asunder, and their portion shall be appointed them among unbelievers, where are wailing and gnashing of teeth.

This prophecy implies that the house of God will be out of order, thus in need of being set in order. In the inverted state that the Church presently is in, they don't want anyone thinking that things are out of order, when, in fact, they are as up-side-down as pretty much everything else on the planet.

That a transposition of the LDS Headquarters' zip code would have this meaning in the Old Testament is certainly noteworthy. That this number is the zip code of the Keppe group's STOP the Destruction of the World organization should not be taken lightly.

Could this be because their Trilogy approach provides a way to "set in order" not just the Mormon church, but all organizations, groups, governments, companies, people, who are out of order -- and we all are out of order?

There are some interesting words before and after that one, too.

Word 5399 means "(1) the evening twilight, darkness, night; (2) the morning twilight", which calls to mind the idea of end times.

Words 5295 through 5398 carry the idea of "breath, spirit, life", including the meaning of the Spirit of God that imparts life and wisdom, the soul, and the mind.

A key principle of Trilogy is that the soul is good, and that temptations of life move us away from our core, innate goodness, creating the inversion. 

One of the meanings of this word set is "to pant, used of a woman in child-birth". In this context, I think of the prophecy of the manchild that is born, the emergence of the kingdom of God. The birthing of the manchild occurs even as the beast rises in full power. (For what it's worth, I've not done this write-up yet, but the name Barak Obama is very strongly tied to The Anti-Christ in Alphabetics.)

The words following 5401 include 5402 "arms, weapons", followed by a word that isn't numbered that means "to tear in pieces with the teeth, to rend (as a bird of prey)."

This calls to mind the prophecy that if the salt loses its savor, it is thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under feet of men."

From an end times prophecy and consequences point of view, if the Lord's people do not turn from their wayward ways, then they reap the consequences of their choices, which will include tribulation and destruction events -- like the addict hitting the wall.

Words 5406 - 5410 all have to do with "treading, trampling, trodden with the feet".

Note that 5410 is another version of the digits of the LDS zip code.

Word 5404 means "an eagle", which is interesting in this prophetic context, given the association of that word with the United States of America, which will also suffer this same fate if they do not wake up and repent.

Keppe Headquarters Zip Code: 05401 in the NT

Word number 5401 in the New Testament lexicon means "Fear, terror, reverence, respect, honor. Including the idea of astonishment, amazement."

So this word has both negative and positive connotations.

Generally speaking, I consider "fear" to be a primary tool of the powers that be to get us to give up many of our freedoms in order to have security, with the irony that we end up with neither, as so eloquently predicted by Benjamin Franklin, a radical of his day, and a pioneer of electricity. Fear is the primary fuel of the bully. If we have no fear, he loses his power over us. And what casts out fear? Perfect love. (1 John 4:18) And how do we achieve that perfect love? Through trust in God, or, in this context, "fear God."

However, in my opinion, I do not like this phrase "fear God", because it feels too much like the emotion Lucifer wants for his control. So I would always replace the word "fear" with "respect" in this context, or even "trust".

The whole purpose of the (inside/conspirator planned and executed) 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was to instill fear, and it has worked very well. It has helped the conspirators cement their power over the people and subvert some of the last vestiges of freedom. I found that everyone I talked to from the STOP group about this while I was in Brazil was on the same page as me. (e.g. Gilbert Gambucci) Contrast that to the general LDS membership and leadership. Clueless, head in sand, have totally bought into the lie.

Word 5624 (total number of words in NT) in the OT lexicon

Above, I mentioned a couple of instances of "middle" -- the middle verse of the Bible, and the middle page of Gesenius' lexicon (being where the word "Mormon" inserts alphabetically). Along these lines, there are 5624 words (at least according to the numbering) in the New Testament lexicon. Word number 5624 in the Old Testament lexicon means "fear." And on the page prior are words that mean "writing, a book" (5609, 12, 13) and "numbering" (5608, 10, 11). Note that they are intermingled, as if writing a book and numbering a book were tightly intertwined. I find it significant that such definitions would come in such close vicinity to the word number that corresponds to the last word number of the other testament -- and that the meaning of that word happens to be the same as word number 5401 -- the zip code of the Keppe Headquarters, which is an inversion of the LDS Headquarters zip code.

The very name "STOP" has a negative connotation, yet the way it is used by the Keppe group is to "STOP the Destruction of the World"; and the whole purpose of the conspiracy, according to the Book of Mormon, is: "whoso buildeth it up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries; and it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people." (Ether 8:25)

So the purpose of STOP is to do the opposite, while the Mormons are in bed with the conspiracy.

The next word after 5401 is:

5402 Radiant

Those who become instruments of God on earth take on a radiance. Their aura glows brightly.

Of course in the energy context, I think of "radiant energy", or aetheric energy, or scalar energy -- names given to what nature provides freely. The Keppe motor merely taps into that by mimicking nature.

A couple more words down is:

5404 phoinix [the Greek word]

This brings to mind the word "phoenix", which mythical bird that rises from the ashes of destruction -- another metaphor for the emergence of the kingdom of God on earth.


After I wrote the above section, I ran it by Dr. Claudia, and she found it to be astonishingly fitting to their situation and thinking, especially regarding the word "Fear".

She wrote: "Since 1988 until a few years ago- our life was a life of TERROR being under the threat of death and being tortured, [including] psychologically and spiritually, all the time by the evil powers."

She told about how when they lived in New York, it was her dossier sent to the FBI in September 1986 on something they stumbled into that ended up as the Iran Contra scandal, and this was one of the reasons she and Dr. Keppe were arrested on trumped up charges and poisoned (attempted murder) while in jail for 3.5 days, but were delivered miraculously; then moved to Europe.

But they did not let this fear keep them from proceeding in the work. Their lives were committed to God, even if it meant having to lay down their lives.

Dr. Claudia wrote:

We went out of jail because of the tremendous efforts our group did to get hundreds of telegrams asking for our liberation, picketing day and night in front of MCC jail, telegrams from some powerful friends, and 1 million dollars bail, besides electronic bracelets and house arrest.

After 50 days (August 15, the Assumption day), we were able to escape from all the surveillance, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And, miraculously, we were able to take an airplane, and we got to Amsterdam, where we stayed for 40 days more or less. Then we had to escape again, and again, and again -- always under tremendous stress from one country to another. It seemed that we were all the time guided by spiritual means, and instructed where to go, how to hide, etc; and be protected.

This persecution lasted for several years, and only lately (2010) we have been more secure.

All the time we kept progressing with our work. Our mission, we can say, never stopped.

Dr. Keppe and myself suffered also a murder attempt on a NY state highway, when we were driving our Chrysler and a hidden gun came from inside a truck and shot in our direction. God made the bullet hit the frame of the window in front of Dr. Keppe's head.

Word 5399, a couple of words before 5401, derives from 5401 and has the following definition:

5399 To put in fear, terrify, frighten (In Class. Gr. to cause to run away) to become fearful, afraid, terrified.
(I) (A) "Be not afraid"
(II) Morally, to fear, reverence, honor

Keppe Zip Code+3: 450

The number 450 is the last three digits of the zip code extension of the Keppe zip code: 05401-450. It is also a variant of the 4150 LDS zip code digits.

Word 450 in the OT lexicon means "whom God cares for" and is referenced as a name of a son of David.

The name "David" in this context is significant, since in Mormon prophecy (not mainstream, but out-side the box), the "One Mighty and Strong" prophesied in D&C 85 is also referred to as the "Davidic Servant."

Word 450 in the NT lexicon means "to stand again, arise."

With that, I think of the scriptural admonition to "awake" and "rise from the dust," "put on strength." It is part of the process of rebirth when a person moves out of inversion or gets disinverted.

The antonym is "die, fall back", which is the demonic purpose of the inversion.


What about STOP the Destruction of the World organization, which is Dr. Keppe and Dr. Claudia's primary umbrella organization for their many projects? How can we look that up?

One way is to look up the the words for "stop" in Strong's Concordance. There are several words listed, that translate from Hebrew and Greek into "stop" in English.

The first listed is word 6113 in the Old Testament. Not far away is a word of great interest in this context of studying the words pertaining to the LDS Church Headquarters zip code. 

6116 an assembly, feast of tabernacles, gathering together

It would be more convincing if it were the very next word next to 6113, but being three words away, in Alphabetics, is still quite close. That ties in to the "Assembly Hall" and the "Mormon Tabernacle" on Temple Square.

The word before 6113, means "spear, branch", which ties into the "one mighty and strong" prophecy from the Old Testament, which refers to it as "branch" prophet.

And word 6108 and 6109 mean "strength" (strong)

Another meaning of word 6113 (stop) is "to be restrained, hindered". The word "hinder" reminds me of a e-book I wrote: "Man of Sin Revealed", in which I pointed out that vicinity of the names "Hinckley" and "hinder" in the English alphabetic sequence, tying to the scripture: "ye neither enter in yourself, and those who are entering, ye hinder." The thesis of that book is that the Mormons put the prophet in the place of God, making him more important to their decision-making than having a personal relationship with God for themselves. This is part of the Mormon inversion of what they were supposed to be all about. They teach that you should receive personal revelation. You just better not get any, or you might get in big trouble. Whereas on the bottom of all the pages on my GreaterThings website is Moses' statement: "Would God that all the Lord's people were prophets."

The next word for "stop" in Strong's Concordance is word 5640, on the very next page (in Gesenius) after word 5624, which corresponds to the very last word of the New Testament lexicon.

Here is how word 5640 is defined: "(1) to stop up, to obstruct...  (2) to shut up, to hide; hidden, secret"

The STOP organization, though they have sought to have world impact, has gone largely unnoticed by the world and has been significantly obstructed by the powers that be, who area running a secret conspiracy to enslave the planet, and don't want to be exposed. The paradox of that definition is very fitting.

From a practice point of view, "censorship" (to hide, cloak, conceal) is a term frequently heard among the STOP group. In parallel to the role that censorship has in the free world, for the individual, "censorship" has to do with blinding ourselves to our own pathologies, which the Trilogy philosophy is designed to identify so they can be overcome and not take us over (our personal inversion).

There is only one word for "stop" in the New Testament according Strong's Concordance. It is 5420, just a couple of pages after 5401 and 5410 (the LDS zip code inversion that corresponds to the Keppe zip code). And it certainly has the meaning of "censor." Here is how it is described in Zodhiates' lexicon of the NT:

5420 To enclose with a fence, hedge or wall, to block up. In the NT only with reference to the mouth, to stop the mouth, silence.

The word right before it has the opposite meaning, and contains the ideas of remedy to censorship:

5419 To expound, explain.

A couple of words after it also seem very germane to this exposition.

5422 To deceive
5423 A deceiver, imposter

Just as the "man of sin" needs to be exposed and removed from society, so also is there such a voice in each person that needs to be exposed and removed. That is the work of Trilogy.

The next word ties into a key tool of Trilogy.

5424 Literally the diaphragm, that which curbs or restrains. Figuratively, the supposed seat of all mental and emotional activity. In the NT metonymically meaning the mind, intellect, disposition, feelings. .... It precisely refers to the ability not only to think, but also to control one's thoughts and attitudes. It is the seat of passions as well as the mind as the seat of mental faculties.

Ironically, the next word ties in to the word 'fear'. (The definition of word 5410, Keppe Headquarters' zip code.)

5425 To bristle, to have one's hair stand on end. In the NT, to shudder or quake from fear or aversion.

"Keppe" Alphabetically

Let's now look at where the name "Keppe" inserts alphabetically in the Old and New Testament lexicons.

In the NT lexicon, it comes between kenos and keraia, with the following definitions:

2761 kenos: Vain
2762 keraia: a point extremity, apex, tittle, point of a letter. very small part of anything

Very interesting juxtapositioning between two extreme opposite words of very strong relevance to Trilogy.

When I did my studio interview with Richard and Cesar a couple of weeks ago before leaving Brazil, I stated that as I see it, human pathology boils down to pride, which is a synonym of "vain". It is pride that blinds us to seeing what is wrong and in need of being remedied.

Zodhiates gives an antonym to word 2761 as "sincere". The relevance I see here, in this context, is that "sincere" is one of the meanings of my name: sterling. I am gratified to see this linkage of my name with the name of Keppe, given the strong resonance I feel with their work.

Tittle, on the other hand, represents the least, or in our context, humility, which is required for God's grace to come into play. The broken heart and contrite spirit, which is prerequisite to the mighty change of heart, is a function of coming into awareness of our own nothingness. In and of ourselves, we are weak. It is only by tying into God that we can come into our godly nature and become vessels of true greatness based on goodness, driven by continued humility.

This concept is reinforced by looking up those same numbers in the OT lexicon.

Word 2761 means "to burn", which corresponds, in this context, to the baptism of fire, which is God's transformation of the broken heart and contrite spirit into a new heart.

Word 2762 means "lattice, a net, net-work", which corresponds to our tying into the body of Christ, taking our role as a part of a whole that is glorious, as vessels of true greatness based on goodness.

The Keppe group has been living these principles for several decades, and are producing very good fruit, both in their personal lives as well as in their enhancement of society. Going and mingling with them for a week and a half was a totally amazing experience for me that rekindled in me a passion for these kinds of things that I had set on Sabbatical for over a decade.

Peter / Rock

For what it's worth, Dr. Keppe's full name is Norberto Da Rocha Keppe.

The name Keppe in Aramaic is "Peter" / stone.

The Portuguese name, Rocha, which is the name of his mother, means "rock."

But despite these meanings, Dr. Keppe does not see the ideal answer to the problems in religions today to be to build a new religion, but that the next "church" will not be a church at all, but a philosophy, where individuals go direct to God, not dependent on an institution. That has been my philosophy for at least 2.5 decades, so you can see why I resonate so much with them. "Would God that all were prophets" is the thematic statement in the footer at

Enlarging on this, on February 3, Dr. Claudia wrote:

Keppe says: [Like individuals on the soul level,] society is divine by its nature and it should go back to that. Society should be theological in all fields and in its structure.

He means that theology should not be just a discipline or a church, but the essence of all life; [all] activities should be divine, as it is in its essence. Therefore, one day, all Society will be God's church.

Dr. Keppe and myself consider ourselves as true Christians, not accepting the restrictions and inversions of any religious institutions. (See Glorification book.)

We need urgently to find the common place among all GOD's adorers, coming from all religions. That's why Keppe names GOD many times as Beauty, Goodness, and Truth. We need to bring together the divine inside of us and combat the Evil one -- the Evil Spirit that is destroying all humanity-- you may name it Lucifer, Satan, or the Devil. Divide and conquer is his rule.

With such an expansive vision and hope for humanity, can we help but wonder that possibly the work Dr. Keppe and Dr. Claudia have been doing for four decades is not just another great effort toward these purposes, but could have a special role to play of tremendous prophetic significance, meriting significant, targeted mention.

"Keppe" Inserted in Hebrew OT

I'm not a Hebrew (or Greek) linguist, but from what I can tell, the alphabetic insertion point of the name "Keppe", transliterated into Hebrew, is between words 3712 and 3713.

Word 3712 has the meaning "(generally), a branch", which is significant in Mormon fringe prophecy as being a metaphor for the Davidic Servant, or having relevance thereto.

Interestingly, the meaning of the word just two prior is "rock" (3710).

The Second 4150: Festival

Gesenius actually lists two separate entries numbered 4150 (LDS zip code). The first is the one I itemized above. The second, following word 4151, on the next page, is:

4150  festivals

Unlike Judaism, Mormonism doesn't have any universal festivals, practiced by the whole church. They have local celebrations, pageants, fairs, parades, but no universal festivals to commemorate milestones of their history. The closest thing they have to that is the bi-annual conferences, one of which is around April 6, which is the founding date of the Church; and that is held at the headquarters facility.

However, the Keppe group does hold an annual festival in Cambuquira. It's derived from a break-away festival from Portugal, that celebrates the individual's connection to God through the Spirit of God. The person and group who instigated this in Portugal were expelled because they were not putting the Pope first in deference for religious zeal. And this was actually the foundation of Brazil. No wonder those people are so open-minded, compared to other cultures; and they are probably the most significant melting pot of cultures from around the world, even more so than New York City.

So, in this word definition, whose earlier definition fit squarely with the LDS Church Headquarters at 84150, with the second definition we have a distinction from Mormonism, and a much stronger resonance with what the Keppe group is doing.

While I was there, they showed me a video {link??} of this ceremony. They will be doing it again during their conference in Cambuquire from July 6-12, 2013.

"Energy" Alphabetically

While doing these studies on Keppe, I looked something up that I've not looked up before, and it seems to fit into this context.

I asked myself the question: "Where does the word 'energy' insert alphabetically in Strong's Concordance?"

It comes between the words "enemy" and "enflaming."

There is just one instance of the word "enflaming" in the Bible. It is word 2552 in the Old Testament lexicon, and includes the following explanation:

2552 To be warm, to become warm, to make warm.

Obviously, energy and heat are synonymous concepts, so there is relevance there.

For what it's worth, the number 2552 is a chiasm, based on the number 25.

As for "enemy", in the world of exotic free energy, we need no imagination to come up with relevance there, since one of the common dialogues involves the suppression of these technologies by vested interests, both from competitor technologies as well as from political controlling interests. Exotic free energy provides a temporal solution that renders the corrupt powers that be obsolete while empowering the individual, speaking literally and figuratively.

Another concept that comes to mind for me when pondering the relevance of the word "enemy" to "energy" is the National Security Orders that are slapped on many exotic free energy technologies in the name of keeping them out of the hands of the "enemy", which I have to wonder at times might mean the lay people who will be empowered by them and able to rise up against their tyrant masters.

The word "enemy" has no such relevance to regular modern energy technologies, based primarily in oil, which have become the foundation of modern civilization to the point that our monetary system, the dollar, has been pegged to oil -- the petrol dollar.

The word after 2552 is also relevant to energy:

2553 images, (connected with statues) ...of the sun. A have stood in the most sacred parts of the temple.

"Sun" and "energy" need no explanation as to their relevance. According to Gesenius, in the above definition, historically, the sun was held in such importance as to have its image in the most sacred parts of the temple, one of the most holy places of history. "Temple", is one of the key concepts of this present write-up, talking about the LDS and Keppe headquarters zip codes. So I find it significant to see this tie in to energy, too.

The word before 2552 is derived from word 2550, which are defined as follows:

2551 merciful, gentleness

2550 to be mild, gentle, longsuffering. (1) to pity, to have compassion; (2) to spare

In the context of the idea of energy, what comes to my mind with this is a theme I've been emphasizing in my public appearances for at least the last couple of years, both on the radio as well as in conferences. I've been comparing the state of the world to that of an addict. The question is whether we will "wake up" before we hit the wall, or if we'll have to hit the wall, loosing everything -- going into total societal collapse -- before we wake up and realize our awful situation. And I've said that to the extent that we can get exotic free energy technologies into the market, prior to economic collapse, will be the extent that we can mitigate or lessen the severity of the collapse, and facilitate our survival during the collapse, and help recovery on the back end, going into a new world -- the repentance clause of prophecy. We don't have to hit the wall. 

That this definition having to do with mercy and compassion is juxtaposed to the insertion point of the word "energy" would seem to support that point of view.

The very first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, "aleph", is spelled aleph, lamed, peh, with vowel signs for the pronunciation. It is word 504 in the OT lexicon. Word 502 is also spelled aleph, lamed, peh, but with different vowel signs. It means:

502 (1) to accustom oneself, to be accustomed, wont, familiar, whence, a friend, companion, associate
(2) to be tame, gentle, (used of beasts, compare [504]); (3) to learn; (4) to join together, to associate (whence: [505] a thousand); to teach

Note that this word is a synonym to word 2550 and 2551, meaning "tame, gentle", next to the insertion point of the word "energy."

But word 502 expands it to the idea of friendship, companionship, joining together, and associating, which is the theme of my experience travelling to Brazil and meeting the group of people associated with the Keppe motor project. It is so much more than a technology, it is a way of life that they embody, and have been working on, some of them, for 40 years now, successfully creating a vibrant community of amazing people from all over the world. Hanging out with them ignited an re-awakening in me.

Note that this notion is tied to the word that is the name of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet: "alpha", which the New Testament uses as part of a name of Deity: "alpha and omega". So I would consider this to be a significant endorsement of what they stand for.

Likewise, the words "learn" and "teach" are associated with that word, and are also an integral part of the STOP organization.

And, for what it's worth, word 505, which is an expansion of Gesenius' definition of aleph includes the phrase "a thousand (shekels) of silver", which inspires me to live up to my name "Sterling", and I think it could be argued that I've had some influence in the field of exotic free energy, among other things.

Back to word 2552, there are a couple of words, one close before it (2548) and one close after it (2556), that contain variations of the word "salt", which brings to mind the above-mentioned prophesy about if the salt loses its savor, it is thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under feet of men. Perhaps exotic free energy could be thought of metaphorically as salt -- given to us as a test or mission. Will be embrace it or suppress it?

It's interesting, therefore, that words 2554 and 2555 have to do with "to treat violently, to oppress violently, to injure", tying in to the idea of suppression and tyranny which are companion causes. Exotic free energy is a peaceful antidote to tyranny. To the extent that we embrace it and deploy it in time, will be the extent that we can prevent total collapse of civilization, which is what the enemy has in store for the world.

All this is in the Old Testament lexicon. Now, for what it's worth, word 2552 in the New Testament lexicon, means "Suffering evil, bearing affliction."

Man of Sin Sitting in Temple of God Saying He is God

I want to write an article: "The Man of Sin Revealed: Societally and Individually". That is what Trilogy is about: exposing the secret combinations (conspiracies) in our psyche -- comparing the macro to the micro, and finding instruction going both ways.

# # #

Comments from STOP Personnel

On February 03, 2013 4:57 AM [GMT-7] Richard Jones of wrote:

That's really something, Sterling. Thanks for working so hard on that. 

When I first came to Brazil, I sensed something prophetic in the proposal of Trilogy and the persons of Keppe and Pacheco. And I was/am about as far from esoteric in my understanding of life as any person alive! But it's very compelling to see the conscious attempt to bring humanity back to God that is at the root of Analytical Trilogy. This is why I have stayed here for so long. 

I think your work in encapsulating that in a reporter's style is very valuable and beautiful.

Abraηos (Portuguese for "hugs")



* * * *

On January 31, 2013; 3:40 PM [GMT-7], Dr. Clαudia Pacheco wrote:

I get speechless reading your text.

Even though I understand NOTHING of this analysis, how you do them, the explanations you give are stupendous.

* * * *

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