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You are here: > News > January 27, 2013

Interview: Launching a New World with New Keppe Physics based on Spiritual Principles

Near the end of my recent visit to the Stop the Destruction of the World organization in Brazil, I had an interview with Richard Jones and Cesar Soσs at KawaiFilms studio, reflecting on my stay -- one of the most astonishing experiences of my life, about how to turn things right-side-up.

Richard Jones Interviews Sterling Allan and Cesar Soσs at KawaiFilms, January 19, 2013 in Sγo Paulo, Brazil.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I recently reported on my trip to visit the Keppe Motor project by the STOP the Destruction of the World organization in Brazil, which totally overwhelmed my expectations, leaving me feeling like I had come back from Paradise Lost or something of that magnitude. I was stunned, not so much by the motor technology, which is remarkable, but by the amazing group of people that have gathered from around the world to build an intentional community concept that could be applied to any group setting, whether it be a business, a church group, a club, a family, or a government.

Mingling with those people felt like coming home to something I have tasted just briefly in various situations prior to that. 

If you take any one thing by itself, it might not seem that unusual, but taking everything together and assimilating it was where the word "Paradise" begins to take form -- in the midst of one of the largest cities in the world (Sao Paulo), and in a small town (Cambuquira) far away, that was about to fall apart before the group came along and breathed life into it. The transformation is ongoing.

They ascribe the secret of their success to a concept called "Trilogy" developed by Dr. Norberto Keppe along with Dr. Claudia Pacheco, who have been articulating it and implementing it for 40 years. Though the innuendoes are deep and endless, the core principles are not that difficult to grasp. And they are non-denominational and pan-cultural in their application, allowing for the joining together of diverse people from a wide spectrum into meaningful relationships. Also, the concepts can be applied to all disciplines of science, education, health, philosophy, religion, politics, etc., to improve their functionality and restore them to their goodness.

We live in a world where everything is upside down. Trilogy is about dis-inverting it and getting it back to what it's supposed to be.

Applied to energy, this manifested in the form of the Keppe motor, which is a clean energy device now in commercial production by their group. Imagine going to work among your best friends, going home (at a hotel owned by the group) where you all hang out, eating together, socializing together, having great conversation, and discussing the myriad of projects under way, ranging from free piano lessons, dentist sessions that use dental issues to identify internal emotional issues that need to be addressed, to brick-making projects, organic gardening, and healthy recipes.

This is something you can be part of. The motor, which is being rolled out in a quasi open source manner, can be a reason to gather such groups around the world to try to replicate what this community has achieved.

Sterling Allan, at 34:22 in the recording.Anyway, rather than continue by text, I'd like to invite you to watch this interview I did in the KawaiFilms studio last Sunday prior to my departure, near the tail end of my time down there. At one point in the interview, I got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, being so moved by this group -- something that happened to me probably a dozen times while I was down there.

As mentioned in my story the other day, KawaiFilms is run by Flavia Pacheco Angelico, the daughter of Dr. Claudia Pacheco (VP of STOP), along with Flavia's husband, Fernando Kawai. They have experience in filmmaking, reality shows, and other media. Flavia served as field producer for the Ghost Hunters International piece about the group's Grande Hotel Trilogia [watch] that they restored.

The interviewer was Richard Jones, a radio, voice and TV producer from Canada who moved down to Brazil eleven years ago to be part of their project. He created the STOP Radio Network as a vehicle for English language programs, including Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, which has been heard in more than 100 countries. His shows can be seen at his website:  and at

Cesar Soσs was also being interviewed with me. He is the one primarily responsible for taking the principles of Trilogy and applying them to energy, coming up with the motor. Just prior to this interview, I had spent a day with Cesar and his wife, traveling to a beach near Sao Paulo for some relaxation. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with them as we traveled and walked along the beach. Cesar and my conversation was one of the deepest I've ever had in my life. I love these people.

Sunday morning, I woke up at 6:30 am to get a little done on my computer, but ended up taking a bunch of photos and video of a striking sunrise over the ocean, with majestic clouds continually changing shape, and a rain shower out at sea. I've uploaded that video footage. Of course, I don't expect you to watch all 14 minutes of it, but I hope you'll at least take a minute. I took an hour and a half watching the sunrise.

Anyway, here is the video of my interview with Richard and Cesar last Sunday.

Sterling's Visit Keppe Motor from kawaifilms on Vimeo.

After the interview was over, Cesar looked at me, with tears in his eyes, and thanked me for coming, saying it was meeting a long lost friend or brother. The feeling is mutual.


I really enjoyed working with the KawaiFilms team, shooting several things while I was there. (See Sterling Visits Keppe Motor) But even more, I love their end products. They have a unique filming and editing style that really captures my attention. It's healthy eye candy. Very enjoyable to watch. Captivating. Unique. Not at all normal.

Here's a collage / sampling of their work: New Concept Kawai

Here are some of my favorites from their Vimeo channel

If, for some reason, Pyramid ends up not doing a reality show with me, KawaiFilms said they would like to do it. They will also be doing a reality show about the STOP community of people.

Coming Next  

Also today, I'm commencing a write-up: Keppe Headquarters zip code a disinversion counter-point to Mormon Headquarters zip code, so stay tuned for that.

# # #


In addition to the comments down below, the following came in by email (two combined)

From: Col. Zimka
To: Clαudia Pacheco
Cc: Flavia ; Susan Berkley ; Sterling Allan ; Fernando Kawai ; Rich Jones Voice ; Cesar Soos ; ...
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2013 1:30 PM [GMT-7]
Subject: Re: Sterling Cesar interviewed by Richard Jones

Hello Dr. Claudia and the cc'd group,
I just viewed the Richard Jones interview twice of Sterling Allen and Cesar Soos. I was most impressed on several levels.
  • The technology is important (and ground-breaking) but the interpersonal aspect of releasing one's pathology to better embrace a higher aspect of group function, is even more important and rewarding to watch.
  • I found Sterling's comments on the "evolved" group dynamics to be very enjoyable and palpable. (Sterling - this was one of your best interviews yet!)
  • I really enjoyed Cesar's discussion of the technology needing to follow Nature's design. Not to force a human concept of technology to fit into a dysfunctional technical system - as most do now.
  • Richard Jones' comments and questions were exceptional in drawing more experiences out of both Cesar and Sterling.
  • As a Viewer, I could clearly sense the emotional connection they all shared in working with Dr. Keppe's concepts and in bringing the Keppe motor to the public.
  • The camera work was excellent!
Bravo to all who helped make this wonderful video. Very enjoyable and informative.

I am giving very serious thought at pursuing the Keppe Motor for manufacturing here in America. My concept is to use very small companies of no more than 5 to 7 people spread out all across this great land. What you experienced with the Keppe Group has brought more than just hope to me. Their concept of integrating manufacturing, living in community, and a shedding of pathologies is exactly where my head has been pointed for some time. In fact, it is their psychological grounding which has lead me to their technology over something like Bedini's.
I just re-read your notes on your Keppe/Brazilian trip. Wonderful!!

Kind regards,

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Last updated December 24, 2014




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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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