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You are here: > News > January 25, 2013 (linked publicly on the 27th; 8:45 am [GMT-7])

Looking for Qualified Co-Host for Reality Show -- Instead of Darth Dansie

While the idea of doing the Exotic Free Energy Quest reality show with Mark Dansie had an interesting sizzle in its dynamic, the ridicule he likes to deploy, and the gladiator thrill it engenders, is incompatible with what I consider would be suitable in pioneering a better world. While wishing him well in possibly a separate show, I am looking for an alternative who is more compatible.


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Please know that I have a great deal of admiration and respect for Mark Dansie, one of the foremost activists in pursuing clean energy solutions while also playing the role of myth buster. I know he means well. He has good intentions, has a vast amount of knowledge, is well connected, works hard to pursue his goals, is very articulate, has a fun personality, and very often has been right in his predictions about how things will turn out. He genuinely wishes he weren't right so often, because he, too, would like to see something really whacky turn out to be legitimate and practical.

You can see why I would want him on a reality show with me. The vision we shared in launching this endeavor to do a reality show, was to track the "Quest for Free Energy" -- showing that the "impossible dream" is in process of becoming a reality, and to show the dynamics of that seemingly impossible quest. I'm the enthusiastic optimist, and Mark is the skeptic, but willing to look at the data.

Unfortunately, there are areas where we are incompatible. The purpose of this article is to articulate those -- not to discredit Mark as a viable candidate for a reality show, but merely as incompatible to do a show with me; and in so doing, express what attributes I seek in a suitable replacement. This is a casting call, not a bash Dansie fest.

I sent a link to this page to the producer team 40 hours prior to making it available to the public. I have not heard back from them yet, which is understandable, since their saying, "Go ahead and publish it" would make them party to the sentiments I express regarding what I consider to be irreconcilable traits of Mark Dansie. It's not who Mark is at the core of his being. It's a function of how he is presently choosing to be, which is incompatible with what I want to be associated with.

My conscience is clear in publishing this, coming from a place of centeredness. It is not coming out of vindictiveness. It is not coming out of spite. Not jealousy. Not revenge. Not grandstanding. Not martyr. Not sabotage. 

It is coming from a place of wanting to find a good solution -- someone who could fill Mark's shoes, without the irreconcilable traits.

I'm confident that such a person is out there in my audience or known by them, and by approaching them to help in this casting call, we increase the chance of finding a great choice: someone who has experience, sizzle, TV / radio portfolio, FE experience and connections, etc.

I want this show to be a great success. I want it to be entertaining, balanced, insightful, fun, dramatic (with limits, not going to ridicule), powerful, transformative.

Okay. I'm really taking a risk here by posting this story, but it is a risk I'm willing to take.

As most of you know, I've been working with a film producer to come up with a sizzle reel to present to the networks for a reality show based on "The Quest for Free Energy".

Given the fun (and often not-so-fun) back-and-forth that Mark Dansie and I have had over the years, Mark was an obvious choice to come on the show with me as a counter-weight to my optimism and sometimes reckless enthusiasm about technologies prior to getting proper vetting to vindicate them as being worthy of the enthusiasm. There is no doubt that I need such a counter-weight. 

I'm all for the scientific method (without politics involved). My scientific training, background, and exposure fully reinforces the need for strong evidence to back these wild claims. "Extraordinary claims required extraordinary proof" (in order to be taken seriously by the mainstream).

What makes me different as a reporter, scientist, and networker is that I am willing to entertain new ideas and claims, without first requiring reams of data. I like exploring the dreams and possibilities, because I know that from such a quest can materialize real stuff. Those who change the course of history are those who are willing to think outside the box and pursue their dreams when others deride them, saying it is "impossible." Human flight is the best example of this from recent history.

When I report these stories, I try hard to remember to include words like "they claim," and "he said", to make sure the audience knows that the matter has not been validated yet, but is just a claim or story. And I'm a sucker for a good story. I love to hear and pass on stories about people running their cars on water, or self-looping something that should not work, or getting energy from rocks.

I know full well from experience that whenever I post such stories that there are going to be many people in the audience who want to throw eggs and tomatoes and even rocks, seeing the story as total B.S. and a waste of time (yet they keep coming back).

Up until now, "Darth Dansie", as he is humorously called (based on his shtick one time of putting on a Darth Vader mask on the SmartScarecrow show), has been foremost in the audience to throw the eggs, tomatoes, and sometimes rocks. 

For Mark, ridicule comes as naturally as sneezing -- can't help it. Get that tickle from what appears to be bogus (which is pretty much everything I do), and Achooo, out comes some snide remark, said mostly in an endearing way, but still with that barb of denigration. He's merely giving voice to what many in the audience are thinking. They love it.

Perfect for TV, right?

Gladiator TV?

But is that the kind of TV that we want? The gladiator being thrown to the lions to give the audience a laugh and a thrill.

Not me. I'm tired of that world. I don't want to be involved in reinforcing that shtick. I want a better world. I am trying to help create a higher consciousness, to move away from such base motives in entertainment. I don't want to subject myself or the inventors I go visit to that kind of constant ridicule and banter. It's not who I am and it's not what I want to participate in.

Holding to the Rod

Such a stance of pursuing a dream, when that dream appears contrary to the status quo, takes faith and courage, because it comes with huge ridicule. Human nature (we're talking the animal instinct, not the conscience within) is to make fun of that which we don't understand.

No one likes being made fun of. A common attribute of humans is that we like to be liked and accepted by our peers -- not to be ridiculed. Hence, one of the most effective tools of the adversary (those who oppose goodness) is to ridicule that which is good, and that which improves humanity to a higher plane of consciousness. In the smoke-filled rooms of the conspirators, in their strategy sessions, one of the most effective weapons they pull out is to make fun of people, to call them "conspiracy theorists" or "tin foil hat" wearers, or "fringe", or "junk scientists," or "crackpots" or "paranoid", etc. And most of the time, that is all it takes to keep a good idea from taking hold in the population. Just ridicule it.

Hence the saying on the bottom of our websites: "He who is one step ahead is a genius. He who is two steps ahead is a crack pot." (He who is one step behind is the government.)

Very few people are willing to press forward toward their vision in the midst of such ridicule -- to hold fast to the iron rod and not give sway to the ridicule from the great and spacious building of onlookers to go a different way. Most, with shame, turn away from the path.

Don't want Dansie

That is why increasingly over the past couple of months, I have been changing my mind about wanting Mark Dansie on the show with me. And as I have thought about it and discussed it with people I respect, because they share that quest of following the dream to the utopian society, including free energy technology, it has become more and more clear to me that this dynamic of ridicule by him of me and this quest to find and facilitate the best free energy technologies, is not something I want. It is not what would be good for the planet. 

This decision has nothing to do with fear of scientific inquiry and validation of the technologies. I'm all for that. And if anything, I'm much more the scientist because I am open to new ideas.

But as much as I love this opportunity of the reality show, if it requires me being on the show with Mark, or anyone else like him, I don't want it. I don't want to be part of gladiator TV.

That was further galvanized Friday morning when I read a comment by Mark about the Keppe Motor story I posted the day prior, telling about one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Markdansie 01/24/13 11:03 PM
"and introduces something much bigger: the kingdom of God on earth, heaven on earth"
Perhaps it should be called the Jesus fan
Kind Regards from Down Under

Of course I deleted it. It has nothing to do with science and everything to do with ridicule, in the name of well-meaning humor.

He can't help it. It's who he is at this time.

Producer wants Dansie

As you can imagine, the producer loves what Mark brings to the table. Mark is smart, very eloquent, entertaining, travels extensively, walks his talk, finds great technologies (usually of the "one step ahead" [sometimes maybe 1.2 steps ahead] variety, hence his aura of "genius", per the above maxim, and my label of "crack pot"). He's a definite anchor for such a show.

In fact, the more the producer gets to know Mark, the more he wants him, even as I'm becoming more and more set against having Mark on a show with me. If I put my foot down and say, "No, I'm not having Mark on the show with me," it's likely that I will be the one shown the exit, not Mark.

So, do I just bite my tongue, gird myself for the ridicule that is sure to accompany being on the show with Mark, and try and have a working relationship with him, and get beat up left and right, all for the opportunity to get a word in edgewise? I mean, how many people get a chance to be on a reality show that goes to many millions of viewers worldwide?

However, there is another option.

Conventional vs. Exotic Free Energy

I'm working on a document that presents two columns of technology genres. In the left column are the "conventional free energy" technologies, that are compatible with the laws of physics as we know them, such as solar, wind, geothermal, tide, wave, ocean currents, hydro, waste-to-energy, biomass, etc. Nature provides these free for the taking, though the devices required to harvest them certainly are not free; and by the time they are capitalized end up costing quite a bit more than polluting energy sources that presently power the grid in most places. I have 24 separate genres in that column.  Mark would have no problem with any of these.  And indeed, there are some great breakthroughs being made in that sector that make those more practical, more affordable, in a gradual, incremental way.

In the right hand column are the "exotic free energy" technologies because each of them appear at the outset to violate the laws of physics as they are presently understood, such as cold fusion or LENR (probably not "fusion" but transmutation or some other high-yield nuclear process not yet understood), magnet motors, gravity motors, water as fuel, zero point energy, electromagnetic overunity, etc. In addition to being "clean", many of these "exotics" would also be more affordable than grid-based power, enabling the distribution of energy -- power to the people. They would radically transform society once they emerge into the marketplace.  This column also has 24 separate genres.  And for Mark, pretty much all of these except maybe two (e.g. LENR), are all bogus and busted long ago.

I want to focus on the latter, to bring them into awareness of the people as real possibilities. Mark would generally be playing the role of countering these, busting them, and poking fun of them. 

Looking for a Suitable Alternative

What I need is to find someone to fill the shoes of Mark but without ridicule as his modus operandi. He's had other offers to do a show. He can pursue those. Something more along the lines of "Breakthrough Energy" -- developments from the "conventional" column.

If I can find a suitable anchor personality, then we might be able to redeem this "Exotic Free Energy Quest" reality show to the satisfaction of the producer.

Here are the attributes we need:

  • Fun personality, with adequate sizzle
  • Resident of U.S.
  • Have sample footage from TV and/or Radio appearances
  • Able to be natural on camera
  • Scientific credibility
  • Experience in and sympathy for the exotic FE sector
  • Access to scientists and labs who could help in vetting
  • Possible connections with "hidden" projects, to possibly open some doors
  • Adequate humility so as to not sabotage things with ego, or offend inventors with pre-decided negativity
  • Availability and willingness
If you have some ideas of people I could consider, feel free to contact me with their name along with a brief description of their credentials. Or, preferably, send them a link to this story and encourage them to contact me. If one of you would be interested in doing this yourself, don't be shy about raising your hand.

Note to the Producer

A close friend urged me not to publish this in my blog. "[The producer's] perspective will be that if Sterling doesn't get his way, he airs it out on his blog. Who would want to work with that? You can't use that platform to negotiate terms."

Please know that this is not about me throwing a temper tantrum. That is not the space I'm in. I'm acting out of conscience, with a clear motive of doing what is good. I don't have a vindictive feeling in writing this. This isn't about "exposing you and/or Mark". This is about salvaging something, coming up with a suitable alternative who will give the show the balance and dynamic it needs, without the ridicule that is such a quintessential part of Mark's present persona.

We're talking about a reality show, where people get to look inside at the dynamics of the inner workings of that quest. It is in that spirit that I publish this to my audience, which is the most targeted audience in the world, suitable to be likely to have someone who fits the criteria described above. If you're not willing to be subjected to that open view, then perhaps you need to look hard at what you are asking others to do in producing such a show. You are expecting them to open their lives to the inspection of the world. Place yourself in their position and ask yourself: "Would I be willing to do the same?"

This is about salvaging something, not about burning bridges. I genuinely believe that there could be someone out there who is a suitable anchor, possibly even better than Mark in terms of "sizzle", while not having the ridicule and ego issues that accompany Mark, as well meaning a person as he is. And I'm also confident that Mark could do a fantastic job in another media venue.

Yesterday, I sent out a private message to my associates about finding a suitable alternative to Mark. I received a couple of offers, but they fell short of the above criteria.

Sizzle doesn't have to come from the gladiator phenomenon of throwing people to the lions. It can come from good content delivered in a fun way, with a dynamic of differing personalities, without sacrificing respect between them.

A show with Mark as the only reporter could be excellent. My motivation is to show the world some viable energy alternatives, to give them hope, to introduce remedies; and while Mark isn't as far out ahead of the mainstream as I am, he is ahead of them, and will come up with some excellent content. And minus me, the ridicule element will be significantly reduced, though I imagine there will still be some of that as he encounters or talks about some of the options that are out there.

Original Intent

The vision we shared in launching this endeavor to do a reality show was to track the "Quest for Exotic Free Energy" -- showing that the "impossible dream" is in process of becoming a reality, and to show the dynamics of that seemingly impossible quest.

If you shift to Mark Dansie, then the show becomes something else, more like "Breakthrough Energy", which is also great, but different, not so cutting edge, not so daring, not so Quixotic.

It's your choice. I'm confident that in our audience, or among their friends, will be someone who could fill the shoes of Mark, minus the ridicule and ego, so we can pursue the original vision.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated December 24, 2014 15:02:42 -0500 





"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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