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You are here: > News > January 23, 2013

Keppe Motor is in Open Source Production

The Keppe motor runs cool, has very high and consistent efficiency across all speeds, is easy to make. More importantly, the group behind it has figured out the secrets to getting along with one another, concepts that can transform our world for good.

Sterling joined the Keppe "Fan Club", receiving a gift of one of their fans made in their production facility, which is a model of what other groups could do anywhere in the world, applying the motor to local needs, encouraging using hand-crafted specialty; while also applying the psychological tools for the group to work well together, not only enjoying each other, but thriving in the experience. (Note: though the fan blades appear as wood, they are plastic with a wood veneer on them.)

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I always tell inventors: "It is better to undersell and over-deliver, than the other way around." (Though I tend, myself, to oversell things in my news reporting, falling into that same trap. So keep that in mind, even as you read this story. My exuberance is very high, and when I write while in that mode, I tend to overdo things.)

I just returned from Brazil, visiting the STOP the Destruction of the World organization and their Keppe Motor project. The week and a half I was there was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It feels like coming back from Paradise Lost, or something of that magnitude.

It is the most astonishing case of "underselling and over-delivering" I've ever encountered.

For example, when they said I would be staying at a hotel in Cambuquira, I didn't know they owned the hotel and had refurbished it, inspiring the town to spruce up as well.

Their Grande Hotel Trilogia is a few meters away from a park with what scientists have measured to be the "best water in the world" when it comes to mineral content and healing properties. It has a natural bubbly to it. There is a obelisk there with an awesome engraving on it, marking the spot where an "energy vortex" draws people from all over the world to experience the phenomenon.

Considering the scriptural and metaphorical significance of "springs of living water", I find this juxtapositioning very significant. And after spending 1.5 weeks with this group, I consider it very fitting. They rise to meet the call that they feel in their hearts to help transform the planet into a better world, using tools that can be applied by anyone, religious or not, to overcome their weaknesses and live in harmony while performing actions to bless mankind.

The Trilogy Group

The technology itself was interesting, but nothing compared to the dynamics of the people I encountered and observed in their interactions with each other.

These people love life, love each other, and love their work with one another. And I came away from my experience there very renewed in my spirit, like a new man. I feel more alive and filled with love for all mankind and all living creatures than I have in years, if not decades.

When I say "these people", I still have no idea how large their organization is. I met maybe 20-30 people directly while I was there, and became very close to about 15 of them. For me, it was like coming home. I really enjoyed my dialogue with them, and the mutual respect they showed everyone, including me, and including the maids, cooks, laundry workers, secretaries, security detail, and others than in most settings I've seen in my life are usually ignored as if they don't exist, unless they are being abused in some way. Among the Keppe associates, everyone was treated with respect. It seemed to me that the hired help felt free to participate in the conversations. Where have you ever seen something like that anywhere else?

Of the people I met, the founders had been involved 40 years, others for 30, and others for 25, 20, 15, 10 years. I would say that the average amount of time people have been involved was 15 years. They live together, share meals, work on their causes together, and share their chores. And they are still together after all these years, still love each other, and what they are building together brings them deep satisfaction.

25 Years Ago January ~15, 2013

Click images for enlargement.

What is amazing about the above photo comparison is that I shot the image on the right, and the one on the left was taken when the group was in Europe back in about 1988 -- 25 years ago. My wife says that these kinds of photo attempts are quite popular, except in this case, it wasn't intentional. We did not rig the photo on the right in any way. I just spontaneously got up from my seat and took the shot, wanting to have the memory -- no spurring by them. Cesar is on the front, right in both photos. The hotel manager, Jβnio Ramos, is in the front left in both. Roberto is on the left, still with a mustache. Rose Braga, seated next to Jβnio 25 years ago, is further down the table in the 2013 photo, next to Inger (who is wearing the striped sweater).

More than half of the seven people in the photo from 25 years ago, also appear in the 2013 photo, and in nearly the same relative positions -- all without any forethought or conscious intention. I have to wonder who was taking the photograph from 25 years ago, if maybe he/she is also in the 2013 photo. The two photos are so similar, it's as if the angels sat them down for this pose, without their realizing it. For what it's worth, there are other likenesses here as well. It was actually this likeness that spurred Claudia sending me that photo from 25 years ago, a few days ago (she put Tesla's image next to the photo from 25 years ago). She was in Sao Paulo, and I was in Cambuquira.

This living together as a group started back in the early 1980s when they were in New York, and had to share a home, out of budgetary necessity. They liked it so much, it became part of their model of living, and they've been doing it ever since -- not everyone in their group, but most of them. I can relate to this, having thoroughly enjoyed a three-day, "School of Friends" event I organized at my parents' house back in 1997. Being in close quarters, taking turns with the chores, and doing the chores together while having enthralling dialogue, takes the burden out of those mundane tasks.

The key to their success is that they have twice-weekly group therapy sessions where they identify and work through their pathologies so those don't get the upper hand. Most people let problems percolate until they explode, driving apart relationships. No, their group is not free of problems, challenges, and disappointments. But the difference is that they know how to work them through. When they confront their issues, it is from a premise that everyone is good in spirit, but that pathologies get in the way of who we "really" are, and should be identified and removed so we can be happy and fulfilled.

Being involved in an intentional community myself, I know how challenging it is to keep such a group together. Ours has been in "chaos mode" for a long time.

I'm just barely getting my head wrapped around the non-denominational, all-encompassing "Trilogy" philosophy that STOP ascribes to, which is at the basis of their living, and even of their science, and all their work. It is what enables them to work through their "pathologies" in a constructive and meaningful way. Every group -- be it business, religious, academic, club, or friendship -- could benefit from the principles that STOP inculcates in their daily lives.

As I see it (and they concur), the various religions are like the spokes of a wagon wheel. In their highest expression or form, they all lead to a common, central hub, where the tenant differences become irrelevant because the commonalities are so obvious: things like love, forgiveness, doing good, serving others, doing good actions, caring for others more than self. That central hub phenomenon is why Trilogy appeals to people from a wide diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Even atheists have gotten involved. While I was a bit stressed at first to find that many of them don't believe in reincarnation, which I consider an awesome principle that undergirds so much of what Trilogy teaches, I was finally assuaged when I realized that several of them to share this view. It's okay to have different core beliefs. If anything, it makes the sharing time even more interesting. Contrary to my experience mingling with denominations or cults, these people don't get all wrapped up in doctrine. They are not closed-minded, but open-minded. Thinking outside the box is a way of life for them, from what I can gather. Must be, given how welcome I felt among them.

From what I learned and observed, here are some of their accomplishments:


  • Photo from the hotel website home page.They purchased (a story in itself) and restored what had been a dilapidated hotel in Cambuquira, a 4.5 hour drive north of Sγo Paulo, while also restoring the town and its hope in the process. Now, the ~100-room Grande Hotel Trilogia they've had for 10 years serves as a place for some of them to live, as well as a place to host conferences, events, shows, performances, and classes for the local community (given freely, at no charge, on a volunteer basis), including piano lessons, dance classes, art classes, and language classes. Though the hotel was recently featured on Ghost Hunters (2 | 3) in 2009, you would never guess it is haunted based on the attitudes of the people working and living there, who seem to be removing the "curse" placed on the town by their positive actions and involvement. One of the people taking primary responsibility for restoring the hotel is Gilbert Gambucci a professional piano player who has played regularly at the tallest building in Sγo Paulo; and is now teaching free piano lessons at the hotel. The hotel manager also operates a fish hatchery in the back yard, where the community grows the produce they eat in their community meals.
  • Photo by Sterling Allan In 2000, they built a 7-story high-rise with four units on each floor, a parking garage and swimming pool, located in Sγo Paulo, where many of them live in a community setting. They call it the "Fifth Empire", with prophetic reference to Daniel's dream of four world empires, the final one about to collapse, prior to the establishment of the kingdom of God on Earth. As I see it, the Trilogy principle applies on a personal level what prophetically is scheduled for the world in the manifestation then removal of the Anti-Christ within. 
  • They also own land nearby where they could build high-rises, or other types of structures the community needs.
  • They recently opened an approximate ~500 square meter (~5,400 ft2) manufacturing facility to produce the Keppe Motor fan in Cambuquira, walking distance from their hotel, which is now available for sale and distribution by similar groups around the world who want to build a similar community concept around this business opportunity of an amazing product (more about that below). They are presently working on an order for 500 fans. Nearly every where I went among this group on this trip, I saw the Keppe Motor fan in operation, proudly on display, in action.
    Screen shot of KawaiFilms trailer about Sterling Allan's visit
  • In Sγo Paulo, they have a Keppe Motor research and development laboratory that is even larger than the production facility in Cambuquira. I shot a quick amateur video to show this to you.
  • They have two facilities next to each other in Sγo Paulo for their headquarters and classes, for individual therapy, learning, group therapy, and administration. These are nice buildings, well taken care of. I shot a brief video the day I left showing one of these.

    And here is a brief segment of their weekly Friday meeting where they coordinate the Keppe Motor events.
  • They own several other buildings for residences for their community living, including some places down on the beach for reflection and relaxation.
  • Near their headquarters, they have some rooms for guests who are visiting. These are like condos, fully equipped with kitchen and laundry, with a security gate.
  • About 5 kilometers from the Hotel and production facility, they have 16 hectares (~40 acres) of land that includes a permaculture project that reminded me of our Safe Haven Villages (SHV) project here in Utah. The guy who runs that, Fαbio, is vegan, like me. They have a couple of earth-bag structures, just like us; and lots for building homes, but none commenced yet, since they don't have power run to the site yet, just like us. Here is a rough video I shot of the location as well as of a brick-making project they have in town, and a home that one of their scientists, Andre Tuszel (who used to work for the Tokomak project in Lausanne, Switzerland on the EPFL campus, then in Sγo Paulo, until he realized its irrelevance to practicality and then began looking outside the box and found the Keppe Motor group) and his wife are building that includes some of the bricks they made. The video ends in the water park next to the hotel. I made a separate video of a little ceremony I did at the water park for my Shaman friends who are part of SHV. I also shot a rough video (not embedded here) of Andre's experimental set-up at the Grande Hotel Trilogia in Cambuquira.
  • Beginning 40 years ago, they have written many books to teach these principles of Trilogy. Dr. Keppe has written or co-authored 33 books. Dr. Claudia, as she is affectionately called, has written or co-authored 23 books. Others of their group have written an additional 16 books. These can be found listed in English at Richard's site: and at  They have also published 32 Integral Psychoanalysis Reviews. Various of these materials have been published into around ten languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish, Finish, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese. They're going to be shipping me a box of many of these for my library to share with my intentional community project. 
    The two books they would recommend most for our audience, because they are what the Keppe Motor was scientifically based upon, are:
  • They are coming up on their 19th International Conference on Analytical Trilogy (ICAT -- no intended relation to E-Cat). It will be about "Using Keppe's Dis-Inversion Principles in Psycho-Sociotherapy for Every Day Living". See I plan on going, being grateful now to have a 10-year Visa (what a pain it was to get a Visa to Brazil!) I would predict/suggest that every one of you could benefit by applying the principles of Trilogy to your life. If, in doing so, you find notable improvements, you might consider either submitting a paper for this conference or giving your testimonial.
  • Keppe has been creating and hosting weekly radio and TV (2) programs since at least the 1980s that explore his ideas and applications to all areas of human endeavor. 
    These programs are dubbed or subtitled into a number of languages and are sent around the world for community TV stations to run free of charge. Vera, the media coordinator at STOP, says these profound programs are currently running in about 30 countries worldwide, including the U.S. They do produce in English directly, as well where they express the principles of Trilogy and how they apply to daily life. 
    Producer, Richard Jones, has created the STOP Radio Network as a vehicle for English language programs, including Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, which has been heard in more than 100 countries. Richard is a professional radio host, TV, and voice talent, who I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing with, both for radio [listen] and for a video
    Gilbert, the pianist and hotel renewal expert, periodically does a TV show for a New York channel from abroad. He attended and guided the first 6 months of the "Occupy Wall Street" protests in New York such that the "protests" became more like a "celebration" of the human spirit.
  • Screen shot of tour video by SterlingThey publish a weekly STOP Newspaper with a circulation of 200,000, published in Brazil, US, and England.
  • Their Millennium Language School is a highly innovative school that applies Keppe's psychological principles in very popular language classes, which have been a primary revenue generation source for them. This is a remarkably successful business enterprise that funds a large part of the group's many activities. They apply the principles of Trilogy to assist the students in getting past mental barriers to learning, to greatly augment the speed, quality, and endurance of their education. 


  • In Cambuquira, they have developed an alternative currency, a paper denomination to take the place of the national currency. People working in the service sector can redeem their paper in the farmers market that the STOP group has helped to organize, making their local economy more impervious to the national and international economies.

And soon, spurred by my encouragement and catalyst action while there, they may be adding another to this list: a reality show, featuring their daily living, philosophy and its impact, group therapy, Keppe motor roll-out and other application projects. This will be produced by Flavia Pacheco Angelico, Claudia's daughter, who, with her husband Fernando Kawai, have a studio, KawaiFilms, and experience in filmmaking, reality shows, and other media. She served as field producer for the Ghost Hunters International piece.

Flavia and her Husband drove 4.5 hours to Cambuquira to film me giving an intro to the Keppe motor.  Here is a teaser video they just posted. The full video is in production and should be available fairly soon.

Sterling's Visit Keppe Motor from kawaifilms on Vimeo.

They also shot a studio interview with Richard Jones interviewing me and Cesar. That will be made available soon as well. That was an amazing experience.

We also filmed a brief announcement for their upcoming conference. We'll be posting that, too.

I also had William Lajeunesse, from Canada, shoot a video of Gilbert giving me a tour of the hotel. That was totally amazing. It is so much more than a hotel. It is a way of life -- a way of wonderful living, in an intimate, loving group setting. They grow their own organic produce, and they even have a fish hatchery. And they have a dentist on site who uses dental issues as a way to help people confront their emotional pathologies. 

Speaking of Will, I should mention that he has done a fantastic job of pulling together a set of plans of how to build the Keppe motor. He has put around three months of effort into this.

The Motor Technology

It was the Trilogy philosophy that spurred the invention of the Keppe motor, primarily by Cesar Soσs and Roberto Frescalli, with directive influence of Dr. Keppe. The motor has some amazing attributes:

  • Pulses, like a heart beat.
  • Runs just above room temperature, so its coils can be wound on wood or plastic, reducing the cost of construction. No ventilation of the motor is required for cooling.
  • Is very easy to build, being something that a skilled high school student could accomplish.
  • Is super-efficient, consuming on average 1/3 of the electricity of motors of equivalent output, and that is at the peak efficiency of those motors.
  • Constant Efficiency: Its efficiency doesn't follow a peak curve shape, but is linear, optimal at all outputs, from lowest to highest.
  • Overunity: The advanced versions of the motor, being worked on in R&D, exhibit efficiencies above 100%, which has been verified by two independent labs of high credibility. One documented 137% efficient. That's not enough to "self loop, with energy left over for practical use," but it demonstrates that the mechanism is somehow harvesting free energy from the environment.
  • This would make a great community project -- something that a group of people who want to work together in a loving, group setting, could tackle and feel good about doing.
  • May be able to self-loop: When I told him about the concept of the self-looping motor-generator systems, Cesar immediately started thinking about how he could do this with the advanced versions of the Keppe motor. He knows how to adjust the phase angle very easily. Perhaps by the end of the year (I'm being conservative here, as I tend to always wish for things to happen much more quickly, so I'm staying away from saying "within a few weeks") he will accomplish the self-looped system. Then you wouldn't need a power cord. The motor could power whatever you needed, without an input plug, as it would pull the energy from the surroundings somehow.

They've had several offers of large investment to take this into mass production, but they have turned these down, both because the proposing party wanted too much control, and because they want to keep this accessible to lay people to take on as a project. 

Here's a video that Flavia and Fernando produced, showing an introduction of the Keppe Motor and its capabilities.

Telling My Intentional Community Project About This Trip

Like many of you out there, as mentioned above, I am also involved in an intentional community project, which I've reported on several times in the distant past. See (SHV)

That's one of the reasons I resonated so much with this experience in Brazil. These people have successfully accomplished what few ever even dream of. They have figured out how to create heaven on earth. They don't just plan it and wish for it then throw up their hands in frustration when it doesn't materialize. They have done it, or at least they are awfully close. And they have all the support materials to help anyone else do it, who want to give it a try.

You can implement these things in your business, your homes, your church groups, your communities, your nation, and in the world.

So, as I touched down back in Salt Lake, my first objective was to share what I had experienced with the founding members at SHV. We had a conference call set up on Skype, that I could access because of my Verizon account. I informed them that the call was being recorded, and I then shared with them the highlights of my trip. You can download a recording of that call, if you want. Just be apprised that it is very metaphysical.

Turning Things Right-Side-Up

As David Icke so eloquently nailed it: We live in a world where everything is upside down. "Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information, and religions destroy spirituality."

Trilogy provides practical tools to enable mankind to identify the anti-Christ in themselves and remove that pathological influence, so they can once again be good, as they were designed by the creator to be, it's up to them -- the right to choose is prime.

By dis-inverting things, we can get to a world where doctors foster health, lawyers defend justice, universities foster knowledge, governments protect freedom, the major media is a champion of truth, and religions promote spirituality.

As I see it (and the Keppe people seem to agree), a fundamental impediment to this happening boils down to one thing: ego. Pride blinds people to their pathology. Humility is crucial to identifying the pathology to have it removed or at least tamed so it no longer is in control. Some religions refer to this as a "broken heart and contrite spirit" that bring about a mighty change of heart, or being born again. Hence, the meek shall inherit the earth, because the high shall be made low (humbled), and the low shall be made high (empowered, not prideful). As I learned when writing a book a couple of decades ago (A Mighty Change for a New World), a good heart, comes from mighty change of heart, which is a gift of God that results from broken heart and contrite spirit; and to maintain that, humility is crucial.

The STOP the Destruction of the World organization, with their Keppe Motor project, gives us a practical, non-denominational way to maintain this goodness and practical daily application into good deeds for mankind, as they have been modeling it for four decades now.

As individuals, they are no more special than anyone else you might meet walking down the street. They've just decided to do something to get back to the goodness they know they have inside. This is within the grasp of every human being on the planet, including the sociopaths who are presently in control of the world. It's up to each individual to choose.

Meanwhile, you can implement these things in your life, in your business, in your groups, creating islands of heaven on earth. And you are welcome to use the Keppe Motor as an instrument to arrive there; it's an open source project.

Open Source

By "open source," let me give the parameters as I understand them, after talking to Claudia's son, Rodrigo Angelica, who is the CEO of Keppe Motors, and head of their legal department. 

For a reasonable fee (e.g. $75 USD), you can download their plans from their website. They are also working on a kit you can purchase.

They do have a patent filed for the motor, but this is primarily to prevent others from claiming it.

Rather than doing things the traditional way, requiring people to come meet with them, sign a licensing agreement, pay a licensing fee, come up with the capital to build a manufacturing plant, before taking the product to market; the Keppe Motor group has agreed to allow people to first build a successful business, then send royalties once they are in production, selling commercial units. This dis-inversion of the present approach, is something many of us have been urging for many years. The Keppe Motor group finds this approach in total harmony with their philosophy of life.

First, you do something useful, then you get money for it, and you share that money with those who helped you become successful. In this case, the Keppe Motor group is asking that you remit a royalty of 5% of retail price on all commercial sales, whether they be plans, translations, kits, components, completed units, or franchises. However, you will be given a cushion in that you will not be expected to remit royalties until the amount owed goes above $500 USD.

You are free to develop the motor into whatever application you want. You are free to scale the motor up or down in output. You are free to do research and development on better designs and higher efficiencies.

While you are encouraged to share what you learn in your R&D with their forum, in the spirit of open sourcing, you are also allowed to keep your developments private and file for patents on them if you want. They only request that you inform them that you are working along these lines.

Speaking of communications, if you plan on getting involved in this open source project in some way, the Keppe Motor group requests that you let them know, so they can follow your progress, offer suggestions, update their FAQ page, and inform others in your region about people who are likewise interested, encouraging them to work together collaboratively.

Also, once you have a product ready, the Keppe Motor group would like to have you send it to them so they can test it and certify it as meeting their standards of performance, efficiency, and safety; before putting the "Keppe" name on it. You will then be listed on their website as one of the bona fide vendors of the motor.

Obviously, another thing that will be required to be listed as a "bona fide" vendor is that you remit royalties on all commercial sales. They also want you to implement some kind of "tracking" numbering system on your products so that the vendor can be identified and contacted, whether for customer service issues, or congratulations on great accomplishments. 

You will also need to be taking steps toward getting the necessary safety certifications for your product. Don't be daunted by this step, which can be very expensive and time-consuming. You have lee-way in that there is a "beta testing" step in which you can release product to the market place with the customer's understanding that the product is not certified but is being tested by the marketplace prior to submitting a final product version for certification. This way, you can raise the money for certification from product sales to beta testers. For example, in Brazil, the "testing period" could include the sale of 5000 fans over a 2-3 year period of time. The certification test costs around $15,000 USD.

One of the reasons you will want to be in the "bona fide" classification, is that you will be on the inside track when the Keppe Motor group comes up with significant improvements to their design, such as the self-looped system. You know the saying: "There's more where that came from."

Disclaimer: While the Keppe Motor group encourages anyone who wants to, to get involved with rolling out a Keppe motor project, obviously they cannot take responsibility for your actions. They are presenting these plans in the way they best know how, but cannot warranty that you will be successful in their implementation. Neither can they accept responsibility for any dangers you might encounter while doing such business or research and development. You need to take responsibility yourselves for these things.

They would love to work with you in implementing the trilogy principles in the group that you assemble to do this project, so that you can help model a happy, functional society.

Full Disclosure

PES will be benefitting from this as well. We will be receiving 10% of the royalties remitted. As the royalties increase, the portion will decrease down to 5%. But I should say that I would have written the above report the same way, whether or not we were getting anything for it. In fact, I had forgotten about this until just now, as I was composing this portion about open sourcing. 

Those revenues will be going toward helping in the administration of the project, as well as assisting us in the fulfillment of our mission of "finding and facilitating the best exotic free energy technologies to market."

Transitional Technology

The Keppe Motor is now, officially, going to market, and it is a transitional technology, presently being super-efficient, but having overunity in its advanced forms, with a likelihood of achieving self-looped capability, with energy left over (harnessing enough energy from surroundings somehow), so no plug is required. So not only is it the first FE tech available, it is going open source, making it much easier for the myriad of people out there who want to go into business propagating technologies such as this. But on top of that, it provides tools for people to get along, and introduces something much bigger: the kingdom of God on earth, heaven on earth.

That is why I placed it in position #6 in our Top 5 and Runners Up listing. If/when they get self-looped, then they go to #1.


We are looking for someone who would be willing to serve as Coordinator for this Keppe Motor Open Source Project. Tasks would include: 

  • Maintaining a project page at PESWiki, keeping it updated, clear, concise, and properly subdivided as page sections become too large to include on the parent index. 
  • Interfacing with the Keppe Motor group.
  • Maintaining a FAQ page (at PESWiki)
  • Creating feature pages on key sub-projects, such as design modifications with proven improvement or promise.
  • Tracking and maintaining an index page of key groups around the world who are launching Keppe Motor businesses and their stage of development.

You would need to be willing to start on a volunteer basis, later receiving income from project revenues.


I've encountered several people who have successfully built a Keppe motor. Here is a sample: (slightly edited)

From: Col. Zimka
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2013 7:18 AM [GMT-7]
Subject: Your recent trip to Brazil

Hi Sterling,

I just read your wonderful report on your trip to visit the Keppe motor folks. Dr. Claudia had asked me to attend this trip with you but my finances would not allow it. Your detailed adventure there reports on their beautiful "heart of love" characteristic which permeates all that they do. I so wish I could have made that trip! It certainly sounds like it has opened your heart even further. I am very happy for you.

Since I have already built two Keppe motors I will pursue their business proposals which you outlined. They seem like such wonderful, warm people and they have provided a path forward for their technology to blossom.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job at PESWiki and in Brazil.

Cheers from frigid Pennsylvania.

Karl Zimmer

January 25, 2014

Here is a photo of my Keppe Motor build, version 3. The motor is running in this photo, but since it's spinning so quickly, the camera did not pick that up. I believe that the Keppe Motor group has a design which produces excellent torque and speed for such low power consumption. The bonus is the simplicity of the materials used and lack of heat generated by the motor's rotation. I look forward to exploring their recent design advancements. Please feel free to use this photo as you see fit.

My friend, Tim Hall of Hawaii, has also successfully built two versions of the Keppe motor, one very small, and one quite a bit larger. He wants to start manufacturing these locally.

# # #

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"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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