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You are here: > News > January 20, 2013

New Energy Movement launching vetting initiative

Joel Garbon has posted an update which includes an announcement of a new initiative to set up a breakthrough energy technology vetting service, beginning with establishing standards of testing for the various modalities, followed by populating a team that could serve as vetting agents based on those standards.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

My friend and associate in the New Energy Congress, Joel Garbon, who is President of the New Energy Movement (NEM), recently posted a document titled: NEM Update and Request for Funding Support for Vetting of Breakthrough Energy Technologies. (Text below, for your convenience.)

One of the undertakings announced is that NEM is in the process of setting up a breakthrough energy technology vetting service, beginning with establishing standards of testing for the various modalities, followed by populating a team that could serve as vetting agents based on those standards.

This is a variation of the New Energy Congress that I founded in 2005, but which has been relegated to backburner status, serving more of an advisory board capacity than a physical vetting capacity, due to lack of adequate finances.

Traveling, getting proper instrumentation, running tests, and writing reports is not going to be something that can be accomplished by volunteers. Joel is hopeful that he can get sufficient funds to tackle this project professionally and in an adequate manner.

Joel is highly qualified to undertake this initiative, since in his "day job" for many years, dealing with water filtration technologies, he has done just this sort of work, both setting standards of testing and being involved in the testing process itself. He is a patent holder in that sector.

Joel feels it is very important that this initiative be considered an "independent" testing service, with no vested interest in the technologies being vetted.

I fully support this quest, and hope you will consider assisting, whether it be with a tax-free donation, or helping create the testing protocols for the many genres of breakthrough energy (e.g. LENR, electromagnetic overunity, magnet motors, etc.), or having your name in a database of potential testers.

I plan on posting the testing protocols at PESWiki as they are developed. 

To: Friends and Supporters of NEW ENERGY MOVEMENT
From: Joel Garbon
Date: January 16, 2013

NEM Update and Request for Funding Support for Vetting of Breakthrough Energy Technologies

Dear Friends of NEM:

On behalf of New Energy Movement (NEM), I thank you for your interest in and support of our work. Now in our tenth year, it is evident to me that the years 2013 and 2014 shall witness the expansion and acceleration of NEM’s role in the emergence of new breakthrough energy technologies into the marketplace and public domain. New allies have stepped forward to collaborate with us, and public interest in the new energy field continues to swell. There are good reasons to be optimistic, and the time is right for NEM to expand its support base and focus resources on a few critical areas within its larger mission.

First, for those who are unfamiliar with NEM, let me tell you in one sentence what we are about: 

New Energy Movement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity with the mission to educate the public about emerging breakthrough energy technologies and their implications for humanity and our planet, and to advocate for the support of inventors and researchers of these technologies.

If that interests you, I encourage you to read the complete mission statement on our website’s homepage, and definitely continue reading this update letter!

Here are some recent highlights that are energizing to consider:

  • A new allied organization, Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (, has been established in the Netherlands. Inspired by New Energy Movement, Global BEM is the fulfillment of a vision Brian O’Leary and I had nearly ten years ago; namely, the expansion of our efforts to include a truly global movement of passionate citizen activists who have chosen to lead the transformation our times demand. Led by its founders Jeroen van Straaten and Robert Dupper, Global BEM hosted a very successful inaugural conference in Hilversum, Holland this past November. The conference had a great slate of speakers on a wide variety of technological, sociological, economic, and consciousness-related topics that have bearing on the energy transformation. NEM has forged very close relationships with the Global BEM team, and we will be working in tight collaboration on a number of important projects and future conferences.
  • Leaders of the THRIVE Movement ( ), Foster and Kimberly Gamble, have met with New Energy Movement’s leaders and are enthusiastic about opportunities to collaborate on new energy solutions, which are a key part of the THRIVE Movement’s Total Solutions focus for creating a healthy, balanced world that works for all human beings on the planet. Their amazing, must-see THRIVE documentary film, a free download from their website, has been viewed by more than 11 million people worldwide, with an additional 1 million viewers each month. More than 500 THRIVE chapters have been established in countries all around the globe. A partnership with the THRIVE Movement provides NEM an extraordinary opportunity to leverage our work in ways unthinkable even a year ago.
  • The NEM team has recently been augmented by the addition of new Executive Director, Todd Ridolph. Todd brings a range of valuable skills, new ideas, and great initiative to our organization. His arrival in our midst is perfectly timed!
  • Two new directors have come on board the NEM Board of Directors, bringing a wealth of valuable experience to our group. Stephanie Paulus, a professional marketer and events promoter, has already benefitted NEM with her wealth of contacts and networking insights. David Niebauer, a Silicon Valley attorney and general counsel for a new energy start-up, brings different perspectives on the business of new energy, as well as his legal expertise. We are excited to have Stephanie and David on our team!
  • NEM has undertaken an initiative to develop standardized testing protocols for the technical assessment of breakthrough energy performance claims. The consensus of our colleagues in the new energy field is that such a set of test protocols will prove extremely valuable, providing inventors with sound scientific methodologies for accurately assessing the performance attributes of their technologies. As a result, the vast majority of meritless technologies will be weeded out and not propagated across the internet, thereby conserving vast amounts of time, financial resources, and personal energy that would otherwise be wasted in the pursuit and vetting of these “duds”. We expect that a much smaller but more concentrated stream of technologies-of-merit will be propagated, focusing resources on the development and incubation of real breakthroughs and accelerating their delivery to the marketplace and public domain.
  • With the new set of standardized test protocols, and recruitment of a pool of qualified technical personnel who have expertise in relevant instrumentation and testing methodologies, NEM plans to facilitate a rigorous program of breakthrough energy technology vetting and reporting beginning in 2013. The aim is to establish a well-recognized and respected third-party certification (i.e. “seal of approval”) of technologies whose performance claims are demonstrated to be valid. Such a certification will be of great value to the inventor in attracting needed resources such as the investment capital, skilled engineering talent, and experienced business team required to advance a pre-manufacturing prototype to a market-ready product.
  • The third-party vetting and certification service described above will be available to inventors who have earlier established their technology performance claims by testing according to the standard test protocols. Many, if not most, inventors will not have the financial resources to cover the expense of the vetting and certification. In these cases, NEM will pay these expenses from a fund designated exclusively for such a purpose. The Global Energy Freedom Fund™ will be made possible by tax-deductible donations to NEM from the public. The certification reports will be published on both NEM’s and Global BEM’s websites, thereby enhancing the exposure of deserving technologies, while providing NEM’s financial donors and supporters substantive results from dollars deployed from the Fund.

As you can see, there are exciting developments happening in New Energy Movement! And in order for these initiatives to be truly successful, we need YOU!

As a public charity, NEM is dependent on financial contributions from the public to continue our work of educational outreach, investigation of breakthrough energy technologies, advocacy for pioneering inventors, and expansion and maintenance of our inventor and allied organization networks.

Please support NEM with a generous tax-deductible donation and by making your family and friends aware of the importance of our work. New Energy Movement has operated these past ten years with a dedicated all-volunteer staff, each person contributing key services on a part-time basis, normally in the evenings and on weekends. We are visioning that a great wave of new supporters will step forward and provide the financial resources that will permit a full-time compensated staff. Such support will go a long way toward achieving our mission and vision of a world renewed and restored to beauty, balance, health, and peace.

We also welcome any outreach efforts you might make to your own network of allied individuals and organizations on NEM’s behalf. I strongly believe that we have within our grasp the precious opportunity of a tipping-point regarding our citizens’ and government’s embrace of serious support for advanced New Energy technology. Thank you for playing a key role in leveraging this moment.

This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of something historic and unprecedented! Please join us! 

New Energy Movement is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. Donations are tax-deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our IRS Employer Identification Number is 54-2125239. Donations can be made from the homepage of our website, or by sending a check to:

New Energy Movement
c/o Mark Hurwit – Treasurer
675 W. 25th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97405

If you need any further clarification on NEM’s programs or resource requirements, please write to, or call me at 503-706-6193. And thank you again for helping us carry out our vital mission for the well-being of our global family and our precious Earth.

Peace to you and your family.


Joel Garbon
New Energy Movement

In response to the above posting, on January 21, 2013 12:54 AM [GMT-7], Joel wrote:

Hi Sterling,

[...] Your article about NEM looks good....thanks. I believe it does a good job of communicating what's happening in NEM.

I know it is going to take a while to get thing in place to do the vetting and certification service properly and professionally. In light of the 10 years NEM has been around, I'm okay with being patient and allowing for natural timing to occur. God's timing has clearly been demonstrated to be much better than my own!

Enjoy fascinating Brazil, and travel safely.

Peace to you, Brother Sterling.


# # #

What You Can Do

  1. Volunteer to help establish testing standards.
  2. Volunteer to have your name in a database of testers.
  3. See Suggestions for How to Get Involved with the Roll-out of Exotic Free Energy 
  4. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  5. Donate to PES Network to help us keep this news and directory and networking service going.
  6. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated December 24, 2014




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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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