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You are here: > News > January 9, 2013

Yildiz Tells the Story about His Magnet Motor

Given the number of comments pointing to a case in Germany where Muammer Yildiz was allegedly involved in fraudulent investment activities surrounding his all-magnet motor, Mr. Yildiz has responded with his explanation of what happened, and how his name was cleared, providing supporting documentation to that effect.

Introduction by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The pending 30-day test of Muammer Yildiz' all-magnet motor at a European university is still on track to commence mid-January (this month). They plan on bringing two motors to be tested which will entail a newer design, with higher output. They will not be bringing the older, lower-power design that has been tested multiple times in academic settings, including Delft Technical University and Eindhoven TU. Hopefully, having two motors will be adequate redundancy should anything happen to one of the motors.

If verified, this will turn heads and hearts worldwide, opening minds and launching a new energy revolution to roll out this technology, and rippling to other exotic free energy sectors as well, as people wonder what other technologies scientists have deemed "impossible" and have belittled and derided for decades, might actually also be legitimate as well. By my recent count, there are 24 separate modalities of "conventional" renewable energy, including solar, wind, geothermal, tide, waste-to-energy, ocean currents, hydro, run-of-river, etc.; and there are also 24 separate modalities of "un-conventional" free energy technologies, including LENR (misnamed "cold fusion"), electromagnetic overunity, zero point energy, gravity motors, water as fuel, aether, radiant energy, electrostatic, etc. Most of these exotic genres are not only clean, but they would be cheaper than grid power. Don't you think it's about time that these got the attention and focus they deserve, not only to clean up the planet, but to provide jobs, to do an end-run around the corrupt powers that be who are trying to collapse the world economies so they can turn us all into slaves of their global police state.

That verification, though complete after 30 days, will begin to ripple even after the first 24 hours, which is enough time to prove the technology. One week will be massive overkill. Thirty days will be absolutely irrefutable.

We will be posting a page at PESN where we will be giving play-by-play, key updates on the test developments. I'll also be posting Tweets as we update that page as I get updates directly from Yildiz' group.

This will be particularly rewarding (and vindicating) for me, as I got my start in the world of exotic free energy nearly 11 years ago with the Perendev magnet motor, which ended up being a scam, with the "inventor", Mike Brady, in jail for embezzling 50 German customers, not to mention the hundreds of other customers worldwide who paid 50% down but never received anything. He's still in jail, and not doing very well, from what I heard last September. I don't have much pity for him, as I subsequently learned that his technology was based on a Brazilian patent (awarded based on the patent office witnessing the running motor) that is now expired, to which he gave no credit but essentially pirated.

Speaking of fraud, there are many people in the comments on our two recent stories who are saying that Yildiz is running a scam, and that this demo is surely just posturing, similar to John Rohner (who is a proven liar) of Inteligentry; and that no demo will take place long enough to prove out the technology, but that some kind of excuse will be rendered; but that meanwhile he will continue to rake in new money just on the strength of the story, which is supposedly based on a lie.

One of the things commonly said about Yildiz is that he has taken investor money and given nothing in return, and that he is a proven scammer. They cite an incident in Germany where they say Yildiz has a criminal record. The following account was given to address that in particular.

I've heard things along these lines since we first reported on Yildiz' demo at Delft back in April of 2010. And I tended to believe them, which is why you've not heard coverage from us about them until just recently, with their pending demonstration. 

But let me tell you, as I've been able to get a front row seat on this recently, communicating regularly with Yildiz through his associate Halil Turkmen, from my vantage point, I see a group that is tired of being maligned and wants to be vindicated once and for all. From everything I can see, it seems to me like they have every intention of having this 30-day test be successful, and to document it well. And something I did not know until this new correspondence is that Yildiz is a retired police chief. He has a strong vested interest in having a clean reputation. He doesn't fit the profile of someone likely to be a scammer.

Here's a little snippet that Halil shared with me by Skype a couple of days ago:

"I have been there at his house, and it is like visiting a science fiction movie stage in Hollywood.

"Incredible ideas. Wish to see them all [come to fruition] in our life[time]."

The world is about to change. We have an opportunity to go in a positive direction, instead of spiraling down to self-destruction, which is the path we're presently on.

On January 07, 2013 1:41 PM [GMT-7], Yildiz's assistant, Halil wrote:

Dear Mr. ALLAN,

I just want to send you some news, for your information.

Mr. YILDIZ had the meeting with the university members on Sunday. [The university traveled to Izmir to meet with Yildiz.] He had your list with him, and offered them to bring his academic crew also to the test place.
He also offered to bring his film crew as well, in order to record all the process 24 h x 30 days, continuously, including the conversations. [A webcam should suffice for this. It isn't logically feasible to have a HD camera running continuously, with all the support that requires: battery charging, memory cards, etc. YouTube has a broadcast live function for certain accounts.]
Now waiting for their response, expected Wednesday, 9th January, when we may have further information.

[Halil talks here about some help he is getting for the 30 days of filming, including one person I referred him to.]
Mr. YILDIZ asked if it will be possible to have a contact with the science channels, or a media agency for the copyrights.

Tomorrow, during the day, I will visit Mr. YILDIZ to scan some documents, because I see that on your site there are some comments about the stories in the past in Germany. In order to see and show the truth, I will send you some documents, all official, by the German justice. As I heard before, there were some people who used the name of Mr. YILDIZ; and with some copies of his work, they tried to collect money from the investors. And Mr. YILDIZ, after hearing that, went to the justice, and won all the cases. He has all the proofs in his hand. I will try to scan them, and then send you all. Mr. YILDIZ said that you are free to publish them if you want, against the baseless, negative comments about this history. They can be used also in judicial ways for compensation.

Then, last night, he sent this translation he did of what Yildiz wrote, with some editing by myself, along with the supporting documents linked down below.

Muammer YILDIZ
Jan 8th, 2013 Izmir - TURKIYE

From the time I began working on this machine, my life has been full of distress. Maybe there has been 6 months total that have passed without distress during this career. The experiments always cost too much and the generators that I have bought have been very expensive. They still are. It’s so hard to do research and development.

By the help of my friend, architect Murat TALUY, we went to Hamburg, Germany in order to get the TUV report of the machine. TUV offices exist in Turkiye, but we opted against that, because we didn't want people thinking we might have bribed them. In those days, the machines were vacuum packed. They were operating comfortably, because in airless environment, it is more comfortable and steady.

With the help of my friend, we met Erol SERT. He told that he could help. Immediately, a company was set up (Ocean Star), and the works began. They paid 12.500 Euros, step-by-step. Then the machine was ready. We entered the tests in St. Gallen. Three tests were done, with three different machines. That amount was not enough, and I also paid the same amount of money, too. I made my first presentation in Dortmund. We called a lot of universities. It was really a good test.

After this test, everything began to change. They began to make contracts with my name, without my consent. Once, the director of Deutsche Bank sent a written document of 16,5 million Euros. They showed me the document, written "1,5 million". They made forgery on the original document. And then, once, by the help of a parliamentarian, they took permission to establish an energy central. But all these were cheating the 3rd persons and the government, using my name. Because of these reasons, I rebuffed them immediately. They didn’t stop. They wanted a board meeting and tried to take the machines from my hand. And, when they couldn’t, they went to law. I gave all the documents that I have, to the public prosecutor. I won the case, because the real thieves/fraudsters were them.

And then they went to law for the second time. And they asked for their money. In this case, they used fake receipts. But I had the original receipts. I presented the documents to the prosecution. The prosecution sent us a document for compromising, because the case was holding over. By the help of my lawyer, we sent the compromise document.

This was all my case with Erol SERT. Every person can sue another person for damages. These are normal. But, being a police officer, I stay away from these events, and I don’t want to harm my record. Till today, I came clean, and straight.

All the official documentation can be asked [for] from the German offices.

It is easy to make this machine compared to the difficulty of passing the bureaucracy. 

And it is also difficult to make the scientists believe, because they think you cannot break the scientific laws. Even though they see the machine naked, they say that it is impossible, according to science. 

There are other scientists who believe; and they say that the physics rules are written by man, and till now there isn’t a part which isn’t modified. They have to be rewritten, and renewed according to new observations. Today’s technological development is clear.

At the moment, I have 293 different formulas and 5 different systems.

It isn’t easy to make a magnetic rotator. Materials and labor cost very much, because it is hand-made, piece-by-piece. It is not easy to make the arrangement, the angles, etc. Even for today, just one machine costs 22.000 Euros. But in industrialized production, it will cost 4.000-5.000 Euros.

It’s a great happiness making the machine and seeing it works. But when it comes to proving, as much as you show it, when they don’t want to believe, it’s a psychological collapse. Because I spend all those amounts of money, and so I create so many problems for my family.


Click on image to get enlarged version, or you can download a zip file with all of them. If one of you who speaks German could translate these, or at least summarize their content, we would appreciate it. We could then post that summary along with each page.




Translation Synopsis

(slightly edited)

From: ***
To: sterlingda...
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 10:19 AM [GMT-7]
Subject: Yildiz ' German Documents

I took a quick look at the documents Yildiz’ provided to you. If you still need a full translation let me know. They are lengthy ‘legal worded’ docs, and I couldn’t be bothered to do a full translation.
Pics 1_700 – 6_700 are from Yildiz’ lawyer (Anwalt) to him. Nicolai Treiber is representing Yildiz in a court case of Yildiz vs. BSMH Ocean Star.
Ocean Star applies the contract against Yildiz for leaving the company. “Wegens Austritss aus der Gesellschaft'”
This is pretty common, if you work for a company, you sign a contract. If you breach that contract there are penalties. This is how it works in Europe.
It seems logical to assume Ocean Star paid Yildiz wages, in return for his work. He worked for them, so to say. Until he stopped doing so. but when/how reasons are not discussed in any of the document. Let’s assume they had some sort of disagreement for now. Damages are set at 18.000 Euros. Yildiz’ lawyer does not acknowledge any of the points 1-5, and that’s that. They even remove the date by which Yildiz has to respond / comply to the claim from Ocean Star after both side lawyers discussed this together.
The five points are:
1. Yildiz will step back as head of company effective immediately. This can not be changed or countered (ratified).
2. Yildiz is no longer allowed to manage any of the company’s monetary funds. A time/grace period of 14 days is applied to this.
3. Yildiz is ordered to pay back any company funds that he used, and cannot account for. I.e. receipts... This has to be done within 4 weeks of writing.
4. Yildiz is ordered to release (to the company?) any documents or technical documents regarding his magnet engine. This has to be done within 14 days.
5. Yildiz is ordered to hand over the (since it was paid for by company funds) the prototype Magnet Engine he developed for the company. (again within 14 days)
So from the documents we can conclude at least that in 2007:
- Ocean star provided Yildiz with financial backing, he was a CEO or something similar there.
- He seems to have built a prototype, with company funding, as ordered by Ocean Star
- He quit Ocean star for unknown reasons, and seems to have taken the prototype they ordered him to build with him
- They want compensation for this! (Or/and at least, the prototype.)
- Damages claimed are at 18.000 euro
The second set of pics/documents from 2011 basically declare:
- The damages are too little to outweigh the costs of (international?) prosecution in this case. It’s not worthwhile to pursue the matter.
- State that the case is dismissed because of this. So nobody won, or lost.
Quotes from Yildiz
- “I won the case” –> The case was dismissed for other reasons (see above) and nobody ‘won’.
- “They went to law second time” –> All the documents just refer to one case, not a second one.
Hope this is of some use to you.
p.s. feel free to post this, but please, do not include my name. I do not want to be mentioned on your website for personal reasons.

Related News

Today there was a story about Yildiz in a local paper in Turkey.

  • Original article
  • Translation to English by Google [Note: "Yildiz" in Turkish translates to "Stars"] - Retired generals announced hive no fuel pressure, replace the battery powered electric motor, Yildiz of BSMH. Yildiz, a retired police chief rival inventor... (; January 9, 2012)
Advice about Yildiz Pre-30-Day Validation (memo; no link) - Historically, scams have used pending tests to pull in sizeable revenue, prior to come up with an excuse to postpone the test. To validate that Yildiz is not of this ilk, stipulate that any pending funds go into escrow and are not released until after the first 24-hours of the test, if the load is sufficient to rule out hidden energy storage. (PESN; January 11, 2013)

Along these lines, a couple of days later I received this:

From: Halil TURKMEN 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2013 1:37 PM [modified January 14, 2013 3:32 AM]
Subject: BSMH - Facebook & Twitter

I shared a text on fb and twitter :

Dear sirs,

Until the end of the laboratory test carried out in Europe, we are not able to respond to the investors' requests for meetings. 

Since Mr. YILDIZ is working on the preparation of the motors for the tests, he is not able to spare any time for meetings.

We will be able to make the related announcements after the tests. 

Thanks a lot for your interest and support.

We kindly ask you to stay in touch. We are doing our best to reply your e-mails, messages and phone calls.

Best regards,

( The beginning... )

# # #


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