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You are here: > News > January 6, 2013

Beware: Dirty Electricity from Clean Energy

There are some issues that we all need to be aware of regarding "clean energy" and some dire health ramifications from things such as smart meters, solar inverters, wind turbine frequencies, and CFLs. A device's impact on human health should be a primary consideration in deserving the label of "clean energy."

Intro by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On January 3, I received an email from Helen from Australia asking a question that was full of meaty information.

She raises some very excellent concerns that we all need to be aware of regarding "clean energy" and some dire health ramifications from things such as "smart meters", solar inverters, wind turbine frequencies, as well as CFLs (compact fluorescent lighting).

I was particularly interested in what she said about inverters, since those are likely to be a regular component of many of the exotic free energy technologies currently in the process of emerging

We need to open up the discussion about safe alternatives, safe models versus dangerous (health-wise) models, work-arounds, etc.

Look at how reckless the cell phone industry has been in rolling out cell phones, not concerning themselves with the radiation produced by the phones, as well as from wireless routers, etc. In the U.S., because of the cozy relationship the cell phone industry has with the presstitute media, you won't hear hardly anything about these negative health ramifications, whereas in Europe, they are much more aware and thus take precautionary measures to reduce those effects. Ditto for GMOs.

Let's make sure that in the roll-out of "clean" energy, we don't inadvertently promote devices that have very damaging health effects.

Here are her emails: (links and image added)

From: HW 
To: sterlingda.. 
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2013 10:36 PM
Subject: Query 

Dear [Sterling],

Having checked out your sites and the work you are doing, hope you don't mind me directing a query your way. 

Fantastic to have people working on free energy. What a gift to society. Reason for my email is I have been reading a lot about the smart grid issue and the concerns with RF microwave radiation health effects, and also, apparently 'dirty electricity' associated with these meters relating to, from what I understand (and that is very little), high frequency transits or electrical pollution on the grid. Environmental engineer Cindy Sage of Sage Associates speaks of the issue in her talks, yet it is being treated as a non issue or junk science by government. The only thing I have found in mainstream literature searches is the issue of ground currents affecting milk production in cows, although the UK's Powerwatch organisation acknowledges the problem as a valid issue on their website. There has been one scientist, Dr Magda Havas of Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, doing research on the issue in a few small studies on people and she finds it affects blood sugar levels and diabetes. (She has also done some interesting work on people showing significant heart rate changes in blind tests using DECT phone bases). Also, Dr. Sam Milham who wrote the book "Dirty Electricity", and was a senior epidemiologist with the Health Department in New York, if I recall correctly, used the U.S. electrification data to do a vast epidemiological study over the last century which showed huge increases in Cancer and other diseases as electrification spread throughout America. He said in all his years as an epidemiologist, he has never seen such a strong correlation. He also has observed the same trends in the emergence of diseases, such as leukemia, as other countries have become electrified. He states that the problem is the electrical pollution riding along on top of the clean sine wave, which is not seemingly so much of a problem in itself. He did another study on a cancer cluster in a school finding that the problem related to dirty electricity. Havas and Milham have also used meters to measure for dirty electricity or transient spikes and found that the current CFL bulbs, or most of them, contribute enormously to this problem. Plugging in a single CFL, the meter reading for DE apparently increases many fold and I believe even some LED bulbs have similar problems, though I don't understand how this works.

I had an email the other day from a lady involved in promoting awareness on the smart meter health issue and have excerpted the following from her email. It sounds as though we are creating huge dirty electricity and thus health problems by introducing some of the mainstream newer technologies, such as wind and solar, and I wonder, is it that they are not being manufactured to take into account these sort of problems? Can these problems be fixed with better design or engineering? (She stated wind energy currently has problems too, with dirty electricity and a phenomenon called infrasound, which actually features as a non lethal weapon in military documents, would you believe. How does something being used for military purposes get missed and become a factor of overlooked concern in environmentally friendly technology?

"A lot of the problems with solar and wind are due to the conversion process between DC and AC. This is the case whenever one is converting a DC waveform to an AC waveform or vice versa. Yes, if more pressure was put on manufacturers, one would think they could reduce the amount of harmonic distortion that occurs. However, there must be other factors at play as well. We got a 1 kW solar connected to the grid system at our house which gave off heaps of 'dirty' electricity. It affected my health (hard to describe, but made me very groggy, if I was at home during the day when the inverter was operating). It also effectively 'closed' down a public gold detecting area over the hill from our house. The RF caused interference on metal detectors up to 280 metres from our house. You can't even see our house from the gold fossicking area, and there are several houses that are closer to it. I purchased a stetzerizer meter which showed the readings at our house went up from around 160 GS units to around 1900 GS units during the daytime in the winter (solar actually works better when it is colder, so also produces more dirty electricity during winter) if the inverter was switched on. We ended up spending around $1,000 to fix the problem (with stetzerizer filters ....but they can only be used in houses with sound wiring or they can create massive magnetic fields). However, I tested ten or so other houses and the GS readings varied wildly, even under ostensibly the same conditions, and with the same model of inverter."

Do the free energy systems that your inventors are working on take into account such concerns as dirty electricity and the RF effects problems when designing systems, I wondered, and are there ways to fix the solar technology that mainstream makers of this technology should know about to make it healthier for humans and avoid these problems that people embracing environmental technologies are not even remotely aware of yet? In terms of the Stetzerizer filters solution, how does one even know if they have sound wiring? According to Cindy Sage apparently unsound wiring has also been blamed for some of the smart meter fires. Also, I wonder, are there CFLs or other light bulbs that are low energy and don't have the dirty electricity issue?

Have included a few links on wind energy health concerns in case they are of interest to you. Note the third link one is a U.S. Air Force document dealing with Non Lethal Warfare which, at pages 2 & 3, describes the same infrasound health effects being experienced by many people living within 1.5km of wind energy turbines, yet Government believes effects can only exist with audible sound. The second link is a review of research on noise related health effects on people in homes and finds effects experienced seem consistent. 

Review of research on noise related health effects on people in homes near wind energy turbines: 

Not sure if you have heard of Dr. Martin Blank who speaks on health effects of electromagnetic radiation but this is an excellent short talk by him. He and other biologists have for the last decade or so been stressing the urgent need for new public protective standards to protect against EMR and RF radiation and co-authored The Bionitiative Report available free on the net, dealing with a lot of the research on health effects. He wrote the chapter on the cellular stress response, which, interestingly, occurs in plants as well. It is an excellent document for anyone working on clean and health energy systems if you haven't seen it yet. See his short talk at (slight delay in start).

Sincere regards,

Helen Weir


From: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Friday, January 04, 2013 11:08 PM
To: HW
Cc: NE Congress Tech Review egroup ; NEST Tech egroup 
Subject: Re: Dirty Electricity

Hi Helen,

You raise some excellent questions here, especially regarding the solar DC inverters, which are likely to be the component of choice for some of the emerging exotic genres.

We should start a page at PESWiki about Smart Meter health issues.

If it is okay with you, I would like to post your email (with your name and email link) as a question to our audience, to begin a discussion about this, and to try and identify the problem areas as well as best work-arounds.

I do know that CFL's have a lot of problems, very serious, which we have given coverage of in the past:

I don't know of any issues with LED lighting, but it would be good to find out if there are issues.



From: HW
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2013 6:16 AM 
Subject: Re: Dirty Electricity

Hi [Sterling],

Thanks for your reply. That would be fine posting my question, although maybe it might be best to leave out the paragraph and link relating to the military research on non lethal warfare? (Don't want to make myself an enemy of the state!) Maybe use my first name and email address, if that suits. Ideally, future clean energy would be designed in consultation with scientists like Dr. Blank, so such initiatives would meet health considerations as well as the energy goals, for what good is a green energy initiative if it makes people, and even plants, trees and animals sick? If the advanced technology your inventors are working on can be made with these issues in mind from the outset, we would have real clean energy for the world. Perhaps now that wind and solar energy are being embraced in a more mainstream way by government, through marketing subsequently entering the arena, the tendency for corners to be cut is emerging due to profit considerations, especially in light of ignorance of the health issues due to the existence of inadequate standards. The more who are aware of such issues, the better, if it means such problems can be solved. What a shame that governments globally have embraced a light bulb that contributes to grid and health problems. Associate Professor Magda Havas has spoken of four concerns regarding the bulbs, that they transmit RF, emit concerning levels of UV radiation, create dirty electricity and the fact that they contain mercury, given that most people dispose of them in the trash.

It seems if electricity can be kept down to the 1 - 2 milligauss levels and free of pollution, clean electricity itself is not such a problem and hopefully, through mindful design, there would be ways to get levels down to that, or at least have setbacks from homes and occupied areas for installations that exceed those levels. But the microwave radiation RF is more problematic, as biological systems are seemingly extremely sensitive to microwave radiation at levels far lower than the current standards, with concerning impacts at the cellular membrane and signaling systems level, not just in humans but seemingly plants, as well. However, Neil Cherry and the authors of The BioInitiative Report have suggested levels they believe will be far more protective, at least than current standards. (It's not just the phones and smart meters that are a problem but the [cell] towers, too, and another issue with the wireless smart grid is that it means more towers entering local residential communities as infrastructure to support the grid).

In regard to the effects being reported by people in association with proximity to wind energy turbines, I must admit I am a little puzzled that Dr. Neil Cherry, a New Zealand biophysicist and environmental scientist who pushed very hard for new protective standards for EMR and RF before his death in 2003, was actually working on wind energy farms himself as a clean energy initiative, but perhaps he was doing it differently with built-in designs against such problems. (That was back in 2000.) The Dave Collings videos I sent to you may hold clues to this; I haven't watched them yet. 

Lastly, for any of your scientists wanting to design clean energy systems, whilst I don't wish to be presumptuous, I feel sure that Dr. Blank, who now lectures at Columbia University, and probably Cindy Sage of Sage Associates in California, would probably be happy to communicate or offer guidance on this issue. Also, Joshua Hart, founder of in California, would no doubt be helpful and appreciate more awareness on the smart meter issue. I will send you some more information on the smart meters issue in the next couple of days, in case you wish to use some of the links for a Smart Meter page.

I think once people become aware of problems and that there are people working on truly environmentally healthy energy alternatives, hopefully they will get behind such initiatives. Keep up the good work.




From: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2013 10:23 PM
To: HW
Subject: Re: Dirty Electricity

Hi Helen,

I would like to include the research about non lethal warfare. I'm all for being an enemy of the state when the state becomes corrupt.

So with that included, can I still include your email address?

If we don't stand up to corruption, we become complicit, and our posterity will not respect us.



From: HW 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2013 10:15 PM
Subject: Re: Dirty Electricity

Hi again Allan,

I totally agree. (The paper is referenced in Magda Havas paper anyway, so hopefully I shouldn't end up having to take refuge in some embassy with Julian Assange). 

Magda Havas is evidently bringing attention to a really important ignored issue. The issue mentioned on p. 8 regarding the Colorado study showing a 300% increase in childhood leukemia associated with ground current entering homes through conductive plumbing surely deserves some attention?



From: HW 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2013 9:24 PM
Subject: P.S. on DE

Hi Sterling,

Regarding the lady referred to in my email with the high DE reading after installing solar, I passed on that you had dedicated a page on your website to the dirty electricity issue. She was very grateful that you are helping to bring much needed recognition to the issue amongst inventors and those interested in clean energy. As more technical people become aware of the issue hopefully government will begin to take it seriously. Just passing on a comment she made in her reply, in regard to RF coupling onto wiring:

"I'm very glad for people to hear about our experience with solar. The high readings were also in our shed (about 70 metres from the house) so the RF had coupled on to all our wiring. (People often imagine that they can just pop the inverter a distance from the house and by doing so avoid any problems). The interference with metal detectors was quite bizarre (I've also taken recordings of it). It's when we discovered this that my husband really started getting concerned!" 



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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
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