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You are here: > News > December 30, 2012

Hard, Imperative Alternative Energy Solutions for the New Year

Oil and Gas industry advising water purification stocks because fracking will destroy 50% of ground water. Massive land swaths to drop and become lakes due to removal of oil under them. Cost of fuel should reflect the environmental impact.

Image source: Gasland

by Paul Noel
for Pure Energy Systems News

I think that 2013 should be the year that we start demanding that effective solutions be brought to bear on the energy front. While we get a breather from high energy prices, we should use this as a tool to leverage developments of alternative energy methodologies and push for the replacement of the highly polluting and most damaging false economy of fossil fuels. Nobody can deny our current dependency on fossil fuels. What we need to do is to move deliberately away from them.

It doesn't matter if you believe in Global Warming or if mankind is causing such a problem. The emission of so much pollution as related to the burning of fossil fuels is simply too much for the atmosphere to take. Already, substantial areas are seeing significant oxygen depletion to levels that threaten human health. Our rivers and streams are becoming sewers for the pollution from the fossil fuels and the heat they generate. The cooling water situation alone is getting serious. This damage will last long after the temporary cheap energy is burned. Our land is damaged and polluted by them as well.

The Oil and Gas industry are openly advertising to investors to buy water purification company stocks because they openly admit that they are going to destroy with "Fracking" nearly 50% of the ground water of North America in the next 5 years. This is forecast to make whole regions dependent on the water purification companies for even a safe drink of water. The US Army Corps of Engineers believes that land subsidence from "Fracking" will cause the failure of several large USA Hydroelectric dams with serious loss of life and much property damage. A large area of North Dakota, Montana and Southern Canada will most likely become a new "Great Lake" as the Bakken Reserve is drained and the land sinks.

This damage will last for decades, if not centuries, after the oil and gas has played out. With fresh water being the most precious resource in the world, nobody can argue that this is a good deal. It doesn't matter about the Methane in the water. This entails heavy metals, acid and dangerous materials that often cannot even be removed by purification technology. The water will not even be safe for agriculture unless you want lead, mercury, uranium, thorium and arsenic in your food supply. How much will the damaged health of you and your descendants cost mankind? The bill will come after the "cheap energy" is gone. 

The mining of coal has reduced an area of the State of West Virginia twice the size of Manhattan Island to rubble and acid oozing toxic waste that will be useless for decades. The oil industry is planning to sink 30% or more of the State of Louisiana beneath the sea in their mad rush for oil. Water pumping related to natural gas developments has already reduced the elevation of entire mountains in Alabama by as much as 220 feet (approximately 70 meters). 

The problems I have described in the USA are relatively minor compared to much of the damage going on in the rest of the world.

Just because you don't see the damage doesn't mean it doesn't exist! Just because the damage happens in someone else's town doesn't mean that it isn't serious in its influence on you. We have suffered a political policy that seems to believe that it is necessary to turn neighbors into beggars in order for us to prosper, and all it has done is left us living in a land of beggars.

As I pointed out on the Newtown shooting issue, bad decisions have long-term and most disastrous effects. With good intentions and fancy words, the US mental health business turned from at least effectively dealing with the mentally ill into a drug-pushing, delusional business that made the situation much more dangerous, while spreading the danger to all corners of society.

The Old South (USA 1840-1865) thought it could prosper off of enslaving others. All it got was destruction and poverty that is only now going away in many places. The decisions to trade with China while sacrificing US domestic industry has not made the USA strong, it has threatened the same disaster as happened in the Old South. Now, the situation threatens war across the whole Pacific region.

The whole world has bought off on delusion regards taxation. While the press argues about whether we should "tax the rich", they are completely off base. The real issue defined by who owns the bonds that our taxes must first used to pay before any public good is; "Why do we allow the rich to tax us?" They get the money from taxes regardless if any public good is done. Our bankrupt States and Nations around the world are mute testimony to the insanity of allowing the Rich to tax the Poor.

I get word from the Philippines that the climate there has changed entirely. The Monsoon they depended upon is gone. Now they get nearly 3 times the number of typhoons that they once had. This is clearly the result of rising sea surface temperatures in the region. It has turned the Philippines from a net exporter of food into a dependent nation for food. It threatens their whole survival. 

Being smart, effective and correct in our actions has to be the goal. We can no longer tolerate the idea that we can continue down the path we have charted. 

In the Alternative Energy community, we must push ahead knowing full well that the Oil and Gas industry will do their best to break us financially; and we must harden our efforts against their false economy. We must take away the tax subsidies they get worldwide. The biggest of these is the subsidy they get in the form of National Defense expenditures to defend their import ships. They should be taxed very heavily on all such transport in order to pay the Trillions of Dollars that are spent every year to defend their trade. If this were done, the cost of a barrel of oil would rise to close to $1000 (USD) per barrel and the false economy of "cheap oil" would disappear, and alternative energy would be an easy investment. Does the price of oil look cheap when you consider the USA has lost about 50,000 persons killed or wounded since the year 2000 securing this "cheap oil"?

We need to push into our domestic developments of oil and natural gas cost measures to compensate for the long term damage they do to the environment, paying a commensurate amount of money to those who are affected. This will further deteriorate the lie that they provide "cheap energy". Coal companies need to be charged a very high premium for destroying land and mountains. The use of imports to avoid these costs needs to be equally taxed.

We need to push the entire world to prohibit the environmentally unsound industrial developments that pollute at the expense of rivers and oceans. Trade in goods that are developed outside of sound policy guidelines needs to be banned worldwide. No slack should be given to the fact that China is poisoning much of the western Pacific Ocean in such trade. They should be told to clean up or lock up.

Regarding actual energy developments, we need to push the nation states of the world to provide strong legal and public defense mechanisms to provide for the safety of inventors developing alternatives to fossil fuels. This should include better patent protections, better police protection, and better state enforcement of the protection. In addition, they should post strong incentives, such as prizes for results in the areas of unique methods of energy development that do not use [conventional] fuel.

Regarding Nuclear Energy, the Fukushima disaster has sadly proven that certain nuclear reactor designs are unsafe to be located and built the way they are now. Such plants need to be phased out and replaced with safer and better designs. Typically, the guideline here is that all such plants must be smaller and must fail safely with natural convective cooling in case of catastrophic failures. The stunning level of long-lived nuclear reaction products released into the Pacific Ocean clearly underlines that this should not be considered optional. The poisoning of nearly 20% of Honshu also demands that we require the immediate removal and safe cleanup of all radioactive storages around the world. This has to be a very high international priority.

The physical constraints on Solar and Wind energy demand that we demand trans-continental transport networks for electricity are developed including intercontinental linkages as well. This demands that the Bering Strait be crossed with links through Russia, USA and Canada, as well as other nations. These links should in time be extended to Africa, Australia and to South America. Literally you need no batteries for storage if this system is developed. Grid based storage is absurd under a worldwide grid. [Sterling's note: I totally disagree with the idea of a world grid. What we need is more "distributed" power, not more "centralized". Power to the people, not to the governments, especially not the world police state.]

There is altogether a lot of hopeful news getting us ready for this big chore. People are starting to realize that things are just not working the way we have been going. New inventions are arriving and the new work promises more of the same. Like the Phoenix, we need to see a new world rising from the ashes of the old world that we must leave behind. Don't get mad, get effective!

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan May 2, 2010
Last updated December 24, 2014




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