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You are here: > News > December 29, 2012

Inteligentry Blame Game for "Best Thing Ever"

While they showed no working engine at the recent Power-Gen conference, John Rohner spins the event as a phenomenal accomplishment, while casting blame everywhere else, especially on the manufacturers for not delivering the goods.

Inteligentry booth at Power-Gen

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Ever since Inteligentry's no-show demo at the Power-Gen conference in Orlando, December 11-13, I've periodically checked the site to see how CEO, John Rohner would spin the event that was a massive and predicted failure, in order to keep his Kool-Aid drinkers drinking the Kool-Aid so they would not abandon his program, at least not all of them.

Finally, on December 26, I saw that he had posted a lengthy report on his "Hot Seat" page. Since he tends to modify these over time, and he doesn't archive them anywhere, at least not that I've found, I made a copy of his post, with plans to present it to you a few days later (I had other tasks to get to first) for your consideration.

Now, he has posted this to a page of its own called "Power Gen Show Report".

Contrary to the reports we received by phone, email, and comments on our December 10 story, "Inteligentry Poised for Egg-on-the-Face at Power-Gen", John paints the event as a great success: "Absolutely the best thing that ever happened to us".

What we heard was that there was a near lynch mob sentiment by his licensees and shareholders. 

What he said in his report was that the news they heard made them "smile all show." (First half of first paragraph.) 

Who are you going to believe?

Put yourself in their shoes for a second. John has made a promise to you that he would show a working engine at the Power-Gen show, and finally put all the naysayers to rest. This has been his line for several months prior to the show. His mantra was effectively: "Everything will change at Power-Gen." You go to the show, and there is no working engine. Are you going to be smiling?

That he would make such a statement illustrates just how this man works: "It was news like that that made our Masters and stockholders smile all show."

I don't think there is even one person who would agree that this is an accurate portrayal of what really happened. He might be good at mixing stuff into his Kool-Aid, but that is just a bit too much.

No, I'm not going to go through his text line by line, but there is one other general observation that I think should be noted. It could be summarized thusly: "Today's patsies are going to be tomorrow's villains. It's just a matter of time." The newcomers who are in his good graces, before too long, are going to become disgruntled and will then be on his hit list (probably best spelled with an "s" in front of it).

Look at how he paints his master manufacturers: Incompetent boobs, who can't follow instructions; when in fact, he is the one who doesn't give adequate instructions to build a working engine -- because he has never made one. In reality, these Master manufacturers have been loyal to a fault, sticking with him, even when so much evidence points to this being a big con job.

One manufacturer camped out in Vegas for two months trying to get his engine running, with John's help. No joy.

Rock Soup

I'm not saying that the underlying science behind the noble gas engine is bogus, because there is a lot of good reason to believe that there is something worth pursuing there.

I wish I was wrong about John lying about ever having had an engine in the past, or even now in some undisclosable location, that only the very most loyal and deserving will be able to see.

If there is a light at the end of the tunnel it would be the "rock soup" phenomenon, where the scammer shows up to a village announced he will be making "rock soup". Everyone knows that is impossible, but curious, they follow his instructions: one person brings some onions, another, some carrots, etc.  Pretty soon there is a savory soup boiling in the pot that started with rocks and water.

Some of the Master manufacturers seem to be very close to having something they think could work. I hope they are successful. But given John's track record, and the kind of person he has shown himself to be, I would recommend that they not hang onto their loyalty to him, which is, from all outward appearances, undeserved, especially how he has treated them -- or will treat them, based on how he has treated others on his journey.

No Dyno Here

Based on my knowledge of what it takes to bring a product to market, and the many steps involved, one of the biggest red flags to me is John's absolute lack of either knowing about or even caring about these steps. It is the huge beacon that flashes red for me regarding him. If he really was sincere and wanted to take a product to market, then he would pay attention to the guidance he's been given over the years about what those steps entail. But he gives them no regard -- because he doesn't sincerely intend to bring product to market. It's all a big sham.

In his missive below, this is demonstrated by his statement: ""No we do not have engine testing Dynos That is for the engine manufacturers to do not us." (The same manufactures he depicts as incompetent boobs.)

Anyone who knows anything about manufacturing knows that you don't license something to manufacture until you have engineered it yourself and thoroughly tested it yourself. And in the world of engines, the primary tool for testing is a dynamometer. Not having one, or having ready access to one, is like a battery inventor not having a volt meter. So for John to make a statement like that, is evidence that he never has had a working engine, let alone done any engineering to characterize and refine such an engine. And what's funny is that he doesn't realize how transparent he is when he makes such statements.

The way he presents his technology is that all the engineering has been done, and that it is ready to go into production.  That is a big fat lie. And the above statement from him should be like a bucket of cold water in the face of anyone who is presently drinking the Inteligentry Kool-Aid.

CES Conference

The next Inteligentry showing is at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 8, 2013 in their hometown of Vegas. They have reserved booth 2902 at the LVCC, North Hall.

I guess John feels like he can do more of what he did at the Power-Gen show, pouring more of that Kool-Aid to bring in some fresh blood to keep the operation running, while exiling the previous loyal supporters turned suspicious.

I doubt his shareholders and licensees will be flying in from all over the world this time, though.

What I don't understand is why someone like this can run a con like this for so long without being shut down. I guess when our government is equally corrupt, they aren't too incensed by things like this.

Our editor, Sean McGuinness points out that it could actually be in the government's interest to have people look at a supposed free energy technology that doesn't work, as it casts doubt on other such technologies. For them, it's a win-win: people become disenchanted by continued promises and, over time, loose interest.

Hot Seat

The following is a direct quotation from the "Hot Seat" page at as of December 26, 2012; 9 pm [GMT-7], archived here for historic purposes, with no modifications. (Subsequently moved to the "Power Gen Show Report" page; as of at least December 29, 2012; 4 pm [GMT-7].)

POWER GEN -- SHOW NEWS and Pictures:

     This show was absolutely The best thing that ever happened to us. We are now a recognized NEW Energy Company with a great solution. Our web page took Thousands of hits and is still running strong. We connected to all kinds of great companies that wish to come and see a demo and sign a "development" contract. We have been called the BEST New Technology out there and a WORLD Changer. It was news like that that made our Masters and stockholders smile all show. In one and one half years we have done what no other new or evolving energy company has done and we have not spent millions and we owe nothing. Our stockholders now have it all. I talked to Physicists from several companies, some flown in just to talk with me, and all love the technology and agree with our Provisional filing and most state we have just seen the Tip of the iceberg as they can now form "study" groups with us to develop more. Many were enthralled with the Coil anomaly and how that worked. Several took enough information to go try it and at least two were Plasma scientists that told me they had been looking for some way to do what we are for years and congratulating us and doing it.

     So it was a GREAT show. WE ARE the WORLD CHANGERS!!!

     Next an apology.!!!
     We worked very hard to get this engine running, as promised, for this show. We did not have any support from our group, except Mexico. G&G was supposed to bring a "ready to assemble and run" engine with them Nov 28 and did not. Wasting 3 days of our time and contrary to comments made Taught us nothing!. Due to many things, some listed below and the failure to have any engines to sell, we chose not to, or were forced not to. Our "inspection" time came and went before we even had a chair and we could not get a new one until the last day. We did not feel it was worth the world seeing us "still" working on things, when the show was open. Maybe God was not ready. We also had companies that wished to talk to us about long term business and they did not care, and were even relieved, when we did not. For many reasons, it did not happen. I apologize to all that came expecting this. I suggest you read below why it happened and also why it was a "blessing". We are a REAL Business and not some scammer or research group. We are also the ONLY REAL NEW ENERGY Business to go public in the last year or more. So decisions need to be for Business not ego.
     FYI, see video later, the engine G&G showed at Power Gen WAS NOT READY FOR ANY RUN. It would not even take a spark plug and they had been told that in Vegas to FIX and we expected it fixed. (NOT) So, Contrary to what they told everyone, Their engine was a quickly patched together shell. No "super" engineering either. Our engineering is way out in front. But that story is for later, below.

     We have also decided to show engines only to companies that are signing contracts privatly. They all want the showing to be based on their engines not someone else's. So none are in a hurry to have us go "public". Also remember none of our Manufacturers have shippable stock, see story later. So IF we do show an engine you will see we are putting up a banner that renames this to a Mass Producible Lab Sample Engine NOT IN PRODUCTION. until one of the manufacturers feels the need to show their engine. That may be 6 months or more. Also, No we do not have engine testing Dynos That is for the engine manufacturers to do not us.

     The Odyssey...(at least a start)


     The truck was sent from here Dec 5 and should have been in Orlando, Fl to unload Monday Dec 10 at 6 AM. The truck, a 19 Ft Penske, had on it all our displays, Brochures, pens, pads and other promotional stuff plus two complete Gen sets, tools, spares, etc. It should have been there Saturday nite, or worst case Sunday.
     The gensets were both 23 KW generators powered by twin opposed Gemini "D" engines. Built here from Our own R&D machinist's made Crankshaft's and purchased Sample Plastic pistons and Coils. NOTE: NOT from our engine manufacturers, since they had none complete here. These were "Lab engines" that were built, per drawings, to make sure that the "Samples" created from the mechanical drawings would work and that new parts, again based on the drawings, would also work right. So We have proven our drawings are correct and do create a working engine. NO RE Engineering Required! per G&G show comments. The engine Generator was properly coupled but because we had waited for "promised" manufacturers engines got coupled late and that had us two days before the show building a Carrier for the pair, out of 4 x 4 Cedar, no time to weld. We knew it was temporary and did not want to destroy the POD. In actuality, we never even got a chance to build the Pod to try out, as it also was late. So we relied on that first complete day to "build" the display, fuel and mount the engine Genset and get things ready, during Monday's Booth Set Up. It is our first Show so we were a bit naive. In making the Mount the guys also overlooked the Starter engine mount. But we had a whole day so were not worried. V Belts are easy to find once everything was bolted down as are car batteries.

     After the truck got off, we finished the new electronics fully tested it and created a quick "PlasmERG" ECS demo board, using led lights and LEDs for components, to show the technology visually. We used a little "test and program" board to synthesize the Timing input, a process long ago proven. This time we used the 24 MHz internal clock that has always been reliable, on the bench. The expectation was that the program on it was safe. That unit got packed into a suitcase, thank god for Southwest. The engine electronics also went in there. It flew with us.

     We Got our flight Sunday, 5 hours long, and into our hotel at midnight. Then Up at 6 AM so we could get an early start on unloading the truck and setting things up or debugging or whatever. We had from 8 am til ~7 Pm. We got to our Booth about 8 expecting the truck there, at 6 AM, and being unloaded when we got there.

     But Nothing was there!!. So we asked around and were told it had not yet been to the "Marshalling" Yard to be weighed and assigned a bay. So back to the booth, borrowed a couple chairs and started waiting. We did not want to call the truck if he was in traffic. But about 20 minutes later we called. We got told they were still 3 or 4 hours outside Orlando. So we knew we had a long wait. We unpacked things we brought, but that was it as our Tool Box was on the truck.
     When it got to 1 PM we asked the show if our truck was thru the Marshalling yard yet and coming. Their answer was NO and that Marshalling for the SHOW closed at 2:30 and reopened Tuesday at 6AM so if they missed that we would have to wait a day.
     At 2 PM we get a call, they are lost. We finally got they to use the Nav in the phone and they were off again. We started praying.
     They got to Marshalling yard at 2:32 pm and it being a good union shop had closed. So we went to show management and got permission for him just to come to the loading docks and get unloaded, but without weighing we had to pay the minimum, about twice his weight.
     At 3:30 he finally docked and we started getting unloaded. They unloaded him to Pallets and then wrapped the pallet and brought it to the booth.
     By 4:30 we had Tables and chairs to make and set up. Then came the plastic Pod Panels and finally the engine.
     By this time it is nearly 6 and they want him off the dock, so he moved. No one had noticed that the Tool Carrier and Box, fuel cylinder and roller and our engine hoist had not come off nor did we have access to a lift truck. That meant the engine would have to be Lifted onto the Plastic table by hand. At 6:30 it was and finally we got the Blankets out from under it. Then we started looking for the starter motor.
     We had to send unused things back to the show for storage. We also realized we had no tools to mount the electronics and get it ready to fuel, opps, we did not have that either. What a mess. BUT, it was our first show so I laugh about it all now. Yes, Tearing down was also a circus.

     We left that night with nothing ready for the next day and only 2 hours, the next morning, to finish it. But we had tables, chairs and coffee. Keep in mind, with everything we wanted late, we had never even seen the Booth stuff together. It was funny to see grown men yanking Paper off BIG plastic plates and trying to be "cool".

     Tuesday morning we get in at 8:30 and we start asking if we have time to Hook anything up and still get the plastic off the floor. At this time, we decided that the motor would have to be static and we put up the rest of the pod. Then I got the Demo box out and hooked it up and found the processor had jumped from the 24 MHz timing to 3, I thought. In actuality a wire had popped off in transit on the plane. So it Ran but very slow. I thought I would fix it the next day. Never happened ,as we never got a spare moment to do anything but talk to people. We had the busiest booth there. Remember this is pretty much a Business to business show with also a lot of Heavy Hitters etc. Like CES.
     Yup, next time we use a real truck line.

     Also keep in mind that our "examination" with the county "Fire Marshal" was to have happened at 2 PM, about 2 hours before we had anything off the truck. So until that was rescheduled running was not an option. As it turned out the Eucanuba Dog show was just setting up and the "fire Marshal" was busy over there. So, we could not get another appointment. End of Hope to run.
     Many of the Manufacturers that were there, did not understand why we just did not do it anyway. The fact is had we we would all have been in jail. But there was no telling anyone that. So, I just said it was not going to happen. That did not make some happy, but the people that count understood. Keep in mind these "complainers" were the ones that were given FREE licenses and then did nothing to help us, or them.
     After the last Manufacturers meeting they were supposed to "Fix their errors" so a complete engine could be built and electronics put on they chose NOT to. They knew about Power Gen. They did nothing!!!
     So you can bet we are reviewing this policy. My wife and Tana told me they would not assign any value to a free license and I told Connie and Tana that they would help us and make these licenses worth millions. Well we will be going to local machine shops Monday to get parts made. None of them understand that for every engine we use in training it will sell many of theirs. Instead they have quoted prices for parts at "retail" to us. In some cases 3 times the cost of local shops. Also remember that each of them got $2000 dollars from us, in Castings and bottom end, for free to help get them to make engines.
     We have only a couple, that our R&D machinist made, that are usable for training and are now tired of waiting for them. We need to get training done and without parts that can not happen. So we are curing the "Chicken and Egg" problem ourselves.
     You will note that "Major" Engine manufacturers is now an option on the PTP licensing site. These were supposed to be an "elite" group but that has now been changed. Time to get real and get things sorted. Sometimes
     I guess you have to realize that free licenses is like "Trickle Down" it just does not work. Proven to us and hopefully a nation, now.

     We had sent to the Show two Complete 23 KW Generating systems, Gemini D Engine coupled to a 23 KW Advanced Generator, from our stock, via a Coupler. One of these would be in the "POD" on display in the booth. The other would be in the Truck. We also sent Fuel to Fuel both engines on site Monday, during setup. The idea was to use the "Truck" system for Off Site and "After Hours" "Private" showings. Unfortunately we ran out of time before we could accomplish this task.
     Our original plan was to run the other Genset in the POD, in support of our Manufacturers, that were supposed to have some engines in stock, each, hardware only, ready to ship after the show. Which none had. Thus all of us would be "READY" for the avalanche.. Unfortunately only one manufacturer has any stock, and that is 3 engines. That was supposedly G&G and they did not either. They barely made it to the show with one and it was NOT even close to usable, pretty tho.. Hardly enough to even use for "sample" or "training" engines to train Licensees so anyone could even buy an engine.
     The RULE is "no manufacturer can sell an engine to an "unlicensed" party" (company or individual). Needless to say, this lack of engines, in our case parts, has stopped us from "training" these last few months, so only a few have even gotten their licenses.
     So we, as a company and group, with our manufacturers, are NOT ready for the onslaught of "consumer" orders, OR even orders from smaller Power Genset companies for engines to design around and test etc. That means the Big guys get a break. They can show next year and be right there in front not behind.

     BUT there is NO STOCK so why make a flood of orders before you can ship one? That would kill the business and everyone associated as failure would be the term used on it.

     However, Before we place all the blame on the Manufacturers remember that from "Process Discovery" till this show is only 4 years, much of that awaiting the USPTO. We had/have set a very "Aggressive" schedule, for all involved, trying to get this into use "As Soon As Possible".
     Few companies develop new mass producible engines, or anything else, in less than 2 years. Yet we, as a group, have done this in a little over one year, since we started this project when we moved to Vegas and traded "Lab experiments" for Production capable engines.
     So, we have pushed the manufacturers hard. Also, we have had suppliers miss deliveries. The "Pod" was delivered 2 weeks late a couple days ago, Coils just got here after a 6 week slip, The Plastic pistons were many weeks late and the wrist pin hole was a bit small. We are carrying the new pages of our show brochures as "checked" luggage, as they just showed up Friday after the truck was long gone, not as promised. The old saying is "If it can go wrong it will" and anyone that has ever developed a product knows that. How long did we have to wait for a "IPHONE 5" after it was "leaked", but did not work properly? We would prefer not to be in that or likewise scenarios.
     The UP SIDE, and to every dark cloud there is one, is that we have capable manufacturers ready to make cylinder coils and we have got the Plastic Injection Mold tool, for the Pistons, underway and the production quantities of both will be sooner not later. Like everything you do when "going to production" it is rolling along and is just "LATE", or later than you would like. The US manufacturers will have product soon and that is by itself a miracle. Just think how many of something must be stocked to make it thru the first week. That is our current Problem, supply.

     We also have "Interested Parties" that want to discuss their using thousands of their own engines that "would prefer" that we did not "show" anything until they, and others, can get their own engines ready, probably next year.
     So, we are in a quandary as to what we wish to do. If we would loose millions in revenue from REAL customers just to show what we don't even make, that is wrong. But our Wish is to demonstrate the Engine, publicly. Even tho we have no Published patents on this yet and we do not manufacture or sell it. We do have many patents pending on The engine, it's fabrication and operation but they are Pending, several years away.

     This show is important to introduce this industry to our patent pending     Plasmic Transition Process(tm) technology to the whole world. And to introduce our Country Masters and allow them to talk with "interested" parties and allow our Engine manufacturers and product manufacturers to interface with REAL people and Customers. This should be a "refreshing" change from what we have been put thru for the last 4 years.

     We do have a published patent on certain things and we could prove and show those either running or simulated. We do sell Licenses to manufacture what we do have patents pending on and we do NOT want to jeopardize the whole business just to satisfy our "EGOs" or to satisfy any one voice, singular or as a TROLLS and "Wannabe's". The people that have never developed a real product, gotten a patent and run a business, or hves run several businesses into the ground or spent 33 years doing nothing.
     We have to be careful to "protect" our BUSINESS since we are that and not a "tinker Toy" shop or SCAM Company, CEI etc., have been for 33 years milking this for their own pockets and trying to keep it from ever going public.
     What we do will be in the best interests of our Business future and nothing else. There is NO hurry as most large companies will require one or 2 years to get these into their mainstream products.

     Besides that this engine is the "tip of the iceberg" according to the REAL scientists and engineers that I talk to about what will happen in the future. No sense in rushing and putting it at risk. If we do this wrong then the only ones left will be the "Journalists" that believe making steam with "cold fusion" or such foolishness, and the people that feed off it, scammers, and do nothing. A True loss for us all.

     Also consider that later this year we have several aircraft that will be going to the EA Show and several Yacht re builders getting their mounts ready for later this year. So the whole year or next two will be sprinkled with new product from REAL companies making REAL product. The list is huge, farm Combines, Drillers, water pumps, Mag Lev rail, on and on. No real hurry really.

     SO The show has brought us out in front of all the power generation and production companies. No More Hiding. We are partnering with them and that is the future. We can not show an engine that can be perceived as ready until there is stock to supply We can and now will show "sample production engines" with a disclaimer until a manufacturer has some reason to show their engine. Which may be some time. There is no need for many to go public because the Public will find them. We just need to relax and grow our world and let the system take care of the rest.
REAL product. The list is huge, farm Combines, Drillers, water pumps, Mag Lev rail, on and on. No real hurry really.


# # #

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