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You are here: > News > December 26, 2012

ZPI Progressing in Roll-out of Various Free Energy Technologies

A summary of significant developments at Zero Point Institute (ZPI) include: Release of the first Magnacoaster magnetic resonance motor to pre-buyers. Rasa is to receive his shortly. ZPI will be releasing plans for building and use of a joule ringer, as well as an electric smog collector.

by James Schmidt
for Pure Energy Systems News

Rasa Viharii and his partners at Zero Point Institute (ZPI) are making headway on many fronts with seven different free energy technologies. The seven major technology areas that Zero Point Institute is working on are:

  1. Solar 
  2. Wind
  3. Thermo Electric Generators
  4. Hydrogen 
  5. Magnetic Resonance
  6. Earth Batteries
  7. Electric Smog Collectors

Rasa and his partners are currently sorting out which free energy devices in each of these areas will be open sourced (made available to the public) or licensed out. Although ZPI is focusing on free energy devices, they are also looking to enhance or make existing alternative energy systems more efficient.

There a many ways to enhance or make more efficient existing solar collector systems and wind generation technologies. ZPI is already manufacturing solar-powered LEDs, such as those you would put in your yard or garden. ZPI plans to put out plans for making your own efficient windmills by controlling electrical back EMF. They are also developing an energy-efficient solar cooker for third-world countries. ZPI is taking advantage of the fact that there is a big solar technology trend right now in India.

ZPI is currently doing research on thermoelectric generators (TEGs). These are devices that will generate electricity in the presence of heat (e.g. solar energy). These devices use the principle of dissimilar metals but with the addition of PN semiconductor junctions. It is possible to generate up to 50 watts from one square inch. That is conservatively 200 times more energy generation per square inch than solar cells alone, when taking into account their low efficiencies. The TEGs can operate in temperatures up to 150 degrees Centigrade. [Sterling's note: This doesn't seem like a very high threshold for something that is going to be baking in the sun.] They are used like a diode in the presence of high-frequency electrical input. 

Thermal batteries are another area where ZPI is doing research to get additional energy efficiencies. ZPI is doing research on batteries that use crystals similar to John Hutchinson’s work. The crystal that they are working with has a distinct geometry that makes it amenable to collecting free energy. The material which can be screened from plain dirt (in the right locations) is Tetrahedrite. Its generic chemical description is Cuprous Ferrite Antimony Sulfite. At least those are the elements making up the molecule. The important thing is the geometric structure. Magnesium Antimony is another compound that has come to light for use in thermal batteries.

On the more exotic end of the free energy spectrum, Rasa Viharii and ZPI have been consulting Magnacoaster on the development of the Vorktex energy generator for home use for some time. Rasa claims that Magnacoaster has delivered its first device to some pre-buyers on a long list. Rasa is scheduled to get his personal Vorktex shortly. Rasa says they have been doing a lot of beta testing on the device to make sure they have a reliable device. On their website ( , Magnacoaster has not announced their official first delivery, but promises delivery of orders within 60 to 90 days. The Vorktex pumps magnetic coils to get back-EMF DC pulses that can charge batteries. An inverter then converts the battery energy to 60-cycle, alternating current for domestic use. 

Earth Batteries are another research area for ZPI. They are working on the principle that the earth and the atmosphere (ionosphere) work together like a capacitor. They use a coil under the ground in conjunction with one on top of the ground and set up resonant circuits. The more copper, the better. It is possible to use these earth battery setups in conjunction with solar collector systems or windmills to make them more efficient. They are also looking at using Hallback electric motor generators in conjunction with the earth batteries. 

ZPI is also experimenting with a variety of “Joule Ringer” devices, also known as a joule thief circuit. They use a magnetic resonance principle to amplify energy in a circuit. These circuits could be used in conjunction with earth batteries, windmills, and solar collector systems. ZPI wants to open source these plans in the near future for everyone to use. ZPI also plans to crowd-fund some of their devices.

An electric smog collector is another potential open source device that ZPI is working on. This device will be able to collect energy from the atmosphere where there is a high density electric energy field coming from power grids, cell phone towers, etc., particularly in the city. This device simply uses coils with resonant circuits to tap into the 60Hz-rich frequency environment that many of us now live in. 

PESN will keep you updated on these exciting upcoming developments.

# # #

Follow-up Correspondence:

Posted December 30, 2012; ~7:30 am [GMT-7]

I wrote:

From: Sterling Allan
Cc: Rasa
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2012 4:28 PM
Subject: question for Rasa

In the comments at [above] 
Mark E. said:
Mark Euthanasius 12/27/2012 06:05 PM

On June 7, PESN reported:

"Magnacoaster filling back-orders

To make a long story short, the machine and team in the video is Magnacoaster
from about a year ago, the voice is Richard Willis, and they are now
shipping product to their back-order customers. Rasa said he got one,
and when I phoned Magnacoaster on Friday, they confirmed that they are

Six months later can Rasa show that he has a working Magnacoaster?  Whether he can or cannot should pretty much define Rasa's credibility.

[Sterling comments: Note the appendix on that page. I had misreported. Rasa did not yet have a unit. The error was mine, not his; and I corrected it on the story as soon as I discovered the mistake.]

He then came back with this:

Sterling here is a partial transcription from your interview with Rasa where he said he had his Magnacoaster.  File: pesn-316060-06-09-2012_pshow_477529.mp3 interview beginning at 15:47:

Rasa: "Uh they (Magnacoaster) are definitely tied in"

SA: "OK"

Rasa: "It's it's just it's just another way to skin the cat"

SA: "And there is a lot of I guess skepticism or frustration in regards to magnacoaster because "

Rasa: "I can imagine"

SA: "People are buying "

Rasa: "Now they are finally, now they are finally finally sending out product"

SA: "Since when?"

Rasa: "Since uh like, well since I think this month. I think this month is when they are first sending out the first batches.
They, they sent out other batches before but they were more kind of quiet about it.  And so now they they are filling up the back orders and so it's finally(muddled)
And you know I have mine.  I have my Magnacoaster already.  So, the um the but this is just one just one version and the..."

Rasa responded: (slightly edited)

From: Brother Rasaviharii 
To: sterlingda... 
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2012 11:05 AM
Subject: RE: question for Rasa

Dear Sterling...
Magnacoaster officially sent out it's first of the back orders two weeks ago.
In January they will be opening their new production unit (hopefully).
It is expected that they should be able to produce several dozen generator per week.
Of course, delays might come up in the process (as can be seen from their track record).
Either way, I am working on bringing mine down from Canada as we speak.

- - - -

From: Brother Rasaviharii 
To: sterlingda... 
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2012 11:16 AM
Subject: RE: question for Rasa

P.S. the first generator which went out was received, installed, and appears to be working fine.

But this is not a beta-test per say.
There have been various people beta-testing Magnacoaster devices at their own homes now for several years

I wrote:

From: Sterling Allan 
To: Brother Rasaviharii 
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2012 2:12 PM
Subject: Re: question for Rasa

Hi Rasa,

Can I append these to the story I posted recently?

How long before we'll be able to see photos, video, and test data?


Rasa responded:

From: Brother Rasaviharii 
To: sterlingda... 
Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 6:13 AM
Subject: RE: question for Rasa

Hi Sterling
yes... append as you wish
I am sure that by February (if not late January), then we should have more videos and public demonstrations.

* * * *


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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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