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You are here: > News > December 22, 2012

Keshe demo; Product release delayed to prevent confiscation; Replication

Three developments: 1) The first public demonstration (ho hum) of the reactor; 2) announcement of a delay of release of the 5 kW product due to a change in design to avoid any confiscation of the device; 3) a replication of the coke bottle proof of concept plasma reactor producing up to 60 milivolts.

In a video posted December 21, 2012, Joshua Thomas reports 60 V from his coke bottle plasma reactor replication. 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Today, I present you with three significant developments in the world of the Keshe Foundation: 1) The first public demonstration of the reactor (don't get too excited); 2) an announcement of a delay of release of the 5 kW product due to a change in design to avoid any confiscation of the device; 3) a brilliantly simple replication of the coke bottle proof of concept plasma reactor producing up to 60 mili volts.

Each of these developments deserve a dedicated story, but since I'm a tad busy right now (in Portland, OR, USA with Joel Garbon and Todd Ridolph for our annual New Energy Movement board of directors meeting, with special guests Jeroen Van Straaten and Stefani Paulus of the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference) -- I can hardly think of a better place to have been on 12.12.21 for the end of the old thinking.

So, here there are, one at a time:

1) Demo

When Mr. Keshe was talking to Kerry Cassidy in his interview with her on December 7, he said he was through with me because I had not treated him well. I guess he finally read my article about his "Crazy Politics", but didn't realize I had re-thought my position thanks to some excellent input received over that article, and I restored the Keshe Foundation to the Top 5 runners up. 

So I was glad to finally hear from him again with this email, even though the "demonstration" doesn't begin to rise to the level of expectation of claims being made by him about having a plasma technology that can provide: food, water, propulsion, anti-gravity, energy, health for space missions. But it is progress, and we should honor it as such.

(Slightly edited)

From: Mehran Tavakoli Keshe 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2012 5:38 AM

We have started to show our technology in public and I think you will be interested in the link posted on the net by people whom have been in the presentation of the last weekend in Italy. 

Or you can see this on YouTube; please especially see in the link below at 7 minutes in and then at 10 minutes in of the video. 

Here's the announcement text on their website (link above)

(Slightly edited)

For the first time in public, we have shown the space reactor and weight reduction system in Italy on the 15.12.2012, last weekend.

Now, we have opened our book and shown these systems in public.

Look at:

Seven minutes into the presentation, we show for the first time a reactor.

Then, 10 minutes into the presentation, we show a full system and weight reduction while the system is running in the lab.

Now, the public will start loading the presentations and no nation will be able to obstruct the work of the Foundation.

Soon we will show the full flight.

This is a new world of unrestricted teaching.

Let's see if you can show [that] your systems [are] the same.

On 16.12.2012, an Italian showed his drawing of the reactor as he understood it from the patents in the public presentation, too.

Here's the video:

2) 5 kW Generator Release Delayed

When I was in Belgium on September 21, Mr. Keshe announced that in December he would be delivering the 5 kW generators to those who had pre-ordered the product. (I talked to a couple of people at the conference who had made such pre-orders, who were glad to hear this announcement.)

This morning, Dick Korf of sent me the following announcement that Mr. Keshe made on December 18. Dick was happy to have posted this on auspicious December 21.

(Slightly edited)

Following the receipt of a registered letter from the Belgian nuclear authorities in the last weeks, it has become apparent that the systems which are to be supplied may be subject to confiscation by any authority who might assume that the technology is using certain materials for the production of energy in the reactors of the generators.

In order to guarantee that once the purchaser has received their system [and that] it cannot be taken away from them through some technicality, the Foundation has brought forward a new type of reactor technology which no nation or government can stop or can block the use thereof.

For this reason we have redesigned and corrected a number of systems in the reactor in order to comply with all international laws with respect to the use and safety of the systems.

Because of these adjustments, we have to delay the delivery of the systems by 45-60 days from 31.12.2012.

The systems in this cycle will be corrected and be delivered from elsewhere in Western Europe (not from Belgium) so that collection and delivery will be easy. 

We apologise for the delay, but we did not want you to think that any of you who have paid the Foundation for a system might lose your investment by confiscation, and that is not what we planned.

Therefore we request from our applicants to bear with us and we try to update you by 30.1.2013 and then every week up to the time of delivery before the end of February 2013.

Applicants can ask for a refund of their deposit if they wish, or you can allow us to correct the necessary points in design and you will receive your system within 60 days from 31.12.2012. 

Yours faithfully,

M T Keshe 
On behalf of the Keshe Foundation

If I had made a pre-purchase, I wouldn't have a problem with that explanation, though, I'm sure there will be some skeptics who will have a heyday with that one, who will say Keshe will just keep on making excuses. 

I'm very generous in my allowance of breakthrough technologies to go through what steps they need to in order to break out of their shell.

3) Replication of the Coke Bottle Reactor

Finally, here is an entertaining, do-it-yourself, instructional video someone from the Foundation sent me a link to, which was posted by Joshua Thomas to YouTube on December 21, 2012. It has a lot of fun and perhaps revealing elements: empty Coke Bottle making 60 mili volts, "plasma" reaction taking place in what appears to be an empty bottle, but which he says contains the principles of a galaxy in operation (probably said with tongue in cheek?); some beer breaks surrounding [implied] the "end of the world"; a film snippet at the end. Of course, without a measure of current (amps), the voltage doesn't mean much, and 60 mV is tiny to begin with.

Be sure to see the description to the video, where he gives a lot of supporting explanations and links.

Tell us in the comments below, what you think about all this stuff.

Keshe is one of the most enigmatic and interesting shows in the exotic free energy world.

Other, Non-Keshe News

I found out today that Holland is the first country, as of last week, to implement Codex Alimentarius, which now makes any selling and informing about any alternative healing methods illegal, with a penalty of 30,000 Euros for an infraction. It's crazy that any government would approve of this. A sign of the dark times we're in, even as the world is awakening. Brought to you by the United Nations. Bravo, right? NOT!

Breakthrough Photo

In other news, here is a photo of the speakers and staff at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Holland. Click to enlarge.

# # #


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Last updated December 24, 2014 




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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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