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You are here: > News > December 17, 2012

MSV Explorer amphibious vehicle powered by free energy technology poised to be first to general market

British inventor and CEO, Chris Garner, has come up with the MSV Explorer, an amphibious vehicle that not only treks on land and through water, but is powered by an exotic free energy method he calls "self-sustaining" that will enable the vehicle to travel indefinitely without stopping for fuel. Coming next month.

(This story is a copy of the content prepared for release today at PESWiki. The content and presentation on that page will be updated over time, as it is a directory page, not a news page, like PESN is designed to host.)

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
(With a lot of exclusive material)

British inventor and CEO, Chris Garner, has come up with the MSV Explorer, an amphibious vehicle that not only treks on land and through water, but is powered by an exotic free energy method he calls a "super high-performance, electro mechanical gyro generator system."

The revolutionary system will not only propel their MSV Explorer craft, but is poised to revolutionize energy in general, as this will apply not just to propulsion and travel (namely, go as far as you want without ever stopping for fuel) but to energy generators (ditto). Anything that can move a vehicle can also provide prime mover power for a genset, making electricity, either for a home, business, vehicle, or utility.

The company, MSVEX, is presently running in-house tests, which they expect to be completed in about a week. After that, they will be doing third-party testing to validate the technology, probably at the University of Plymouth (UK), or another university, depending on available facilities.

Due to the sexy appearance of the craft, the story has been picked up all over the mainstream press, who can't help but call the energy source "perpetual motion", rather than just saying that the technology harnesses a new force of nature not yet fully understood. The Daily Mail, for example, says: "Mr. Garner claims to have found a solution to the age-old puzzle of perpetual motion and is now poised to go public with his scientific breakthrough." (Link)

Garner prefers to describe it as "self-sustaining energy".

Third-Party Test Results of Self-Sustaining Power" Coming Soon

I phoned the him on December 14 and asked if he could do an interview, then sent him an extensive list of proposed questions. He responded as follows:

On December 15, 2012 5:30 AM [GMT-7], Chris Garner, the CEO of MSVEX wrote (slightly edited):

Hi Sterling

Thanks for your interest, which is much appreciated.

Having carefully considered your eminently reasonable and logical question layout, I feel it would be in all best interests to defer interview pending our in house tests next week, as I will be at liberty to disclose far more at that point.

Accordingly, our official position at this time is reflected below.


MSVEX have designed a super high-performance, electro mechanical gyro generator system (GGS) that, according to all data, can produce more energy than is required to power it. Accordingly, we are on the edge of a breakthrough in achieving a self-sustaining energy [source].

If we are to use an electric car as an example, the GGS can input more energy than the electric drive motors need to propel the vehicle, thus overstepping the need to frequently stop to recharge, which is the major drawback with modern electric cars or other vehicles, as we all know.

Due to obvious reasons, I am not at liberty to explain in detail just how the machine works. However, the Innovation will undergo full, rigorous, in-house tests during the next two weeks. Not to test if it works, but to evaluate the degree of its efficiency and potential to accommodate fine adjustments that may be required to achieve optimum target.

Following our own tests, we intend having our data independently verified by either Plymouth University or another [university], after which, it will be released to a selected few under the strict terms of our Non Disclosure - Non Competition Agreement, notwithstanding existing patent priority date.

Whilst I'm sure you fully understand our position at this extremely commercially sensitive point in time, I hope you are not too disappointed by the short delay.

Kindest Regards

Chris Garner (CEO)


On December 15, he told me that when their in-house testing is complete and their data is prepared, most likely next Thursday (December 20), that he would let us publish a report on that, with non-revealing photos, before the next step, which is to then have an independent party (university) corroborate that data.

About the MSV Explorer

On their website is found the following description of how Chris came on the technology:

"Due to a close encounter with a large Shark, whilst swimming half a mile off shore, concept designer, Chris Garner has developed a range of unique craft that provide the public with the opportunity of experiencing first hand the diversity of the Marine Environment in comfort and total safety."

Here is their description of the craft:

Whilst the MSVex looks like a mini-sub, it is in fact an electrically powered, dual joystick controlled, dry cockpit surface water craft, meticulously designed and engineered to place two observers within an acrylic cockpit below the surface of the ocean at a constant 1.2 metres, with a topside principal pilot seat.

Altogether, the MSVex provides a completely breathtaking 360 degree panorama of the sub-surface marine environment for the two observers sitting side by side in the lower cockpit and a full 360 degree topside visibility for the principal pilot sitting above, without the need for scuba gear or any specialist training.

To control the MSVex is simplicity itself, with dual joysticks and topside joystick override. Simply push the joystick in any direction and go. The MSVex is so manoeuvrable it is capable of turning on its own axis and is powerful enough to keep pace with large marine creatures such as the awesome Whale Shark.

Although the standard MSVex has been designed to meet the needs of Sea Safari Tourism, with a tactile, simple and intuitive control system for all to use during the day or night, other models are also available to support many more Commercial Marine Activities, such as Film making, TV documentaries, Surveying, Security, Treasure hunting and Marine Conservation.

While developing the Gyro Gen System, MSVEX had many design issues to deal with. One of the issues they had to overcome in this system was friction overheat. To mitigate this, MSVEX has devised a method to either water- or air-cool the drive motors and Gyro Gen System, enabling efficient temperature control at all times.

The system has enough torque to move a 4-wheel drive weighing 1 ton up to 100 mph and recharge while doing it. Also, according to current data, the Gyro Gen System can be mapped to deliver a hefty 1600 amps back into the system, with only a 400 amp draw (4x overunity).

MSVEX intends to install their new Gyro Gen System into their latest model of the MSV Explorer model, now nearing build completion.

Due to its multi-role capabilities, the new model breaks more new ground, as it is a compact, six-wheel skid-steer amphibian that will not only drive into the water and float under power at about 6 knots, the same as other previous MSVEX models, but it is also capable of submerging beneath the surface. If this is not enough, the craft is also capable of safely navigating inclines up to 45 degrees, with a 20 mph turn of speed on the flat.

An upgrade from this is to include all-terrain capability. So you could unload it from a trailer at the beach, maneuver over dunes and rocks, and go into the water to explore, while never having to worry about refueling.

Here's a video showing it pulling out of their facility.

It's always nice when something so appealing also happens to be pioneering a revolutionary, exotic free energy technology in its propulsion. This could be the story that brings free energy into vogue. It's already making great inroads in that direction.

Coming Next Month

When will this be available?

January, 2013.

"MSVEX already has a strong order book." When the first units are delivered to the customers, this technology will gain the distinction of being the first exotic free energy technology to make it to market for the civilian population.

It will only be a matter of time before the Gyro Gen System is incorporated into other, broader energy applications. It is also highly likely that "The motor industry will be very interested in what we have achieved."

Chris is not only prepared but able to roll this out worldwide in many embodiments in the coming months.

About the Inventor and CEO

Chris Garner with the MSV Explorer

On December 15, 2012, I had a 40-minute, informal chat with Chris. It wasn't an "interview". That will come next week. But I did take notes, and he said a lot of really cool stuff that I hope to be able to at least give you a glimpse of.

He was responding to an email that I sent him, asking him if his Gyro Generator technology might be in the same ballpark as what we have listed on our Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over page at PESWiki.

This guy is no untried inventor. He has been successful in his lifetime as an inventor and businessman, and due to the eclectic and compartmentalized company structure, MSVEX and produce in parallel around the globe, without stability issues.

He's looking to deliver the first MSV Explorer amphibious crafts to customers in January, 2013, complete with a self-sustaining power system. And this isn't even his main focus. It is just one of many projects or tasks he's tackling.


At Seawork 2011 GRP Laminates displayed MSV Explorer incorporating a sub-sea pod. (Link)

The MSV Explorer SP-02 Launch and Recovery vessel (catamaran lift system), along with the MSV Explorer Mk1 was the Innovation Showcase Award winner of the 2011 diving and underwater technology category at the Seawork International Boat Show in Southampton, England.

On December 17, 2012, he wrote:

"Working through the design curve for the hydraulic lift system for the vessel was one of the most challenging inventions for him; and, to be candid, much more difficult of a design problem than the Gyro-Gen System, due to the chaos of collision between hydro dynamics, trim, altered trim deflection, weight, size & space limitations, strength, safety, functionality, manufacturability and aesthetics, just to name a few areas of complexity."

He also wrote:

"I have been working on the MSV Project since 1995, from blank page invention to now; and whilst I gave consent to our licensed constructors for the MSV Explorer SP-02 Catamaran and Explorer Mk1 Rig to appear at the Seaworks International Boat Show in June 2011, at which the award was won, then subsequently presented the MSV Explorer Mk2 at QinetiQ in April this year, as reported on our News page, I have been working on the present MSV Amphibian for [only] the last six months.
"The whole Project has involved some 40 thousand hours of my time plus huge spend as you can well imagine."

When I remarked that whether or not he likes it, in bringing forth this self-sustaining Gyro-Gen energy technology, and that he is likely to become the spokesman for exotic free energy technology, it didn't seem to faze him.

Chris' general philosophy is that there is no such thing as an "impossible task," just solutions that haven't been discovered yet.

Next: Floating Islands

One of the ventures Chris is involved with involves the development of man-made, floating islands that can be built rapidly, steered and maintained to a position, and used for science centers, "flotels" for tourists, oil cleaning operations, and even your own private island.

He didn't say this, but what this brings to mind is the possibility of building new societies at sea, outside the jurisdiction of the present corrupt nations of the earth. They could be self-sustaining, like the energy source that powers them, growing their own food, cleaning and filtering their water, and of course providing heating and cooling, while powering their gadgets and communications with the rest of the world.

[December 18, 10 am [GMT-7] update] Chris sent me these concept photos to post if I'd like. He said: "We are going for complete self-sustainability regarding the Island Project...Available mid 2013."

I sent him some questions about how that would hold up to rough seas; and how occupants would come/go during rough seas.

He replied: "The Modular Island System is for inshore, lagoon or lake use, with the benefit of being able to run to leeward side or split and or safe harbor in event of advanced hurricane warning."

A Couple of Answers

While Chris is not presently inclined to respond to the long list of questions I posed to him in my first email, until next week when we do our interview, he did provide the following on December 15, 2012:

Have you already achieved self-looped functionality in which you have been able to propel your craft continuously?..

Our latest craft that is presently in the advanced stages of completion will take the place of all others. It will be ready by the end of December, 2012, with full tests during early January, 2013. This craft is capable of driving off a trailer towed behind a SUV or RV down a slipway or directly onto a beach, will be geared to drive at 20 mph along a beach or over rough terrain straight into lake, lagoon or ocean, and float drive by virtue of thrusters and shallow dive to a limited 4 metres below the surface.

The GGS system will be installed to provide looped energy for this craft, which by virtue of itself covers all terrain, including over and under water....I can confirm that a basic GGS has been constructed and data proves [the] theory....By Thursday next week, we will have completed and fully tested the complete MSVEX GGS, which in all probability will need taming down, as I always tend to over-engineer my work to avoid questions or elements of doubt.

Naturally, I am aware of the broader usage of our system and as previously stated, we will invest our attention in only a few selected Corporations, by merit, to take things further.

Is there any similarity between your technology and Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over ?

A.... Not wishing to be boring, but the rule of a true inventor is surprisingly to be an absolute Luddite, by being religiously closed-minded from outset to conclusion to all external influences, which strictly precludes researching the web for similar stuff before your own design curve is complete.

The reason for this is to avoid the possibility of subliminally picking up another's idea, good and bad, and run with them unwittingly as originally yours.

By this method, an Inventor has to run the risk of Essential Needs Problem = Potential Parallel Conclusions.

To this end, and in an effort to avoid plagiarizing others work or being infected by false flares, I confirm not having had previous knowledge or sight of any of the designs and or concepts you have presented to me today.

Notwithstanding the above, now I have completed my invention design curve. I am pleased to confirm that the MSVEX GGS falls within the parallel concept category to the examples you have provided, however, I feel that our results will show the GGS system takes the whole issue to another level entirely, without the intention of B-rating others efforts and hard work....hence our claim to [a] self-sustainable energy breakthrough.

In-House Test Report

We were hoping for data, some details and maybe a photo; but the distractions of the holidays and the lack of the arrival of some components needed to do a more complete test, led to the following report.

From: Chris Garner 
To: sterlingda... 
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2012 3:25 PM [GMT-7]
Subject: MSVEX GGS

Hi Sterling

To close out this year, I am delighted to confirm that all recent test results were in line with my calculations and expectations. 

Accordingly, I am totally confident in being able to achieve >100% in loop energy feed back after we have effected certain marginal revisions to the GGS.

When tweaked, the GGS will be installed into our new MSVEX Amphibian which I anticipate will be finished ready for trials, scrutiny and data validation by mid January 2013. 

Kindest Regards
Chris Garner


From: Chris Garner 
To: sterlingda... 
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 10:36 AM [GMT-7]
Subject: Fwd: MSVEX GGS

Hi Sterling

Addendum to last mail

I ran some more tests on the GGS today with a couple of ratio adjustments giving me 120% for 1hr. 

This would have been longer but intercooler housing needs larger input to ensure even temp regulation. 

No big deal as all is needed to deal with this is a marginally smaller gauge inlet and marginally larger outlet to the intercooler housing to balance the system.


# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated December 24, 2014 15:02:02 -0500 





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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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