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PES Seeking Loan and Donations

Hopefully, this will be the last time we pass the hat because of all the incredible things happening in the free energy sector. Oh so close, but not quite there yet. Meanwhile, we really appreciate your contributions. Also looking for a loan. We know this is a challenging time for most everyone.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Nearly two years ago, we posted a solicitation similar to this one.

Groan, here we are again, passing the hat to keep our operation going.

And yes, I thought by now we would never again need to pass the hat because of all the incredible things happening in the free energy sector. 

Oh so close, but not quite there yet. 

Here is what I wrote recently to someone involved in one of the projects we're assisting. (He's not in a position to help.)

PES is in a tight spot right now, as we wait for some of the cool technologies to come online that we will be benefiting from due to our role of assisting them.

A lot of the previous revenue streams for us are thinning because of the bad economy. 

Also, I've gone on a couple of trips to Europe that were supposed to be backed, but the backing hasn't come through yet, leaving me holding the bag.

I have quarterly taxes coming up at the end of the month, along with daily survival costs, as well.

So far, the hunt for a sponsor to cover the monthly shortfall, so we don't have to ask for donations from our audience, has been a bit challenging, but we've been able to plug ahead notwithstanding. 

If you could find a way to help out, that would be much appreciated. I realize the total amount I need is quite a bit, but any portion you could cover would be greatly appreciated.

We could either do it as a "donation" (not tax-free), or as a "loan" that I would hope to be able to repay later. The latter is what I would prefer. I fully expect that our financial situation will improve as this Exotic Free Energy wave we're riding begins to crest -- not just for us, but for the planet.

The present tally of need is roughly as follows:
> $1500 balance on Sept trip to Europe
> $1800 Oct trip to England to see [former] #1 tech [force multiplier] (to reimburse my Dad)
> $4900 4th quarter taxes, due at the end of this month
> $3100 still owing on 3rd quarter taxes, due at end of this month
> $1000 personal funds needed to make it to end of month
Total: $12,300


I wish I didn't need to ask, but obviously there is a need here.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide.

I would prefer to get the total amount or more in the form of a loan that we can then pay pack later.

But until that materializes, we need to somehow make it, so any donations that any of you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

In the future, I anticipate that the tables will be turned, and we (those of us in the exotic free energy world) will be providing so many opportunities for so many people, that not only will our financial situation be comfortable, but so will that of the rest of the planet, in not too long a period of time (assume a necessary, coinciding spiritual awakening to accompany this).

In addition to the above, for those who might be inclined to help with a loan, I'd love to get out from under our $50k debt so we don't have such a high debt service fee each month. That alone would help profoundly. I'd much rather owe one of my friends and have some interest going there when we can afford it, than to the corrupt banks, which are part of the designed enslavement of the world. Surely, there's someone out there who believes as I do, that exotic free energy technologies are our destiny, and that we can ride that wave of success when it finally arrives, hopefully soon.

As long as you see the flashing "critical" image next to our passing the hat news bullets at (, it means that we are too close for comfort. We're below the break-even threshold.

To Donate

You can make a donation through our Fund Drive page at  If you can, we would appreciate it if you could sign up for a monthly pledge.  And, of course, we encourage you to support our sponsors, which helps them and us and you.  Note: PES is not a tax-free entity.

# # #

Progress (thanks to all you who are helping)

This campaign commenced on December 15, 2012, when I posted a bullet in our news, prior to the above explanation.

Dec. 15; Simon N; Switzerland; $50.00
Dec. 15; Gabriel B; Australia; $20.00
Dec. 15; Transitions; US; $5 (monthly)
Dec. 15; Diane C; US; $50
Dec. 15; Bradley C; US; $10
Dec. 15; Mark R; US; $20
Dec. 15; Allen G; US; $25
Dec. 15; Daniel H; Switzerland; $10
Dec. 15; Kirk M; Germany; $50
Dec. 16 Samuel D; $15 (monthly)
Dec. 16; Stephan E; Germany; $10
Dec. 16; Ismael A; $15 (monthly)
Dec. 16; Andrew T.; Canada; $25
Dec. 17; Andis D; Germany; $10
The above page was posted Dec. 18
Dec. 18; John K; Slovenia; $15
Dec. 18; Bob B; Belgium; $25
Dec. 18; Tyler E; US; $22.22
Dec. 18; Johannes H; Germany; $75
Dec. 18; Dan E; Sweden; $20
Dec. 18; Pekka S; Sweden; $25
Dec. 18; Craig B; US; $50
Dec. 18; Jean C; Canada; $20
Dec. 18; John C; UK; $100
Dec. 18; Mike M; US; $100
Dec. 18; Дорофеев Е; Russia; $1000
Dec. 19; Jiri D; Australia; $50

Dec. 19; Brice H; Australia; $20
Dec. 19; Sensa P; US; $50
Dec. 19; Philip R; US; $10
Dec. 19; Jonathan T; UK; $25
Dec. 19; David S; $5 (monthly)
Dec. 19; Brent J; US: $50
Dec. 19; Stephan Renz; Switz; $5
Dec. 19; Sean M; US; $25

Subtotal: $2009.22
(This subtotal commenced December 15, 2012)

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