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You are here: > News > December 14, 2012

American Insanity to blame for today's Connecticut elementary school shooting

Today's tragedy is a function of an insane person whose inadequate treatment is a result of an insane medical, political, educational, media, and academic setting that prescribes remedies that for decades have proven ineffectual and actually detrimental, for which the mainstream bodies are actually complicit in tragedies like this. 

Associated Press

Sterling's Input:

I was going to write an article about this today, but more pressing things came along needing my attention, so I'm grateful that Paul wrote something not dissimilar from what I wanted to write.

Whenever I hear about an event like this nowadays, immediately two possibilities cross my mind:

1) Mind control (by the corrupt powers that be), for the purpose of getting people opposed to guns, to weaken support for the second amendment, whose primary purpose is a final check on tyranny. Guns don't cause crime any more than spoons cause obesity. Today's tragedy could have been much less severe if at least some of the teachers carried and knew how to use guns.

2) Drugs such as Ritalin, which suppress emotions, resulting in an eruption of unbridled crazy behavior completely out of character for the person.

Today, as I wept over the loss of life and grieving parents, it hit me just how culpable the powers that be are for things like this. How much longer are we going to let them get away with this?

The shooter is just a pawn. The corrupt powers that be are the puppet-masters who should be taking the blame, not the second amendment.

Most places where these mass public shootings take place are in areas where gun laws are strict. When you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. And when they unleash, only the "professional law enforcement" can stop them. And since they take many minutes to respond, the loss of life accumulated in the mean time is profound.

Obama's Socialism is not the answer. A return to Constitutional principles and ethics is.

by Paul Noel
Research Scientist 6 Level 2 UAHuntsville
for Pure Energy Systems News

No person of any worth can watch the reports from the school shooting in Newtown Connecticut without feeling the strong desire to see something done to prevent such events in the future. Sadly, people are not going to think and as a result the actions taken are going to be even more destructive than the horrible event itself. We need to quit being angry and start being effective. 

In order to be effective, we are going to have to concentrate on understanding what has happened as the final event in a long chain of events. A whole series of events has come to focus as a shooting. Breaking this chain of events requires us to recognize all of the steps. It also requires us to stop looking at the guns and start looking at the shooter and his history and motives.

This was the act of a seriously insane person. I have considerable experience dealing with such persons as an RN, where I have worked both in a Prison Hospital as well as in a State Mental Hospital for the criminally insane. My personal experience includes personal contact with two such events, including the death of a personal friend and being nearby at the time of a major shooting at a college where I went to school in years past.

The first thing a person needs to understand is the word “insane”. Stop trying to think of the behavior in rational terms. This was not the act of a sane person. Thus, the rationalization we will see in much public discussion is in of itself a form of insanity. It has no connection to what has happened and it cannot have any productive input to understanding how the events unfolded. 

Insanity is the action of a seriously malfunctioned brain. The malfunction is a combination of bad biological function of the brain tissue of the insane person and bad process training of the individual. It is quite impossible to separate the two conditions or to rank exactly which is the “cause”. It is both working together. The analogy here is to a computer which has a seriously badly damaged circuitry within the chips and which has a malicious viral code operating within it as well. Hopefully, this will give people some basic conceptual understanding of what is going on. 

It is also important that people understand something deep within the human psyche. Few, if any of us ,actually make decisions in a logical fashion. What happens is quite the reverse logic. People generally generate a causal desire that initiates behavior and then we latch onto “causes” in our environment as justification of our behavior. To illustrate, if you decide to buy a new car, seldom do you have a real reason to do so. More often, you decide you want a new car and then you start fussing about the age of your old car and concentrate on the “reasons” you see to justify your desire. With this in mind, we are going to have to reverse engineer the school shooting.

The first event that is causal in this schools shooting is actually a well-intentioned effort that began in the USA in the late 1950’s and early 1960s that wanted to treat the insane more “humanely”. This effort culminated in the early 1970’s in a program called “Mainstreaming”. It believed that we had developed drugs capable of treating insanity. There are many such drugs but the specific drug is not relevant. Nor is it relevant even if they were applied in this specific case. The issue here is that the “mainstreaming” of the insane persons saved State authorities a great deal of money in their budgets by closing a system of “insane asylums”. It also dumped onto the street a large number of persons incapable of actually managing their own affairs.

This effort of “mainstreaming” was accompanied by a considerable effort to de-stigmatize insane persons and a major propaganda effort went into effect which attempted to present any person who opposed this effort as not being right or otherwise being mistaken or bigoted. This effort made it very nearly impossible to latch onto an insane person and to have effective resolution of their situation to the effect of improving public safety or the safety of the insane person himself. 

In addition to the end of “insane asylums” as a solution, a major effort by American drug manufacturers concentrated on telling people that the various drugs actually treated insanity, thus perpetrating the myth that these drugs may even cure disease. Drugs were pushed heavily into children and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for diagnosis of mental illness was heavily impacted, creating a new class of “illnesses” and teachers were told that children who had an odd temperament or who didn’t fit in or didn’t learn quickly had “mental illness” and needed drugs. Teachers then pushed the parents of such students to go to the doctor to get a drug to help “fix” all of these problems. Anyone who spoke up saying the situation was not working well was stigmatized as being a person who had their own mental illness or of being a bigot or they were a foolish, uneducated person.

By the end of the 1970’s, the deed was done. Social engineering was well in place. It had political and economic drivers all in place and it had well trained arguments to justify it. It was a triumph of absolutely wrong ideas powered by good intentions. Good intent is never an excuse for bad execution. Those of us in the Alternative Energy community have seen a classic example of this when the US Government spent $40 Billion a year on fusion research focused at Los Alamos, New Mexico, which even the researchers admit has produced no economic result over 20 years and is not going to do so for another 20 years. The good intent is obvious but spending $1.6 trillion dollars on good intentions without any hope of good results is INSANE! It is the behavior of a government who would do anything but effective energy freedom research. The same was true of the “mainstreaming” and the “mental health drugs”. They have not done anything right.

It is important for people to understand the specific definition of these drugs and their function. Typically, the MAO, Non-MAO, SSRI and certain other drugs are defined in medical literature as Neuroleptic drugs. The definition here says a lot. These drugs do nothing to treat the situation and the definition says so. These drugs only restrain behavior. They are chemical “strait jackets.” They make it difficult for a person to do anything. Under the influence of these drugs, the person does not present [exhibit symptoms] with his rash behavior. He still wants to do it and becomes, over time, more and more determined in his course of action; he just cannot do it while the drugs are in control.

The basic problem here is the loss of the control. It comes in several forms. Over time, these drugs become less and less effective. They also cause serious brain damage to the person over time in the form of dementia which results in more and more irrational behavior. Over time, the person gets a lot worse. The typical time for this is about three to five years for any particular drug. Persons are given different drugs periodically, as time diminishes the drug’s effect. The damage to the person continues.

As the person becomes more and more damaged, they also become angrier more easily and more quickly. People handling Alzheimer’s disease patients and family become familiar with the person who was previously so nice and friendly, becoming more and more likely to strike out or do rash acts. This is the progression of dementia. Remember that the damage is never exactly in a pattern. It shows up differently in every unique individual.

The worst of this situation was the penetration of psychoactive drugs into the handling of childhood problems. It was combined use of these drugs and of those foolish ideas that good intentions trumped good execution. This trained our young people in the means and methods of mass murder and excused it as entertainment. We see this in the video games our youth play. While almost all persons playing those violent games do not have any problem with them, the truly insane have a real problem and they are the issue.

Now to the specific case, we see that even if drugs did not influence this particular case (though my opinion is that it is highly likely that they were involved) under the influence of this “mainstreaming” system and our continual teaching of children to accept odd behavior and the social pressures of youth to conform, made us have a very seriously insane person who gave hundreds of indications of his problem over the past few years and blinded us to seeing them. Rest assured this will be found. Great efforts will be made to cover up the influence of drugs, if they were involved, which will extend to making sure that settlements with the drug makers are covered in secrecy agreements. Paying out millions of dollars will be well worth the effort to the drug manufactures and every effort will be made to keep people from knowing what the true influence of the drugs was. 

Teachers will do anything but admit that they pushed the drugs and the bad ideas. The system will go in for massive education campaigns focused on guns, “active shooter” techniques and the like but nothing will ever dare suggest that we have built a system that is systematically destroying people. Nobody will dare admit that we knew years ahead that somebody was broken and becoming really crazy.

I will tell you plain up that I worked with a fellow nurse who had a son who was acting out. It was a daily event. Teachers at school petted his fascination with killing and devil worship. Even a priest said to his mom that it was just “a phase”. Everyone was comforting mom and dad that they were doing right and had to be accepting. I told his mom it was just “damn evil and that I would do anything asked to help.” Sadly, she didn’t ask me for help. A few months later, he hacked his mom and dad to death and nearly killed 3 of his siblings. The drug companies paid secret settlements to the damaged children in the order of $10 million each. 

I could go on but the point is that we are systematically destroying people claiming that we are doing well and the casualties are piling up. 

Before this situation, we never had “police assisted suicide”. Now we get over 2000 such cases a year. Before this situation, women rarely, if ever, killed anyone. Now they often do. Before this, we never saw school shootings of any significance. (Guns existed to do the shooting.) Now we see this almost every few months. What I am pointing out is very serious!

Before this insane idea took hold of our national mind, we lived in a very peaceful society with much less violence, drug abuse and our young people, for the most part, concentrated on how they would accomplish in their lives the good dreams they had. Before this insane idea came over us, we had less than 1/10 as many people in prison. Wake up people - This isn’t working! 

# # #

Part II: What to do about the terror of insanity we live under

In assessing the solutions being deployed to handle societal problems, we must look at the outcome to assess their effectiveness. Disarming citizens and increasing the police state, historically, is not the proper solution.

by Paul Noel
Research Scientist 6 Level 2 UAHuntsville
December 16, 2012 7:05 AM [GMT-7]
for Pure Energy Systems News

In my first article on the issue of the school shooting at Newtown, Connecticut, I pointed out that we would learn that the shooters ideology would have been influenced by the society accepting clearly bad behavior. He is now known to have been a “Goth”. This is a subculture that worships the dark ideas and death. So far we are right on track.

I feel that it is as necessary to tell people ways to improve our world as it was to write on how bad things have become. In my last article I pointed out that the situation in Newtown, Connecticut was the result of a long train of bad solutions applied with good intentions. It is really important to understand that the people driving these problems down onto society are for the most part well intended in their motives. They are not enemies even though they are severely misguided. There is sadly one exception to this. It is the commercial interests who are exploiting our good intentions to their profit regardless of the effect of their actions.

The first solution to the problem we are going to have to develop is to realize that we have been manipulated by these commercial interests and that we must no longer allow these commercial interests to dictate our methods. This isn’t any hostility towards commercial interests because many supply good solutions. What is needed here is to educate people that there are commercial interests that have bad solutions and we need to apply the old Latin phrase “Caveat Emptor.” Literally let the buyer beware. We need to start testing the results of actions and looking to see if they make our families happier, stronger and healthier. We need to test if they make our society safer, more secure and more prosperous. 

To illustrate this one needs only talk a look at the claims of the mental health community. By their own statistical data, mental disorders have increased by over 10 times under their care in the last 4 decades. That is an unqualified failure. The development of gun control laws and the addition of the US Department of Homeland Security likewise have been unqualified failures in that they have not only not stopped the progression into this insane terror, they have created a massive storm trooper force in our land which scares to death everyone who deals with it. Rather than the police officer dealing with you when you get traffic ticket peacefully, he now deals with you like you were a drug crazed terrorist ready to shoot him. In terms of prosperity the US Department of Energy has done nothing to actually improve our energy situation. We get massive statistical databases recording our situation but we get no more energy and our energy delivery system degrades by the day.

The founding fathers of the USA wrote into the US Declaration of Independence explained this very well in the charges (cause for war) against the King of England in 1776.

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.

He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil Power.

He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

For quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:”

This is exactly what has removed our peace, safety and security today, except it is not the King of England doing this to ourselves. We are doing this to ourselves. 

The one thing we need to understand is that the first solution is to turn around and look towards the building of our families, neighbors and communities. We need to turn away from the eternal one way solution of the Federal Government legislation. If you live in a country other than the USA you need to apply these principals in your land as well. The whole world is getting polluted with this bad delivery on good intentions. Start testing the facts. Start making things work for a change.

Another solution is to start cleaning up our science. Science has probably become the most polluted art with this bad results [from] good intent thinking. It is blinding our eyes to solutions that work and to a world that works. We need to apply the scientific method for real. Stop trying to prove things at all costs and start trying to see what actually the reality is. Without this solution, Psychology, Sociology and other human behavioral sciences have no chance of serving up good solutions to our problems.

We need to push hard for developing criteria for measuring success that are realistic. For example we need to stop measuring our schools by how many active shooter classes they give or drug resistance classes they give, and start measuring them by actually measured reduction of these problems in the community. We have pushed massive efforts over the last 40 years against drugs to the effect of seeing the use of drugs going up by more than 10 times. This is an unqualified failure.

We need to push hard for the construction of good strong people as our children grow up. We need to measure this by the fewer crimes they do and by the more they achieve in learning. Finally we need to measure this as successful by the more of them that do productive work for our society and communities and by their earning more for the whole of themselves and their communities. 

Sadly, the current state of affairs is that we are systematically destroying the children and their future. Our college graduates leave school with massive debts only to find that they are not wanted in the job market. Our children are learning that trying is not working. This is an intolerable situation. We cannot afford anyone in our society who is not being constructive. This includes dealing with the super-rich who use their fortunes to damage society and our nations. 

We can and we must do better. The most important thing people must understand is that they are able to do good themselves. You see the most important need of every decent person is to be useful. This is what we must empower, encourage and develop in every way. 

In the near future inventors are going to give us robots that will do absolutely every job known to man. We are equally likely to provide humanity with unlimited energy and material resources. In that world no human being will have any work that is of necessity to do. This is already under way. There is no stopping this reality. This makes this issue of building up human beings an even higher priority than it was before. It now is a matter of survival for the human race.

One needs only to imagine a world run by the current rules and conditions possessed of the coming energy and technology conditions. That would be a perfect hell for mankind. We have to invent our world conditions and society with equal drive as we push towards the issues of energy and automation. It is also clear that every political ideology of today is completely without any means to deal with this future. 

It is your choice, descend into hell; or will you join in and bring us a better world measured by how it improves the human condition. Doing nothing is suicide for all mankind.

# # #

Foreknowledge or Foreboding?

Note: "Sandy Hook" is classic Batman lore

By Sterling D. Allan
December 17, 2012

Check out this image:

The name of the elementary school. Found it on Facebook. A story was published about this at Infowars today.

Over the years, I've heard it said that the evil powers have a rule they play by, that they have to tell the people what they are going to do to them before they do it. And often media is used for that purpose.

Possibilities include:

  • Someone in the Batman movie was in on the foreknowledge planning of this tragedy (e.g. at Bohemian Grove).
  • Someone in the Batman movie was told to put that text somewhere in the film, but didn't know why.
  • It was completely a function of intuition.

I'm guessing it is probably closest to the first of these options, given the dark nature of that movie. (Birds of a feather flock together.)

Here's a video about the Batman movie and it's eerie resemblance to both the Colorado theater shooting as well as to Sandy Hook Elementary. Note that in the film, the finger is placed right on top of the words "SANDY HOOK".

It reminds me of this image from a CD that was on the presses at the time 9/11 happened, and had to be called back. (Wired; September 13, 2001)

Are Sandy Hook & Aurora Both In Dark Knight Rises? - Photos

Gun Control Through History

On December 17, 2012 11:26 AM [GMT-7], Mark Hugo wrote:


Don't forget in all this ...a few statistics -

1. Germany: 6 Million of their OWN citizens killed. NEVER legal during the Hitler ERA for normal people to have weapons.

2. China: Again, "army only" for weapons. 40 Million killed during MAO.

3. Russia: Again, common citizens NO WEAPONS (although I understand, with the exception of the Ukrainian area, see 1933...force collectivizing, confiscation of weapons and 3 million STARVED to DEATH. thank you Papa Stalin!

And so it goes. Now let's talk the Rwandan genocide - 99% machetes and spears? 


ALAS, statistical illiteracy is the BAIN of the American people!

* * * *

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