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You are here: > News > December 10, 2012

Inteligentry Poised for Egg-on-the-Face at Power-Gen

While no one would be more pleased to see a successful demonstration of a noble gas engine at the Power-Gen conference in Florida from Dec. 11-13 than I would, I predict no such demo, with John Rohner giving some kind of excuse, which maybe half of his followers will accept and remain supportive.

As of December 11, 2012
(Times are Mountain [GMT-7])
More updates below.
12:56 pm: "No working engine. Did not ask for the reasons,  but apparently no permission to be in here??? Not sure yet."
Question: How feasible is it that someone who intended to demonstrate a non-conventional, non-polluting engine at Power-Gen would not have gone through the steps prior to arrival of getting permissions to run the engine?
- - - -
12:55 pm: We have not heard any reports from people at the show. We have heard from two people who were on their way, who said they would be reporting to us once they get there.

The "Balance Test" set up of the engine, with an external motor powering the rotation, is likely to be the best Inteligentry will be able to demonstrate at the conference.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The Set-up

Today is set-up day for exhibitors at the Power-Gen conference in Orlando, Florida, USA, which is one of the largest annual power conferences in the world.

Tomorrow through Thursday was supposed to be the huge day of vindication for John Rohner and his company, Inteligentry, as well as his licensing company, PTP Licensing, as they were to have demonstrated a working noble gas engine for all the world to see; and units ready to purchase. 

We're talking about a claim to an engine that would be cheaper to build than the engine it would replace, and whose fuel cost would be so close to zero as to be practically zero. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Finally, everyone would know that John really does know how to build not just a working noble gas plasma transition process engine, but that the engine has been engineered well enough to go on sale, with licensed manufactures and distributors standing by to take orders, with product ready to ship.

That was the vision John portrayed in the story I published here at PESN on August 10, with the description: "Inteligentry has announced today that they have purchased booth space to launch their noble gas engine publicly, with volumes of product ready to purchase from manufacturers and distributors from around the world on December 11, 2012 at the Power-Gen conference in Orlando."

As of today, the expectation he is giving people who are involved with him is that he will have a self-sustained noble gas engine on demonstration (contained within some kind of black box enclosure) providing significant power, with no external power required. Zero power in (except perhaps to get the system running from a starter motor), and copious power output. 

If that really happened, the world would change. Thousands of energy professionals will have seen first-hand a working free energy technology at a professional conference. Cheap, clean energy would be months away from availability. John Rohner would become a world celebrity overnight. A solution to the world economic downward spiral would be here.

In the decade that I've been tracking exotic free energy technologies, I can't think of a build-up bigger than this one.

Mega Booth

According to the Power-Gen website, the booth space that "PTP Licensing" (originally registered under "Inteligentry") includes thirteen 10 x 10 spots grouped together, for a total of 1300 square feet of booth space, not including the 8.5 units of 10x10 walkway between them, for a total effective footprint of 2,150 square feet (200 m2), or roughly 40 feet by 50 feet. If I remember right, the sticker price for the voluminous booth space they purchased, is in the region of $60,000, which is discounted from the retail price of $75,250 at $35/ft2.


What was to take place there? (And why am I speaking in past tense?)

In my story last August, John said:

"We will have a demo engine setup on a clear, Lexan table and running a genset, behind a clear plastic-walled case, to keep out fingers and hands, and so they can see clearly all around and thru it. The engine will be running a generator, with metering to prove it is working. We are also planning to have temperature meters in plain view to prove no heat, and maybe an oxyometer to prove no environmental losses. Plus there will be many products that are using our engine, as many as 14.

"Booths 5283A, B, & C will have foreign manufacturers and products and booth 5278 will have eight US products and maybe a couple foreign ones as well.

"If we get time we may also show the A Pad app that controls the engine for applications like boats, aircraft, mining mules, refrigeration, etc. Also, we expect to display the new inline twin and the 6-Cylinder as well. One manufacturer is working on their own engine, and it may be there too. We will see what we can as a group accomplish by then."

[Update] On Dec. 11; 9:24 am [time zone?], in the comments below, Miguel wrote:

"I've been in contact with John on a regular basis, and he has consistently (and enthusiastically) confirmed that he will demonstrate a working engine at the show. Not more than a week ago he assured me that they would have a 2/4 cylinder, 23kW model to demo on a clear table so that there would be no doubt as to whether it worked or not... It was their "coming out celebration" as he referred to it."

Likely Reality

While a lot of things have changed since then, the key claim that a working device will be demonstrated has not.

Will John and Inteligentry and PTP Licensing deliver?

I don't think so, for the same reasons I reported on August 21, following my visit to their facility and weighing all the information at my disposal. For me, all those reasons have been reinforced since I published that report.

As far as I can tell, from my vantage point of having tracked this technology very closely for about three years, John has never had a working noble gas engine. He is making that up. 


It's complicated. 

It's not about money, it's about ego. Alter-ego. One part of him really wants to be the first guy to bring a working noble gas engine to the world. He really thinks he's figured it out. But since he doesn't have one to show, he pretends that he does, and then has other people do his research and development in the name of building manufacturing models. It's really twisted stuff, similar to the Mylow syndrome. Add to that his pathological lying, just making stuff up to suit the story he's weaving at the time.

In some regards, he reminds me of Carl Tilley who told his shareholders that G.M. had offered him, "sight unseen, two billion dollars" to buy him out. The question he asked his shareholders is: "Should he accept the offer? They would probably just shelve it." Even though they would get a good return on their investment, they opted against accepting the alleged offer, which was totally bogus, but it really got people excited.

John's latest tale that he has published on the home page of his site is: 

"I only sent out one little video to a friend of mine in a news organization, on the promise he won't go public with it 'till the show. All of a sudden, we are getting "calls", from producers, all over the world to appear on their programs or allow them to do a video story about us."

Sounds enticing, doesn't it. Makes you want to get aboard this winning bandwagon.

The huge disconnect is, if he had such a video, why hasn't he shown it to any of his staff or to any of his licensees -- especially the "manufacturers" who so far have been unsuccessful in their attempt to replicate his engine into a running form, despite diligent efforts to follow his instructions? If he's going to show it to someone, you would think that they would be first in priority.

One manufacturing licensee spent two months recently with John at the Inteligentry office in Vegas, trying to get his engine to run, but to no avail.

I predict that along with whatever excuse John comes up with for not showing a working engine at the Power-Gen conference, he will also come up with an excuse about not showing that "little video" to even his closest associates, who should have been privy to it all along.

I don't know for certain what will actually take place at the PTP Licensing / Inteligentry booth at Power-Gen, but based on what I have been able to garner, the following is what you are likely to see, if you happen to attend the conference and/or exhibit:

  • No running noble gas engine.
  • No devices being powered by that engine.
  • No video of an actual (not virtual) running noble gas engine of the Inteligentry design.
  • An engine powered not by noble gas but by an external electric motor, to provide rotation -- the set-up shown in one of his recent videos titled "Balancing Test". This will not be an attempt to fake people out, but will be a meager attempt to show something moving.
  • A video they recently completed for the show, to be shown on a large screen, that contains computer renditions of the proposed engines.
  • A display of engine parts.
  • [Added Dec. 11] Their "Popper" (that doesn't prove overunity).
  • Brochures, business cards, pens, etc....
  • Virtually no groupies hanging around. Those fans that would have flocked around the booth will be too embarrassed and disenchanted to spend much time there, and will mill around the other displays and lectures. They'll poke back once in a while as they mentally process what has/has not happened, looking for some sliver of hope to cling to. John will provide them with some tale that they'll reluctantly but faithfully accept. For others, this will be the "last straw", and they will abandon their belief the John ever had something.
  • Several non-manned booths, not having enough personnel to sit at the several 10x10 booths that surround the main centerpiece, that will also be sparsely populated.

This video will be among the best things in their display. It contains no evidence of actual function.


So, if John knew the Power-Gen conference was going to be a bust, why would he talk about going to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas starting January 8-11?

My guess is that it is part of the narrative, to keep stringing people along, and reeling in new blood and new money.  If he's lucky, he'll not loose everyone at Power-Gen, and he needs an anchor to pin people's hopes to.

As of today, CES doesn't show either PTP Licencing or Inteligentry on their list of registered booths.

The following is a quotation from as of December 9, 2012; 9 pm [GMT-7], archived here for historic purposes, since John regularly alters his blog posts. It includes three video links that are not set to be linked or embedded elsewhere. They did post the third video, "show video", to YouTube.


     OUR NEXT SHOW will be at CES (the International Consumer Electronics Show) Jan 8. 2012. (See Below)

     The truck is gone and will be in Orlando, Fl to unload Sunday. The truck is a 19 Ft Penske and it has all our
displays, Brochures, pens, pads and other promotional stuff plus two complete Gen sets, tools etc. The gensets
are both 23 KW generators powered by twin opposed Gemini D engines that we built here, NOT from our engine
manufacturers but "Lab engines" that were built to make sure that the "Samples" created from the mechanical
drawings would work and that new parts, again based on the drawings, would also work right.

     Just for Kicks, and because I forgot to do it before,
Here is a quick walk Thru our new Shop here in Las Vegas. ---------->

     This NEW engine is 23 Lbs lighter, now 34 lbs total, with much bigger crankshaft bearings,
good to 600 KW load now, it works properly with the new Plastic Pistons.
It is taken from the same drawings that the manufacturers got several months ago.
But we only have ours and we don't manufacture engines.
Here is a Video showing the new engine and it's great Balance, and the test process here ------->

     our "multi talented" M.E. "draftsperson" put together to give you a birds eye view into our
current newly engineered engines. The manufacturers have met Nora and she and Mark make a great
design pair for the "mechanical" side. Mark comes from "Aerospace" but we are loosening him up a bit... :0)
These are real experienced people that DO know their stuff and they are and will be pleasant to work with
and I will say very multi talented. Mark is also our head trainer and is developing the
Training materials and classes. Great Professional people. Nora learned to do this in one week or so. So be kind!!.
As many of you know we have been working on several other "Sample" Engines as well. here is the SHOW video ------->
Now that You tube has found out that Robert Rohner, my lil brother, had no claims, falsified the Federal documents,
lied to them, and has apologized and reinstated us, SO we have posted this on You tube as well.

     We have sent to the Show two Complete 23 KW Generating systems, Gemini D Engine coupled to a 23 KW Advanced Generator, from our stock, via a Coupler. One of these will be in the "POD" on display in the booth. The other will be in the Truck. We also sent Fuel to Fuel both engines on site Monday, during setup. The "Truck" system will be used for Off Site and "After Hours" "Private" showings.
     Our original plan was to run the other Genset in the POD, in support of our Manufacturers that were supposed to have 100 engines each, hardware only, ready to ship after the show. Thus all of us would be "READY" for the avalanche.. Unfortunately only one manufacturer has any stock, and that is 3 engines. Hardly enough to even use for "sample" or "training" engines to train Licensees so they can even buy an engine. The RULE is "no manufacturer can sell an engine to an "unlicensed" party" (company or individual). Needless to say this also stopped us from "training" these last few months, so only a few have even gotten their licenses. So we, as a company and group, with our manufacturers, are NOT ready for the onslaught of "consumer" orders, OR even orders from smaller Power Genset companies for engines to design around and test etc. That means the Big guys get a break.

     However, Before we place all the blame on the Manufacturers remember that from "Process Discovery" till this show is only 4 years, much of that awaiting the USPTO. We had/have set a very "Aggressive" schedule, for all involved, trying to get this into use "As Soon As Possible".
     Few companies develop new mass producible engines, or anything, in less than 2 years. Yet we, as a group, have done this in a little over one year, since we started this project when we moved to Vegas and traded "Lab experiments" for Production capable engines.
     So, we have pushed the manufacturers hard. Also, we have had suppliers miss deliveries. The "Pod" was delivered 2 weeks late a couple days ago, Coils just got here after a 6 week slip, The Plastic pistons were many weeks late and the wrist pin hole was a bit small. We are carrying the new pages of our show brochures as "checked" luggage, as they just showed up Friday after the truck was long gone, not as promised. The old saying is "If it can go wrong it will" and anyone that has ever developed a product knows that. How long did we have to wait for a "IPHONE 5" after it was "leaked", but did not work properly? We would prefer not to be in that or likewise scenarios.
     The UP SIDE, and to every dark cloud there is one, is that we have capable manufacturers ready to make cylinder coils and we have got the Plastic Injection Mold tool, for the Pistons, underway and the production quantities of both will be sooner not later. Like everything you do when "going to production" it is rolling along and is just "LATE", or later than you would like. The US manufacturers will have product soon and that is by itself a miracle.

     We also have "Interested Parties" that want to discuss their using thousands of their own engines that "would prefer" that we did not "show" anything until they, and others, can get their own engines ready, probably next year.
     So, we are in a quandary as to what we wish to do. If we would loose millions in revenue from REAL customers just to show what we don't even make, that is wrong. But our Wish is to demonstrate the Engine, publicly. Even tho we have no Published patents on this yet and we do not manufacture or sell it. We do have many patents pending on The engine, it's fabrication and operation but they are Pending, several years away.

     This show is important to introduce this industry to our patent pending     Plasmic Transition Process™ technology to the whole world. And to introduce our Country Masters and allow them to talk with "interested" parties and allow our Engine manufacturers and product manufacturers to interface with REAL people and Customers. This should be a "refreshing" change from what we have been put thru for the last 4 years.

     We do have a published patent on certain things and we could prove and show those either running or simulated. We do sell Licenses to manufacture what we do have patents pending on and we do NOT want to jeopardize the whole business just to satisfy our "EGOs" of to satisfy the TROLLS on one web site. In this case TROLLS go by names like "Mammaryman" who makes memory card replacements for OLD NC machines and ScienceGuy, probably a 12 year old on his mom's computer, etc., people that have never developed a real product, gotten a patent and run a business, or even my Lil brother that has run several businesses into the ground. We have to be careful to "protect" our BUSINESS since we are that and not a "tinker Toy" shop or SCAM Company, as CEI, etc. have been for 33 years milking this for their own pockets and trying to keep it from ever going public.
     What we do will be in the best interests of our Business future and nothing else. There is NO hurry as most large companies will require one or 2 years to get these into their mainstream products.

     Besides that this engine is the "tip of the iceberg" according to the REAL scientists and engineers that I talk to about what will happen in the future. No sense in rushing and putting it at risk. If we do this wrong then the only ones left will be the "Journalists" that believe making steam with "cold fusion" or such foolishness, and the people that feed off it, scammers, and do nothing. A True loss for us all.

     Also consider that later this year we have several aircraft that will be going to the EA Show and several Yacht re builders getting their mounts ready for later this year. So the whole year or next two will be sprinkled with new product from REAL companies making REAL product. The list is huge, farm Combines, Drillers, water pumps, Mag Lev rail, on and on. No real hurry really.

     CES --- SHOW NEWS!!!

     Inteligentry and its sub groups PTP Licensing and PlasmERG, will be providing a display at the International Consumer Electronics Show or CES. Held here in Vegas starting Jan 8th. We are in Booth 2902 in the North Hall.
     This is a 30 by 15 ft Booth and on the corner between the doors, across from Chrysler, Ford, GM, Hyundai etc. Great spot that God just happened to vacate for us??
     This show is perfect for us as we have patents pending on the Electronic Control System ECS for the Plasmic Transition Process
™ and we can use international partners and suppliers for our own International Licensees and in house needs.
     We have several large companies already set to discuss licensing for their use as products.
     The North hall is also the Automotive section so we will also be available to most automobile manufacturers and many "electric" vehicle manufacturers.
     This will also be after our meeting with the USPTO Examiner to show him our "Operating", First of it's kind, "Proof of process" engine and after we have debunked the 3 Challenges provided, one being the Old Papp, and fully restore the patent. As I said if the USPTO does NOT challenge something then, as any patent lawyer will tell you, you forgot something and that process occurs first week of January. We May even have both permanent numbers. We have decided NOT to Challenge, and have voided, the Klosterman debacle. It runs out next year away and our new definition will be published world wide when that patent goes published, end of story.. We DO KNOW EXACTLY the PHYSICS Definition and it is just the beginning of a whole new era. I have offered to help if he drops my Lil Brother.
     We will get more information in a week after Power Gen.
     We are planning to be very active in REAL conventions, Yet we also will be considering "Tesla" just to show off our engines and Kits.

Note that in the video tour of their facility, there still is no dynamometer for testing the output of an engine. That would be like claiming to be producing a battery but not having a volt meter in the building.

Note also the beginnings of what looks to be his excuse for not showing a working engine at the conference.  Mark Euthanasius summarized it thusly: 

"It just gets better. John has now published a set of mealy mouthed excuses for why I/P/P won't be showing a working engine at Power-Gen. His excuses include a new mystery group who don't want him to show a working engine until they have built inventory of their own, perhaps next year, perhaps later. The stakeholders are going to go ape."

Here is John's most recent post on their home page at, made earlier than the above one, copied here for archival purposes on December 10, 2012; 9;15 am [GMT-7]

    Wow!! It looks like we'll be busy with News and Media for several months. We are getting invites to other shows as well.!!

    We may take a big booth at the CES show here in Vegas in January. ANY LICENSEE want to JOIN us?. WARNING, CES is a BIG show!! This is one of Many such "requests" we are getting from all over the world.
    The funny thing is I only sent out one little video to a friend of mine in a news organization, on the promise he won't go public with it till the show. All of a sudden, we are getting "calls", from producers, all over the world to appear on their programs or allow them to do a video story about us. Funny thing is they all understand why we want silence till the show and all are "voluntarily" adhering to our "request".
    And what a change. These people are polite and honorable and want to "work with you" in every way. Not at all like the "WANNABEEs", that that we have been subjected to. Guess they just have more ethics than the "journalists" we have met so far, who will never see anything..
    But it does give you an idea how busy we will be next year just with media attention.
    We actually talked about some amazing new energy things that have not even been considered on the current Troll page. I thought that the NOVA show was an eye opener. Friends there are things going to happen soon that eclipse all that expensive garbage and are based, as our engine is, on things Nature does routinely.
    We will update you on our "appearances" as we set them.

Popper Kit

I don't know of anyone who was able to successfully demonstrate overunity with a Popper kit obtained from Inteligentry. Russ Gries made a noble attempt, using a combination of various designs, but finally gave up and put his unit up for sale. If you know of someone who was able to prove overunity, let me know, or post it in the comments below. 

[Update, 12.12.12, from comments below]

RobertB Yesterday 12:02 PM

The statement about Russ Gries giving up is not accurate. I just watched his popper update No 19 on YouTube. The reason he is selling the popper kit is because he has built all his own test circuits and equipment and does not need the popper kit. As far as I can tell he is continuing with his research and plans to do careful measurements to determine if there is any over unity effect with Plasma transitions.

Mark Euthanasius Yesterday 01:53 PM in reply to RobertB

That's right. Russ gave up on the I/P/P "popper kit" because as far as he could tell it wasn't going to do anything for him, and the money spent on it could be put to better use buying other things for his noble gas project.


I would like nothing more than to be wrong about all this, and for John and his crew to pull off a successful demonstration at Power-Gen.

I know several people who will be attending, giving me updates on how things materialize.  If it is along the lines of what I've predicted above, I'll just be appending their updates below.  But if it is radically different than what I've predicted, then I'll do a follow-up story with that announcement.



Click images for enlargements.

Lynch Mob?

[Be sure you read the "Licensee Chimes In" post below.]

December 11; 5 pm [GMT-7]

I've talked to a couple of people, getting more info.

Bottom line. One of them said: "You nailed it" (in the above report/prediction). He almost canceled his flight because of my report, but chose to go ahead. Just had to see for himself.

He said many people had flown in from other countries, expecting to see a working demonstration. They were very upset, sad, frustrated. It wasn't a good environment to hang around. One guy, who runs a manufacturing facility, had told his employees that a great opportunity was coming their way. Now what was he going to tell them?

Issue Number 1: Inteligentry/PTP Licensing didn't get a permit to run the motor. 

Think about it. Such things, for obvious reasons, are closely regulated in a conference like this -- indoors, with lots of people. I would imagine that such permission would include thorough questions about reagents (the ingredients used to make it work), exhaust (supposedly none), as well as robustness of the spinning engine to not fly apart and injure or kill people. Even Helium is not allowed. 

If you were in charge of this demonstration, can you imagine not first finding out if you would be allowed to do the demonstration, even before plunking down the money for the booth?

Issue Number 2: (not confirmed) Supposedly one of the employees who helped pack things for the trip forgot to include a small motor that is key to the operation. When someone suggested that John just go buy a replacement from a local vendor, he dismissed the suggestion. (Reminds me of Tilley's demo at the Nashville Super Speedway. A bearing went out, and a guy with the same make of car in the parking lot [Delorean] offered to provide one from his car, but that was rebuffed.)

Issue Number 3: Dan Glover apparently was telling people that a "working engine" would probably be ready by the end of January. 

What? Isn't that what this event was supposed to showcase?

Issue Number 4: Someone close to an Inteligentry/PTP employee said that the employee had urged John to cancel the demo, since he was not even being close to being ready.

From a Supporter

December 11; 5:55 pm [GMT-7] 

A report from two other people:

(1) Motor not running but they have permission to run it inside.
(2) Reasons for not running it yet not known. Maybe tomorrow
(2) Impressed with Burke Miller (the engineer guy from Texas) and his skills at making a better engine. he showed them lots of improvements from an engineering point of view
(3) Truck not yet available for showing running motor due to its arriving late
(4) Good crowds around Dan Glover, John R., Burke Miller.
(5) Mark Koppin there as is also Tana and Connie Rohner

Was Hopeful from Europe

On December 12, 2012 5:44 AM, a person who flew in from Europe to see this technology wrote:

Hi Sterling,

I was really frustrated to visit the booth of Intelligentry yesterday and not seeing the plasma-engine working at all. From all different people there I've spoken to, I got many different answers and reasons, but basically, in my opinion, the "technical basis" is not finished at all and will not work in this way. I think it will take still a pretty long time before all different problems I see as a mechanical engineer will be solved correctly. I think [it will be] at least one year before they will have a production ripe product. Now somebody talked about a presentation beginning January....

Mark Euthanasius Input 

On Dec. 11; 01:26 PM [time zone?], Mark wrote in the comments below:

So I/P/P has had their big "coming out" and it amounts to John telling multiple different stories as to why on their biggest of days they are a bust:

  • There was a burglary that John says they reported to the police but the police have no record of any crimes of any kind within a quarter mile of I/P/P for the past two months.
  • They didn't get permission from PennWell to show a running engine, but then they say they did obtain the necessary permissions. (see below)
  • They have a new secret potential customer who will give them millions if they don't show anything working for a year or years, thereby breaching with their existing customers and foregoing billions.
  • It isn't really important to show they have what they claim and prove that they haven't been perpetrating a fraud the entire time. In John's words: "What's the hurry?"
  • Some critical item didn't make it to Orlando, and they couldn't just have it FedEx'd for morning first delivery by 9:00am.

And of course I/P/P never shot video of a working engine before they tore everything down to ship. And I/P/P never recorded test results from a working engine. And I/P/P still don't have any set-ups in their plant that would be needed to test their engine. But people who together have forked over more than a million dollars into this pack of lies should believe these preposterous stories because John Rohner claims to have good ethics.

In comments he posted to the PESN 8/21 article: John claimed that he obtained the necessary approvals to show a running engine at Power-Gen 2012:

"Gentlemen I suggest you do talk with your patent lawyers. There is no
conflict between our patents pending and Klosterman. That has already
been tested and found to be true. Unless you decide that our engine,
which is horizontal, as his is, and opposed piston, as his is, is
something new and not done before by BMW, VW, Subaru etc. Which is of
course nonsense. I also was notified that Monkeyron got the same
"permissions" we did because we spent months dickering with them.
As you
all know we are 4 days from freedom and being able to grow without
fear. As you all also know we are the "first" and ONLY company to go
Public and make ourselves known. It feels great getting away from all
the 30 odd years worth of scammers and becoming a REAL BUSINESS. No
matter what happens at Power Gen, or our Booth at CES we are at least
REAL. Not wannabees. For that I give my people and company a lot of
credit. "Hello world here we are". Name another, Not even Papp
International... Not even the boys that can make steam from nuclear
Say what you want but none of you has the guts to do what we
are, too bad.... To me that is something to RESPECT and we have it... "

Licensee Chimes In

On December 11, 11:47 AM [time zone?], Ben Gresham wrote: (slightly edited)

Hello everybody,

My name is Ben Gresham. I'm president of G&G Products Family of Companies, LLC. Our company is a major licensee for production of the PTP™ engine. I have been watching all the posts and comments about Inteligentry on several websites, including this one, for some time now and I have finally decided to put my own observations and comment in.

We have been working closely with Inteligentry and John Rohner for some time now towards developing a practical working PTP™ engine. We have fought through several design flaws, failed electronics due to vendor mistakes, delays from other vendors that were supposed to have materials to us in a timely manner, and simple issues involving work schedules & personnel. We are so close to making this happen it hurts. 

Our chief engineer, Burke Miller, is at the PowerGen Conference in the PTP Licensing booth along with our vice-president, Julio Garland. We have our own model of the Gemini D engine (opposed 2 cyl.) on display, and they have been constantly answering questions from all comers since the floor opened. They've been so busy that they haven't even had time for lunch. I just got off the phone with Julio and it seems PTP Licensing is having trouble keeping up with the request for licenses for OEM users thanks in large part to Burke being able to explain the technology and the unlimited potential for this new power source.

Now, for all those that doubt the technology or the ability of such an engine to be mass produced, I truly understand your skepticism. The longer we work with John Rohner, the more we realize the guy may have some issues with reality. He is paranoid and guarded, he doesn't have a clue about how manufacturing works, his comprehension of mechanical issues is limited, and he has to be shown his way may not work before he'll listen to anybody about alternatives. 

That being said, I have come to understand his traits and learned to be patient with him. There is no doubt of his electrical genius and his understanding of theory is much better than most. As is with most geniuses, there is some egotism and eccentricities that one has to deal with. We have elected to stay the course, not just because of all the blood, sweat, and tears invested, but because we truly believe in John and his Plasma Transition Process™. We have no doubt this will change the world as we know it. It's simply a matter of timing and having all the right pieces falling together.

We have worked very hard at trying to have a working PTP™ engine ready for PowerGen and we failed. But that doesn't mean it won't happen. As I said, we are so close. G&G will have a working PTP™ engine with or without the help of Inteligentry and John Rohner. We believe in the technology and ourselves. We will make it happen and happen soon. John will be vindicated and the world will be rewarded for our staying the course. 

Then, later, on December 13, 12:59 PM [time zone?], Ben Gresham wrote: (slightly edited)

Well folks,

It seems our liscensor, PTP Licensing, which is a division of Inteligentry, Ltd., really let us and the entire world down. They have been bragging so long about unveiling to the world of their revolutionary new power source. All they unveiled was their lack of sincerity. 

While they may have a patent [not] on a unique way to make the plasma transition process work, they don't have a clue as to the damage they've done to the integrity of their licensees. They showed up with a poor display of their engine with a 23kw generator that they could not start due to "missing components that somehow got left off the truck".  John Rohner, the supposed genius behind PTP(tm), refused to accept offers from others at the show to use their components to get the engine running. 

G&G also had an engine there which was far superior in quality to Inteligentry's. We were counting on John Rohner to bring the needed electronics to make it work as he said he would. It seems he mislead us simply to insure our engineer, Burke Miller, would be there to save his ass. Burke caught on quickly as to what was happening which resulted in his building up G&G and doing as little as possible to help Inteligentry. 

We can't say it was a total waste. Our guys made several contacts with other engine manufacturers all of whom were really impressed with the quality of our engine vs. Inteligentry's. Some of them want to work with us rather than Inteligentry in making the technology work. Burke & Julio also discussed the selling of our engines to several product manufactures that want to use it as their power source (one of them wants to put it in his aircraft designs). As soon as we have a working engine, we have all the orders we will ever be able to handle. Of course, that goes without saying. We all owe Burke a huge "Thanks & 'attaboy" for all his hard work & diligence to get us to the show, and his integrity with others at the show. He has proven to be a true blessing for G&G. 

The next step is to simply get one of our engines working as designed. Once there, the sky is the limit for G&G. We see no reason G&G should not have a working engine by the end of Jan./'13 (except maybe the Mayan Calender prophecy). Hang in there with us. We truly believe in the technology and we're going to make it work despite Inteligenrty & John Rohner.

Ben Gresham
G&G Products Family of Companies, LLC
6418 W. Bend Dr.
Houston, Tx.  77085

Master Manufacturer's Meeting

12.12.12; 9 am MDT (GMT-7)

Someone who knows one of the master manufacturers said that the Master Manufacturers who are at Power-Gen had a meeting last night.

They are really upset with John. "We want to see this run, why don't you get it running?"

John replied something to the effect: "I'm not going to show you a running motor, and I may never show it running. It's really not my place to do it. It's something the manufacturers should do themselves."

The manufacturer's response was essentially, "Fine, we'll work together and get it to run." And apparently, John agreed to give them some leeway to work together, without his overbearing control. Some of them seem to think they can get the hardware they have there to work before the Power-Gen conference is over.

OEM Product Licensee

On Dec. 13, 5:52 am [GMT+11?], Barry Mead posted this in the comments: (slightly edited)

Hello,  My name is Barry Mead.  I am a stockholder and OEM Product Licensee with Inteligentry.  

Before I invested in this technology, I carefully investigated the reality of the physics involved.  Although many skeptics find it hard to believe, there really is a way to coax free energy out of the Zero Point, using the 4th state of matter (Plasma).  

I personally visited John Rohner at his business in Las Vegas, and found him to be extremely intelligent and competent as both an Electronics Engineer and Embedded Systems Software developer.  I ought to know because I have been a Senior Electronics Engineer and Embedded Systems Software engineer myself for over 25 years. All of the electronics designs are brilliant, and the software that John is developing in his controllers is absolutely real!

Even if John could use a little more experience in mechanical engineering, I don't think that is an issue, because there are thousands of qualified people to help out in this area.  The difficult tasks of controlling the timing and sequencing of the physics events that bring about the free energy conversion reaction are well handled, and success is inevitable. 

Isn't This Fraud?

On December 14, December 14, 2012 9:43 AM MDT [GMT-7], Craig Stangland sent the following by email: 

Isn't what they're doing considered FRAUD? They're taking money on the promise of a working engine that never materializes.

It seems that unless he can demonstrate a working model, he's absconding with investors' money. He'd be OK if he was still doing R&D, but that's not what he's doing. He's claiming to have a working engine.

I'm not an investor, but that said, it would seem to me that investors/others would want to call someone to demand that his operation be investigated for fraud and if so, shut down? Possibly you could post this link/information permanently on your website as a courtesy to your readers/followers? 

Then open the Government tab at the top.

Enough of these scammers. Time for them to put up or shut up. They waste everyone's time and money.

On a Positive Note, On Another Subject

December 11, 6 pm [GMT-7]
I was working on a story today about a company in Europe who has an exotic free energy technology. Several units ready to demo. 5 to 500 HP output. 15 days continuous run accomplished. University and third party tested. Needs engineering before going to market. I'm going to hold off on publishing the story, though, to give them more time to be prepared for the onslaught of interested groups. -- Sterling

Another Engine

Ron Williams writes:

Today at PowerGen Orlando, FL Dec 11th 2012,,, there it was witnessed, that the "Plasmic Transition Process Motor"™ of Inteligentry design was seen coupled somewhat to a Generator on a piece of Plywood with thin plexiglass panels glued together. And you would never believe it!
It was not running!

I am working extremely hard to make that CES Show with OUR OWN WORKING MOTOR!
Anyone interested? Contact me. 

Follow-up info; Dec. 13 from Stuart Campbell: 

This is from Ron Williams:

"Unfortunately just as in John's case, our Motor and controller was not ready for this show in time for shipping. We could have brought the 3 Test motors and showed them but I made the decision that it was not worth the expense to show just one of the motors running.
"I was hoping to have 3 running. So we made the decision not to spend the little money we had on hand for this show. With the space having a cost of $3900.00 for a small booth, it was not cost effective."

He is planning however to be ready for the CES Show in Jan, 2013.

He says he has a Motor/gen. His email to Pennwell applied for 750 watts with the Fire Marshall:

Quote of small section from email:

"The fire marshal approved the use of the small 750 watt running motor/Generator in your booth as long as it does not involve water."

Ron said this Motor/Gen had it made the show was going to be placed in the same Lexan case as John's. No fuel, no fumes, no electricity input etc. Of course he expected John's to be running as well.

Sounds awfully like an IPP or PTP type motor to me.

So now we appear to have BOTH Ben Gresham and Ron Williams with motors near ready ??

It's getting more and more interesting.

# # #

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