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You are here: > News > November 27, 2012

Water as Fuel -- November 2012 Update

Douglas Zork writes about the French company, Luxury Sea, which says they are still on track, but are now looking at first release of equipment in late 2013 or early 2014. A brief commentary about other water fuel technologies as well.

On November 27, 2012 10:26 AM MDT [GMT-7], Sterling D. Allan wrote to Angi Le Floch from Luxury Sea:

Are you abandoning your pursuit of running boats on water only, without fuel required?

On November 27, 2012 11:03 AM MDT [GMT-7], Angi Le Floch replied:

The project is still in development and very on track.
The first equipment will have to be released in late 2013 early 2014.

Follow-up from 

  • Luxury-Sea Boat Generates Electricity from Ocean Water - A company named Luxury-Sea is building a boat with a special device that is claimed to generate electricity from ocean water, to both produce hydrogen to fuel its engine as well as power its on-board electronics. (PESN; December 17, 2011)

On November 26, 2012, Douglas Zork wrote:

Mr. Allan,

I wrote the "water as fuel" summary below for my friends and family, based on your articles published on PESWiki. I added a little of my own research and analysis to update the story on Luxury Sea.
Maybe you would like to update the Luxury Sea story on PESWiki with the update that they appear to have been co-opted by the Men in Black. See my comments below...
Here are examples from the big corporate media sponsoring "water as fuel" skeptics, reminiscent of the Popular Mechanics hatchet job on 9/11 Truth...
This story from Pakistan's daily newspaper of record, Dawn, is just one of the most public and official accounts of the simple technology of a "Water Fuel Kit" that allows any gasoline-powered vehicle to be trivially adapted to run solely on water as fuel. The energy source enhancing the basic process of electrolysis is the vacuum, the physical medium of space-time itself, sometimes called "zero-point energy."
For the USA, this story published on the website of on 27 July 2012 would be the equivalent of a story published on the Washington Post or New York Times website, citing US Education Secretary Arne Duncan, on the record quoting President Obama and Treasury Secretary Geithner as having studied and highly valued the project, and promising full government support of the Department of Energy in developing the system.
Maybe the publishers, editors and reporters of one of Pakistan's newspapers of record, and top officials in the ruling cabinet of the Pakstani government are easily bamboozled by a transparent hoax perpetrated by incompetent and/or fraudulent scientists and engineers, or maybe they casually put the faith and credit of the Pakistan government at risk of ridicule and contempt?
Or could it be that We the People of the Anglo-American-NATO empire, from our professionals with first rate academic credentials to the common folk in the street, have been -- and continue to be -- bamboozled by our government's endless refrain that petroleum and "green" Uranium 235-enriched nuclear fission power plants, are the sine qua non of our "advanced" civilization, the very basis of our economy, leisure, and military power?
The affordable, safe, clean technology of "water as fuel" has been re-invented repeatedly around the globe over the past 30 years, quite often publicized, and always ruthlessly suppressed by governments, corporations and organized-crime enforcers at the behest of our old New World Order plutocratic elites.
In France, catch the modified "whack-a-mole" game in action...
Angi Le Floch of Quimperle, France, 28 years old in March 2011, graduated from a technical high school as a qualified industrial boilermaker, subsequently took courses in business school, and entered the family boiler making business. In an interview with the French newspaper, Le Telegramme, published 12 March 2011, he claimed to have created a 50,000 volt autonomous hydrogen generator, patent pending in France, which pumps in seawater and electrolyzes it to generate hydrogen gas on demand to fuel a modified 500 HP internal-combustion marine engine which powers the high-performance "Luxury Sea" motor boat.
He stated explicitly that the motor boat requires no fuel tank, i.e. no gasoline tank, no hydrogen tank, and only a normal marine storage battery to start the 50,000 volt autonomous hydrogen generator, and the 500 HP motor. The motor boat has an unlimited operating range at sea, and emits only water vapor as exhaust.
Asked about the pressure of the Oil lobby, he replied nonchalantly that he does not fear it. "To avoid any such pressure I have restricted myself to limited production luxury motor boats." Luxury Sea was planning to begin production of the MIG 675 and MIG 950 "Energie Sea" motor boats in Summer 2011. It was not to be...
Today, almost 18 months after Angi Le Floch spoke in no uncertain terms to Le Telegramme, "Esprit Mer Yachts", which is listed on the website as its only dealer, offers the MIG 675 and MIG 950, "with all motors equipped with the Energie Sea hydrogen module -- Increase your range by 70%".

The "Energie Sea" logo[icon[ now features a gasoline fuel gage with the usual diagram of a little gasoline pump in the center!
The unsmiling men in black must have paid Angi Le Floch the visit he thought to avoid by restricting himself to limited production luxury motor boats: "Here's what you are permitted to do with the free-energy, autonomous hydrogen gas generator -- you may sell it only to improve the fuel economy of gasoline-powered motors, by no more than 70%. Any higher fuel economy, and you and your family are dead -- do you understand already?"
In the USA, it's illegal to operate any motor vehicle solely on autonomously generated "hydroxy gas"...
Bob Boyce, a former speedboat racer and motor mechanic, in 1982 accidently discovered the secret of generating "hydroxy gas" fuel -- electrolysis of water using a minute input of electric power as high voltage pulses of specific wave form and frequency -- when a malfunctioning alternator on a racing motorboat began generating pulses of unusual waveforms of voltage, and the motor, burning gasoline with a little water accidently mixed in, simultaneously developed more horsepower. 'Struth!
At the 7:30 mark in this video, recorded in a cheesy hotel conference room in 2009, Bob Boyce describes a visit by the FBI, shortly after word of mouth had spread that he was testing a car, up on jacks in his machine shop, whose motor ran on 100% autonomously generated "hydroxy gas". "Autonomously generated", in this case, means that the "hydroxy gas" generator draws a minute fraction of the electrical power produced by the standard alternator driven by the car's internal combustion engine, the motor having been slightly modified to burn pure "hydroxy gas" instead of gasoline from the Oil companies' refineries.
The FBI agents told him directly, point blank, that operating a car on water as fuel is "not allowed -- you will not bring that technology to market." They further explained to him that, "It is a threat to the economy of the United States." As a warning, he was charged with violating EPA regulations prohibiting modification of approved emissions control systems on his test car, convicted on obviously perjured testimony that he had been seen driving the test car on the street, and sentenced to many years imprisonment. He was exonerated on appeal to a higher court, because he was able to prove that the pure hydroxy gas-fueled test car had never left the jacks in his machine shop. But he got the point.
It appears that the secret plutocratic government's current strategy in 2012 is to promote publicity and marketing of so-called "hydrogen booster" technology: simple, non-resonant hydrogen gas generators that do not tap the "zero-point energy", and are therefore incapable of running a car autonomously on water as fuel. Such hydrogen gas generators do improve gasoline mileage by up to 70% or so. This simple hydrogen gas generator technology was originally patented in 1918 by Charles Frazer, and of course, rigorously suppressed by the Oil interests for almost 100 years. Crumbs from the masters' table to distract the public from the present reality of water as fuel, completely replacing gasoline for all modes of transportation.
If President Barack Obama, and the whole pack of "Punch and Judy Show" politicians, were serious about "energy independence"... ;-)
See for many interesting articles and information links.
Interesting and informative videos on
Mark LeClair and Sergio Lebid of Nanospire, Inc. think they may have discovered the secret of "hydroxy gas" and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) aka "Cold Fusion": macrocationic H2O crystals produced by the enormous pressure of cavitation bubble collapse. Many of the jets were seen to have facets and to possess tremendous electrostatic charge. The crystal has an equilateral triangular cylinder subunit that most commonly forms jet hexagon cross-sections. The crystal is a series of repeating O-H bonds along its axis and is bound by hydrogen bonds in the cross-sectional plane, a type of hybrid bonded crystal known as a van der Waals crystal. The flexibility of the hydrogen bonds allowed the crystal to assume a rich variety of shapes, most commonly resembling a bacteriophage, with a large hexagonal faceted head and narrow whip tail. The crystal tail can split into a fractal fan on impact. The leading face closest to the bow shock and the sides of the crystal are positively charged and the tail is negative, allowing the crystal to form observed closed loops. The positive charge of the leading face and sides was revealed by impacting the crystal into litmus paper. This created bright red hexagonal impacts in green litmus paper, and purple hexagons in orange litmus paper, both indicators of zero pH and large positive charge concentration on the crystal.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

# # #

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Last updated December 24, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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