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You are here: > News > November 14, 2012

Breakthrough Energy Conference videographer a finalist for TV

In addition to filming the conference proceedings, the HealingSoundMovement crew also conducted 14 one-hour long interviews with some of the speakers, as well as documenting an organizational meeting I held in the evenings. ACTION: Vote for them as finalists in a TV contest.

John Consemulder and Renske Skills's 2.5-year old daughter, Ishaja, is shown in this screen shot from their promotional video.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Below is an email from John Consemulder, from the Netherlands, who was actively involved in filming in the two rooms where the Breakthrough Energy Conference was being held in Holland, as well as doing interviews on the side.

I found him to be an excellent interviewer when he interviewed me, having a strong grasp of the subject as well as a high passion for its success toward bringing about a better world. Demonstrating his/their zeal, it was lunch time when I was doing my interview with them, with two interviewees waiting outside, but rather than pause for a few minutes to eat, they merely took a couple of bites and kept right on going, pausing only to replace the batteries in their equipment, running three cameras.

He and his crew also privately videotaped (with two cameras) the proceedings of an organization meeting I initiated on the evenings of November 8, 9, and 11, to ride the momentum of this conference to get the various organizations represented working more closely together. We adopted a five-fold set of tasks to be part of the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement mission: Education, Vetting, Fundraising, Incubation, and Research.

So when I received his email today, in which he mentioned that he is a finalist in a Netherlands television competition, I wanted to pass it on to you as well (slightly edited), so you could click on the green button and help him win. The embedded music video below is in English, and was part of their submission in this contest.

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 1:07 AM
Subject: Re: My gratitude

Hello to all of you. This must have been the most important conference I have been part of, and so happy we got to film it all together with the amazing BEM team (talking about a breakthrough energy here, these guys know how to bring up their kundalini workflow ;-)

Ok...Don't try this at home: recording 14 HealingSoundMovement TV-interviews of about an hour each in 2 days (besides filming presentations of all speakers with 2 to 3 more cameras in 2 room simultaneously). Thank you Hon. Paul Hellyer, Dr. Moray B. King, Mark Dansie, Sterling Allan, Dr. Brooks Agnew, Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Nick Begich, Dr. David Martin, Michael Tellinger, George Ritschl, Ralph & Marsha Ring, James Martinez and Jeanne Manning for sitting down with us and bringing full disclosure (on camera!) on breakthrough energy technologies, Tesla technologies, cold fusion, implosion physics, energy from water, scalar electromagnetics, electrogravitics, bio-holographics, electromagnetic healing, orgone energies, non-local consciousness, infinite potential, and the full arsenal of better world implementation filled with hope and transparency... Also thanks to the amazing organization and all other speakers (we also filmed your talks). HealingSoundMovement TV and GlobalBEM will make sure everything will be available to the world online and on National Television!!! More news from our side later at: [English]

After 'recuperating' for one minute after this conference, I received the news our WorldPeaceChild initiative is a finalist for a possible funding project (and a place on National TV). We also have a section for 'Sustainable Kids' (I will be 'Dr Snuggles', the scientist that tries to convey the real truth to the children, who still have a clear and pure unity consciousness and do not have to format the limiting conditioning we grownups seem to share) so we will also bring BEM technologies to the world (and also through my HealingSoundMovement TV show of course). 

Check our videopitch to vote on here: [English]
[Click on the Green "Eens" button.]

You can help us become the winner (and therefore the children of the world, our future generations [will also win]) by voting with the Green knob for us (where it says: "Is dit de winnaar van de Blue Dragons Den 2012 Krachtige Starter?").

Our WorldPeaceChild song (that started this all, music produced by me, voice of our child Ishaja when she was 2.5 years old and my wife and singer Renske Skills) is over here: 

I'm so glad we met and you all made this happen. Please keep in touch (p.s. I'm currently also finishing an English version of a new book - the first book was 'Blueprint', about the real reality of Sound, light & non-local Information Transfer in a Multidimensional and Holographic Universe- entitled: 'Science FAction: The Truth about Antigravity and Free Energy'. If you know a suitable publisher please let me know!)

All the best to you all,

Dr. John Consemulder 

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated November 20, 2012 


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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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