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You are here: > News > November 4, 2012

NEST posts Idea-to-Market Process interactive document

There are many steps involved in bringing an idea all the way to market. Over the past several months, two of our associates at the New Energy Systems Trust have prepared a primer about this process, which would be good for all of you to be familiar with, no matter what your role may be, whether inventor, investor, entrepreneur, or customer.

Posted with permission.

Suggested donation for download: $5.00

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

After a few months of effort, composing, revising, reviewing, shifting sequences, getting advice, and integrating, all while keeping it simple, my associates at the New Energy Systems Trust (NEST), James Schmidt and Jim Rodney, have completed their "Idea-to-Market Process" tutorial document.

While the document is free to download, we do request a $5.00 donation if you can spare it. This document is easily one we could have required payment for prior to downloading, but we want to make sure that everyone who is interested in the info can access it; and often those who need it the most are the most indigent, having spent every spare penny they have on getting to the point they are at now.

Few people realize what all is involved in taking something to market. 

On the simplistic end of the spectrum, some people seem to think that once you get a technology operational, the next step is for it to show up on the shelf at the local retail outlet. That notion is about as unrealistic as thinking that new babies are delivered by a stork. Since the world we know is dominated by things we can go buy, it's easy to have such a simplistic mindset.

Even professionals who are involved in portions of the process usually don't know what the rest of the steps entail, other than in rough generalities. So I would dare say that pretty much everyone one of you will benefit from reviewing this brief, primer document, even if you are not interested in New Energy, inasmuch as the principles apply to most devices.

Whether you are an inventor with a device you'd like to see hit the market some day, or a customer anxious to see some of these exotic free energy technologies we talk about all the time finally make it to market, or an investor interested in investing in a promising technology, or an entrepreneur who wants to launch a business around one of these technologies, or an engineer who likes to improve designs, this document will help you all see how you fit into the whole equation. You will realize that while your portion is significant, so is the contribution by many others. It is a team sport, and while there can be some star players, none is so important or skilled that they can do everything on their own. 

Everyone involved in the process should be humbled to realize how many other skills are needed to take something the distance. Usually, the two sets who think they are the most important are the inventors and the investors. And very often, a conflict arises between them because they each over-value their own role.

In the spirit of the Body of Christ, no one entity can say, "I am all-important; I have no need of you." The hand doesn't say to the eye, "I don't need you;" neither does the ear say of the stomach, "I don't need you." The truth is that the healthy body is composed of all these parts, working together, each performing its own vital function. 

We have a family game with hypothetical questions for dinner conversation, and sometimes we get a question like: "Would you rather be blind or deaf?" Of course, no one wants to be either, but sometimes our life path requires that we be handicapped in some way. And it's not that we stop needing what it is we don't have, but we figure ways to get around it and still be functional.

So likewise, as you look at the above flowchart, you might realize that a technology you're involved with or tracking may have missed an important step. While this might make things more difficult, it can be worked around.

The reason we founded NEST last May was to help the best exotic free energy technologies make it to market. In communicating with people about this process, it will be good for us to have this document to refer to.

We don't claim that this document is in its perfection, but we are happy with its progress. 

For comments or suggestions on the "Idea-to-Market” process, feel free to post them down below or send a note to our Technology Director:
James Schmidt: 
Office: (970) 484-9731
Skype: jschmidt113

# # #


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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