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You are here: > News > October 29, 2012; 9:00 pm Eastern (GMT-5)

Hurricane Sandy Piling Perfect Storm Surge on New York City

The wind direction, combined with the high tide and full moon, along with the hybrid of three storms colliding, is poised to swamp New York City, crippling its mass transit infrastructure for weeks. Such would not be the case if exotic free energy technologies were already here. Evidence of weather control.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I've been watching the news on Hurricane Sandy (the Frankenstorm exacerbated by two other colliding storms) for the last couple of hours, and it looks to me like we have a worst case scenario for New York City, the financial heart of the United States as it is presently being run.

While the city is prepared to take the winds, it can't handle the surge without major disruption. If the subways are inundated, the saltwater can't just be pumped out and things go back to normal. The wiring has to be ripped out and replaced, and that could take weeks.

As of 5 pm Eastern, NOAA was predicting an 11 foot surges there, caused from the hurricane wind pushing the water toward land, like a funnel right into New York City, on top of high tide at full moon. 

Because this storm is a hybrid of three storms, it is lasting a lot longer and is manifesting extremes never before seen, such as the lowest barometric pressure in a hurricane.

High tide is expected at 8 pm, which is still during the higher point of the incoming surge as the eye of the hurricane presses further inland.

According to the Christian Science Monitor:

"The surge pushed ashore by the storm could be as high as 13 feet in places such as Stamford, Conn., and Staten Island, N.Y., according to estimates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Full-moon tides could add another foot, and near-hurricane-force wind gusts could produce 20-foot waves."

There are not yet reports from the mainstream news on this yet. It seems it takes them about 3-5 hours to compose and publish a story.

But from my un-trained eye, it sure looks like from a storm surge point of aim, this three-fold weather system took perfect aim at New York City -- the favorite target of false flag operations by the corrupt powers that be, who have had weather control technology at their behest for decades.

Here is a report from the Weather channel as of 8 pm Eastern.

If the subways are indeed submerged (and we won't know for a few hours), on top of that disruption will be the widespread, long-lasting power outages that are expected to impact some 50 million people in this, the most densely populated area of the United States.

President Obama has promised a quick, wide response, but with this disaster being spread so far and wide, it's more likely that he will come out looking as inept as Bush did following Katrina, which was also weather engineered. How the powers that be can stay in power, given all their bumbling, is beyond my comprehension. I don't get it. I guess when you control the mainstream press and dictate the propaganda, you can get away with just about anything. But at some point, the people are going to see that the emperor has no clothes, and there will be a mass awakening.

All of this loss of transportation and electrical infrastructure would be a non-issue if we had some of the exotic free energy technologies already in wide use. The power for the subways and trains and other vehicles would be on-board, pulled from the surroundings, freely from nature. No electrical infrastructure required. Homes could have their own generators, unaffected by grid outages. The only repair would need to be from structured directly damaged by the wind and water. Disruption would be minimal.

Why don't we have such power yet? Because the inventors have been languishing for decades for lack of funds and support while being squashed at every turn, at least up until now. Hopefully we are on the verge of several modalities finally making it to market at around the same time.

Here's what we posted in our news Sunday:

  • Conspiracy > Weather Control > Warfare >
    The Engineered Storm of The Century - Regarding hurricane Sandy headed for the U.S. East Coast, combined with two other storm systems, Alex Jones points out that 1) such a "frankenstorm" would serve Obama very well in the upcoming election, as sitting presidents tend to get buoyed during such catastrophes; and 2) weather engineering capabilities have been around for decades, with increasing capabilities, especially to steer them away. (Infowars; Oct 26, 2012) [The Wells team is not on this one.]

Here's a follow-up from Infowars, just posted to YouTube, as of 9:30 pm EST.

And this morning, we posted: 

  • UFOs >
    ETs Provide Volcano Abatement? - Last week, a Mexican news channel showed what appears to be a 200 meter long illuminated rod shaped object entering into an active volcano. Not likely to be anything of human origin, could this have been some kind of Extraterrestrial technology designed for volcano abatement -- an example of benevolent intervention? See also 'Spiral Vortex' radar, La Canada, Mexico. (YouTube / OaxacaRT; October 26, 2012)

Notice that in the "'Spiral Vortex' radar" link you see the beginnings of Hurricane Sandy heading north. Look on the 6th frame down. Huge evidence of geoengineering. There is no way that spiral pattern over Mexico is naturally-occurring.

And check this one out: Confirmed: Highest HAARP Readings Ever Seen Exactly Where Sandy Makes Landfall! 

I asked Patrick Flanagan what he thought about this storm and whether it was engineered. It turns out he had already sent me this email:

To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 7:05 PM [Mountain; GMT-7]
Subject: Fwd: a brief story loaded with intrigue

NY Storm Man Made

gillis patrick house of flanagan
encyclopedic synthesist

Hi Patrick,
This from a friend of mine who writes a monthly newsletter you have seen.


in March, a honest reliable intelligent friend of another reliable friend of mine in CR met an extremely influential fellow
my friend's friend was invited to chauffeur the fellow around San Jose Costa Rica
he wished to meet certain banks, the central bank, and to view some hotels and farm property
the fellow showed many credentials and claimed to be a rep from the White Dragon Society
the next few days convinced my friend that he was the real deal, or no evidence was seen to the contrary
he filled the CR central bank with a $5 billion deposit to keep the national bank system floating
he entered blue screen secure bank rooms and conducted some transactions
he displayed a staggering letter of credit above the $billions level
he met with some bank managers on site
he proceeded to describe their agenda in several conversations over coffee
he did not mention Gold in any way, only removal of corrupt Western bankers
he mentioned in some detail an undersea prison location in the Caribbean for housing bankers until they rot
it was cited as having a capacity of 5000, but its current cell count was 450 in March
he discussed 10 different topics
but for this message, hear this.....
he said the White Dragon Society was responsible for the Haiti earthquake in March 2010
it was a DEMO to show the US Military Syndicate that the Dragons have the HAARP tool also
he described the abuse of weather altering devices by the United States and the urgent need for reaction, to neutralize it
when my friend asked what their plans were with it, he said
they planned to hit the NYCity and WashDC power centers with an unusual hurricane
      and tsunami around October
their motive stated was to render damage to the national power center in the followup tsunami, not electricity
he said the storm would be atypical and would confuse the US weather experts
he referred to political power in WashDC and financial power in NYCity
he admitted that collateral damage was not avoidable
but he explained the US population had failed to patrol the corruption within the nation, politically, financially, or militarily
this entire story was in March, which was discussed again in April and May
the last time my friend's friend met the Dragon guy was about 5 weeks ago
as an aside, the guy has halted all humanitarian projects in CR, pending change in the president's office
he had some pet projects involving hospitals and a large center serving as a single mother residence
when I ask about physical description of the WDS guy, I heard the following
extremely good looking guy around 50-52 yrs old, with a partial Chinese look, but more like from California in the American mix
his English was perfect, his attitude was not pretentious, he seemed interested in helping the poor
he mentioned a few times the genetic differences of those in the WDS family, with some DNA details
they had an agenda, but that is not pertinent to the weather threat stated clearly 7 months ago
for the tsunami part, it my unprofessional view, an ocean-based earthquake must occur since a hurricane only causes a storm surge in waters
personally I am not rooting for the storm impact, since hundreds of 1000s of people will be affected, and many killed



# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated November 14, 2012


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   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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