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You are here: > News > October 21, 2012

MT Keshe's Scary Politics

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe calls Iran, Russia, and China "peace-loving nations", and says that Israel and the nations of the West are in a "checkmate" position due to " their atrocities of past decades and ... due to the wisdom of the Chinese and Russian leadership, the Syrian president and the foresight of the Iranian government and its religious leadership..."

M.T. Keshe

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

While we might be fascinated at the Keshe Foundation's claims to have plasma technology that can provide all the things that will be needed in a space mission -- energy, propulsion, food, water, health remedies -- it seems to me that the politics of Mehran Keshe are eerie, at best.

I tend to approach life in an "innocent until proven guilty" way, and one of the attributes I assume people embrace until I see otherwise, especially in the world of exotic free energy, is a love of freedom. 

Yet a missive by Keshe posted recently on his forum has me scratching my head and wondering just where he is coming from in his political outlook when it comes to the question of freedom.

See titled "The Peace Initiative," dated October 10, in which he says that the road to peace will entail the prosecution of the US leadership and the ascendency of Iran, Russia, and China.

I can agree with the first part of that, but not the latter.

I realize that the U.S. political body has become very corrupt, to the point that the freedom it is supposed to protect is now in jeopardy, not only in the U.S., but worldwide, due to its exports of propaganda in favor of a New World Order, which is all about a world police state, not peace. Unfortunately, the most likely candidate for the brutal "beast" spoken of in Biblical prophecy, which takes the world captive, is the United States, via its military might.

However, Iran, Russia and China are hardly bastions of freedom, and when "peace" is defined as total tyranny so that there is no resistance, then I must repudiate any such definition or cause. Keshe gives no such definition, but Russia and China have been tied to the concepts of Marxism for decades, that that is how Communism defines peace.

There is peace in a jail cell, if you don't count the guys in the neighboring cells screaming profanities at all hours of the night and day; or, as Gary Hendershot likes to say, "sharing a 6-by-9 with a guy named Bubba who thinks you're pretty."

Near the opening of his missive, Keshe says:

This checkmate position for Israel and the nations of the West is the result of their atrocities of past decades and is due to the wisdom of the Chinese and Russian leadership, the Syrian president and the foresight of the Iranian government and its religious leadership.

From now on, the world will be a safer place for all of us, as the bankrupt nations of the world, calling themselves world super powers, have been snookered into accepting the final checkmate by the peace loving nations of China, Iran and Russia.

Now world peace is nearly guaranteed, and from the Keshe Foundation’s point of view, we foresee the establishment of world peace through the wisdom of the Iranian, Russian and Chinese leadership.

From my perspective, not only is the US leadership corrupt, but so are the governments of all nations, including the Iranian, Russian, and Chinese governments.

To call the nations of China and Russia "peace-loving" is like calling a whore a virgin, unless there was a change of heart that I missed somewhere. What planet does Keshe live on? The last tally I saw had hundreds of millions dead at their hands (and the numbers at the hands of the US is not insignificant either).

I realize that English is not Keshe's first language, and he may be inadvertently misusing words here. "Snookered" implies deception and subterfuge, which are not positive traits, yet he uses that word as if it is compatible with the agenda of a peace-promoting countries.

Far too often, an inventor becomes his own worst enemy, for reasons that have nothing to do with the technology. I sent a copy of this story to Keshe a week ago, asking for his response to my concerns, hoping that maybe I'm missing something. He has not responded.

I must say that this post by Keshe makes me inclined to not want to have anything to do with him and his technology. I want to see free energy technologies come forward to empower freedom, not to squash it. Keshe seems to be rooting for the wrong causes in this day of transformation.

And for what it's worth, even though Keshe qualifies to be a Belgium citizen, he chooses to remain an Iranian citizen. It would make things so much easier for his travel if he were a Belgium citizen.

What do you think?

A colleague from Italy wrote: "There are no words to comment on such claims... Only sadness."

My wife said, "At this point, I hope he doesn't have the technologies he has been claiming!"

I'm removed Keshe Foundation from both the Top5 runners up and from the "Best Exotic Free Energy Technologies" page. Chalk it up to the "politics of science."

That said, here (slightly edited) is a comment from the Czech Republic that certainly gives reason for pause, in support of Keshe's position:

Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2012 6:01 PM [GMT-7]
Subject: Keshe revisited,

As far as I hate to mix politics and free energy, ask the question ... 

How many wars US started since WW2 ?
How many outpost US military has all over the world ? 
How many civilians were killed by US troops ? 
How many undeclared (not approved by Congress) wars were started by US ? 

Then answer these questions for China and Russia as well, put it to the table, make a graph. 

Then you see 27 whore virgins.

And on October 21, 2012 3:57 AM [GMT-7], Sensa Peace wrote:

Subject: Your last post on Keshe Foundation - the peace invitation.

Sterling, why are finding the article troubling ?
It is about peace, equality and forgiveness.
Even though options of dealing with the bully are sometimes limited.
When did you hear such a thing last time from Israel or from U.S. ?
The only thing that ever comes from us is bomb this and sanction that.

You are correct that all governments are corrupt. 
And Russia, China and Iran all have plenty of internal problems and suppression.
But you seem to have the biggest problem with them being called "peace loving nations".
But that statement is true, at least in a modern prospective of endless warfare.

Both China and Iran never had attacked another country in modern history.
And as far as Russia goes - it is no longer a Soviet Union, and it is no longer a socialist state.
To be comparing Russia today to Soviet Union is like to be comparing modern Germany with Nazi Germany.
So, where did you come up with "hundreds of millions dead on their hands" escapes my understanding.
And since Soviet Union has collapsed and Russia has emerged, it also never attacked another country.
In fact all three countries combined have all but one military base outside of their own territory.
(that is Russian naval base in Syria). Please, correct me if I am wrong.

So, in the context of 900 military bases worldwide that U.S. has just alone, and perpetual conflicts and 
governments overthrowing, not to mention political and economical terrorism that the western nations 
are engaged in, for the other three to be called "peace loving nations" is not too far of the mark.
Again, all things have to be looked at with perspective to each other. And even if those words were not
being chosen best, they are just not something to be upset about.

But look, I know you are not happy and troubled. And this is too big and important of an issue to be typing
about. So, let me call you. I think I can comfort you in your concerns. I happened to be much better in
spiritual understanding then I am in numerology, in case if you did not know, believe me.

But for now let me sign of with this; you should know who spoke it :

" those who exult themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exulted."

" those who are first shall be last, and the last shall be first, and so shall it be in the last days."

" blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth ;
blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be fulfilled ;
blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons of God ;
blessed are those who are prosecuted for the righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Peace, Sensa

On October 21, 2012 8:06 AM, Rey wrote:

To Sterling

1-Paul Helleyr- he was an unconventional politician and thus failed-guess he was simply too honest.. See Wikipedia for his bio....

2-Keshe- Did you really understood his theories ? I do not know about his space technology stuff BUT his RESULTS in regards to HEATH matters via his technology are undeniable..

So why do you push this under the rug ?

3-As being from Canada- I will tell you something- Romney is much more dangerous than 10 Obamas, the way I see it, he will NUKE Iran and the hole region....

In Canada we already have a sort of Mitt Romney administration (re Harper and his conservatives)-he is destroying everything-social reforms, health services, environment,etc and promoting big polluters and big oil and dead set vs all kinds of alternative health/energy/free energy.

His foreign policy is now being the mouthpiece for Israel

And incorporating Canada into US and making changes so we will have very similar systems especially the electoral one-it will be like in the US no limits on spending, corporations will be able to buy the elections and zero governmental funding fro electoral process (end of if party has received so many votes they get $1 per vote to help them pay for their electoral expenses-all this will go away as the limit any person/companies can invest into political parties..will at same time prohibiting any donations by unions etc..

China, Russia Iran all are controlled by the same NWO-their leaders are stooges.. International Bankers (Rothchilds and co) are all behind them, period.

You ought to listen to Alan Watt, not perfect but certainly put the dots on mani "i's " if you ask me..

4- Over here, especially in Quebec, a our civil liberties are going down the tube-police has a free reign to do almost anything-they have become more brutal ,violent ,sadistic and arbitrarily.

We now have over here peace and fear-even mainstream media are being targeted as well..

5-It will get worse- see this link on how Spain is going to assure peace and quiet with their new laws-yes even talking about free energy could become a crime as well..

Spain preparing a new law that will prohibit anyone filming/photographing police. Even putting it on Facebook Youtube etc will be considered a criminal act; in addition any appeal, comments or hints of encouraging people via social media networks to gather, assemble, demonstrate will be considered criminal acts and said authorities will have the final say in what they consider criminal intent..

Yours, Rey

PS-For your info a general strike has been called in Spain and Portugal starting on Nov 14th; in addition crucial elections to be held in Catalonia as to whether they will separate and central Spanish government stated that it will send in troops to restore order..

So we might get a 1936 Spanish civil war/revolution redux in 2012..

Here is the missing link- article in French- do use Google translator:

In regards to Keshe- why did you miss the point when he stated to you that Belgium was under the control of a powerful pedophile ring (politicians, bankers etc..) and they were impending his research..?

The upcoming law in Spain- it will be used by other EU countries as well-probably be a blueprint for an EU law and they will directly use it vs FREE energy..

Did you think for one minute they (those in power) would sit by and let their control/money wither away ?

Yours, Rey...

He makes a good point about why Keshe would not want to get a Belgium citizenship; yet I would argue that an equally strong reason could be made for any nation on earth presently, with how corrupt things are in all governments.

Former PESN colleague, Mary-Sue Haliburton wrote on Facebook:

Last week I spent some time on the UN website listening to the speech by Ahmadinejad, and making notes. They have webcam archives of every speech in the General Assembly, as well as all the committees. You can choose the original language or the voice-over. 

In the speech, neither in manner nor in content does the Iranain president come across as an insane war-monger. I am aware that he is portrayed as such, though with heavy media filters on top of the language barrier preventing us from getting a more rounded picture of what he actually says. I suggest listen for yourself and compare the man and what he says with how he's been portrayed. Is he the sole villain?

The U.S. slammed the doors shut after the Iran hostage crisis and unfortunately Canada has now closed diplomatic channels as well. Where will we find our modern equivalent to Admiral Arkhipov to decide not to push the button, if nobody is really listening to what the other side says?

Where are the modern equivalents to JFK and Kruschev trying to keep the communications open far enough to prevent war? Or has everyone turned fey, and committed to an orgy of mutual destruction rather than question the news?

Due to the thought-provoking, Western-thought-form-busting, introspective comments received above, I've moved Keshe back into position 6 in our Top 5. The politics don't have sufficient extreme weight to warrant the removal.

# # #

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