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You are here: > News > October 18, 2012

LENR-to-Market Weekly -- October 18, 2012

Rossi, third from left, poses with someone holding the Hot-Cat module at the conference in Pordenone. Photo by 22Passi.

(47/3) Highlights this week include: publication of Hot-Cat results at the Pordenone conference; Rossi in Popular Science and Scientific American; progress on Celani cell replication kit; trailers for two new documentaries.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of various news items about the various LENR companies since our October 11 compilation.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

I've added the parenthetical numbers at the beginning to indicate the number of stories catalogued and number of mainstream stories among those.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Technology
        • Turbine Trials With The Hot Cat To Start In a Few Months - Just 6 months ago, the Hot Cat was not even on the radar of those following the development of Andrea Rossi's LENR studies. Back then, 1 MW industrial plant was in certification progress, and we expected the domestic E-Cat to be released by 2013. Well, the domestic E-Cat is still in certification tests, and Rossi reminds us that he has no control of the proceedings. Certification is harder on domestic equipment that will be handled by the untrained general public. (ECatReport; October 13, 2012)
        • Self Sustain Profile of Hot Cat - Andrea Rossi has made some interesting comments lately in response to questions regarding the self-sustain activity in the Hot Cat. Here are the Q & As 1) Is it true? 218 consecutive hours in ssm? 2) If not true, how long are the ssm event durations? 3) Does the Hot-Cat still require one hour power, one hour ssm segments?.. (E-CatWorld; October 18, 2012)
          • Hot Cat Aces Self-Sustained Mode - The Hot Cat, developed by Andrea Rossi, just completed a rigorous test in which it has run for 218 consecutive hours in self sustained mode. What does this mean, exactly, to followers of the alternative energy source from the E-Cat? (ECatReport; October 16, 2012)
        • Rossi: ecat may Generate Electricity Next Year - Andrea Rossi has stated that he is close to being able to generate electricity with his "hot" e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device. That means the cold fusion device would be able to heat water to a temperature to make steam to run a turbine that would generate electricity. (EnergyCatalyzer3; October 14, 2012)
      • October 12 Conference in Pordenone -- Reports
        • Penon High-Temperature E-Cat Test Results Posted - Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer, has shared the results of an extended test of a high temperature module. If the results are verified by the group of third party scientists working towards validating the technology, it could mean the "hot cat" is a true breakthrough with huge implications for all of human civilization. (PESN; October 15, 2012)
        • 22Passi (Attended the event)
          • Friday, 
            Report from Pordenone - Part 0 - Pordenone redeems Zurich! Updates coming soon on this post. For now, I only say that I go home satisfied with what I've seen heard. See you soon. (October 12, 2012)
          • Report from Pordenone - Part 1 - I did not count those present at the meeting yesterday. The 60 seats in the conference room of the Technological Pole Andrea Galvani Pordenone were all full, but there were another twenty people standing and I think another eighty in the next room with a big screen set up.  ( October 13, 2012)
          • Report from Pordenone - Part 2 - As promised, as soon as YouTube has finished uploading, you will see and hear the long speech Rossi 24 hours ago in Pordenone Technology. This is a video of almost 50 minutes did with the iPhone, the audio in some places is not great, but it's understandable. ( October 13, 2012)
          • Report from Pordenone - Part 3 - 33 cm, 5 kg, 20 g of charge for 6 months, temperature 1000 ° C, COP 11 ... the HOT-CAT: a new promise for the future awaiting validation. (October 15, 2012)
          • Report from Pordenone - Part 4 - Since you now are already on the YouTube video of the conference in Pordenone (and I had trouble loading one shot by me) list the links of videos put online: (October 15, 2012)
        • E-CatWorld (in reverse chronological sequence)
          • Andrea Rossi on Business Plans, Philosophy - Many thanks to E-Cat World reader Renzo for this excellent translation of a part of Andrea Rossi's discussion at the Pordenone meeting on October 12th. This is a very interesting explanation by Rossi of his business strategy and his guiding philosophy regarding commercialization of his invention. The original Italian transcript can be found here... (E-CatWorld; October 16, 2012)
          • Reflections on the Pordenone Hot Cat Report - The reports coming out of the Pordenone conference, along with the data from Rossi himself indicate to me there is something very important afoot with E-Cat technology. The biggest surprise is that after Rossi has been repeating the mantra of COP 6 for so long, he presents data showing a minimum COP of almost... (E-CatWorld; October 14, 2012)
          • [FINAL UPDATE] Corrected (again) Pordenone Hot Cat Report - I have received from Andrea Rossi another correction to the Hot Cat Report, along with this message: Dear all: Last typo left: the ssm has been 218 hours, not 118 Besides: the energy produced has been cut of 30% to subtract all the possible margins of error. Warm Regards, Andrea The corrected report is... (E-CatWorld; October 13, 2012)
          • Report of Pordenone Meeting from Aldo Proia - Many thanks to Aldo Proia, for sending this detailed report of the Pordenone meeting. Dear Frank, As you asked some days ago, I send you a few lines about the meeting organized in Italy by the Technological Pole of Pordenone, which has been an extraordinary opportunity to illustrate the E-Cat technology to a top... (E-CatWorld; October 13, 2012)
          • Leonardo Corp. Releases New Hot Cat Report - The following document was sent by Andrea Rossi to E-Cat World. Note: I did not receive the attachments mentioned in the report below. LEONARDO CORPORATION REPORT OF THE INTERNAL TEST MADE ON THE HOT CAT Date of the Report: October 9th 2012 ATTENTION : THIS REPORT IS MADE BY LEONARDO CORPORATION, NOT BY A... (E-CatWorld; October 12, 2012)
          • [UPDATE] Andrea Rossi Provides Corrected Pordenone Hot Cat Report - Just received from Andrea Rossi — a corrected version of his report. He said he had sent the previous one accidentally, thinking it was the final version: LEONARDO CORPORATION  REPORT ON THE INTERNAL TEST PERFORMED ON THE "HOT CAT"   Report date: October 9th 2012 NOTICE : THIS REPORT IS ISSUED BY LEONARDO CORPORATION,... (E-CatWorld; October 12, 2012)
          • Latest E-Cat Report Received — To be Posted Oct 12th. - Just a note to E-Cat World readers — I have received from Andrea Rossi a copy of the report that he will be presenting at the E-Cat Meeting to be held on October 12th (tomorrow) in Pordenone, Italy. I have been given permission to publish it here in E-Cat World, but not before 7:00 a.m. US Eastern Time on... (E-CatWorld; October 11, 2012)
        • (in reverse chronological sequence)
          • Cold fusion, Italian researchers discover errors in searches - To stop the enthusiasm of the fans of the 'E-Cat and Andrea Rossi , after the success of the conference in Pordenone , we designed the 'Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics. In collaboration with other institutions, such as the University La Sapienza in Rome and L'Aquila University conducted a study on the work of Srivastava, Widom and Larsen on LENR. The results of this work, available on Arxiv , allow a degree of seriousness to the three authors disputed, but the report still basic errors, in particular, the errors of calculation would lead to overestimate the scope of certain phenomena. (October 17, 2012)
          • E-Cat: Cat sull'Hot the report shows a COP of 11.7 - Andrea Rossi make public the report of the test sull'Hot Cat, the high temperature version of the E-Cat, which show a COP impressive 11.7. ( October 12, 2012)
          • E-Cat: Rossi will present the Hot Cat in Pordenone? - On the eve of the meeting of Pordenone, new revelations of Andrea Rossi on E-Cat and Hot Cat, it could be presented tomorrow. ( October 11, 2012)
        • Cold Fusion, Rossi describes the progress of the E-Cat in Pordenone - After the presentation of the E-Cat took place in Zurich and our interview with Aldo Proia , commercial director and CEO of Prometeon Srl, the official licensee for Italy of the Leonardo Corporation, was recently held a conference at the Technology Centre of Pordenone entitled "Energy Efficient and Safe Mode"?, in which the engineer Andrea Rossi has illustrated the potential of his much-discussed invention (designed with Focardi). (International Business Times; October 16, 2012)
        • Cold Fusion: Red and Proia talk about their E-cat in Pordenone - E-cat. Cold fusion after Zurich arrives in Pordenone. Aldo Rossi and Andrea Proia, chief executive of Prometeon Srl licensee of E-cat in Italy, will be guests this afternoon at the Technology Centre of the Venetian capital to present the device to potential investors (both end high, ie SpA, that media, such as Srl). Conference is not open like the Swiss, but by invitation only and may reveal other news, particularly on 'Hot E-cat. (; October 12, 2012)
        • E-Cat Rossi enthusiasm after meeting Pordenone, but new questions about cold fusion - The issue of cold fusion continues to be one of the most debated. From a conference in Pordenone get reassurance on the development of the E-Cat. (WebmasterPoint; October 16, 2012)
        • Polo Technologico And The Hot E-Cat - The company Polo Technologico hosted the event, which in itself is a breakthrough. Many scientific and technological companies shy away from LENR, considering that it's traditionally not supposed to even exist. (ECatReport; October 16, 2012)
        • Andrea Rossi's Business Plans - E-Cat World recently received a transcript translated from Italian containing one of Andrea Rossi's lectures at the Pordenone LENR Conference. In this particular lecture, Rossi explains his philosophy toward business, and it's quite enlightening. It is also not surprising, considering some of the betrayals he has faced in the past. (ECatReport; October 17, 2012)
      • Popular Science article
        • Andrea Rossi's Black Box -- by Popular Science - A story mentioned on the cover of November's Popular Science magazine describes Steve Featherstone's experience in trying to track down evidence for Andrea Rossi's E-Cat. While that trek was frustrating, he seems to have been generally impressed by the LENR community and science. (PESN; October 16, 2012)
        • Energy in the Political Debate - I had wondered earlier this year whether the news of LENR would hit the mainstream during this US election cycle, but it doesn't appear that it will be a topic that will come up in any campaigns this time around. The Popular Science story on Rossi and the E-Cat is the closest thing we... (E-CatWorld; October 17, 2012)
      • New Book Includes Rossi E-Cat - Just a few days ago, Guglinski announced on the JONP that he is releasing a new book titled THE MISSED U-TURN, the Evolution of Physics from Newton to Rossi's eCat. In this book, Guglinski says he tries to "explain the evolution of Physics and the evolution of Quantum Mechanics so that to be understood by the lay reader". (ECatReport; October 13, 2012)
      • Adoption of "E-Cat", appeal to the Government and Ministers - Rome - APPEAL to the Italian Government and the Minister for Economic Development
        Corrado Passera: adopt as soon as possible in our country the new energy technology called the "E-Cat", invented by 'Mr. Andrea Rossi: economic energy, inexhaustible and clean (for the development and the harmonious growth of our country) (; October 14, 2012)
      • New Energy Times ("Snake")
        • Rossi Interview Transcript Excerpts Published - On June 14 and 15, 2011, I was in Bologna, Italy, interviewing Rossi and filming his Energy Catalyzer device. I also interviewed his colleague, Sergio Focardi, professor emeritus at the University of Bologna Physics Department, whom Rossi had befriended. I also interviewed Giuseppe Levi, a professor of physics at the University of Bologna. (Oct. 11, 2012)
        • Chronology and Dramatis Personae in Andrea Rossi's Confidence Game - New Energy Times has published three articles to bring our reporting of Andrea Rossi and his Energy Catalyzer hoax to a close. (Oct. 14, 2012)
    • Brillouin 
      • A Closer Look at Brillouin - As has been pointed out previously, as developments regarding LENR continue to occur at an increasing pace, and from a growing number of individuals and companies, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of relevant news. In the last article, (…) (ColdFusionNow; October 16, 2012)
    • Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project
      • Celani Wires Received by the MFMP - Changing subjects for a moment, there is an announcement from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project that they have received wires from Francesco Celani which they will need for the reactors they are building to replicate the Celani cells. Apparently there is some good cooperation going on between Celani and the MFMP, but it seems... (E-CatWorld; October 15, 2012)
      • US Company Building Copy of Celani's LENR Device - A company in Pine River, Minnesota, has built a copy of Francesco Celani's low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device and is conducting research with it. The research effort is part of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project a wide spread effort to disseminate Celani's technology (EnergyCatalyzer3; October 13, 2012)
      • Open Source LENR Effort Could Lead to New Technology Boom - The most transformative figure in low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) and perhaps in the world might just be Francesco Celani. The Italian inventor has launched an open source effort to share his technology with inventors and others around the world. The effort called the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project ... (ColdFusion3; October 14, 2012)
  • General Cold Fusion
    • Documentary Films
      • The Believers Trailer - A compelling science documentary about the story behind the controversial "discovery" of cold fusion is an official selection of the Chicago International Film Festival, playing this week! (; October 15, 2012)
        • The Believers: Cold Fusion at the Chicago International Film Festival - A compelling science documentary about the story behind the controversial "discovery" of cold fusion is an official selection of the Chicago International Film Festival, playing this week! Yes, you read that right, a SCIENCE film at an International Film Festival! (Scientific American Blog; October 14, 2012)
        • Screen Daily reviews "The Believers" - The first premiere of "The Believers", a new cold fusion documentary produced by 137 Films occurred last night at the Chicago Film Festival. From their F-book page, we have a photo of Directors Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross on (…) (ColdFusionNow; October 17, 2012)
      • Cold Fusion biological transmutations and other reflections on science - Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian (BigBangBoum Films - 2012)
    • ICCF-17 Reports
      • Lectures From Daejeon - The videos of the lecture from Daejeon ICCF-17 have arrived. I must lay out the ground rules and provisos. I am not allowed to rebroadcast the lectures. I am not allowed to release the password. These are the wishes of (…) (ColdFusionNow; October 17, 2012)
    • Cold Fusion Conspiracy Ebook – Chapter 4: Cold Fusion Conspiracies (Part Two) - Cold fusion as a suppressed technology (ColdFusion3; October 15, 2012)
    • Economic Boom - New technologies often lead to economic booms, sometimes to great economic booms. There is a strong possibility that the next great economic boom will be touched off by low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion. (EnergyCatalyzer3; October 13, 2012)
    • Petition > Cold Fusion/Widom Larsen Theory Renewable Energy - Half way to goal of 500 signatures. (; as of Oct. 18, 2012)
    • The metal Philosopher - One of the arguments put forward to explain the reason of the alleged nuclear transmutations related to the equally alleged excess heat that is generated when a metal matrix (Palladio, etc.) is being consumed hydrogen and / or deuterium - the phenomenon formerly known as "cold fusion "- is the possibility that the surface metal hydride there is a mechanism known as" inverse beta decay ":  (; October 16, 2012)
    • Cold Fusion: Black, but where are we? - Updates on cold fusion is like getting on a roller coaster. A succession of hopes and disappointments. But attention is high. (; October 16, 2012)

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