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You are here: > News > October 12, 2012

Happy Birthday (Phenomenal Day Yesterday) Patrick Flanagan (Tesla II)

After having a remarkable day yesterday, both personally and relating to the emergence of free energy technologies toward the marketplace, even commenting that there must be something significant about the date, I then realized why: it was my good friend, Patrick's birthday.

Here I am with Patrick in Sedona, Arizona, USA, where we spent some time together before I headed to the TeslaTech conference Albuquerque in July.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Yesterday was a phenomenal day in many regards. I'll give you as much of a sampling as I can squeeze in before heading off to a flight this morning to spend ten days with the #1 technology in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing.

At the end of the day, I said in a conference call to some of my colleagues in the Safe Haven Villages (SHV) intentional community project: "There has to be something special about this day, given the number of amazing things that have happened." 

I've been doing the "This Week in Free Energy" show with Gary Hendershot on his SmartScarecrow show for 1.3 years, and last night was the first time I've ever gotten choked up, being overcome with emotions about the amazing times we live in and the incredible things presently unfolding. I couldn't even talk for what seemed like a minute, though it was actually only a few seconds, before regaining my composure. (The show video is embedded below.)

The day started with me sending birthday wishes by Skype to Patrick Flanagan, who I introduced to the public for the first time on Tesla's Birthday this year on Coast to Coast AM as being a likely candidate as the Reincarnation of Nikola Tesla

Visit from Vernon Roth

Next, I was privileged to be able to spend a couple of hours with Vernon Roth, who was passing through and asked if he could stop by for a brief visit. When Vernon is a speaker at the TeslaTech conferences, his presentation is so charismatic and interesting that he has a crowd of people around him, gleaning all they can. Chit-chatting with him was a treat.

He brought a couple of bottles of his Regenesis H2O, "Imprinted with a Heaven-Earth Memory Circuit. Contains n-state (non-atomic) gold. Caution - strong electrical potential present. Discharge before use", followed by the necessary disclaimers. I used to sell that water years ago. At one TeslaTech conference (2005?), we had a circle of about 30 people hold hands, and one person was holding the bottle of water, then the person at the end of the circle dipped his finger into the open bottle; and when the arc came off the top of the water, everyone in the circle felt the strong discharge.

After a simple breakfast, I drove Vernon over to our SHV property just north of here so he could see it, since he's involved and interested in similar things. I was wishing he was part of our project, given his level of knowledge and wisdom. 

By the way, I did an interview with him at this last TeslaTech conference, which I forgot to upload. Here it is:

While I was at it, I also finally uploaded a video I shot of Daniel Gonzales at his GEET booth at the TeslaTech conference. And here is a video I did featuring John Fiala behind the scenes doing his AV work at the conference talking about his Rodin Coil work.

NEST Preparing to Launch Crowd-funding Platform

In our New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) conference call yesterday morning, we decided that we would make haste in getting a platform launched to feature/host crowdfunding initiatives in the free energy / clean energy sector.  NEST Vice President, Ray Jennings, has composed an excellent article about this, which we hope to post soon, probably when we launch a site.

Crowdfunding makes free energy democratic, no longer subject only to the graces (or not) of angel investors or venture capitalists. We would appreciate assistance in launching this infrastructure, plugging in the most appropriate platforms that have been developed to accomplish this.

Ticket to Fly to See #1 Tech Again

My objective for much of the day yesterday was to try and find a way to pay for a plane ticket to fly back to Europe to spend more time with the "confidential" technology I've had listed as #1 in our Top 5 since my trip to Europe last month.

That inventor just finished another prototype, which is of the type that, when properly engineered, could allegedly provide 1 megawatt of power via a unit just 1 M cubed, taking three guys one day to build it, and costing under 100,000 £ to build. I've seen it via Skype video, and I've been very anxious to see it in person and help him get some data on its performance.

I would also like to tinker around with one of the earlier prototypes which, with just a little modification, could possibly create a vector machine that would provide propulsion in the direction it is aimed. Imagine a propeller-less boat, or imagine a flying vehicle, or a rocket-fuel-less rocket.

Finally, I called my Dad to see if he could float me the money while I try and find a backer to reimburse it. He pulled through, and I got the ticket. Now I just need to get a way to reimburse him. Several people/groups were interested in helping, but had to consult with others first, and it may take a few days. 

The India group that promised to reimburse my last trip to Europe has not done so yet, so it's left me in a lurch. They are very preoccupied with other things they have going, some of which includes another self-looped motor-generator.

But I'm very glad to have a ticket in hand to get over to Europe again. Things will work out. They always do, though sometimes living on the edge can be a bit nerve wracking -- this walking by faith. (Speaking of faith, I appreciate all you who offer up prayers and other means of spiritual bolstering of those of us on the front lines in this endeavor.)

If you want to chip in, we'd appreciate it, though I expect that the larger players will come through soon enough.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that Patrick has been very supportive of PES financially, as well. It's primarily thanks to him that we've not had to put the donation hat out for the past several months. I was going to call him yesterday, but I figured he would be out somewhere doing something great for his birthday with Stephanie. He's already pulling far more than his weight.)

2012 Nobel Prize in Physics

Speaking of my Dad, an email I received from him yesterday informed us (family) that his friend and former colleague, David J. Wineland, from the Time and Frequency Division at NIST in Boulder, where I grew up, received (shared) the Nobel Prize in Physics Tuesday. I didn't read the press release closely, but from what I could gather, it appears that it is very similar to the work my dad has done.

Call from Raphial Morgado

It's been a while since we've had an update from Raphial, inventor of the Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine. He called me earlier this week to give me some great news about his technology that I hope to have up very soon. It's hard to keep up with everything, as astonishing things are happening at an incredible pace. He was curious yesterday about how my write-up was coming along. I told him I had hoped to have it done so that it would be the feature for today, but as of now, I still haven't started on it. Hopefully, it will be up by this weekend.

Self-Looped Motor-Generator Open Source

While I was getting things ready for the trip and for the SmartScarecrow show, Steve Spisak was Skyping me, saying he wanted to talk.

Though I was very busy, I decided to go ahead and take the call. I'm very glad I did.

He's one of the independent inventors I have listed on our index of Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over technologies. If you're not familiar with that one, go take a quick look at the intro so you know what we're talking about, and why this genre is #3 in our Top 5.

He said that thanks to the great support and input he's received recently, as well as over the years from us at PESWiki, he plans to open source a lower power design capable of producing
5600 Watts, costing only $1800 dollars for parts, and taking 6 hours to assemble, by people who know what they're doing -- maybe 12 - 24 hours for first-time do-it-yourselfers, using hand tools, bolting it together, with tap weld for safety. He thinks a 20 year warranty is possible. The off-the-shelf components from which it is made have a 30 year warranty.

The system entails a DC motor (credit back to Edison) running several AC generators (credit to Tesla), with capacitors and a battery to balance the system. Due to the requirement of both the DC and AC components to work optimally, he calls it the "Unity System."

He has ordered the parts to build and demonstrate this, and they should arrive on the 17th. And for a demo, he would have a battery cart that could be rolled away after bringing the system up to speed (takes a second or two, like a starter motor in a car), after which point it will self-loop, while powering 5.6 kW of load. He will put all these devices on a cart, and walk it around the block, while they are running, to show that there are no cords, no inductive power, just self-looped power (pulling energy from the surroundings through a mechanism not yet fully understood). 

We tentatively scheduled October 29-30 to have me come down with a camera crew and film this demo live. I phoned Mark Dansie, and he's available to go on that date, as well. It would make a good teaser video to submit to the networks for the reality show Pyramid Films is pulling together: Free Energy Quest.

Hopefully, the plans should be ready by then, as well.

He said this idea came to him over a 24 hour period when he was 12 years old (actually on his 12th B-day), and he had his first 30 kilowatt prototype built within a month, which he said has been running essentially continuously for 19 years. The only problem has been that they had to change a belt and a fuse.

He plans on starting a company to roll these things out, and do additional research and development. He said that larger systems are actually easier to achieve than smaller ones. "1 MW is easy." 

"If I use a Stargate motor set-up, I can run this motor on 2 Watts, 0.2 amps," he said. I hope to do a full story on this later, as he gave some great info for those who will be trying to replicate these effects.


Here's my presentation on the SmartScarecrow show that took place yesterday evening.

Russ Gries, who was the featured presenter, would be a good one to track regarding progress of the Noble Gas technology. He does excellent work and is deserving of support. Wouldn't it be awesome if he could do this full-time!

The portion of my presentation where I lost composure momentarily, was where I was speaking about the video introducing the Hunt Utilities Group as part of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (see to come up with a cold fusion kit that can be sold to universities to validate, consistently, that cold fusion is real, so that academia will stop calling it "junk science." The Hunt lab, personnel, equipment and capabilities are like something out of a top-notch university. They are close to replicating Francesco Celani's cold fusion cell that he demonstrated showing continuous excess output heat for several days straight at both NI Week in Austin, Texas, and ICCF-17 in Korea.

Though this doesn't tie directly to the #2 technology in our Top 5, it will be a huge development in the LENR field in general, giving a boost of credibility that has for too long been withheld for political reasons, not scientific. Here is that video:

Though that was the point in the show where the tears were triggered, the context of all these amazing breakthroughs coming down contributed significantly, not just cold fusion.

In case you didn't take the time to listen to the above SmartScarecrow interview, but you're still reading here, I want to mention that Rob Dew has invited me to do a recording for Infowars Nightly News this coming Wednesday. I don't know if it will air that night.

Thanks for those of you who took the time to offer your encouragement that they finally have me on. It contributed to this materializing. Rob has been tracking free energy to a certain extent, and is thus probably the best to conduct this interview from their network. Imagine how overwhelming it could be to someone to try and consider this subject, with all its dynamics. That's probably the biggest reason Alex has not touched it yet. He's got his hands full with the political topics he does such a great job covering.

Terminating JD's Lease at SHV

Right after the SmartScarecrow show, I had a call from the SHV group who had just finished their encounter with giving legal notice to JD that his Grow Utah First lease was null, and he had 30 days to remove his effects from the property.

J. is a great guy, but as a Dentist with an attitude of financial superiority as well as leadership pre-eminence, he has been a bad fit for the "community" we have been trying to create where things are done by consensus. We've had nothing but drama with him for the three years he's been involved with us. It has gotten so bad that we've lost motivation this summer and have spent hardly any time there. Finally, yesterday, we put our foot down. No more. His lease is null and void. The contract stipulated that he would have at least one greenhouse up and running within 9 months, but he still doesn't have one running three years later, despite having many volunteers helping, traveling each week to work on the project, spending some $60k from his own money. If he was a team player, he could have accomplished his vision, which is wonderful.

I had remarked to the SHV admin group that it seemed to me like J. was our microcosm manifestation of the tyranny principle. I can't help but reflect on the significance of our putting our foot down on this date. This has been percolating for at least a year, and finally materialized yesterday.

Call from Welton

Just before the SmartScarecrow show, my friend and former associate who got me started in free energy a decade ago, Welton Myers, phoned me up to ask if I knew JD. Its been many months since I've heard from Welton. Considering the significance of the day, I find it beyond coincidence that he would ask, especially this particular question.

"Funny you should ask," I replied.

Apparently, J. is scheduled to drive down and meet with Welton about an energy technology this weekend.

Welton said that J. had talked as though he owned the place (SHV property/project), and that didn't seem in keeping with the spirit we were trying to foster for the community project. (The place was purchased through the sale of my wife's and my home in Eagle Mountain, which my dad had purchased, and which we were paying him for.) 


As I was trying to sleep last night, mulling over the events of the day, I had a flash of inspiration in answer to my question about "there must be something special about this day." It had been Patrick Flanagan's birthday! And as that realization hit me, a tear rolled down my face, and I was fully awake, so I got up, finished packing and wrote this story before heading to the airport.

I know that I have amazing birthdays, with all kinds of awesome things happening (relating to what I'm focused on in my life at the time). And speaking of birthdays, I left for this last trip to Europe on my mother-in-law, Susan's birthday [Susan was the spokesperson for SHV this evening], and I returned on my Dad's birthday. That day, September 25 had been remarkable, as well.

On that day, I did my first ever TV interview on Free Energy, at, which happens to be located about three miles from where I grew up in Boulder, and is about 100 yards away from the LDS Stake Center my dad had built while he was serving as Stake President. Before I had known the location of the studio, I had mused on the synchronicity that my first TV interview appearance regarding Free Energy would be in the town where I grew up. Then it turned out that it took place on my Dad's birthday, next door to the building that is the hallmark of his spiritual life while living there.

Here's an amateur video I shot that day of some behind-the-scenes perspective of the Boulderado where they put me up, and the studio where the interview took place.

Consistent with the auspicious context, the interview with Regina Meredith of Conscious Media Network went extremely well. They want me back to do key updates. Regina resembles the anchor I saw today in the airport on CNN. She's very professional and an excellent hostess. 

The guy in the blue shirt used to be a producer for the History Channel. After my interview, walking me to the airport shuttle, he said that if Pyramid Films ends up not doing the "Free Energy Quest" reality show, that he would be interested in doing it.

In Closing: Preventing WWIII

Considering all these things, perhaps you can see why my heart is so full to overflowing with satisfaction at the amazing developments unfolding. All these years of hard work by so many of us are beginning to pay off. And none too soon, as the conspirators are putting on the pincer move to crash the economies of the world and bring us into WWIII to turn us all into slaves of their global police state.

The emergence of these free energy technologies can play a huge role in making an end run around the conspirators' plans, peacefully. Supporting the emergence of free energy is one of the most effective things you can do to prevent society from hitting the wall, facilitating instead their seeing the handwriting on the wall and waking up before we get to that point. 

The cataclysm prophecies are conditional. We have a choice to make as a civilization. We don't have to hit the wall before we wake up and turn to God and goodness.

This is as true of individuals as it is of society as a whole.

May we opt for the path of waking up before we hit the wall. I don't think any of us want a total meltdown of civilization, which could take decades to recover from, for those few who survive.

Even now, as I write this, my eyes are brimmed with tears, and my heart rejoices and yearns at the same time for us to opt for fully waking up and fulfilling our destiny as a race, instead of hitting the wall and having to rebuild, or, even worse, start over.

# # #

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