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You are here: > News > October 10, 2012

Discovery of Macrocationic Crystalline H2O Cavitation Reentrant Jets and their Role in Cavitation Zero Point Energy, Fusion, and the Origin of Life

An upcoming presentation by NanoSpire CEO, Mark LeClair, at the Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water; will provide an overview of data and theories addressing the structure and dynamics of crystallized cavitation reentrant jets in coherently extracting zero point energy, triggering fusion and driving prebiotic chemistry.

Picture of the crystal chasing its tail

Close-up of a trench carved by the crystal powered by the LeClair Effect

A crystal that has joined head to tail, formed a closed loop molecule and electrostatically embedded itself into steel. The rusty appearance of the impact is a result of rapid oxidation because of the crystal's acidity.

Mark L. LeClair, CEO and Founder of NanoSpire, Inc., is an invited speaker for the upcoming 7th Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, being held from Oct. 18th through the 21st at Mt. Snow Resort in Vermont. He has been sponsored to attend by both the conference organizers and a Directors Fund grant from the NASA Maine Space Grant Consortium (MSGC). The following is the abstract of the paper he will be presenting.


Macrocationic, crystallized cavitation reentrant jets were first observed during an investigation of directed cavitation reentrant jet nano and micro-machining in water by the author in 2004 in Buxton, ME, on grants funded by the Maine Technology Institute. I again observed the same behavior in 2005 on work funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority as PI, with co-investigators Serge Lebid, EVP NanoSpire, Inc., Prof. Eric Eisenbraun of Albany Nanotech, and others. The extreme pressure and temperature of cavitation bubble collapse was compressing dissociated water H+ and OH- ions at the bubble interface into solid, faceted macrocationic crystals possessing an equilateral triangle crystalline subunit. Reentrant jet impacts formed pit cross-sections that were equilateral triangles, regular or oval-shaped hexagons, twinned crystals such as hourglasses, or hybrids of triangles and hexagons. The presentation will provide an overview of data and theories addressing the structure and dynamics of crystallized cavitation reentrant jets in coherently extracting zero point energy, triggering fusion and driving prebiotic chemistry.

The cavitation reentrant jet crystal has enormous positive electrostatic charge concentration and induces a negative charge on the surface of any nearby object. Electrostatic attraction then draws the positive crystal towards its negative induced charge on a nearby surface and imbeds the crystal with great force, imprinting a fossil image of the crystal’s facets in a wide variety of materials. The crystalline structure presents a concentrated number of protons on the surface giving it a very low pH. Bright red hexagon jet impact pits in green litmus and purple hexagon pits in orange litmus all indicated zero pH. The crystal is short-lived, typically persisting for a few microseconds in water, isolated by a super-cavitating water vapor column. The crystals can form linear or helical strands, with large bacteriophage-like icosahedral hexagonal heads and long narrow whip tails and can join head to toe, forming coils that can also supercoil, like DNA. A new diamond-like tetrahedral SP3 orbital structure is proposed, based on the crystal’s subunit equilateral triangular structure and dissociated water composition. The proposed molecular structure makes the crystal twice as strong as a diamond and up to 5.5 times denser than ordinary water. Sinusoidal reentrant jet buckling data used with the Euler equation indicates that the crystal is ten times stiffer than tungsten.

The cavitation reentrant jet water crystal plays a central role in coherently extracting zero point energy via the LeClair Effect, which triggered intense fusion, fission and transmutation in water during grant funded landmark experiments conducted August 24-25, 2009 in Buxton, ME by Mark L. LeClair and Serge Lebid of NanoSpire, Inc., that produced 2900 watts of hot water flow from 840 watts of electrical input. The transmuted material has been analyzed by SEM-EDAX, XPS and LA-ICP-MS, revealing that the transmuted material was generated by small scale supernova nucleosynthesis forming on the supersonic bow shock surrounding the crystal. Seventy-eight elements were detected, along with short-lived isotopes.

Crystallized cavitation reentrant jets are also the template for the origin of life. Observed large scale cavitation nucleosynthesis seriously challenges the paradigm that supernovas were the primary providers of the building blocks of life. I presented my theory to the NASA Astrobiology Institute in 2001 that cavitation reentrant jets generated by the underwater wake of asteroid and comet ejecta impacting into oceans and lakes during the primordial bombardment generated life. Cavitation was also generated from volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes, wave action and other natural phenomena. Helical cavitation reentrant jets act as exact geometric and molecular templates for the assembly of DNA, RNA and protein. The correct size protein, RNA and DNA reentrant jet templates only form within the same submicron size range where cavitation induces and accelerates unusual chemical reactions. The crystals can join head to toe, just as RNA and DNA 3’ and 5’ ends do, forming helical coils that can relaxed or twist and writhe into supercoils. The discovery of the crystal and its effects will have a dramatic impact on the physics, chemistry and biology of water. Please address all correspondence to: Mark L. LeClair

Mark L. LeClair
NanoSpire, Inc.
25 Jesse Daniel Drive
Buxton, ME 04093-6565
Ph: 207.929.6226


A NASA First?

Mark LeClair wrote: 

"I think this is the first time NASA has provided funds that endorse zero point energy and one of the few awards granted by NASA in the LENR field in general."

To which Moray King replied:

I would not declare that "this is the first time NASA has endorsed zero-point energy." I attended the advance propulsion NASA conference in 2000 in Salt Lake City. There were numerous papers presented involving zero-point energy; many of the presenters had NASA grants. Typically, the results were for small effects. It was considered "politically improper" to mention large effects or flying saucers. The most prestigious speaker was Bernie Haish, who theoretically derived how inertia itself is a result of ZPE-particle interactions.

Of course, the magnitude of your discovery is in no way diminished by apriori theoretical papers regarding ZPE and propulsion funded by NASA grants. You have an easy to replicate experiment that produces a huge result beyond the accepted paradigm. A replication by a few universities changes the world. That is why it is so important to find some allies in academia.

Mark LeClair then responded:


Thanks for the clarification, I'm not surprised. I tried to stick a qualifier in there; I wasn't really sure.

The important thing is that the NASA MSGC put their name to what they read in the Director's fund proposal. The NASA MSGC knows me from work I did as a co-investigator with Prof. Ivan Most on two MSGC seed grants, along with co-investigator Prof. Steve Walk when he was faculty at Maine Maritime Academy. I built a 3D CFD model of the Destiny module of the International Space Station for NASA Marshall, through MSGC seed grants Ivan and I received in 1999-2000, to simulate toxic gas releases from fires and micrometeorite impacts. Ivan was going to investigate the human factors and was also working with NASA Johnson. Steve was investigating using the State of Maine Research vessel as an earthbound facsimile for the ISS.

The MSGC seed grants led to my applying for and winning a MSGC Directors fund grant in July, 2001, to present my origin of life theory to the headquarters of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, at NASA Ames in Mt. View, CA. The MSGC funded presentation that year and a Foresight Institute presentation I gave a few months later led to the creation of NanoSpire, so we are very grateful for MSGC's assistance and the critical role it played, then and now with the new Director's Fund grant. 

Maine Technology Institute deserves a lot of credit for helping NanoSpire grow after that, funding the three seed grants that led to the discovery of the crystal and the LeClair Effect. 

# # #

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