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You are here: > News > September 25, 2012

My First Free-Energy-TV Interview -- Here in Boulder, Where I Grew Up

Somehow, it seems fitting that my first television interview regarding emerging exotic free energy technologies would take place just a couple of miles away from where I grew up. With a reality show pending as well, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new day, as the free energy revolution empowers the individual and disempowers the powers that be.

Here I am at the Boulderado.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I just posted the following comment to Facebook:

Regina Meredith, of Conscious Media Network, has an audience similar to the Coast to Coast AM audience, but she is very thorough in preparing for her interviews. She only does one or two a month, and she takes a lot of time to get ready, reading up on the subject and the guest. Since four months ago, she's been involved with who has been filming her interviews for their TV network, both live and taped.

They have been very generous to me, booking a flight from Ft. Lauderdale straight to Denver, so I wouldn't have to go to Salt Lake first, then back over the mountain, while I'm still recovering from jet lag. And they put me up in the historic Boulderado hotel, Boulder's first luxury hotel, founded in 1909. It brings back fond memories. I think we had our senior prom here.

The sleep thing is getting a bit wild, as I slept a lot on the plane, so by the time I tried to sleep last night, I was wired, having great dreams about the TV interview. Finally I got out of bed at 3:30, which is merely 5:30 am, the time I've been getting up the last two days in Florida. But I figure, my biological clock will have me at 5 pm local when I do the interviews, so I should be fine.

The reason for this story is that I keep having the nudge to inform the local paper, the Daily Camera, that a Boulder native is here making some news.

I've not lived in Boulder since I graduated from Fairview high school in 1982.

It seems like four lifetimes ago, I've been through so many extreme life experiences since then. I certainly am not the same person I was back then -- the goofy, immature, religious Mormon fanatic, straight A, singing nerd with a fro. Well, at least I'm still not some of those things. Hopefully at least I've got fanaticism out of my system. And my hair is too short and sparse for the medium afro.

I was telling my wife last night, wishing she was here with me at this amazing hotel, that I can't help but think that there is something symbolic about me doing my first Free Energy TV gig from Boulder, where I grew up (or at least left home, having come of age. It's taken decades for the growing up part, which is still in progress.)

I found out yesterday, from the driver who picked me up from the airport, that the, where we'll be taping, is just a couple of miles away from the house where I lived since I was about four (prior to graduating), out behind Spanish Hills, east of town.

I know it's not good to build things up in your mind, but I can't help but feel like the timing of this first TV interview is highly fortuitous. 

  • The world of exotic free energy is coming of age, with many different genre's nearing the marketplace, with each genre having several significant players. A momentum has built to the point that these things are unstoppable, no longer to be suppressed.
  • The world certainly could use these technologies, as the global economies teeter on the brink of total collapse. Their emergence can prevent our addicted culture from hitting the wall and wrecking our infrastructure, getting them to see the handwriting on the wall and change their path before hitting the wall.
  • As people realize that these technologies could have come forward decades ago if only mainstream academia, media, and government had rendered support rather than suppression, they will be really pissed off, and those sources of reliance will grow even less credible in the eyes of the people. Alternative everything will begin to take firm hold, as people wake up, not only to free energy, but alternative medicine (natural remedies that work better and are much cheaper), alternative religion (taking personal responsibility for one's spirituality rather than leaning on denominational bodies), alternative communities (a return of happy neighborhoods that work together and love each other), alternative schooling (getting out of the government mind control traps). We will pass through a metamorphosis as described in the amazing film: Thrive.

Trends researcher, Gerald Celente said that a solution he could see averting the pending meltdown that is all but sure otherwise, would be the arrival of a genuine energy breakthrough -- not of the incremental ilk of solar and wind, but of something that would drastically cut the cost of energy, while creating jobs in its roll-out. And that is the promise of these emerging technologies: distributed (even portable), clean, reliable, and affordable.

The arrival of exotic free energy technologies to the marketplace could be bigger than the Internet in its impact on human civilization. And one of the biggest impacts will be that it will empower the individual. Because they are no longer forced to work at jobs they hate, just to survive, they will be able to pursue careers that they love, what their god-given talents and destiny call them to do. When people do what they love, they are 6 times more productive than when they do what they hate, for someone else. That empowerment is huge. It, along with the spiritual enlightenment that needs to accompany it, will render the New World Order obsolete, along with their planned crash of the world economy to turn us all into slaves to their police state system.

The Free Energy Quest reality show I'll be hosting, if we can find a network to take it (the promo package is still being prepared by Pyramid Films, the people who produce Underground Bunkers with Scott Bales for Discovery channel), will be launched in not too many weeks from now. Discovery accepted Scott Bales' show the first day it was presented to the networks. Both he and Dixon, who is the producer, are very hopeful and excited about the prospects of the show.

If my recent foray through Europe for two-plus weeks is any indicator, there is more than ample fascinating, intriguing, hope-inspiring, humorous, dramatic content for a weekly program along these lines. Check out my Itinerary page where I gave a skeletal review of my travels. I gave a synopsis of the highlights in my recent story: Steorn Definitely Not Dead -- Free Energy Technology Coming.

Those who have been tracking our  Top 5 listing, will notice that a new technology has moved into first position. This technology would be super cheap, super easy to build, with a high energy density; and whether or not the inventor chooses to open source the core principle, while licensing the advanced designs, it is likely to create a tsunami of invention and development from around the world. It is something that has been overlooked because it is so simple. People's first thought is, "This can't possibly work. If it did, then surely we would have developed it at least during the Industrial Revolution, if not before." We certainly could have. The math is solid and is based on one of the most basic equations in science, that no one can argue with.

The inventor has been guided / driven by a reoccurring dream he started having nearly two decades ago. First, he was wandering through a desert with one mirage after another, driving him forward, only to find nothing. Then, suddenly, the surroundings changed. He was inundated with a flood of water, rushing along, just in the nick of time.

That flood, I believe, will be the open sourcing of his technology. But in order to get him to agree to open source, I told him I would try to raise half a million dollars through crowd-funding so he can get a functional laboratory, so he doesn't have to keep farming out the simplest modifications to his design, taking weeks when he could do something in a few days. He used to run a machine shop. And he has started several businesses. His life is consistent with a theme of being prepared to bring this forward at this time.

I expect to have a contract with him in the next few days to proceed on that crowd-funding approach.

# # #

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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