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You are here: > News > September 11, 2012

2012 E-Cat Conference Report: 1 MW E-Cat Ready

Andrea Rossi reports the third party test results on the Hot Cat R&D project, September 9, 2012, Zurich. Photo by Sterling Allan.

Here's my next installment on the E-Cat conference. Rather than fixating on how low the 2.5 COP is, remember that the most significant data is the Ragone plot, which puts the energy density in the same region as nuclear power. Donovan's theory on the atomic process.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

For me, I consider attending the 2012 E-Cat conference in Zurich to be one of the top five things that has happened so far in the decade I have been covering exotic free energy developments. The quality of the venue was excellent, as I had anticipated; but the material presented and the caliber of people attending were above my expectations.

We are on the brink of a major unfolding, as this cold fusion technology begins to make its way into the marketplace.

You may have noticed that prior to the conference I had moved the E-Cat from the first to the second position in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, putting the self-looped motor-generator class in the #1 spot, but that since the conference, I have moved the E-Cat back into the top spot.

This is because I found out that TechnoKontrol (listed first on the self-looped motor-generator page) doesn't yet have a product available for sale (a flawed assumption on my part since it was listed on their products page), though they are close; and because Roger Green, who I spent the day with yesterday and again this morning, pointed out that the 1 MW E-Cat is presently available for sale for industrial applications. (I don't have a business relationship.) One third of the $1.5 million price is paid up front, and two thirds is paid after a successful performance test; and if the performance test doesn't meet the specifications, then the deposit is refunded.

I should also point out that the news from NyTeknik yesterday regarding the Swedish investors pulling out of the pending 65 million investment in the Swedish licensee deal was because of lack of adequate performance of a test of the Hot-cat, which, shouldn't have been a stipulation in the first place, because the Hot-cat is still deep in research and development. That was a reckless gamble. And they didn't even make a full test of the device.

As I've observed some of the comments about the conference, one of the criticisms has been that the 2.5 COP result (which is questioned) of the hot-cat third party testing is not very interesting and is seen as a let-down. However, they don't take into consideration the very important point that the third party testing is being done with the throttle turned way down for safety reasons. Also, the testing is not done yet, nor is the report. Much higher output:input ratios have been achieve and can be pursued in the future.

A little secret I'll let you in on is that Rossi does have self-looped data for the Hot-Cat, but chose not to release that at this time. Self-looped is effectively a COP of infinity. One likely reason for Rossi holding back on that data is that the present stipulation of the safety certification requires that the unit not be self-looped. This is partially because if the input is externally derived, such as from natural gas, then it can be shut off, stopping the reaction; whereas in a self-looped system, such a rapid shut-off would not be as easy.

Within a couple of months, a 1 MW unit is supposed to be installed in Northern Italy that will be able to be inspected by potential buyers. I talked to someone at the conference who may purchase one in Hawaii, and he would gladly let people come see it. Human nature is such that there are few who dare to be first, while most people race to be second.

The most significant point of data that was presented by Rossi at the conference was from the Ragone Plot of Energy Storage. The "Specific Energy" and Power Density put the Hot Cat data over in the region near nuclear -- way beyond the range where chemical processes are found.

With last week's achievement of getting safety certification by SGS of the 1 MW E-Cat for industrial applications, the unit is now clear for sale in all countries recognizing SGS, including most, if not all of Europe. Rossi told me in our ad hoc interview after the conference that this certification came sooner than he had been expecting.

I spend the day following the conference and the morning after that with several people, including Roger Green and Bill Donovan from E-Cat Australia. Bill and another scientist, who asked to remain anonymous, hit it off like twins. They both have been studying LENR for years, and the anonymous guy actually had theorized the idea of cold fusion before Pons and Fleischmann even came along with their announcement. I enjoyed watching the two of them dialogue back and forth, chiming in with a few questions of my own. The see the strengths and weaknesses of Rossi and the E-Cat, but overall, they are favorably impressed, both with his technology and with his courage to forge ahead and lead the way in bringing the long denigrated technology to market. 

Donovan has an interesting theory about what is happening on the atomic level, theorizing both a Hydrogen-to-Deuterium (non radioactive) transmutation and, secondarily, a Nickel-to-Copper cascade, going through several steps. He showed us some calculations / simulations he did that corroborate this model. But he is not yet ready to publicize this theory. He said that the evidence that Rossi is reporting is consistent with that theory that has been corroborated mathematically.

What is very significant about this is that it explains why the reaction dies down enough after six months to need replenishment of the reactors. Deuterium quenches nuclear reactions. By six months, enough deuterium has accumulated to diminish the reaction enough to require a swapping of the reactor elements.

Here's a few-second video of a group shot from our September 10 trip on a Ferry.

My favorite part of the conference was where Rossi responds to a portion of a question, and says:

"I am not strong, I am not intelligent. I believe in God. I ask God, 'Should I go ahead?' If the answer is, 'Yes', then I go ahead; if 'No', then I don't."

I was deeply moved by his humility and acknowledgement of a divine source in what he is doing. I've seen a lot of charlatans defer to God as a way to get people to put their brains in a jar and accept things on faith rather than properly scrutinizing them. But I did not detect that motive at all in this candid moment. Actually, it helped me understand the very complex man, and maybe why he doesn't go along with the many suggestions being offered to him, left and right, from well-meaning people. He doesn't take his marching orders from his peers. Along those lines, check out this humorous T-Shirt someone came up with.

Here's an excerpt video of that portion:

I have more to report, but I want to get this out. I took a bunch of photos and notes from the conference.

You'll have to excuse me, as it is hard to get these reports done while travelling.

Today I spent time with Nicolas Chauvin of, who is involved in preparing a kit to replicate the Celani cold fusion reactor. He took me to see the Tokomak reactor there on the university campus where his office/lab is located. I'll be doing stories about both of these.

# # #

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