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You are here: > News > August 27, 2012

Aviso demonstrates capacitor-based "OU" system

Ismael Aviso has posted several videos showing his electrostatic technology that allegedly pulls energy from the surroundings. In these videos he runs the system on capacitors with just one small battery to run his circuitry. Nexus reporter/ physicist, Jerome Dangman witnesses it running for 30 minutes.

Jerome Dangman from Nexus witnessed Aviso's demonstration on August 24, 25, 2012.

| Stream |

45 minutes

Interview > Listen
On August 24, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with Jerome as part of the Free Energy Now series.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Ismael Aviso, the Filipino inventor who claims to have a technology that uses a Tesla type antenna to harvest energy from the environment, recently has been posting several videos showing his latest iteration in operation. It entails a very large bank of capacitors of varying capacity, and just one small 12-V battery to run the circuitry. On the output side is a 11 kW DC motor in the first video, then a 46 kW DC motor that wasn't under load in the last two videos.

The system entails tapping into a local cell phone signal to use as a signal to be amplified through the Tesla coil. It also entails tapping the back EMF from the DC motor, as demonstrated by there being no sparking at the commutators when running.

On Thursday and Friday, he had Jerome Dangman from Nexus Magazine (French), visiting to inspect his prototype. I interviewed Jerome on the night after his Friday visit, to talk about his experience.

Jerome, who teaches second-year Physics in an engineering college in France, seems to think that there is no way those capacitors could run the 46 kW DC motor for a half an hour, which is what was demonstrated. He thinks that Aviso is somehow tapping into "the vacuum" to extract the extra energy that appears to be showing up.

Skeptical of the Skeptic

However, well-known skeptic, Mark "Darth" Dansie, who only reviewed the video, and also listened to Jerome's report, thought that it was plausible that the capacitors could power that motor for that long.

Ironically, Mark Dansie was actually in the Philippines last week. But in his interview with Gary Hendershot on the SmartScarecrow show last Thursday, in response to Gary's question about Aviso's recent videos, Mark said he would rather go to a movie, he has that little regard for the possibility that Aviso might have something. In that show, he also said Aviso needed to run it on capacitors before he would consider him to possibly have anything. Ironically, that is essentially what Aviso has done.

"I was in Philippines last week. lol"

I tend to favor Jerome's opinion here because he works with capacitors and is familiar with their performance. In a Skype interview, Mark was telling me that capacitors discharge linearly; but a quick image search for capacitor discharge curve shows that Jerome is correct in what he said in my interview with him, that they drop off rapidly in an exponential manner. 

It would seem that Mark's skepticism may be getting the best of him here. Another skeptic, Mark Euthanasius points out: "Mark Dansie referred to a constant load current condition. The plots you posted refer to a constant load resistance condition." But that is not the case. The Google search was merely: capacitor discharge curve.

Aviso said that the 46 kW DC motor would not run for 20 seconds on just the capacitors without something else happening.

Jerome estimates the total capacity of all the capacitors to be at around 50 Farads (enough to power a welder, Mark points out).

That said, there are still some significant unknowns here, including:

  • The charge of the capacitors at the beginning was not measured.
  • The energy going to the 46 kW DC motor was not measured. Mark estimates it might be around 400 Watts, while Ismael told Jerome it was probably around 5 kW.

After the two tests, Ismael told Jerome he was agreeable to short circuiting all the capacitors before running his generator. That way, skeptics could not criticize the experiment anymore, or not so easily, at least.

Over the next two weeks, Aviso is working on a way to use the output energy to keep the circuit battery charged so it doesn't run down. He is expecting that he can run the system for 24 hours continuously, aired via a live webcam.

At first, he was thinking that the broadcast might be only to select people. But now he is talking about doing it publicly, for anyone on the web to watch, e.g. through Justin TV on the SmartScarecrow show).

The first video of this recent set was uploaded on August 22. In it, he claimed, "Now, first time in the history, I will run a machine, a motor, without a battery. It doesn't need a battery." Then he added with emphasis: "You're not going to see any battery."

He Skyped me even before it was completely uploaded to let me know about it. I asked him: 

"You said 'you cannot SEE a battery', which makes the listener wonder if you have somehow hidden a battery away somewhere out of sight. Can you tell me with all certainty that this is not the case?" 

His title for that video included the phrase, "no battery", as did his description.

To that, he replied: 

"Honestly the battery [is] so small; that's why I hide it. Yes, I free charge the capacitors. Just 40 watts battery; 5 Amp-h; 12v."

I talked him into changing the title and description so it no longer said "no battery." And I was trying to talk him into taking down that video because it would give him a bad reputation for making a bogus statement and being deceptive. I warned him that if he didn't take down the video, it was likely to backfire on him.

But his response was that at this time, he needed that because he was afraid of what might happen to him if he was seen as really having this technology. As of the time of this writing, the video is still there.

He acknowledged the one, small battery in the subsequent videos.

Third Party Witness

The next set of two videos were of with Jerome's visit on August 23 and 24.

On the August 23 video, it shows the system running for about five minutes before Aviso shut it off because a couple of the capacitors were getting hot. 

Aviso replaced those with three larger capacitors (their temperature stayed the same as ambient while the system ran), and on August 24, the video showed the system run for thirty minutes. Aviso shut it off because the battery charge was getting too low to properly power the circuit.

Per my recommendation/request, Aviso also followed up with two videos in which he moved the table the capacitors were sitting on, and the object the motor was resting on, to show that there were no hidden wires coming up through the tile floor.

So now the task is to come up with a way to keep the circuit battery topped off, and supposedly be able to run the system indefinitely; as it pulls energy from the environment to power the DC motor, which supposedly could produce 46 kW of power continuously -- that is if everything were engineered optimally, which it is not yet.

Aviso has contacted the Philippine Department of Energy to come test his system. (A branch of their service tested an earlier iteration early in 2011.) I joked that he might also want to contact the Department of Defense, if they are not as corrupt and in bed with the corrupt powers that be as they are in the U.S.

System Explanation

Today, in a Skype chat, Ismael provided the following explanation of his present setup. (Slightly edited.)

Here is the function of the capacitors and why they differ in value. First, I charge and used the 50 farad to create a Harmonic. Then the harmonic charges the parallel 180 mf cap with 500 volts. Then I pulse it directly to the very big coil, like Tesla did. This produces a lot more harmonics into high voltage level -- 3,000 volts at the very high frequency. At the same time on the DC motor, the Back EMF is being produced; so by combining the spikes of the BEMF and the very high mega hertz frequency of the high volt harmonic, I am able to harness the signal of the Cell site.

That's the basic explanation actually, but in reality it's very complicated.

You cannot use your standard oscilloscope for a long time, connected to the circuit , due to the harmonics that will make the test instrument become an antenna or receptor, and the high voltage of the ambient will pass through it and damage it. This is one reason I don't have any such test instrument now. I just use my common sense from long time experience.

In saying " harmonics", I mean like in our power lines. In a residential area you have harmonics more up 7 harmonics, meaning from 50Hz x2 = 100 x 2 200 up to 7 stages; but at industrial area you can get up to 15 harmonics. The power lineman tests it using the power quality tester. These harmonics are a very powerful energy from the ambient, and can be damaging to our appliances; but not enough to run a motor like 11Kilowatts, like I have been able to do . That's why I created many harmonics -- a thousand times, at stages, and more to run the 75Hp motor.

So, the sequence of creating harmonics until I reach the cell site signal for attraction is: first create harmonics out of the 12 volt charge s. cap, then from harmonics, charge it to the cap to create a 300v to 400v. Then the big bang is to create a high frequency harmonics to create high voltage (2KV - 2.5KV ), high frequency harmonics until it reaches the level of the cell site signal for attraction, and create a VORTEX effect from combining my own harmonics and the cell signal that will be harvested by my antenna coils.

And regarding his capacitor setup, he wrote: "The 50farad is 2.5 volts only x 36 pcs + Capacitor Parallel connected 180mf/500v x 12 = 2,160mf/500v + cap series connected 180mf / 6 = 30mf /3,000v + capacitor series connected 80mf/500 x 6 = 13.3 mf / 3,000V." 

His usage of the forward slash "/" confused me, as to whether he was using it grammatically or mathematically. So he elaborated as follows:

The capacitor value means 50Farad/2.5volts. We previously wrote it that way to emphasize the value of farad and volts; but for math, if the capacitor is in parallel the farad value will be plus, and the voltage remains the same. But in series, the capacitor farad value will be divide " /", and the volts will be X.

50 farad , 2.5 = 36pcs. it was group & each group has 9 s.cap in series, so the total value of each will be 5.9farad, 22.5volts.
180mf, 500v there are parallel connection so the total value will be 2,160mf, 500v
180mf , 500v connected in series so total value will be 30mf, 3,000v
total of capacitor is 6 pcs.

last capacitor 6 pcs. 80mf,500v connected in series, total of 13.3mf 3,000v
remind the 180mf, 500v in parallel is 6 pcs

R&D Remaining

Aviso still needs R&D funding. He doesn't even have a second system to work on so that he always has one demonstrator for any qualified visitors that might want to visit him. The only system he has is the one he is showing in the video.

When I told him by Skype, "It is important for you to have one unit always ready to demonstrate, while you experiment on a separate device to seek improvements", on August 26, he responded: 

"I have only one unit; no spare at all. It was damaged from many testing for improvements. Once funding comes, immediately I'll build one spare for demo. I need at least $20K to build the [one to] be used to run a car."


Jerome reported that Aviso is able to keep going because of some of the other work he is doing in health. He has some water and an energy (health) pendant that he sells that has kept the roof over his family's head. Jerome seemed impressed with the pendant.

To his credit, here is a photo of the above lab space, that Aviso sent me on August 14, following some 5 consecutive Typhoons.

And here's after:


On October 2, 2012, Jιrτme wrote: 

"Hello Sterling, just an update concerning the experiment with Ismael Aviso. I talked to two experts on electric motors (colleagues who teach what we call, applied physics: electric motors, transformers, etc.). They all said that the electric power consumed by the engine should be at least a few kW (they said 4 to 5 kw). My guess was 3 kW. Even with this small power, there is no way you can explain the experiment with the battery or even the capacitors...

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Feb. 24, 2011
Last updated October 02, 2012


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