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You are here: > News > August 26, 2012

REPORT: Tesla Days -- Philadelphia Conference 2012

Michael Riversong reports on the Tesla science conference that took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on July 7-8, 2012.  Topics included Tesla coils, Zero Point Energy, Atmospheric Energy, Quantum Physics, Gyroscopics, Ball Lightning, Electrogravitics.

Below are file names pertaining to each presentation. These can be obtained in the Conference Proceedings CD-ROM. Of the $15 charge, $10 goes to the Tesla Science Foundation and $5 covers materials & mailing.

Photos by Barbara Marinelli

by Michael Riversong 
for Pure Energy Systems News


This was a small and intensely focused gathering. Most of the attendees were from the Philadelphia area, although a few came from farther away, including the Jersey Shore and Ohio. Our facility was the RUBA Club, a conveniently located “Urban Rustic” facility that suited our needs well. (RUBA stands for Russian Ukrainian Boating Society.)

We had decided last year to do this conference again. At that time it was known that some of the people doing coordination and planning would be different, but that's pretty much all we knew. Bits and pieces of work were done by several people as time permitted.

Somewhere along the line we lost the facility we had been using for the past 2 years. The generous person who sponsored us into a conference room in a large skyscraper moved on, and nobody else in his company was familiar with what we do.

Mark Passio found the RUBA Club, and together with Nick Lonchar, made the necessary arrangements. In late May, we had a big meeting at the Philadelphia Free Library, and by consensus made the decision to go ahead with the conference. There were many obstacles, but we all agreed that keeping continuity going for this year would be vital to putting on future conferences and thus worth the effort. With Philadelphia increasingly becoming such an important center for research, we decided that keeping TSF and the conference going would be an increasingly valuable endeavor. We also knew that we could not count on very much press coverage, promotion, or attendance. We would have to be satisfied with whatever happened.

Results were indeed satisfactory. Most of those who have supported us in the past turned out. A few new people came. Some people made huge sacrifices to make the conference happen. We had about 15 speakers, shot a lot of video, and learned many things about today's advanced research along with the history behind it.

For now, these Proceedings are the best available record of the conference until we can find a way to get videos edited and released. You can use this report as a general guide. We gathered as many papers as we could. A few supplemental papers have been included. Proceedings CD-ROM disks can be obtained from the Tesla Science Foundation. 

Presented in chronological order

David Rosignoli

John Hutchison has been an interesting and controversial character ever since videos of his experiments first surfaced in the 80s. Strange things would happen in the vicinity of electrostatic and electromagnetic equipment that he built and ran, including destruction of metal objects, flying parts, apparent teleportation, and dissociation of alloys. No satisfactory explanation of these phenomena has ever emerged, and other researchers have not been able to duplicate them. David has compiled and organized much of the source material. Repeated surveys of this material still do not yield coherent answers. In every respect, Hutchison remains a singular and mysterious character in the annals of science.
FILE: The Hutchison Effect_Tesla_conference_2012

Mano Divina
Tesla and Leon Theremin

Few people are aware of the world's first electronic musical instrument. It was originally developed by a Russian, Leon Theremin in 1919 and patented in 1928. Its fundamental technology eventually was used later for burglar alarms and espionage technology, besides being the basis for most synthesizers. For many decades, knowledge of the instrument, as such, was lost. This was due to a number of factors. Theremin traveled to New York City and set up a lab there, building espionage equipment for the United States Government. Eventually, KGB agents kidnapped him one night from his apartment, and everyone assumed he had been killed. Instead, he was taken away to a secret prison laboratory in Russia where he lived out the remaining 45 years of his life and built more espionage equipment for his homeland.

Today, there are only 3 recognized professional theraminists in the world. Mano is one, leading the Divine Hand Ensemble which provided an excellent performance Saturday evening.

Thomas Fetterman
Invention On The Cheap

In this inspiring talk, Thomas imparted wisdom that every inventor should hear. He has been extremely successful in his field, largely due to a number of specific disciplines. Most of his inventions have been improvements on existing products that were easy for most people to understand. He was always able to keep full control of his work, and at one point, took it back from a manufacturer who was not doing well with marketing the product. Subcontractors were directly engaged when needed.

An important point is to be completely open and honest with these people. Once they see how they will benefit from the success of a project, they may become the most enthusiastic and thus valuable supporters.

The days when inventors could be squirrelly loners, tinkering away in garages, are over, if they ever existed in the first place. Inventors have to realize that they are part of a huge business and social matrix. Many talents are needed to make something work, and nobody has all of them. Picking the right business associates is thus a vital part of the invention process.

Only one out of many inventions will succeed. An inventor has to be comfortable with that, and thus cautious with investments. We can't count on the next idea digging us out of a hole. Learning how to maximize the returns from a success, so it can support other projects later on, is one of the most valuable skills we can cultivate.

FILE: Thomas Fetterman Tesla Abstract.docx

The 4 gyroscopes create a balance of gravitational force.

Fran McCabe
The Secret Life of Gyroscopes

Many people are familiar with gyroscope toys of the 1950s which were widely sold. People had a fascination with them because they were used to help keep all those brand new rockets and space satellites on course. Gyroscopes have a remarkable ability to harness gravity, but they are not well understood. Very few people have put in any time researching them. Fran has put a lot of time during his career into learning how these devices work.

He brought a board with him that had several gyroscopes mounted on it. Photos are included in the Proceedings.

Most technically-savvy people know that the primary behavior of rapidly-spinning gyroscopes is to strongly resist any change in the angular orientation of their spin-axis. However, rapidly-spinning gyroscopes are perfectly happy and well-behaved with any movement along that axis, or relocation of that axis which remains exactly parallel to its original orientation during such movement or at its new location. Forced deviation from the natural precessional behavior of flywheel-type gyroscopic systems is identical to the motion fundamentals embedded in other natural, physical phenomena.

It is now clear that once we gain a deeper understanding of gyroscopes, mainly by putting them into various configurations and seeing what happens, we can begin to do some real gravity engineering. There are many possibilities, including controlling gravity vehicles laterally and perhaps even building whole vehicles around a gyroscope.

FILES: McCabeAbstract.doc; McCabe062011.pdf

James Jaeger
Making Independent Films about Tesla
In this short presentation, James explained how the process of making independent films works, and how a finished film eventually emerges from the chaos. He works with people all over the world on various aspects of making films, including camera operators, financiers, crew members, facilitators, and unit directors. At any particular time, several projects are always in the process of being put together. James regards Tesla as one of the most important historical figures ever, so some of his upcoming films will include some aspect of Tesla's work. 

Russell Anderson
Gravity Control: The Searle Methods

Working directly on Searle's technology over the past couple of years has brought new insights. It is a slow and painful process. There are many more parameters involved than we might think.

Using archived photos and video, he gave an excellent presentation covering the history of Searle's work. Then he outlined the principles of the Inverse Gravity Vehicle, which is one of the most important projects in this whole field. One especially spectacular video clip in this section showed how the magnetic rings are supposed to move.

FILES: SearlTechextech.pdf; RAabstract.rtf

We reserved Independence Hall Park for the evening. At midnight Monday-Tuesday, we fired off two Tesla coils in honor of Tesla's birth and had some cake. Mark Passio, Michael Riversong, and Mano Divina spoke briefly before the ceremony.

Harry Oung & Michael Manning
Basic Electromedical Devices

Pacemakers are well known and absolutely essential to many people. Manning had worked on several other types of units throughout his career, including electric bandages and what eventually became known as TENS units. There are many more things we could do with electricity, especially low-power DC pulses. Historically, the best developer of electromedical devices was Royal Rife, who worked in San Diego. He made special microscopes that have never been surpassed or even duplicated. These allowed him to see when radio frequency pulses or beams had destroyed microorganisms. Unfortunately, in the late 30s, legal troubles slowed and then stopped Rife's work.

In the late 60s, Manning worked for Exide and other companies, inventing various electromedical devices as part of his daily work.

FILE: History and Future of Bioelectrical Devices.pdf

Tesla’s New Electricity: Misunderstood and Forgotten

This is a key paper which clarifies how electricity really works, and points out how energy can literally be harvested from anywhere in the universe.

Since the early 20th century, most electrical engineers and the people who depend on them have carried forth a fundamental misunderstanding of Tesla's key work. Ordinary electricity, which he refers to as “Hertzian”, is only half the picture. The other half is that longitudinally propagating waveform we've recently come to know as Tesla Waves. Using these, transmitting through the ground, we can obtain very clear signals with no static. Furthermore, by reading this paper we can begin to comprehend how large amounts of useful electric power can easily be transmitted and received.

Later in the conference, Jeff Behary demonstrated some antique pancake coils that are similar to the ones shown in this paper.


New, innovative Tesla Coil by Goran Marjanovic. This is a small portable version.

Goran Marjanovich
(Appeared by live Skype video from Serbia)

Compact Tesla Coils are a fertile frontier for development. His coil includes a built-in tertiary element, which has been said to be an important part of Tesla's later life. A small version of the coil was brought to the conference, and a photo has been included in the Proceedings. Many experienced difficulty with the audio of the Skype feed, so it is fortunate that we have his paper available.

“Fractal supersymmetry underlies all physical theories.” Everything forms into helixes throughout the universe. Shape is a vital parameter of everything. Some of the key shape parameters are documented in the work of Walter Russell.

Subtle energies play a key role in any new technologies based on these theories. Tesla Waves clearly are one of the main energy types we will be working with.

FILE: TeslaScalarWaveGenEDIT.doc

Jane Alcorn 
(appeared by live Skype video)

Currently her foundation is working with an $875,000 grant from State of New York that has to be matched within the next year. This would go toward purchasing the Wardenclyffe laboratory building, and the basic remodeling that has to be done.

Most of the people attending were familiar with this project. She explained it for those who didn't. Tesla had built a laboratory out in a remote section of Long Island called Wardenclyffe. It was designed by noted architect Stanford White who was a personal friend. In this lab, he conducted many experiments from 1901 on. He constructed a distinctive tower next to it which had a mushroom-shaped top. All this was intended to be a working prototype of a worldwide free energy transmission system. Work was stopped in 1907 by JP Morgan. After that, Tesla spent much of his time in court proceedings. Much of the equipment ended up being returned to the Westinghouse Corporation. The tower was dismantled in 1917 because it supposedly would give German enemies help in navigation for attacks on the USA. Now, her group, in cooperation with many organizations, is attempting to purchase the building and turn it into a science center with educational facilities, a museum, and working laboratories.

Jeff Behary
Pancake Coils 
(appeared from his museum in Florida by live Skype video)

Many movies have included Tesla Coils to generate live electrical effects from the very beginnings of the industry until recent developments in the field of special effects.

Jeff was recently given some antique pancake coils by legendary California Tesla Coil builder Bill Wysock. They were built many decades ago by Kenneth Strickfaden. There are great difficulties evaluating these. Key parts can't be seen, which means there are unknown dangers lurking inside. Some were fully sealed in wax. He has been able to hook up a few and get some sparks going. In the referenced video he fires off some of these. 

These pancake coils are the same type that are mentioned and diagrammed in the presentation by Harry Oung and Michael Manning “Tesla’s New Electricity: Misunderstood and Forgotten”.

Leslie Baird
Heretical Physics

Some of her biggest projects have involved working with Tesla Coils to investigate the fundamental structure of matter. Less than 1/3rd of power typically enters the secondary coil. A billion watts will vaporize most wires, so she got rid of wires altogether.

She refused to consider applying her research to weapons development which began a period of persecution. That ended up with her being put in prison for 10 years on charges of operating a meth lab – something none of her equipment could have helped accomplish. After her term she was prohibited from working in physics. Only recently has she become available to promote her book and associate with other scientists.

Physics and quantum mechanics contain many fundamental mistakes. “Students don't even notice when their reality checks bounce.” These errors in conventional physics literally lead to dead ends when trying to build better systems of all kinds. She has written a book correcting these misconceptions entitled “The Prison Lecture Series in Heretical Physics”, available as a CD-ROM. Rather than attempt to summarize the book or quote extensively, we encourage students of physics to obtain the disk and see for themselves how coherent and useful her work really is.

Steve Elswick

Unfortunately some technical difficulties made it impossible for Steve to appear. Our Master of Ceremonies spoke briefly on his behalf after a telephone discussion. Steve's organization, TeslaTech, provides the world's most comprehensive catalog of materials related to Tesla-inspired research and puts on the annual ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Albuquerque the last weekend of July each year. Everyone involved with the Philadelphia conference is encouraged to attend that conference also, if possible, and to use the catalog resources in our own education. Steve said he is impressed by the high level of cooperation between Tesla Tech and the TSF. Seeing local organizations arise independently throughout the world is part of his vision.


Jasper Jones
River City to Hydrogen

Due to some scheduling situations, Jasper did not get very long to speak. Much of his recent work is centered around the “River City to Hydrogen” project (RctH). There are many elements to it. The benefits are clear, and each of the elements has been implemented somewhere. Philadelphia is clearly in a position to benefit from work that has been done elsewhere. Jones is constantly engaged in bringing these ideas before many political groups within the City, including the City Council itself. A separate folder including his papers has been built on the Proceedings disk.

FOLDER: JasperJones

Joseph Sikorski and Victor Elefante
Fragments from Olympus-The Vision of Nikola Tesla

On the strength of an award winning script, they have put together a proposal for a movie involving the work of Tesla. A conservative $4 million budget has been proposed. Much of the movie would be shot at Tesla's laboratory, Wardenclyffe. Therefore, the budget includes outright purchase of the building so it can be used in the movie and then turned over to the Tesla Science Center. A “teaser” which points to some of the dramatic elements of the script was made on a budget of only $700. Everyone who saw it agreed that the quality was excellent and it made everyone want to see more. It is being shown to potential investors at every opportunity.


A few speakers, for various reasons, did not actually present at the conference. Their papers are included here because they are worthwhile.

Joe Kinney
New Yorker Hotel, Last Years of Tesla's Life

This covers how Tesla lived during his last years, including relations with hotel staff, the pigeons, and many distinguished visitors. This is where the January 2013 memorial event will be held, very close to Penn Station in New York City. The hotel is now a tourist attraction in itself.

FILE: Nikola Tesla and the New Yorker Hotel rev 1.pdf

Nikola Lonchar
The Tesla Detective

Our conference chairman and main organizer was scheduled to speak, but graciously stepped aside so we could have lunch. His presentation contains valuable historical material.

FILES: TeslaDetective.doc; TESLA.pptm

Steven L. Basic
Unified Theory

A wide-ranging technical presentation that appears to correct several assumptions contained within Einstein's theories. Several abstracts are included in the zip archive, along with information on how to obtain his book.



Barbara Marinelli has shared several photos for the Proceedings. They all were given file names by her camera which begin with 2012. Names of people were added to some file names, and others were left unchanged. Those mostly follow the progress of the midnight Tesla Birthday Celebration at Independence Hall Park.

UPDATE 8/13/12

# # #


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