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You are here: > News > August 13, 2012; 4:15 am GMT

Details Provided about Hot Cat Test Data Leaker

In a post made on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi clarifies the identity and past history of "Cures." He is revealed as being Domenico Fioravanti, the consultant of Leonardo Corporation's military customer. Rossi knew him briefly 35 years prior.

Domenico Fioravanti at the October 28, 2011 demonstration of the 1 MW E-Cat plant.
Courtesy NyTeknik

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

As detailed in a recent PESN article, an inside source, going by the online handle of "Cures", has been leaking information about Rossi's new "hot cat" technology. The facts and figures he has provided are simply stunning. They detail a simple and powerful system capable of producing both extremely high temperatures (up to 1,200 degrees Celsius) and kilowatts of excess heat. Being extremely simple in construction, it also seems likely to allow for the rapid manufacturing of a very large number of units in a short period of time. 

There has been much speculation on the internet about the identity of "Cures." However, the time for making guesses and doing detective work on the issue is now over. On a post made to the "Journal of Nuclear Physics", a complete explanation of "Cures" identity and detailed past history is provided by Rossi. 

Perhaps to the dismay of those who like a good conspiracy theory, there is nothing mysterious about "Cures" identity or his past. His real name is Domenico Fioravanti. He is an engineer, who as a young man, studied at the Engineering University of Turin, which is located in Italy. When Rossi was only 26 years old, he briefly interacted with him. Domenico was doing research for a professor at the University of Turin (Prof. Cesare Boffa) who was working in the same field of science as Rossi. In the course of the research he was performing for his professor, Domenico visited Rossi to ask for information about the "electrostatic precipitators" he was manufacturing at his factory in Milan, Italy. Rossi let him have a visit of the factory, and gave him some papers he had written. Rossi and Domenico Fioravanti then parted ways.

That's correct, they parted ways. They did not do research together, they were not business partners, and they did not form any sort of collaboration. Rossi went his own way and Domenico went on to have a career in the military. He eventually joined the military and obtained the rank of Colonel. During his successful career, he was involved with NATO, the Pentagon, and other military organizations. His specialty during his career became thermodynamic systems. As an example, he performed tests on the systems of nuclear powered military vessels. He also became an expert in the field of missile testing. 

While they were both pursuing their own careers, Rossi and Domenico had no contact for thirty five years -- over three and a half decades! Then, out of the blue, Rossi read a post on the Journal of Nuclear Physics made by Domenico. After thirty five years of having no contact, except for the post made on the JONP, Rossi decided to contact him privately. He informed Rossi about what had taken place in his life and his successful career as a military engineer. 

By chance, at that time, Rossi had obtained a military customer for his one megawatt E-Cat plants. However, the military customer and Rossi needed a neutral third party to observe tests and perform other functions. This neutral party would serve as a consultant to the military customer. Domenico, due to his professional engineering and military background, was an obvious choice. 

Domenico was ideal for the job of consultant for many reasons. First, he had a military background. It is very probable he already had security clearances and understood very well how the military operates in terms of maintaining secrecy and confidentiality. Secondly, he was an engineer with a very strong technical background. Such an understanding of engineering and thermodynamics would be of tremendous importance, because anyone observing tests of E-Cats would require such skills. They would be critical in properly setting up experiments, observing the functionality of the E-Cat, and evaluating test data. Third, both Rossi and the military knew of Domenico. Neither party had any objection to him, because they both recognized he was an ideal candidate. 

A few well known, overtly hostile critics have tried to make Rossi's prior contact with Domenico, when they were both young men, into something very sinister. This idea is absolutely and totally ridiculous beyond measure, and barely worth taking the effort to refute. As Rossi has clearly detailed, at no time did he have any type of business relationship with Domenico or even an ongoing friendship. They were simply acquaintances that briefly met, exchanged notes on the similar research they were doing, and parted ways -- with ZERO contact between them -- for thirty five years. 

The idea that Domenico could not be a neutral party due to the very brief contact he had with Rossi so long ago is simply a brain-dead notion. If anything, the military customer probably knew much more about Domenico than Rossi could have ever hoped to find out. The military customer could easily have looked up his service records, reviewed his security classification, contacted the superior officers he served under in the past, and scrutinized every tiny detail about his career. If they wanted to, they could even have probably looked up his health care records and other information a civilian like Rossi would not be able to access.

To be blunt, if there was anything in his past that would make Domenico anything less than a neutral third party, the military customer would have been able to know. Instead, the military had no problem with him being chosen for the job of consultant. 

We now know that despite his successful career, that triggered no warning flags with the military customer, Domenico has now leaked information about the high temperature E-Cat. He has shared information that was supposed to remain confidential. Certain parties involved in the testing of the E-Cat may be upset about his actions. However, many others -- especially those of us on the outside looking in -- do not seem to be very upset at all. Personally, although I recognize what he did was perhaps technically wrong, I'm not angry with him one tiny bit. 

As Rossi stated, it seems he was so impressed, so convinced, and so excited by the test results that he thought the world needed to know about them. Literally speaking, he could not contain the information. In one way, I think this makes him to be a hero. The news of a powerful, robust cold fusion technology being developed is something the world needs to know about. It is a technology that, if used appropriately, could save countless lives, help restore the environment, and allow our civilization to survive our current period of reckless adolescence. 

In another way, it is not a good thing to break your word. If you promise to keep something confidential or secret, the morally proper thing to do is to keep the information to yourself. Of course, he did not share all of the information about the "hot cat" technology. He did not share any information about the extended -- multi month long -- test of around 20 modules conducted for the military customer. The information he leaked only contained details about certain very specific, much shorter duration tests of a single "hot cat."

It is my sincere hope that Domenico faces no serious consequences for his actions. In my opinion, the world needed to know what he had to say. Due to his leaking of this information, we now have confirmation of Rossi's claims about the hot cat, such as: it being capable of producing kilowatts of output; achieving high temperatures of up to 1,200ΊC; being smaller than previous modules; utilizing only grams of fuel; emitting no radiation into the environment; and being an irrefutable "nuclear" source of energy.

Basically, I think the identity and background of Domenico enhances Rossi's credibility and the reality of the E-Cat technology. We now know that the leaker was not just some random person off the street, but a professional, experienced engineer. He had the qualifications to make a determination about what he witnessed during the test and what the data from the test represented. In his view, according to his posts, the E-Cat technology is absolutely legitimate, works as claimed, and is totally real.

We now know, beyond any doubt, that it is possible to produce kilowatts of excess power at extremely high temperatures (beyond 1,000C) from cold fusion systems. 

For this knowledge, I think we all owe "Cures" a big thank you. I think we also need to speak up and ask those that he may have offended (by leaking the information) to tread lightly on him. He does not deserve severe punishment, if any punishment at all. 

Hopefully, he will be allowed to continue participating in testing. He is obviously a very well-qualified person that would continue to be a tremendous asset to the teams that are currently working to validate the E-Cat.

For those who are interested in reading Rossi's post about the identity of Cures and his background, you can click, here. However, this article basically sums up what he had to say on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. 

So, as far as I am concerned, this issue is settled. We know the identity of Cures, we know his background, and we know why he was an ideal candidate to be the third party consultant of the military customer. 

I think it's time to look forward to the additional test data that should be arriving in the not too distant future. From what Rossi has stated, it is going to be even *more* impressive than what Cures has leaked.

In conclusion, all I can do is repeat the old motto that seems to perfectly describe the tremendous progress Rossi is making with the "hot cat." 

"Onwards and upwards."

# # #


  • Rossi: Now Able to Use Gas, Not Electricity to Drive E-Cat - We are very close to a 1 MW plant with high temperature steam and electric power generation. Another important achievement , we got today: we are able, now, to make the drive with gas instead of electric power.  (E-CatWorld; August 10, 2012)

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