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You are here: > News > August 10, 2012

Bill Clinton and Harry Reid allegedly supporting Inteligentry

At the recent Clean Energy Summit in Vegas, John said that President Clinton and Senator Reid together showed strong interest in the noble gas engine technology, and that they would 1) help move it into well-funded labs and 2) investigate and mitigate some of the alleged wrongdoings against them.

Note: On August 14, John Rohner told me that his brother, Bob fabricated the statement ascribed to John, and that no such dialogue took place between John and President Clinton and Senator Reid as Bob alleged.

See images from the summit.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

While at the Clean Energy Summit 5 held in Las Vegas on August 7, where John Rohner had a booth for Inteligentry's noble gas engine technology, apparently he met up with and spent quite a bit of time talking to former President Bill Clinton and Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. The event was co-hosted by Reid, who gave the closing remarks. Clinton was the keynote speaker.

According to John, Clinton and Reid expressed both a strong interest in his technology and in doing what they could to help move it forward, including:

  • Move the project into well-funded labs to help the research and development advance more rapidly.
  • Order the IRS and other federal and state bureaus to investigate some of his competitors who are alleged to have been involved in unethical business practices detrimental to Inteligentry. 

Follow-up meetings are supposed to happen next week.

A report about this was published today by John's brother and competitor, Bob Rohner at BeforeItsNews. That story publishes an email that John apparently sent to Bob, both to announce his success and to give Bob a heads up about pending repercussions.

Here is an excerpt from John's statement:

Meetings with them [Bill and Harry] next week for moving the project into several "well funded" REAL labs to continue. They also were provided your video presentation and McKumbrees [sic] comments and lack of understanding and the "fact" his lab gets government grants, yet 15 years later, and according to your spread sheets, from CEI, has been paid "under the table", since Stanford has no record of such, an average of $60K per year, probably, he knows nothing. Reid plans to look at that facilities cost and "lack" of taking a project like ours "independent" and if Mckumbree [sic] had any influence in their not doing it. I did explain it was "simple" to define and could have been developed there years ago. I hope I helped him out. They also will be having the IRS look into CEI and it's scams and "money laundering". It's good to know senators.

Given that information, I wrote the following to John:

Hi John,

Bob reports at beforeitsnews that you are claiming that Senator Harry Reid and President Bill Clinton are working with you to look into allegations of fraud by Bob, CEI, etc.

I've got a very sick feeling about this.

"Karma is a bitch, especially if you're a bitch."

I wish you and Bob could just lay aside your attacks on each other. It is so unprofessional of both of you and doesn't reflect well on either of you. Each of you is obsessed to a fault with pointing out what you consider to be weaknesses in the other.

Leave it alone.

You need to remember: "That which you send out shall return to you again and be restored", aka Karma. 

If you use Bill and Harry to sic the IRS and other attack dogs on Bob, guess what you can plan on having come back at you in one form or another? And guess what: They don't play fair. They're not about truth, justice and the American way. They are about harassment, intimidation, and bullying.

By siccing bullies on your brother, you are sure to have the same come back on you.

If I were you, I would drop that tactic immediately, and do all you can to reverse the progress of that karma that you have set in motion. It will surely come around to bite you hard.

Per our conversation yesterday, you seem to honestly believe that Bill Clinton and Harry Reid are well-meaning people, out for the good of the planet, [as they are outwardly portrayed]. From my worldview vantage point, they are among the most corrupt players in the powers-that-be bully world that exist. 

Look up <"Mena Arkansas" drug trafficking "Bill Clinton">, for example. Watch: "The Mena Connection: How the CIA's black operations compromised the office of President and subverted the authority of Congress and the American Judicial System". Years ago, I read the book "Lucky Bastard", which documents [and softens it via fiction] how Bill was chosen in college to run for the presidency to push the Marxist agenda in the US from inside, and that Hillary was his Communist handler. You should see the long list of people who were killed as part of the various cover-ups of the Clinton scandals. [But as bad as Clinton was in the White House, his performance was nothing compared to the Constitutional damage Obama is imposing on the Republic. Bush wasn't hardly any better than Clinton in that regard. Puppets all.]

And look up <"Harry Reid" Infowars> to get a sampling of his hypocrisy in portraying himself as [one thing], when in fact he is a monster of similar ilk. These are well-documented [freedom-wrecking] criminals you're talking with, and they run scot-free because the patsy media is controlled by the same conspiratorial group who is out to destroy free America and subjugate it into a world police state.

True game-changing free energy technologies are not something they want to see emerge successfully, despite the window dressing they portray of being humanitarians.

I'm very concerned.

I want to see this technology emerge successfully, and I see major obstacles ahead due to the above issues.

In listening to Clinton or Reid advocate clean energy technologies and visiting their websites, one might find it hard to believe that they have anything but good intentions that would be in harmony with what we in the fringe are promoting with liberating, affordable free energy harnessing devices. But let me proffer the following reality check.

Most people in today's top political establishment are puppets for a shadow government whose purpose is to subjugate the world into a Marxists dictatorship, making us all slaves. Clinton is a high-level player for that shadow government. Reid, likewise is beholden to their manipulations. 

Most puppets don't realize who they're really playing for, or even that they are nothing more than puppets. They're given enough slack to get the sensation that they are free agents, getting a tug only occasionally to move them in a certain direction on key points. Clinton, I am certain, knows what his assignment is and is a consensual player in carrying it out. He's a convinced Marxist, a Benedict Arnold to the Constitution and the freedoms it protects. 

I'm not as familiar with Reid.

But my best guess is that they (New World Order architects) are all for "clean energy technologies" as long as they are more expensive than coal and other fossil fuels, so that they don't pose a genuine, affordable alternative, but actually increase our economic downward spiral because they are so much more expensive. And they provide a reason for the governments of the world to impose "carbon taxes" and other such controlling schemes.

The exotic free energy technologies we promote, would truly liberate the individual, enabling them to have inexpensive, reliable, continually-available power, so that they don't have to spend so much time and effort just to pay their bills, but they can have time to think about and pursue what they are truly good at and love to do. According to a study done that Caroline Austin Fitz reports, people are 6x more productive when they do what they love, than when they do what they hate, just to get by.

The emergence of such a technology spells the end of the Socialist New World Order. It makes them obsolete. It frees the individual. It truly is "power to the people" in a non-Marxist way.

Also, as you look at the slogans on the Clean Energy Summit 5.0 site: "The Power of Choice", you might think: "These people are all for freedom." But I would point out that in Orwellian doublespeak, the slogans are window dressing to give you one impression, when the opposite effect is intended, like "Patriot Act," which is one of the most un-American acts ever.

So while I think it is entirely plausible that both Clinton and Reid gave a favorable first-blush review of Inteligentry's technology, I am very skeptical that they would truly assist it in coming forward to help liberate the people of the world. Marxism isn't about liberty, it's about tyranny -- force people to do what they should do through the government, rather than let them be free to pursue their own path.

I suppose there is a small chance that Clinton and/or Reid are genuinely sold on the idea of affordable, clean energy, because they have not thought through its repercussions in making socialism/government big-brotherism unnecessary. But remember, they are puppets, and those strings of control will not let them get away with promoting something that makes the coming police state unnecesssary.

The reason I have published my sentiments to John openly here is that in his responses to me, it seems clear that:

  1. He does not see a problem in the way he continually harangues his brother on the Inteligentry "from the hot seat" page linked in the header of his site.
  2. He thinks that Clinton and Reid are allies in bringing forward breakthrough, clean energy devices.

I am hoping that those who John surrounds himself with, who read PESN because we are the only news outlet that gives them coverage, will agree with me and put gentle, friendly pressure on John to reconsider how he approaches those two points.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Mar. 15, 2010
Last updated October 02, 2012


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