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You are here: > News > August 10, 2012

Inteligentry to Debut at PowerGen

Inteligentry has announced today that they have purchased booth space to launch their noble gas engine publicly, with volumes of product ready to purchase from manufacturers and distributors from around the world on December 11, 2012 at the PowerGen conference in Orlando.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The latest news from John Rohner of Inteligentry is that they are going to make their big public debut of their noble gas engine, with volumes of product ready to purchase, from manufacturers and distributors from around the world, starting December 11, 2012 at the PowerGen conference in Orlando, Florida -- one of the largest energy conferences in the world. This is a postponement of the September launch that we've been anticipating this year, but now a date has been set, and the booth space has been purchased.

The Inteligentry booth space is in the top right portion of the exhibitor hall. Each of those small squares is a 10' x 10' foot space, so their larger booth is 20 x 30 feet.

They are under contract for several adjoining booths. The larger booth spot, "5279, will feature the main Inteligentry, PlasmERG licensing booth, with a working engine and 2 new designs." 

"We will have a demo engine setup on a clear, Lexan table and running a genset, behind a clear plastic-walled case, to keep out fingers and hands, and so they can see clearly all around and thru it. The engine will be running a generator, with metering to prove it is working. We are also planning to have temperature meters in plain view to prove no heat and maybe an oxyometer to prove no environmental losses. Plus there will be many products that are using our engine, as many as 14." 

John also said: "Booths 5283A, B, & C will have foreign manufacturers and products and booth 5278 will have eight US products and maybe a couple foreign ones as well."

"If we get time we may also show the A Pad app that controls the engine for applications like boats, aircraft, mining mules, refrigeration, etc. Also, we expect to display the new inline twin and the 6-Cylinder as well. One manufacturer is working on their own engine, and it may be there too. We will see what we can as a group accomplish by then."

"Time to show the world it's new day," he proclaimed.

Along with that debut presentation, they plan to report on at least eight operating products with engines.

John told me that they are planning to have a unit ready for me to test on my home in about a month from now. In all, there will be roughly 30 different applications to start with.

When they do finally come through with a commercial product, the following photo of my family standing next to one of the engines at the TeslaTech conference last week could become typical of families all over the world.

At the close of the TeslaTech conference in Albuquerque, my family is surrounded by Mark Koppin on the left, with Tana Kane and Dan Glover on the right, all from PTP Licensing, Ltd., a subsidiary of Inteligentry, which plans to provide our family with a test engine next month. The photo was snapped by a potential licensee.

Allegedly, this engine is much easier and cheaper to manufacture than the engine it replaces of comparable output, and its consumption of fuel (ubiquitous and cheap noble gases in a canister that might be replaced every 6 months to several years, even under constant use) is negligible. It makes distributed power plausible -- power to the people.

About PowerGen

Here is what the PowerGen website says about the exhibitor space:

"Featuring the world’s largest industry exhibit floor with more than 1,200 exhibiting companies from around the world, POWER-GEN International is also the platform for numerous new product launches and unveilings—a showcase for products and services such as boilers, turbines, engines, boiler water and feedwater treatment services, computer hardware and software, controls and instrumentation systems, engineering and construction services, generators, plant electrical systems, pumps, valves and valve actuators, and more."

John said that every news network he's talked with so far has said: "We'll have a crew there." He said he plans to let me / PESN in the night before to do a teaser presentation (probably live, via the SmartScarecrow show platform) prior to the public debut the next day, honoring the role we've played in having the vision to believe in such extraordinary claims -- not just theirs, but so many others that we feature in our news. "I want you right there, front and center, when we do go public."

Last year, the PowerGen conference had a record-breaking attendance with over 20,000 attendees from 92 countries. As you consider this list they provide of the kinds of people they attract to their show, imagine what each will think as they walk past and inspect the Inteligentry booth.

• Electric Utilities
• Architects/Engineers
• Co-generators/Self-generators
• Consulting Firms
• Financial Firms
• Government Local/State/Federal
• Construction & Maintenance Contractors
• Fuel Suppliers
• Independent Power Producers
• Original Equipment Manufacturers
• Power Industry Consultants
• Power Plant Designers
• Project Developers
• Research and Development Organizations
• Human Resource Managers and Recruiters
• Equipment Inspection and Repair Specialists
• Construction Contractors
• Maintenance Service Providers
• Operations Service Providers
• IT Specialists
• Human Resource Managers and Recruiters
• Equipment Inspection and Repair Specialists
• Construction Contractors
• Maintenance Service Providers
• Operations Service Providers
• IT Specialists

Reflections from the TeslaTech Conference

While we're on the subject of Inteligentry, there are a few things I've been wanting to share about my experience at the TeslaTech conference in Albuquerque as it relates to Inteligentry.

The most positive thing, in my estimation, was Inteligentry's announcement that they will be selling plans and a kit to enable people to replicate the core noble gas piston "popper" so that scientists can see that noble gasses can go into a plasma or quasi plasma state, causing movement of a piston, with great force, while consuming negligible amounts of the noble gas. I agree that this would serve them well by increasing the support for the general principle involved in their noble gas engine.

They say that all of the knowledge about how to do this has been public domain for years, and they are simply compiling the relevant information, along with providing the harder-to-source components, to make it easy for craftsmen to build a demonstrator device for themselves. This would be a boon to science. See

Also, I must say that I enjoyed meeting the three people at the booth for PTP Licensing, Ltd., a subsidiary of Inteligentry, whose purpose is to do licensing. I spent quite a bit of time lingering around that booth, both in doing interviews and in observing conversations taking place. Dan Glover, Tana Kane, and Mark Koppin all seemed to be very decent human beings, trustworthy and dedicated to helping a good thing happen. I didn't detect any reason to mistrust them or question their sincerity or honesty. Most of my interaction was with Dan Glover, who told me he got involved because of our coverage at PESN.

One of the people I spent quite a bit of time talking to at the conference, who was there specifically to check out the Inteligentry technology and claims, with the purpose of getting a license for manufacturing, told me that John Rohner had agreed to the terms of him putting his license fee in escrow, not to be released until he saw the engine running in a functional way. I applauded him for requiring that stipulation, and I said I was pleased to hear that Inteligentry would allow that pre-requisite.

Yesterday, I asked John about his statement to me prior to the conference, saying:

The PTP licensing people have taken a booth there and will have a fully "dressed" engine with them to show. Notice "dressed" means ready to go and test run. 

Our agreements with our licensees, who all want to be part of the "Public Showing Party", means we can not run it. But it is complete as it sits.

When Dan was describing the advanced prototype on display, he said that it was yet lacking a couple of components that should be done and installed within 2-3 weeks, and it would be able to run at that time. You hear him make statements to this effect in the interview I did with him.

In response to this seeming contradiction, John replied that he purposely sent the engine without some of the components, such as the starter motor, so that it wouldn't be able to be run. Again, their policy at this time is that the public doesn't get to see the unit running until the public debut.

I also asked John what he says in response to assertions that he doesn't have even one Ph.D., let alone two, from MIT. He replied something to the effect: "Who gives a shit. Everything I learned in 1962 is invalid any way." He also said that his Ph.D.s are "under secret lock, and there is nothing I can do about it." He went on to say that he has "spent 40 years designing things that are supposed to be impossible. Take a hard look at my resume. I still turn down 'consulting' jobs every week."

With pride, he notes: "It took me 4 months to get our patent filed, business plan made and popper built."

# # #

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