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You are here: > News > August 8, 2012

Mainstream Coverage of Fleischmann's Death Mentions Nothing of Technology Nearing Marketplace

Prof. Martin Fleischmann, at home in England, watching Nobel Laureate, Prof. Josephson’s video about the Rossi E-Cat technology, June 27, 2011. (Photo by Marianne Macy, Infinite Energy)

In eulogizing the cold fusion pioneer, not only did AP writer, Peter Svensson, who I met at the October 28 demonstration of Andrea Rossi's 1 Megawatt cold fusion plant in Bologna not mention any of the present developments in the field, but he said merely: "Research on 'cold fusion' persists on the fringes of the scientific world."

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

With the passing of Martin Fleischmann on August 3, I thought for sure we would have an opportunity to see the mainstream media say a few things about cold fusion / LENR and possibly even mention some of the recent breakthroughs, and the fact that several companies are in process of taking cold fusion technology to market.

I sent the following email to some of the Utah media outlets:

Cc: Peter Svensson ; Mark Gibbs
Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2012 3:05 PM
Subject: Fleischmann dead at 85 -- end of an era

In mentioning this in your news, I hope you will also mention some of the follow-up that has come on the scene lately
  • Around a dozen companies are presently in process of taking cold fusion devices to market.
  • The leader of these is Leonardo Corporation with their E-Cat. They sold a 1 MW device, the demonstration of which I attended in Bologna, Italy on October 28, 2011. That device was fully installed in around March. Leonardo Corp is in process of preparing to mass produce a 10 kW home heat system, expected to be ready within about a year.
  • NASA has taken a large interest in cold fusion, filing a patent recently.
  • National Instruments is involved in providing testing equipment for the many groups.
Considering these monumental develops, and this Cold Fusion era launching in Utah with Pons and Fleishmann, the utter silence of the Utah mainstream media has deafening. I hope you'll at least give it a peep with this significant development.


Hank Mills later corrected me:

"The 10kW home heating system is already 'ready', it simply awaits certification. Rossi claims to have already purchased the robotics for the plant. He just has to get the certification to install the robots and start manufacturing."

Peter Svensson and myself at the October 28, 2011 demonstration of Andrea Rossi's 1 Megawatt cold fusion E-Cat plant in Bologna, Italy for the first customer.

I also sent the email to Peter Svensson, the Associated Press writer who I met in Bologna for the October 28 demonstration of Andrea Rossi's 1 Megawatt plant. (Story) He seemed friendly enough to the cause, but thought he might have a problem getting it past his editors.

It turns out that he never did publish anything about that, or since, on the subject. A few months later when I inquired about it, he said that there was basically "nothing to write about." That despite telling me in Bologna that he had been following the developments of the past year with great interest.

In response to my notification of Fleischmann's passing, he wrote: "Thanks, I will see what we can do about this here."

I thought this might be an opportunity for him to shine.

Boy, was I wrong. He only reinforced the mainstream mantras of "junk science" / "fringe". "Nothing here, folks, move along."

Most all of the mainstream coverage on the topic has been of his article. Isn't the AP supposed to be the pinnacle of journalism?

In an August 7 AP article, Svensson made it sound like Fleischmann was a good scientist with a bad idea. And here is all Svensson had to say about the present state of the field:

"Research on 'cold fusion' persists on the fringes of the scientific world."

That's it?!!! That's all you're going to say?!!!

At least he could have put a skeptical spin on the recent developments, and at least say that there is some major effort under way, with astonishing claims of copious amounts of useful energy being consistently produced. But no, not a peep. Nothing other than the seemingly disparaging aforementioned quote.

Maybe that's all his editors let past. If he doesn't resign his post in protest, then he's complicit in their nefarious deeds.

In my opinion, this is the worst possible form of cover-up. He isn't just a skeptic. He's a willful agent of the machine that is destroying civilization, using the media to keep people in the dark. People are trained to trust the media, and the media is used as propaganda to condition the people to think the way the conspirators want them to think.

The Utah coverage was equally pathetic in this regard.

Remember, I notified these groups about the passing of Fleischmann, and gave them some tips about the recent developments, but they ignored those developments completely. A reporter from the Deseret News called me on Monday, and she seemed amenable to what I was saying, and even asked permission to quote me in the article. None of that appeared. Perhaps a follow-up piece is yet pending, but I doubt it. [Posted August 6]

It's hard for me to become more jaded than I already am about the mainstream press, but the more I see of them missing key developments and only printing the spin that the powers that be approve, the more disgusted I become. The are total sellouts to the establishment. "Presstitutes" is what Gerald Celente aptly names them. 

What should be the criminal sentence for this kind of breach of trust and conspiratorial cover-up of transformational technologies?

One of the few exceptions I can think of was Fox News' recent piece on the Federal Reserve. It was phenomenal. Here's the bullet I put in our news on Aug. 4.

If you happen to find a mainstream press article about Flieschmann's death that actually broaches the subject of the recent advancements in the field, let me know. I've not seen any in the searching I've done.

Here is the latest, breaking news in the field of cold fusion. The following photo was sent to me from the NIWeek (National Instruments, who is creating instrumentation for LENR research) conference presently taking place in Austin, Texas, USA.

August 5, 2012
From Left to Right: Alexandros Xanthoulis, founder of Defkalion Green technologies; Frank Gorden (SPAWAR); Andrea Aparo (Ansaldo Energia); Peter Hagelstein; Dr. James G Truchard (CEO National Instruments); Michael McKubre (Stanford Research Institute); Stephen Concezzi (Big Science Director of National Instruments); Robert Godes (Brillouin Energy); Robert Duncan (University of Missouri)

There you see several leaders of the LENR field who are involved in taking the technology to market. Each of their distinguished biographies would take several pages. Though several of them are "competitors", here you see them getting along well together. May that be the future state of all "competitor" free energy technologies.

On the NIWeek brochure, under "Big Physics and Science", you see the following entry on page 29. 

Commercialization of LENR Technology
Wednesday, August 8 > 4:00–4:30 p.m. > Ballroom E
Robert Godes, Brillouin Energy Corporation
In the quest for alternative energy, researchers have tried to understand the intense heat release of Pd-D or Ni-H reactions. By understanding the physics behind this lower energy nuclear reaction phenomenon, researchers can control the reaction. Explore how Brillouin Energy Corporation has demonstrated
control over the reaction, who the early adopters are likely to be, the types of systems that will be commercialized, and the applications these systems will address.

And earlier in the brochure near the beginning of the "Big Physics and Science" section, page 25, is this entry under "Panel Discussion":

The Quest for Alternative Energy—Anomalous Heat 
Effect (a.k.a. Cold Fusion)

Tuesday, August 7 > 4:45–5:45 p.m. > Ballroom E
Andrea Aparo, PhD, Ansaldo Energia Spa;
Robert Duncan, PhD, University of Missouri;
Robert E. Godes, Brillouin Energy Corp.;
Michael McKubre, PhD, SRI International; and
Akito Takahashi, PhD, Osaka University and Technova Inc.
Several labs around the world are trying to replicate the phenomenon known as “cold fusion.” While the term has evoked controversy, many research facilities have observed over 200 instances of intense heat. This demonstrates either an unknown physical event or a need for better measurement and control tools. In both cases, NI can provide the tools to accelerate innovation and scientific discovery. The Big Physics and Science Summit brings together experts to discuss these anomalous heat effects, the status of theoretical research, experimental results, and the prospect of commercializing this technology for daily energy needs.

Don't you think that is deserving of some press?

Also, news is percolating that two separate third party validations have been done recently on Rossi's 600 - 1200ΊC reactor, which will be published soon.

The following is what my associate has proffered on this topic:

A Tragic Loss of a Scientific Pioneer 

by Hank Mills 
Pure Energy Systems News

The death of a brilliant scientist is always accompanied with a heavy feeling of loss. One reason for this is because, as a species at a crossroads, we need as many bright, creative, and open-minded scientists as possible to help us overcome the challenges that threaten our continued existence on this planet. The passing of Martin Fleischmann comes with an especially painful sting, because his life's work is a superb example of scientific excellence. 

As one of the discoverers and early pioneers of cold fusion research, he utilized his critical thinking skills and well-trained intellect to uncover a previously unknown nuclear phenomenon. Despite the instant opposition he and his associate, Stanley Pons, faced when revealing their discovery to the world, he did not flinch. Showing a fortitude of will rarely demonstrated in today's scientific community, he stood by the evidence that provided proof of his discovery. 

For making a stand for a discovery that has become widely accepted as scientific truth, he was mocked, ridiculed, and attacked. Most of these attacks came by biased individuals in the scientific community who were directly threatened by the potential of the discovery. A form of nuclear reaction that could be researched on a table top (on a meager budget) instead of requiring millions or billions of dollars in funding was simply unacceptable to these pseudo-scientists, who put their own personal careers ahead of humanity's future. 

The evidence supporting cold fusion was sound, and therefore it had to be falsely debunked, stigmatized, and dismissed. To accomplish this, funeral "wakes" for cold fusion were held at MIT (by biased hot fusion scientists), false accusations of scientific misconduct were made, papers were not accepted for publication, and test data was even altered to try and make excess heat -- one of the hallmarks of cold fusion -- disappear. (Story) This effort was largely successful, for a time, and a game changing technology was suppressed. And the energy crisis, the age of fossil fuels, and needless human suffering due to the high cost of energy were allowed to continue. 

As the years went by, researchers around the world continued trying to replicate the cold fusion effect, with many successful experiments being the result. Many researchers around the world, many of them professional academics with a background in hard science, recognized that the effect was 100% real due to the results of their own experiments. 

By the early years of this century, thousands of successful cold fusion tests had been performed utilizing many different setups and materials. All the claims of Pons and Fleischman were vindicated a thousand times over. Still, the mainstream media and scientific community ignored the reality of cold fusion, and often criticized those that supported research in the field. To suppress the development of the technology even further, cold fusion was typically denied government funding, and a policy of denying any cold-fusion-related patent was adopted by the US Patent Office. (Story)

In the past few years, the rate of advancement in the field of cold fusion has increased dramatically. Inventors like Andrea Rossi have repeatedly demonstrated cold fusion systems (such as the E-Cat or Energy Catalyzer) that can produce kilowatts of output. In addition, instead of expensive palladium and deuterium being used -- as in the early experiments -- massive amounts of excess heat can be obtained with cheap nickel powder and ordinary "light" hydrogen gas. This makes cold fusion technology not only powerful and totally real, but beyond any doubt, economically viable. 

Sadly, Martin Fleischmann did not live long enough to see his life's work publicly vindicated. He died only weeks or months before major announcements of cold fusion breakthroughs are expected to be made (by companies like Leonardo Corporation) that have the potential to change the world's view of cold fusion, forever. 

If he had only lived another six months to a year, perhaps in death, the mainstream media would have paid him a little more respect. Instead of repeating the same propaganda about cold fusion that has been spread ever since 1989 -- that the phenomena is impossible according to the laws of physics -- they could have described him as one of the inventors of a technology that is set to change the world. 

I only hope that wherever Martin Fleischmann currently resides, that he is able to watch the events that are about to unfold on our planet over the next several months. Things are about to get exciting, and it's all because two men refused to back down to a cult-like scientific community.

# # #

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated October 02, 2012


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