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You are here: > News > August 3, 2012

Bob Rohner Demonstrates his Noble Gas Piston at the 2012 TeslaTech Conference

On July 27, Robert Rohner gave a presentation on "The GyroKinetic Prime Mover", demonstrating its function at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference. A video has been posted, with encouragement to purchase the DVD from the conference. Mark McKubre comments on noble gas engines.

Bob demonstrates his cylinder in operation at the TeslaTech Conference.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

One of the highlights of the 2012 TeslaTech conference in Albuquerque was Robert Rohner's demonstration of his Joseph Papp-based noble gas engine technology. His lecture and demo was slated at the 1:00 pm spot on Friday, July 27, 2012.

I was there for the latter portion of the presentation, and I saw the noble gas system in operation, along with around 100 other people in the audience.

First, he removed the piston assembly and demonstrated the spark system that fires the arc that stimulates the plasma. 

He then restored the piston assembly, fastened it down, and created a vacuum (dropping about 30 inches of mercury) in the cylinder via an external pump. Afterwards, he filled around 6-8 syringes with a noble gas mixture (per the Papp patent: 8% Xenon, 12% Krypton, 16% Argon, 26% Neon, and the balance as Helium). The cylinder had a septum (rubber seal you can poke a needle through) by which he injected the gas from the syringes. He said the resulting pressure in the cylinder would be around 1 atmosphere. Then, he pressed one button for "pre-excitement" of the gas (via coils around the cylinder, ionizing the gas), immediately followed by pressing a second button to fire the arc (which allegedly causes the noble gases to go into a plasma state), which caused the piston to shoot up the cylinder, which caused weights atop it to lift, then drop back down. I would guess the weights were around 25 lbs. He repeated this several times over about two minutes.

The system also has an automatic relay that repeats the firing at a rate of around 120 cycles per minute, which he told me he demonstrated out in the lobby. I wasn't able to be there for that.

Here is the video of the presentation, shot by the AV crew at TeslaTech, which Bob uploaded. I guess he didn't realize that this is actually contrary to the copyright terms of the conference, but I would like to try and make a point to the conference organizers about allowing a limited posting of some conference materials as a teaser of the conference quality, to spur more sales. They rely on the income from DVD sales to help finance their annual conference. So if you like what you've seen here, I would encourage you to purchase the DVD from the store. It's number ET1205, and costs $29.95, if you're only getting that one DVD. Discounts apply to purchases of multiple DVDs. Tim Ventura also talked to the conference organizers about preparing brief teaser videos to help spur additional sales.

In the video description, Bob states: "The startling gyrokinetic process was fully verified during the program producing power over a period of seven hours with never a refill." I presume he means that during the conference, at another location, that setup produced a firing of the piston whenever it was evoked, over a seven hour period; not that it ran for seven hours continuous in the presentation, which only lasted one hour and fifteen minutes.

One of the most impressive parts of his presentation was having Dr. Michael McKubre from Stanford Research Institute (SRI) on the rostrum to vouch for the noble gas engine process in general, and Bob's system in particular, which he has been tracking for years. Michael McKubre is a well-respected scientist in the realm of cutting-edge energy technologies. He is probably best known for his appearance on the 60 Minutes special: "Cold Fusion is Hot Again".

Also on the rostrum was Carl Moser, a friend and associate who was present with Joseph Papp, and remembers fine details about the engine. His memory has come in handy as Bob and Tom have sought to replicate the process. There were two other Ph.D.s on the rostrum as well, in support; but only Michael McKubre spoke during the presentation.

Transcription of McKubre's Remarks

Hank Mills provided a transcription of Michael McKubre's email and remarks at the TeslaTech conference.

Email to Bob
(read at opening of lecture)

Bob, I believe you and I trust your observations. I am confident that the Papp engine ran for extended periods, and did not get hot enough to account for seventy percent of the energy being dumped as heat. Thus the process is not thermodynamic and Carnot. And maybe the gas laws do not apply.

These are very strong statements that I do not make lightly, and I am not ready to make public until I have examined these systems experimentally for myself. But these are both statements about equilibrium conditions in a closed system, neither of which condition applies. I know that the plasma pulse produces electricity in large and strange amounts. Your two capacitor experiment verifies this. So we have odd electricity and odd energy, both real and, I believe, coupled.

To really do the job well, we need a well equipped lab and able experts willing to suspend disbelief. I am impressed with your progress, especially since you are making it on your own.


Mike's Remarks During the Q&A

I am on vacation today. [For] my day job, I am interested in alternative energy systems. Any primary energy source that we can usefully use that does not consume hydrocarbons would be a general statement of mine, my normal job. 

About twelve years ago, when I first heard of the Papp engine, I was intrigued because it is clearly impossible. It is clearly impossible, but apparently works. So that is interesting. 

I interviewed a man that witnessed the Feinman demonstration, Cecil B., he is an older guy now but [has] a very clear memory. His recollection of what happened on that occasion and on occasions when they tested Papp's machine on a dynamometer was very clear that one: it works, and two: it is not a heat engine. They made observations of tests running hours or days in a closed room, no exhaust, negligible temperature rise, so it is not a thermodynamic machine. It does not operate on a heat cycle. That is intriguing. It also operates with noble gases. ...As all chemists know, can't get energy out of noble gases by chemistry. Noble gases are also noble in the nucleus, the nucleus is rather noble. So if you were going to choose a material to make energy, noble gases would be your last choice. So that was interesting to me, I followed up. I talked to Bob Rohner many years ago.

One of the things that most convinced me that this machine really did operate, was an example that Bob told me about how they were running the machine for Joe Papp, and there was a tapping sound. The machine was running, something was banging, so they [said], okay that's fine, the machine is running, it is making a noise. They took it apart, hammered out the offending part, put it back together again, and it ran again. Not only was it running, it was running, and the entire internals had been observed. Bob had taken it apart, seen everything that was in there. There is no mice in each cylinder jumping up and down making the thing work. It did not have any funny business going on. It is as it seems to be, and still is to me, a complete, almost complete mystery. I still am intrigued, so what I did was set a test.

I said OK, a different group in a similar configuration. If you can show me ten times more energy coming out than the electrical energy input, and my day job is as I said is careful measurements of energy, input energy, output energy. So we set up the test, showed them what to do, made the measurements, and yes there was at least ten times more energy being produced than electrical input energy. And at that point I got semi hooked so I have been following this and following Bob around ever since. Waiting for him to produce his machine. He is getting close. 

I would write this still as am mystery, I have no idea, I have some ideas but none that I am willing to make public at this point. But it is clearly a nuclear process, and the power and benefit and interest in nuclear processes is that the energy density in nuclear effects is about ten million times larger than the energy density of chemical processes. That is why you can make claims of a single filling powering your engine for thousands of hours. Only a nuclear energy source can possibly have that potential. 

There is a lot of work to be done. Bob is making good progress. I agree with the gentleman standing at the microphone that this is a power source that mankind needs to have. We need to make a push and get this energy out in the hands of people. I think in the third world this would make so much more of a difference. America is energy rich, but in the third world, China or India for example, machines of this sort to pump water or provide lighting would revolutionize the world. This is a very important task that Bob has set for himself, and I am glad that he is continuing.

# # #


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