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You are here: > News > August 2, 2012

LENR-to-Market Weekly -- August 2, 2012

Highlights this week include: Boeing and NASA working together on LENR aircraft design; E-Cat Conference in Switzerland September 8-9; Brillouin to be represented at ICCF 17 by SRI; interviews Rossi; Defkalion going to Vancouver; Pirelli High School photos, update;

Athanor 2.0: The Hydrotron from Pirelli High School

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of various news items about the various LENR companies since our July 26 compilation.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • E-Cat Videos and Documents Made Public [Update: Rossi Comments, Videos Removed] - Two videos and some documents have been published on Gary Wright's site that were apparently shot at Andrea Rossi's E-Cat factory in Bologna during a visit of Roger Green from E-Cat Australia in February of this year. Gary Wright has also published a copy of the license between E-Cat Australia and Leonardo Corp... (E-CatWorld; July 31, 2012)
      • Cold fusion, Proia the E-Cat: 'We are not afraid of the energy lobby' (interview) - Andrea Rossi has now revealed the name of the Italian licensee of E-cat : is Prometeon Ltd. , which is Commercial Director and Chief Executive Aldo Proia . The company will handle sales, not production, but certainly Proia knows the secrets of the device and believe. (; July 31, 2012)
        • New Interview With Aldo Proia - Another Italian web site,, has conducted an interview with Leonardo Corp.'s licensee for Italy, Aldo Proia. Of course the interview is in Italian, and so a clear translation of the interview is not readily available for English speakers — but with the help of Google and Bing, I have gleaned a few points.. (E-CatWorld; July 31, 2012) (And 22passi)
        • Fifth energy bill, Proia: solar-E-Cat - "Already more than a year ago have been introduced legislative restrictions that have crippled the business of large photovoltaic systems on agricultural land, and the recent Fifth energy bill is likely to the same with other types of plants." (; July 31, 2012) (And and
      • Technical
        • E-Cats With Adjustable Temperatures - Andrea Rossi often interacts with loyal readers of the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Dr. Joseph Fine frequently contributes to the comments section of the blog, providing information for Rossi's consideration and asking E-Cat related questions that are answerable, despite the confidentiality required by the Italian inventor's work. (ECatReport; July 31, 2012)
        • Rossi: "Stirling engine is an option" - Is the Hot Cat able to utilize the Stirling engine? Rossi's immediate answer to this question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics was, "Yes, now the Sterling engine is an option." (ECatReport; July 31, 2012)
        • On E-Cat, Hot Cat And Electricity Requirements - The E-Cat, available in 3 models, is under various stages of certification, testing, and patenting. Certification of the domestic E-Cat has recently been postponed, to the great disappointment of those awaiting its release. So far, it appears that it will still be released in 2013, but probably later in the year. (ECatReport; August 1, 2012)
        • Seebeck Microturbines and E-Cat Cars - The Journal of Nuclear Physics, is overflowing with questions and suggestions for harnessing the energy created by the E-Cats of various sizes. Rossi is kind enough to respond to most of the suggestions put forth so that, while not revealing anything that could compromise his work, he offers insights into the technologies around cold fusion. (ECatReport; August 2, 2012)
        • More From Italy on Hidden LENR Activity [Updated] - Another interesting message has been posted on Daniele Passerini's blog authored by a person going by the name of Vector who is providing some apparent 'inside' information about things going on connected with E-Cat technology in Italy. The whole post is quite long, but makes for interesting reading, even though we don't, of course,... (E-CatWorld; July 26, 2012)
          • Better Translation of 'Vector's' Letter - In order to avoid confusion with another update, I thought I would make a new post to say that 'Vector's' letter about his inside knowledge of the E-Cat has been translated by a skilled human into English — which provides a much clearer exposition of his message — something written to cheer up the... (E-CatWorld; July 27, 2012)
      • History
        • Meanwhile, someone wrote ... - It was a late summer night in 2005. Andrea Rossi was still an unknown in the field of cold fusion. Meanwhile, someone wrote ... (22Passi; July 31, 2012)
      • Overviews
    • Defkalion - Hyperion
    • Brillouin 
      • Brillouin Energy at iccf 17 - Robert E. gode has informed us today that Dr. Francis Tanzella from SRI will be presenting for Brillouin Energy at iccf 17 (; July 28, 2012)
      • Brillouin Moving Forward - Brillouin Energy Corporation the Berkley California firm that is developing and testing a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR)  boiler with the respected SRI (formerly the Stanford Research Institute) research laboratory in California is moving forward. The company has totally revamped its website (this one actually appears to work) and announced some more information about itself and its team. (ColdFusion3; July 31, 2012)
      • Update from Brillouin Energy - I recently inquired of the status of Brillouin Energy because I noted that they had been removed from the scheduled list of presenters at the upcoming ICCF17 conference in Korea. I received the following response: Hello Frank, I am the Chief Financial Officer of Brillouin Energy Corp., and we have recently switched point persons... (E-CatWorld; July 30, 2012)
    • NanoSpire, Inc. 
      • At least two presentations at the TeslaTech conference mentioned the theoretical work of Mark LeClair: Moray King and Sterling Allan.
      • Fusion Catalyst Working on Open Source LENR Research - I have recently been in communication with Bastiaan Bergman, co-founder of California-based Fusion Catalyst, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization involved in research in the LENR field. Below is a Q&A conducted with him recently. Could you tell us something about your nonprofit organization, Fusion Catalyst? I felt I had to do something. I asked my... (E-CatWorld; August 2, 2012)
    • Pirelli High School
      • Photo gallery Hydrotron (evolution Athanor) - The engineer Abundo, sent me pictures last night of the new Hydrotron (evolution dell'Athanor) and measuring apparatus, there is also the comparison with the first clone of Athanor and with reference to simple resistance. (22Passi; August 1, 2012)
      • Before switching on the evolution dell'Athanor - Yesterday Eng. Abundo has left us this comment: "Today we assembled and operated for the first time "Hydrotron," the heir of Athanor post-school, which faithfully replicates the principles of the ancestor, but reinterprets them in terms of simplification of the design..." (22Passi; July 29, 2012)
      • Athanor 2.0: The Hydrotron [Update: Video Posted] - It has not been very easy to find out what has been happening with the Pirelli High School's cold fusion reactor (named the Athanor) which was introduced earlier this year — at least English language sources discussing it have been hard to find. A comment today from Ugo Abundo, the professor who leads the... (E-CatWorld; July 28, 2012)
    • Dr.Brian Ahern, Vibronic Energy Technologies Corp
    • Kressenn Ltd
      • Cold Fusion: holding an English-Italian rival Andrea Rossi's new? - New competitors on the horizon for the ' E-Cat Andrea Rossi: we're talking Kressenn Ltd company. EnergyCatalyzer she is presented as a British company, but should be noted that, in reality, once again trying to conduct business on cold fusion are the Italians. (; August 1, 2012)
    • Dustfusion from Hungary - Video from Jan 2012 (; July 29, 2012)
  • General Cold Fusion
    • Boeing and Nasa working together on LENR aircraft design! - I found an interesting file on Nasa's website: "Using a quantitative workshop process, the following technologies, appropriate to aircraft operational in the N+4 2040 timeframe, were identified: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrogen, fuel cell hybrids, battery electric hybrids, Low Energy Nuclear (LENR), boundary layer ingestion propulsion…" (NickelPower; August 1, 2012)
    • Cold Fusion NASA LENR part three Spacebound and Earthbound Transportation - It is argued that both LENR and Hydrino Capture are not cold fusion, yet for many reasons the term cold fusion exists in popular vernacular encompassing nuclear reactions that happen in environments less hot than the sun. For many people (…) (ColdFusionNow; July 31, 2012)
    • Seducing the Coulomb Barrier - "In contrast to conventional experience based on using high energy to overcome the Coulomb barrier by brute force, the CANR [Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reaction] environment apparently uses a mechanism that can neutralize the barrier." (CleanTechBlog; August 1, 2012)
    • THE COLD FUSION feed 'A BOEING? - The news circulated in the last two months are of such importance for the development of LENR (cold fusion, or as many like to call these phenomena) that give a full response has become difficult. However it is worth trying and the analysis based on the six points already proposed is still extremely effective... (; August 3, 2012)
    • The effect is no longer in doubt - A document that is absolutely advertised, because it shows bad faith or ignorance of those who insist on painting the LENR as pseudoscience, is on materials for emerging technologies produced few months ago the European Commission for Research and Innovation. (22Passi; July 27, 2012)
  • Events
    • NIWeek 2012 : LENR as the guest star - The annual corporate conference of National Instruments, NIWeek 2012, prepare to be the prelude of ICCF17. LENR theme is visibly a strategic orientation of National Instruments, and if we can make many conjecture on their intention, it seems clear that LENR is welcome at NI, and that NI want to show that to the face of the world. (; July 30, 2012)
      • At NIWeek it comes to market LENR - In Italy there is still debate whether LENR, cold fusion, etc. piezonuclear phenomena. exist or not. In fact, the opposite of conservative scientists do not miss a chance to discredit this type of research, branding them as buffaloes and their authors even as scammers. Meanwhile in the U.S., Austin, Texas, under the aegis of National Instruments , the leading manufacturer of scientific instruments to measure the world, in a few days we will discuss the reality of these phenomena and the commercialization of the first machines that can exploit them to obtain clean energy ... a difference in perspective abysmal! (22Passi; July 30, 2012)
    • ICCF 17, Korea, 12-17 august - Confirmed Plenary and Invited Speakers (; July 26, 2012)
      • Request to ECW from Tyler van Houwelingen — Off to South Korea! - I just received this message from Tyler van Houwelingen. Let's see if we can help him out — I'm sure we join in a hearty congratulations to Tyler! I was just asked and will be attending ICCF-17 in S. Korea next week to give my presentation, "Is commercial LENR the Real Deal" Thanks ,Frank for finding/distributing the doc, albeit... (E-CatWorld; August 2, 2012)
      • LENR-proof skeptical? - I think hardly a skeptic can be convinced by this document, which does not seem to add nothing to the information on the web, but that definitely puts them together and sums up very well. (22Passi; August 2, 2012)
    • [Updated] Rossi's E-Cat Technology to be Presented in Zurich, Switzerland on September 8-9 - I have just received an email from Andrea Rossi who confirmed to me that the report posted on the blog of  Dr. Myron Evans which reports that his technology will be presented at a Zurich Conference in September is correct. The exact content of my email exchange are below: Me:  A link has shown... (E-CatWorld; July 31, 2012) (And and and
      • The conference where information about the E-Cat  will be presented is entitled "Energy Change  with E-Cat Technology" and will be held on September 8-9, at the Technopark Zurich, Technoparkstr. 1, CH 8005 Zurich, Auditorium. The Conference will be hosted by TransAltec Inc., E-Cat Germany and E-Cat Switzerland. Full details can be found at this link:
        Among the presenters will be E-Cat licensees from European regions, and Andrea Rossi.

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