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You are here: > News > August 1, 2012

American Anti-Gravity Interviews from TeslaTech

Tim Ventura of conducted several interviews while at this year's ExtraOrdinary Technology (TeslaTech), including: Inteligentry's noble gas engine, Bill Alek's SkyWatch and SmartWatch, GEET engine, inertial propulsion, Rodin coils, and Konstantin Meyl.

William Alec is one of the people Tim interviewed.

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The following interviews were conducted by Tim Ventura of American Anti-Gravity.  He's also been busy on his website, posting several new articles, including:

Here are the interviews, which I found on the YouTube channel. In speaking briefly to Tim by phone on July 31, I learned that he has quite a few more videos to post, around twenty in all. So rather than wait for him to get them all up, I've decided to go ahead and let you see these which he has already posted.

This first one is one he did with me on July 28.

Sterling Allan on TeslaTech 2012

PES Founder Sterling D. Allan provides commentary on TeslaTech 2012 and outlines his favorite technology picks for this year's conference.

Given his journalistic experience & extensive network of scientific contacts, Allan's opinion is greatly valued by thousands of innovators as being authoritative on emerging energy technologies worth investigating.

Dan Glover on Inteligentry Papp Engine Technology

Dan Glover of Inteligentry provides an overview of the company's work in Papp engine research. Led by founder John Rohner, the firm claims to have not only recreated the Papp Engine, but also improved upon the original process by removing dangerous & unsafe elements in addition to making a number of modifications of their own.

Inteligentry's Plasmic Transition Process technology couples a refined noble-gas piston arrangement with a sophisticated onboard electronics suite that delivers precision timing to the Papp Engine to produce nearly 300 horsepower output.

Inteligentry plans to license Plasmic Transition Process technology in a novel manner by making the noble-gas cylinder technology open-source while retaining their intellectual property in electronics-suite enhancements for their dealer network. Dan Glover claims this recognizes the fact that Papp's original work is already open-source as the patents on it have long expired.

Mark Koppin on Inteligentry

Bill Alek on SkyWATCH and SmartWATCH

Bill Alek describes the UFO SkyWATCH project, involving outdoor UFO-spotting tours in the Phoenix area using 3rd-generation Starlight night-vision equipment, and describes his new SmartWATCH system, a gravitational anomaly detector that replaces the older accutron measurement systems he's developed.

The Accutron system works by measuring the change in frequency of an electrically driven tuning fork to detect slight anomalies that may occur in the vicinity of slight alterations of the Earth's gravitational field. Alek developed the apparatus after visiting the "Gravitational Mystery Spot" in California, in which the gravitational pull of the Earth deviates slightly from normal as a result of dense deposits of metal underground.

GEET Engine Overview

Licensed dealer and trainer Daniel Gonzales provides an overview of the GEET Engine, a plasmic-reaction engine that features a plasma reactor which breaks down fuel before it enters the cylinder.

GEET is claimed to run on nearly any fuel source, and differs from traditional engines by lowering cylinder temperature and having a more even gas-expansion, which is claimed to allow the device to run at much higher RPM's while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.

Daniel Gonzales is currently one of the few licensed GEET dealers, and claims to be the only dealer currently training students in the GEET process.

GEET Engine Demo

Daniel Gonzales, GEET engine authorized dealer and trainer, provides a demonstration of the remarkable GEET engine at TeslaTech 2012.

The GEET engine is a new type of internal combustion engine featuring a "plasmic-reactor", which utilizes exhaust heat from the engine in a magnetic field to create a high-temperature gas-plasma out of incoming fuel.

This innovative fuel-process is what makes the GEET engine so unique, and has earned the device a reputation for being a new innovation that produces remarkable test results.

Jeffrey Cook on Inertial Propulsion

Jeffrey Cook demonstrates a model inertial propulsion device that he's developed and describes it's method of propulsion, which is based on research into physics and magnetism undertaken by Cook over the last few years.

Cook has developed a lightweight electromagnetic "launcher" that pushes a small, plastic vehicle out a ramp at high-speed, and hopes to market it as a science-toy. Functionally, this inertial propulsion prototype utilizes Neodymium magnets in a strong plastic case that Cook has reinforced to ensure the magnets cannot be removed to ensure the safety of children using it.

Will Green on Rodin Coil Applications

Will Green briefly describes his experimentation with Rodin Coil technology and his goals of applying what he's learned to vehicle motors for future transportation research based on electric motors integrated with Rodin Coil technology.

Konstantin Meyl
Scalar waves and other Tesla technologies.

Mike McInturff on Wind Power
40 MW system, 300 ft tall, vertical axis wind turbine

Mike McInturff describes a novel system for generating energy from wind power. The "Roto-Wind" system he's developed utilizes triangular rotors mounted on rotating vertical shafts that drive electric engines mounted at the base of each shaft.

According to McInturff, the system is capable of generating megawatts of electrical energy in the same manner as a conventional wind-turbine, but requires less space to do so. He indicates that while a full-size generator may cost up to $15 million to develop, smaller models can be created that demonstrate the efficiency of this wind power design at a reasonable prototyping cost.

Clayton Nolte
Regarding water treatment system using vortex technology. 

Lee Wolstad

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