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You are here: > News > July 22, 2012

Examiner Editorial Policy Chooses Smut over Breakthrough Energy

On July 18, Breakthrough Energy Examiner, Sterling Allan, was discontinued from Examiner because he took the stance that: "Yes, sex sells, but not for reasons that bring good karma. It is not good to encourage men to gawk at other women, jeopardizing their marriages and family, and putting children at risk of being exposed to inappropriate content and behavior."

This (minus the blocking) is one of the images in the July 14 advertisement from the Examiner feed. 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Since April of 2009, I have been the "Breakthrough Energy Examiner" for

Over time, I've noticed that their advertisements and featured story subject matter have been increasingly lascivious (inclined to lustfulness). Consistently, at least one of the four suggested stories at the bottom of the page where I have to go to submit news content includes stories of this nature.

A line was crossed when I received a subscription email from them on July 14 for my friend, Fred Burks' feed, who is the US Intelligence Examiner. I love his content, but I did not appreciate the ad from that was borderline pornographic. It was beyond PG-13.

So I wrote them an email:

To whom it may concern at the Examiner,

I'm the Breakthrough Energy Examiner.

I don't appreciate getting these soft porn images in my email (see [above right]) as a subscriber to one of my favorite writers. 

Nor do I appreciate the Examiner's general lack of morality when it comes to the stories you push in the footers of the site when I go to write a story there. It seems that nearly always at least one of the 4-5 suggestions include scantily-clad women.

Ditto for your home page. Such images are often found there as well.

Yes, sex sells, but not for reasons that bring you good karma. Do you really think it's a good idea to encourage men to gawk at other women, jeopardizing their marriages and family, and [putting children at risk of being exposed to inappropriate content and behavior]?

I joined the Examiner team a few years ago expecting it to be more enlightened. In this regard, you are just like [German] mainstream news.

Please address this, especially regarding the emails. If you don't I'll 1) stop receiving your emails, 2) stop posting stories at the Examiner.

I don't want people who are subscribe to my "Breakthrough Energy Examiner" feed getting smut like that in their inbox, nor do I appreciate my text content on their site having ads like that show up. did not respond to that email.

The next subscription email I received from Fred Burks on July 18 through had a different borderline pornographic ad.

This time I submitted my complaint through their online form.

Their response was quick:

Sterling, has no plans to revise its editorial policy in this regard, so we hereby accept your resignation.

Your Examiner account has been deactivated and any remaining compensation will be issued on the next scheduled payment cycle. We appreciate the effort you put into being an Examiner and we wish you good luck.

Gregory Hunt | Content Manager
Email: - Phone: 303-291-8858

As I told Fred, who is the one who encouraged me to apply to be a writer for the Examiner in the first place: "It's very sad and disappointing to me, for the reasons stated. I expected more [higher morals] of them."

If you, too, feel strongly about this matter, please take a few seconds and take the following poll:

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated July 31, 2012


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