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You are here: > News > July 19, 2012

LENR-to-Market Weekly -- July 19, 2012

Highlights this week include the launch of, Defkalion leaving Greece, Rossi stating that home unit cartridges will have to be replaced by certified agents, National Instruments presentation on the need for LENR instrumentation; rebroadcast of 60-minute piece on cold fusion. launched

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of various news items about the various LENR companies since our July 12 compilation.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • The Future Of LENR And Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Discusses The E-Cat - With the release of Rossi's E-Cat residential device set for early 2013, thought it would be a good time to speak with Rossi about how the E-Cat device will work and what the future holds for cold fusion. (FreeEnergySystems; July 8, 2012)
        • The Future of LENR and Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Discusses The E-Cat, Part 2 - In the final segment of our two part interview with Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat, we continue our discussion on the residential applications of Cold Fusion. We dive deeper into how we will use LENR in our homes and what the future holds for this break through technology. (FreeEnergySystems; July 12, 2012)
        • E-Cat pitching cold fusion to Australians - A company established in January 2012 is offering the Rossi E-Cat ("energy catalyzer") to Australians. E-Cat Australia is offering pre-orders for a 1MW unit with "an estimated delivery time of 3 months", and allowing people to pre-register for a domestic unit promising shipping in 2013. (; July 16, 2012)
        • e-cat Australia launches website - A new distributor of the Ecat steam generator has launched a website.  The tagline of the home page says Tomorrows Energy, Today, and while the 1 MW units may be ordered from the website now, Roger Green, listed as (…) (ColdFusionNow; July 16, 2012)
        • E-cat Australia Stirs up Controversy - A new website called e-cat Australia is apparently stirring up a little controversy Down Under. The site which went live last week is offering both the 1 megawatt industrial and 10 kilowatt domestic e-cat low energy nuclear reaction units. (EnergyCatalyzer3; July 17, 2012)
      • Report Pending
        • New E-Cat Demo Report - A report of a previously unknown (to me) E-Cat demonstration has come to my attention that I thought would be interesting to readers here. The information comes from a document on the E-Cat Australia web site. E-Cat Australia is the licensee for Leonardo corporation in the Australasia, southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands region... (E-CatWorld; July 18, 2012)
        • High Temperature E-Cat Report Expected in September - The pending announcement on Andrea Rossi's high temperature E-Cat is highly protected and much anticipated. Just recently, Rossi said that he hopes to release his full report in September of this year. (ECatReport; July 12, 2012)
      • Distribution
        • Rossi: Certifier Requires E-Cat Fuel to be Changed by Contractors - I think this is the first piece of information that Rossi has released with regards to certification of the domestic E-Cats. On Saturday I sent this question to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics: In the recent interview you held with Free Energy Systems you mentioned that the recharging of the fuel... (E-CatWorld; July 18, 2012) (And
        • Manufacturing Facilities For E-Cats - Rossi said, "We will have independent manufacturing lines, able to make everything, in the USA and in Europe (Sweden and Italy)." (ECatReport; July 15, 2012)
        • Rossi on Domestic E-Cats (Home Depot Still Involved) - The topic of the domestic E-Cats has been a little on the back burner of late, since there has been quite a lot of focus on the high temperature E-Cats and the report that is being anticipated. Many times Rossi has been asked about when the domestic units will be available, and always he... (E-CatWorld; July 13, 2012)
        • New Cost Estimate For The Domestic E-Cat - "The industrial plants (E-Cats and Hot Cats) have prices that depend on their characteristics, very difficult to generalize. The domestic will be around $1000 USD, after the certification and depending on the requirements of the certificator." (ECatReport; July 17, 2012) (And
      • Function
        • Blow to domestic E-Cat running costs - Andrea Rossi has revealed that, as part of the certification requirements, the domestic E-Cat can only have a fuel change carried out by an approved contractor. This is a setback in terms of cost as purchasers will have to factor in the call-out fees for a contractor twice a year. (; July 16, 2012)
        • Hot Cat To Continue Operation - On Andrea Rossi's blog, Journal of Nuclear Physics, Rossi commented that the Hot Cat would not be stopped for anything except to make checks. This information, which he divulged today (on July 18),… (ECatReport; July 18, 2012)
      • Applications
        • LENR Could Extract Water From the Atmosphere Cheaply - One of the technologies that has been mentioned as being immediately suitable for E-Cat technology is desalination of seawater. The E-Cat is particularly suitable for desalination because of the amounts of heat that is needed in vacuum distillation — the most commonly used method of desalination processes used around the world. This of course... (E-CatWorld; July 15, 2012)
        • Agencies, Energy Technologies And E-Cat - CHP AND THE E-CAT Combined Heat and Power, or CHP is a very real technology designed to, according to a report written by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts: "generate electricity through microturbines…Microturbines… (ECatReport; July 14, 2012)
        • Are E-Cat Cars Really 20 Years Away? - Rossi himself has said that domestic vehicles powered by an E-Cat are 20 years, at least, in the future. However, he is not the only engineer working on the problem. (ECatReport; July 15, 2012)
      • Commentary
        • Energy Update: Is Cold Fusion Even Possible? - When something is given the acronym LENR and your name is Len Rosen, it is hard for me not to sit up and take notice. LENR stands for low energy nuclear reactor which is also known as cold fusion. (21stCenturyBlog; July 17, 2012)
        • Would You Buy a Domestic E-Cat? (New Poll) - Here's a new poll for a new week. Since there has been so much discussion about the domestic E-Cats since we learned that self-refueling is not an option, (fuel cartridges will need to be installed by approved contractors), I thought it would be interesting to see how people feel about installing a domestic E-Cat... (E-CatWorld; July 16, 2012)
    • Defkalion - Hyperion
      • Defkalion Leaving Greece - Impossible to get investment when everyone sees Greece as a sinking ship. The rumor is that they are looking at Vancouver. -- Sterling
        • Post: Defkalion GT Leaving Greece - A post on the LENR Forum site in Greek appears to be an announcement from Defkalion Green Technologies that they are leaving Greece and moving operations to a yet undetermined country. The person who posted this said they received the information from George  Alex  ('George' according to Google translate)  Xanthoulis, CEO of Defkalion. A Google translation... (E-CatWorld; July 18, 2012)
        • Defkalion leaving Greece! ? - Trying to "secure" that international prestige innovative technology for Greece, the last three months we communicate with investors by the term "We STAY in Greece."
          Unfortunately the difficult and unpleasant situation that our country is undergoing finds investors negative. There follows the most critical during our existence decision. To have to leave our country so that another country benefits from our worldwide invention. (; July 18, 2012)
        • Defkalion to pull out of Greece? - Commentary (; July 19, 2012)
      • Testimony of Prof. Christos Stremmenos - I apologize to everyone for the first Prof. Stremmenos, that I lost in your inbox, while I was on holiday, the following email, which confirms an extraordinarily tough against Defkalion GT. (22Passi; July 19, 2012)
      • News Hyperion - This is a brief summary of what is published in Italian on the Blog EGO OUT by Peter Gluck, showing summary of the information, acquired by Gluck during some interviews I had with DGT, information on the operation of the device of the Green Technology Defkalion called Hyperion.  (22Passi; July 18, 2012)
      • A Defkalion Tester: Dr. Vysotsskii - Someone enlarged one of Jim Dunn's PowerPoint images to show the Defkalion tester to be Vladimir I. Vysotskii (; July 17, 2012)
    • Brian Ahern, Vibronic Energy
  • General Cold Fusion
    • National Instruments Provides Tools for Cold Fusion Researchers - National Instruments is providing tools and equipment for cold fusion researchers to help them understand the phenomenon. Although greater precision and accuracy in testing is a very good thing, it should be clarified that there is no doubt that cold fusion has already been proven to be a real phenomenon. (PESN; July 18, 2012)
      • Transcription >
        And there are those who compare the cold fusion research to perpetual motion! (II) - I leave here the transcript of the appearance of Dr. Stephen Concezzi (National Instruments) to cold fusion conference held in Rome on July 2, of which I have already written (on the blog and on The Indro ).  (22Passi; July 18, 2012) (And
      • And there are those who compare the cold fusion research to perpetual motion! (I) (video) - b) the transcript of the point where we talk about the top teams, the intervention of Stephen Concezzi, number two, National Instruments , the conference Towards a non-polluting energy revolution (Rome, July 2, 2012) to compare in the words of the Director of the Department of Physics UniBO, Paul Capiluppi, reported on the Internet (22Passi; July 18, 2012)
      • National Instruments LENR Slide Show Now Available - Thanks to Daniele Passerini of for making available the slide show which was used in a recent presentation by Stefano Concezzi, director of National Instruments' Science and Big Physics Segment at a July 2 meeting in Rome. The presentation seems to have been intended to communicate that National Instruments is ready and available... (E-CatWorld; July 18, 2012)
      • Diverse Interest in LENR Indicates a Paradigm Shift - For many of us, our interest in cold fusion began last January, or thereabouts, when we heard about Andrea Rossi and his e-Cat. For nearly a year we followed the story waiting for Rossi's big reveal in October of 2011. (E-CatSite; July 19, 2012)
    • US Military Collaborating With Italian Energy Dept. on Excess Heat Production - The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is reporting in its Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Submission that it has been carrying out research with the Italian Department of Energy. The full document in PDF format can be read here. On page 51 of the document there is a 2011-2013 budget line of $32 million for, "Fundamentals of Nanoscale... (E-CatWorld; July 12, 2012)
    • Melvin Miles on Calorimetry: "We got excess heat" - It's been twenty-three years since the announcement of the discovery of cold fusion, and yet, this powerful solution to our energy needs is not even recognized by the Department of Energy (DoE), despite the interest of other federal agencies like (…) (ColdFusionNow; July 16, 2012)
    • Petroleum Taking Notice of LENR - "If LENR is for real – and many well-qualified physicists believe it is – it will not only change the petroleum industry, but also significantly affect almost every aspect of our world. Some call it 'the new fire.' (ECatReport; July 18, 2012)
    • Top news about Allan Widom in Rome - After the briefing three days ago , this morning Vincent Valenzi has sent a mailing to its first report on the seminar held yesterday in Rome Allan Widom. Happy reading. (22Passi; July 19, 2012)
    • Theoretical Physicist Claims LENR Can Potentially Transform Scrap Tungsten Metal Into Gold - Lewis Larsen, the founder and CEO of Lattice Energy LLC and co-author of the Widom-Larsen Theory contends that tungsten, an abundant scrap metal can potentially be cheaply and efficiently turned into both gold and platinum via LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). (FreeEnergySystems; July 17, 2012)
    • Updates from Ugo Abundo (22passi) June 28 - pictures of the new reactor powder in single reaction chamber (there are more of a funnel and a separate container), jacketed for direct measurement of heat output; (; July 14, 2012)
    • Infinite and clean energy by cold fusion - Publish the second part of scientific investigation carried out by our reader in London, Mr. Cristian Bistriceanu. It's an invention that could change the face of the planet, providing an inexhaustible source of cheap energy and super-clean, can end the current technologies get electricity from fossil fuels, the controversial hydro or nuclear reactors today. (; July 19, 2012)
    • Cold Fusion to be Featured on CNBC TV Tonight (July 17th) - This is just a reminder that tonight there will be a program entitled "Scientific Breakthroughs" broadcast on the US financial cable network CNBC which will feature a segment about cold fusion. You can read the billing for the show here. The program will be aired at 9:00 p.m. ET and again at midnight. There... (E-CatWorld; July 17, 2012)
      • CNBC will Apparently Air Classic 60 Minutes Cold Fusion Story - The American cable news network CNBC will apparently air a repeat of the classic 60 Minutes piece about cold fusion; "Cold Fusion is Hot Again" at midnight Eastern and Pacific times (11 p.m. Central and Mountain) on Tuesday July 17. (EnergyCatalyzer3; July 13, 2012)
      • CNBC feature Cold Fusion - On 17th July US financial cable network CNBC included a segment about cold fusion during their program entitled "Scientific Breakthroughs". The program was aired at 9pm and repeated at midnight but no live streaming was available on the internet for avid cold fusion followers. (; July 19, 2012)
    • Global Warming is Real LENR could be the Solution - US and British government scientists have concluded that climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions are making the Earth warmer and causing extreme weather events like last year's drought in Texas. In other words global warming is real and we need to do something about it. (ColdFusion3; July 14, 2012)
  • Events
    • ICCF -17 - This year the 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-17) will be held in Daejeon, South Korea on August 12 to 17. (22Passi; July 18, 2012)
    • Seminar on Widom LENR in Rome July 18, 17.00, House dell'Aviatore - I get [from Vincent Valenzi] email invitation to the conference of July 18 in Rome, with some interesting comments following (22Passi; July 16, 2012)
    • Cold Fusion Symposium at Williamsburg LENRS-12 1-3 July, 2012 - The following is a further posting in a series of articles by David French, a patent attorney with 35 years experience, which will review issues of interest touching on the field of Cold Fusion. This posting is about an event (…) (ColdFusionNow; July 13, 2012)

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