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You are here: > News > July 16, 2012

Inteligentry says "We have everything we need to get into manufacturing"

A report on a recent phone conversation with John Rohner who gave me some updates on their progress, which is going well. May let me beta test. New electronics working well. Three major news networks jockeying for opportunity to make the announcement in September. Engine booth headed for TeslaTech conference.

Photo of finished, tested production engines with all the latest electronics.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On July 11, I had a phone conversation with John Rohner of Inteligentry, who appears to be on schedule for rolling out their noble gas engines to market in September.

"Everything is going really well. We have everything we need to get into manufacturing."

Here are a few other updates he mentioned:

  • We just sent out official drawings to the manufactures.
  • We are presently using Harley Davidson bottom ends, but that presents a supply problem for manufacturers out of the country; so they will start making their own bottoms from 8" bar stock, which weighs 80 lbs.
  • We are still aiming to get the price down to $300 for a 2-cylinder engine [within three years (initial price will be higher)].
  • We expect that the 6-cylinder engine will be ready about 6 months after the 2-cylinder engine is introduced to the market; and the 12-cylinder engine will follow about 6 months after that.
  • We don't plan on attending the TeslaTech show in Albuquerque, as an invitation wasn't extended. We had planned on showing an engine running there.
  • Three major news networks are arguing about who is going to give us the best production when they make their launch announcement.
  • One guy wants me to sign a release so he can do a movie.
  • Just created a new engine-fuelling, computerized tool to give manufacturers a way to fill up engines at end of production line. [Which will enable the engine to run for months.] We're trying to make sure that everything a manufacturer will need to get engine built is in place.
  • Now have seven manufacturers: Seattle, Reno, SLC, E. Texas, Chicago, Detroit, Mississippi
    (last three coming up late)
  • Our recent move was a good deal for them, to give them a change to catch up. Still painting walls.
  • The manufacturers and licensees will be coming the week of July 23 for training.
  • You [Sterling] should plan on coming down not long after that to pick up a unit to install in your house. Don't publicize that [because people might see it as a pay-off/sell-out; but I (Sterling) argued that it would do the opposite, increasing credibility as I would be able to be a first person beta tester].
  • I [John] got a kick out of comments on the last PESN story about Inteligentry where people were commenting about the different heights of the engines versus the generators, not realizing that those platforms enable height adjustment to pair up the shafts.
  • Things are going well. Cash flow is good.
  • Stocks will be open until the 25th, at which time they will close.
  • New electronics are doing everything for us. We can control the engine by way of a cam bus with android controller. Pretty spiffy.
  • A guy doing our websites for us.

Here is an email he sent me today, along with four photos, one of which is included above. (Slightly edited.)


Attached is a zip [400 kb] with some pictures of finished, tested "production" engines with all the latest electronics.

We still are working on the Android engine control and CAN bus interface; and we have just gotten word that our VCXO supplier has a 6-pin replacement for our current 8-pin device. [The] new main board is already in-house, and testing has started. So no delay on that.

Also PTP Licensing has decided that THEY will take a booth at Tesla[Tech conference] and show one of these engines there. [Will not show it running.] So they will be there and they will have new videos to pass out to our stockholders who stop to visit with them.

Due to class preparation, manufacturers meetings, training engine build components stocking and classroom setup, I will be very busy, and as such will not be there. I feel it is more important for me, and the PlasmERG team, to get mechanical and electronics stock set and cataloged so that we can start trial classes to proof the real classes set to start the week after the show, for the country masters. This will get these foreign countries started making real engines to do real work as we push the process and technology forward and into use all over the world.

Enjoy Life

In the comments below, John stated: 

Nor will I now state we have "running" engines. But we have had many successful "Lab Experiments".

John has stated in the past that it is their policy to not announce running engines until September when they make their public announcement.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Mar. 15, 2010
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