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• San Francisco Tesla Society presents Patrick Flanagan - May 10, 1998
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You are here: > News > July 14, 2012

San Francisco Tesla Society presents Patrick Flanagan - May 10, 1998

Here's a presentation to help you get to know Patrick further. The person introducing him from the Tesla Society said: "If we had to name a single person today, whose career and [thoughts?] is original on a level with Nikola Tesla himself, it would be Patrick Flanagan."

Patrick Flanagan at the San Francisco Tesla Society, May 10, 1998.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Here's a video I found on YouTube featuring a 3:15-hour presentation that Patrick Flanagan gave a decade and a half ago.

Given our recent disclosures about Patrick (that he's a likely candidate to be Nikola Tesla reincarnated), I thought you might also find this presentation to be of interest.

The person from the Tesla Society introducing him opens briefly by saying, "If we had to name a single person today, whose career and [thoughts?] is original on a level with Nikola Tesla himself, it would be Patrick Flanagan."

Near the opening, he talks about an experience he had (around two years prior) when he was killed for about 30 minutes by grabbing a DC wire he thought was disconnected, then came back around. In the middle of that story, he talked briefly about the Edison-Tesla "war of the currents", giving details that seemed to come not from someone with book learning, but from first-hand experience.

At 12:14, he tells about a reoccurring dream he would have when he was eight years old in which he was an adult flying an airplane and crashed on a desert island. A UFO lands, and the people in the craft, who are humanoid, come out and put a helmet type contraption on his head to measure his intelligence. As they're fiddling with a console, he asked them what they were doing, and they replied: "we're measuring your knowledge and intelligence." He asked "Why." They responded: "To find out if you meet our minimum standards; and if you don't, we're going to kill you and all people on earth." He would wake up terrified because of how realistic the dream seemed to him.

He said that this dream filled him with intense motivation to learn and apply himself, reading everything he could get his hands on, going through sometimes 4-5 books a day by the time he was fourteen. When he would slack off, by doing what other kids did, then the dream would come back. But as long as he was exerting himself to learn, then the dream would not come. After reading every book in the Bismarck, North Dakota library, they sent him down to the archives in the basement where he found a bunch of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines.

To put your mind a ease about the idea of a child being prodded by a dream to not play but to read and learn, remember that Patrick says that he was not born with the veil of forgetfulness that most people are born with, but he had full memory of his previous lifetime as Nikola Tesla; and his frustration as an infant in having to go through that phase again. So it's not like he would miss out on some important developmental skills that most people acquire through playing as children.

But that didn't seem to prevent him from playing some childhood tricks, applying his learning to some pranks he pulled, such as building and igniting a smoke/stink bomb at school, which left no residual. Nor did it prevent him from being involved in sports. He became a gymnast, winning the Southern United States Gymnastics championship, for all-around gymnast in the Senior division. One time, when he was doing training (by himself, he wasn't in a team), a Yogi from India walked in and took him to a room to give him a mantra to repeat each day, after which the returned to India. (1:00:00)

With his father being a Scout for Shell Oil, they moved often, usually a couple of times a year, so he got to experience a lot of different locations.

Hinting at reincarnation, but not openly stating his meaning, he notes how interesting it is that the Tesla Society would invite him to speak for the first time on Easter Sunday. 

He described how the missile-detector worked that he invented at 14 years of age, and mentioned that the US government ended up implementing it in satellites. He laughed at the part where he told them how much it cost him to build his first prototype: $5. When Patrick was talking about that on Coast to Coast AM last Tuesday, his phone cut out.

He drew the schematic for his Neurophone and described how it worked, and there are problems in selling it commercially. (If the mylar covering got a micro tear, the person could get a high-intensity RF burn on their skin.) He invented the Neurophone at 13 years of age so that he could learn while he slept, the information going straight into the long-term memory portion of his brain. They were able to document the long-term memory nature of the Neurophone through PET scan technology. Later (2:17:40) in the presentation he said that he believes the Neurophone can dramatically effect the consciousness of the planet.

He talks about a Dr. Henri Coanda who came up with waveless torpedo technology, which the US Army observed but didn't implement because, despite seeing it work, couldn't believe it. Another associate implemented the concept into ceiling fans and other such appliances.

When he was 17, Patrick met Dr. Coanda, who handed his life's research over to Patrick to carry on his work to create stable Hunza water, beginning his quest for the "fountain of Youth", which resulted in the product Chrystal Power and Microhydrin, some thirty years later. "Water is the most important thing we put in our body." Microhydrin became the fastest-selling product in history to that time because of the benefits people can feel almost immediately upon taking it.

Given the number and diversity of things that Tesla invented in his lifetime, it might seem incongruous that in this lifetime, Patrick would not be a person of quantity of profound inventions that get integrated into everyday life. If you've not studied the myriad facets of water, it might seem strange to you that someone as bright at Patrick could spend as many years as he has studying it. Remember that some things take a while to catch on. Just consider the bulk of what Tesla did in the last of his life. It was so far ahead that just now, a century later, we're beginning to catch on and implement some of those things.

On a side note, consider the researchers over at NanoSpire who claim that every element on the periodic chart can be created from water. Consider all the researchers trying to figure out ways of running vehicles on water. It's a building block in far more ways than what most people would ever fathom.

Drawing from his Eastern training, while in the thick of his water research, Patrick and his wife spent years as "married celibates" as part of what they felt was need to be adequately spiritually attuned to bring these concepts forward. I mention that to illustrate that it wasn't just a left-brained research and development exercise. He began his yoga studies when he was eleven years old.

The last half of his presentation gets into some esoteric stuff, far removed from technology; and some of it puts me out of my comfort zone.

Here's the video of his presentation to the Tesla Society:

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