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You are here: > News > July 9, 2012

Karl Palsness and Bringing Tesla Technologies to Market

Decade funded Tesla researcher, Karl Palsness, talks about the key principles behind the exotic energy technologies Nikola Tesla developed in the latter half of his life, which would enable a device to harness power from the environment; and how close researchers are at today to bringing this to market -- possibly as soon as 12 months.

Here's a device Karl built for a Tesla researcher.
Tangential Note: 
Karl pointed out that ironically, Tesla also talked about how to use high-voltage DC for energy transmission over long distances, and that this is even more efficient than AC. HVDC is not practical for city distribution, but is great for long-distance transmission. (Seimens) This illustrates that Tesla was not a political creature who would not bend when new information came to light that appeared to contradict what he earlier advocated. Such systems were installed a few decades ago in Quebec and Manitoba to transmit power from the northern parts of the province to the southern part where the population centers are. Unfortunately, the systems did not integrate protections against solar flares, and were put off line for nine hours because of the March 1989 solar flare, which was amplified across the DC lines. As a side note, an AC system would have also crashed in a bad CME from the sun.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

As mentioned the other day, on July 10, Tesla's Birthday, I'm going to be going on Coast to Coast AM to do a segment on "Tesla Today". It will be a three-hour interview with host, George Noory, beginning at 11 pm Pacific.

In anticipation of covering that subject, I thought I'd see if I could do an interview with someone who is at the top of my list of consultants on that topic, Karl Palsness, who I've known for about three years.

(P.S., later this morning, I'm also going to be interviewing another pillar along these lines, Patrick Flanagan, who I met in person in Costa Rica last year. I hope to have a write-up about that interview posted tomorrow.)

Karl is a gifted researcher who has been doing Tesla-related, overunity research and development full-time, with investment funds for a decade. He's working with several other people, and they have been making great progress toward not only replicating Tesla-related technologies (the really exotic stuff from the latter half of Tesla's life) but in getting them to the point of maturation that they can be brought to market, some as soon as possibly a year.

Karl agreed to do an interview, which we conducted on July 3, 2012 about some of the past and present research he is doing, as well as discussing Who's Who in the field of Tesla research and commercialization, and what some of the key scientific principles are.

As I see it, there are essentially two subdivisions of Tesla's work: what he did in the first half of his life, which has become the bedrock of modern civilization: AC polyphase power, the induction motor, radio, X-ray, neon and fluorescent lighting (just to name a few); and what he worked on in the last half of his life, which involved concepts that were so far ahead of his time that they weren't adapted, so he was shunned and ultimately died a pauper, at which point his notes were grabbed up by the US government, who seems to have implemented at least some of the technologies into various black budget projects such as HAARP, and the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, the year Tesla died.

Karl was quick to point out that AC was anything but "mainstream" when Tesla first introduced it. The science establishment, headed by Edison , opposed it vigorously. And this was when Tesla was in his early twenties.

When I asked Karl about the fundamental principles behind the electrical work Tesla did in the latter half of his life, I was expecting a long and complex answer. But for Karl, it boils down to "asymmetric field of circuits" and a term Tesla coined: "longitudinal wave". "Single-event resonance" is also key.

The analogy Karl used to describe the longitudinal wave was a tsunami, whose waves can travel across the ocean at speeds exceeding 600 mph -- the speed of a jumbo jet flying over the ocean. Normal ocean waves propagate slow enough that a person can run along side one on a dock. Those are very different processes, with very different causes and results.

Tsunamis are usually triggered by massive land movements within the water, such as from a large earthquake or meteorite. The large displacement then propagates horizontally away, barely displacing the surface elevation until it reaches shore, where it crests and rushes inland.

Another example Karl cited was in sound production. It takes maybe 50 Watts equivalent of power for a person to blow a trumpet, but it takes maybe a kilowatt of power for a speaker system to reproduce the same decibel level of sound, because the speaker system uses transverse waves to manufacture the longitudinal waves. There is a longitudinal component that the speaker system doesn't directly produce, so it has to make up for it in power. This should be a clue to people in the sound reproduction industry about possible new designs that could reproduce the sound using little power.

Much of Tesla's latter work involved means of creating electrical longitudinal waves, through fast, abrupt change; such as through rapid spark gap discharges, or through shorting the circuit; characterizing their function, and putting them to practical use. "One of the biggest things that Tesla did was create local changes, such as a 'microbubble', or 'microvoid', which nature fills in." Tesla also played with various shapes to stimulate these effects.

In the case of electricity, some funky things happen in the process of creating the longitudinal wave. Energy shows up that was not fed into the system by the operator. Tesla called this "radiant energy".

Karl said that Tesla used asymmetric circuits that involved abrupt changes of voltage or current or both. "The first half of circuit did not match second half of circuit. For example, the first half might have a low resistance, while the second half had a high resistance." The asymmetry could also be in the number of wires, or in shape. High voltage versus high current.

To put it simply: you create asymmetry, and nature steps in to restore the symmetry. The objective is that the amount of energy required to establish the asymmetry is less than the amount of energy that nature provides when restoring the symmetry. A very simple example is a dam. The amount of energy required to put the dam in place, creating an asymmetry, is returned many-fold. We should remember that Tesla was the first to build a hydro-electric dam, at Niagara Falls.

Tesla stated: "To understand radiant energy, you should avoid electrons at all costs", and "Radiant energy circuits are void of electrons."

That might seem like a contradiction when talking about electricity. It certainly points to the need for some kind of mechanism to harvest that radiant energy, then transform it into the kind of electricity our devices are engineered to handle.

From what I understand, devices such as batteries and capacitors can absorb radiant energy; and, of course, are able to then deliver that power in the direct current manner consistent with their usual operation.

Karl said that in Tesla's notes from Colorado Springs , when his dome got supercharged, the ions would fly to the dome from the ionosphere. The wheelwork of nature was powering the dome."

"We've witnessed that [here] in Canada ," he said.

According to Karl, the Wardenclyffe tower "was going to be the next step in energy. It was going to take the world to the next level, wirelessly, and power the world." It wasn't just going to be a transmitter, but a receiver of Radiant energy as well.

Karl also speculates that the receivers of that energy were not just receivers of the signal from Wardenclyffe, but they would become receivers of radiant energy themselves. 

"My theory is that when the Wardenclyffe signal would have been received, it would make the receiver come 'alive', becoming resonant, pumping energy from the environment locally."

Karl goes so far as to say that now, with the ability of modern electronics, it is possible to make that Wardenclyffe signal synthetically. The tower is actually unnecessary. A portable device can be made into a radiant energy receiver to harness that energy anywhere, whether on earth or in space.  "We can make the signal locally and make the receiver come alive. After all, [even in Tesla's model,] the receiver is not receiving the energy from Wardenclyffe but from the local environment," he said by Skype today, when reviewing this story. That is the nature of the technology he and his associates are working to bring forward soon.

Energy is not the only application of transverse waves of this nature. Karl said, "You can send more data through longitudinal than transverse waves. A 1 terabyte line could be boosted to 1000 Tb." And those communications can be effectively instantaneous. There are also healing modalities that employ longitudinal waves of the Tesla variety. You can grow plants in darkness, as if in full sunlight.

In addition to some of the people working on his team, some of whom he referred to by first name, Karl listed some of the pillars in this line of research as Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Peter Lindemann, T. Henry Moray, and Stanley Meyers.

Karl is encouraged by how much Tesla research has taken off. "When I first got involved 10 years ago, there was very little on the Internet. It was almost virgin territory." Now the trend has gotten to the point of being "uncontainable" by the corrupt powers that be -- the same type of faction that put the kibosh on Tesla in his day. He sees a lot of action, especially in Russia , Turkey , and South Africa . He's even seen major scientific papers "backpedalling" on stances they once took against this type of science, coming closer to embracing it.

From his vantage point, he predicts that products along these lines will begin to appear in the marketplace for customer purchase within as few as twelve months or less. Some companies are already designing for manufacturing. Some are in pre-production, doing their testing and getting certifications.

We briefly discussed the fuel-free generator from South Africa as well as Ismael Aviso's technology, which seems to be a replica of Tesla's Pierce Arrow.

The biggest obstacle, as Karl sees it, is getting adequate funding. He bemoans the fact that the rich and famous will blow millions of dollars on yachts and frivolous parties, expensive paintings, clothing and accessories, but will act like paupers when considering financing a technology that could revolutionize the planet, making life better (including cleaner) for all of us, including them.

Even though the science is nearly 100 years old, its acceptance in the mainstream has yet to materialize, so it is treated as if it were junk science at best, or even snake oil. So when people with money ask their scientist friends about whether they should invest in this technology, they usually get thumbs down.

You thought the war of the currents (Tesla's AC vs Edison 's DC transmission of power) was bad. Tesla won that war in his day, and has been vindicated royally for more than a century. And that was over something Tesla came up with in his early 20's. He lived to 87, inventing to the end.

Why is it so hard to consider that if Tesla was right on that one, he was most probably also right on the other work he did? And not just a little right, but royally right. Karl added today: "This was not theory. Almost every thing he talked about was proven in his day. It was demonstrated to work. But there were people that made sure that it was not brought to market; and they went out of their way to even make Tesla seem to be a mad man."

Karl also remarked that a lot of this research "can be done on the cheap." So we're not talking about billions of dollars and decades of time, such as are needed for things like the Tokomak hot fusion reactor. A few millions of dollars can go very far, with much better results.

Karl is encouraged by the worldwide awakening that is happening, as people everywhere question the status quo and realize that the "mainstream" is controlled by a corrupt faction whose days are numbered.

For those interested in getting involved in Tesla research, Karl recommends the book "Secrets of Cold War Technology", which addresses the fundamental steps, how Tesla discovered these things, what he did to stumble into them, and why they impacted him, and molded him. He also recommended that you get on YouTube and see what has been posted there. And "Get back to Tesla's writings. He wrote some incredible stuff. Pick an area of research."

Karl and his group can be reached at  

# # #


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