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You are here: > News > July 3, 2012

Scorching Solid State E-Cat Temperatures Allow for Countless Applications

The new high temperature, solid state E-Cat technology is said to produce temperatures of well over 600C. Such extreme temperatures allow for numerous applications, including: electricity production via utility steam turbines, Stirling engines, and thermophotovoltaics; ocean and locomotive transport; sanitation; and space travel.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

The E-Cat technology is claimed to be the world's first practical cold fusion or LENR technology. In a proprietary process, utilizing only tiny amounts of nickel powder and ordinary hydrogen gas, a huge amount of heat can be produced. This heat is produced without radioactive fuels being required, without radioactive waste being produced, and without the possibility of a nuclear meltdown. Even more significantly, we have been told that the new high temperature E-Cat is now capable of stable operation at temperatures of "well over" 600 degrees Celsius. Although Andrea Rossi has not stated so, there are even rumors that his goal is to be able to produce temperatures as high as 1,000C, in a totally stable manner. However, these rumors have not been confirmed, but it seems likely that with the ongoing evolution of the E-Cat, such high temperatures will be reached.

To read more about the new "solid state" E-Cat and a fundraising drive to support both the continued operations of PESN and an opportunity for me to visit Andrea Rossi's offices in Miami for an interview and possibly more, please click here to read a previous feature article. 

Extremely high temperatures in the range of 600°C to 1000°C can be used for countless applications. When you combine this with the fact that the "fuel" for an E-Cat is close to being free (only 1.5 grams of nickel powder are used in a 10kW module that can operate without refueling for six months) this technology becomes even more revolutionary. Finally, when you factor in the safety mechanisms built into this technology, it is easy to see how, if widely adopted, it could change the world.

The focus of this article will be the applications of high temperatures (or high temperature steam) up to around 1,000°C. By the time you are finished reading this article, it should be clear that there are countless applications for this technology.

Electrical Production via High Temperature Steam Turbines

One of the first uses for the high temperature E-Cat technology will probably be to produce steam for high temperature turbines, as found in utility power plants, replacing the existing heat source, whether it be coal, natural gas or nuclear, with the E-Cat. These turbines are connected to generators which produce electricity. At temperatures of around 600°C. modern turbine generators can produce efficiencies of around 45% or higher. By using E-Cats to produce steam instead of burning coal, electricity could be made cheaper, and much less pollution would be emitted into the atmosphere. 

Currently, China is building coal fired electrical plants at a record rate. These plants are pumping huge amounts of carbon dioxide and particulate matter into the atmosphere. They represent a danger to our planet. If China would start using cold fusion technology instead of coal, their nation and the world could reap huge benefits. 

Stirling Engines

A very interesting use of the E-Cat technology would be to provide heat for Stirling engines. A Stirling engine produces power via a temperature differential provided by an external heat or cold source. Typically, you have a hot side of the engine and a cold side of the engine. The greater the temperature difference between the two, the more power can be produced. These engines can be very efficient at high temperatures, and can exceed the efficiency of some internal combustion engines. A high-temperature E-Cat, producing temperatures of over 600°C, could be a great match for a Sterling engine. The torque produced could then be used to power a vehicle or be converted to electricity.

Thermophotovoltaic Technology

This technology utilizes a modified solar cell designed to capture infrared radiation from an emitter and convert it into electricity. Basically, the plate of a high temperature E-Cat could be placed next to a TPV panel, and the panel could then convert the heat into electricity. These systems are typically not very efficient at low temperatures, or even moderate temperatures. However, a new variation of the technology utilizes sub-micron gaps between the emitter and the TPV panel. When the gap between the two is reduced to less than a micron, the efficiency of the system increases dramatically. In theory, the efficiency could be as high as 85%. 

An E-Cat paired with a TPV panel could become a solid state electrical generator. It could just sit there for years producing kilowatts of electrical power with no moving parts, making no noise, and emitting no pollution. 

Ocean Transport

Some ocean vessels utilize steam-driven turbines to produce electricity and power for propulsion. It is possible that with the E-Cat technology, many ocean vessels could replace their current fuels and use an E-Cat to produce the high temperature steam they need. The result would be much cheaper fuel, and an almost unlimited range. 

It is also possible that nuclear submarines and other craft utilizing fission based reactors could convert over to cold fusion power, provided by E-Cat reactors. This would reduce the chance of accidents that could result in radiation being released into the ocean. Also, since the E-Cat does not produce any nuclear waste, there would be no need to store the spent fuel in expensive storage facilities. Instead, the fuel could be recycled and reprocessed.


Speaking of transport, another obvious application would be rail, eliminating the need for over-head cables for electric trains, and diesel fill-ups.


Notwithstanding their role in the cycle of life, for purposes of health and sanitation, we need a way to deal with germs, bugs, and parasites. High temperature steam is very effective for sanitizing. For example, there is an epidemic of bedbugs in hotels. Applying high temperature steam to contaminated mattresses is one way to kill them. A portable high temperature steam generator powered by an E-Cat could be of tremendous use in this industry. Also, hospitals utilize special methods of sterilizing tools, garments, and instruments. The autoclaves they currently use could be replaced with E-Cat powered versions. In addition, it is possible that some incinerators could use the high temperatures produced by E-Cat units to destroy the waste produced in hospitals.


I personally know of a restaurant that had to shut down their kitchen due to the high cost of electricity. The E-Cat technology could eventually be used to produce heat for cooking at a very low cost. For example, high temperature E-Cats could replace the burners on a stove, and E-Cat units could be placed in ovens to produce the temperatures needed for baking. E-Cats could also provide high temperature steam to provide for top-notch sanitation at restaurants. 

High Temperature Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the process which electricity is used to break apart water into hydrogen and oxygen. Usually, in conventional systems, this process is not very efficient. Most of the electrical energy can be wasted. However, electrolysis can become much more efficient at high temperatures. For example, if the water in an electrolysis cell is at 100°C, the efficiency (electricity in to hydrogen out) can be only 41% efficient. If the water was at 850C, the process could become 64% efficient. This is important, because there is a large demand for hydrogen around the world. It is used in many industrial processes, such as: cryogenics, a shielding gas in welding, oil refining, the production of chemicals, and the reduction of metallic ores. The E-Cat technology could bring the cost of hydrogen down, which could then stimulate various industries that utilize it.

Oil Industry

Although I am all for ending the use of fossil fuels, the fact is that they will be used for many years to come. Even if the E-Cat technology emerged selling countless products within the next six months, it would take decades for fossil fuels to become totally phased out. While we are waiting for fossil fuels to be phased out, oil companies will be able to use the E-Cat technology to improve the productivity of their wells and to make the production of oil more economical. For example, one way of increasing the productivity of an oil well is to pump high temperature steam into it. The high temperatures reduce the viscosity of the oil so that it flows more easily. Another method is to use some oil wells in a field to pump the oil out, and use other wells to pump steam into the ground. This can dramatically increase how much oil is recovered from a field of oil wells. Currently, the steam used has an energy cost. However, with the E-Cat technology, that cost could drop dramatically. 

In addition, high temperatures and steam are used in oil refining. By using the E-Cat technology to produce the heat needed for oil refining, the cost of turning crude oil into gasoline and other products could be reduced.

Space Travel

The high temperatures produced by the E-Cat could allow for cheaper space travel than we have today. This is because at high temperatures, steam could be used as a propellant instead of more dangerous rocket fuels. It turns out that water is all over the solar system (on Earth, the Moon, Mars, Europa, and elsewhere) and it could be utilized to allow humanity to colonize beyond Earth. 

Of course, with the development of cold fusion, many other suppressed technologies may emerge that could allow for propulsion without reaction mass. For example, gravity drives or inertial thrusters. 

- - -


These are just a few of the many applications for high temperature steam. When you include all the applications for lower temperature steam as well (home heating and water heating), the significance of the E-Cat technology becomes obvious.

I personally think that the E-Cat technology will be the first big breakthrough of this century that starts a new scientific and technological revolution. By an impossible technology (often called snake oil, pseudo-science, or woo woo by cynics) becoming hard reality, it will wake people up to the fact that nothing is impossible. 

In the next few weeks, we could see the report from the recent testing of the new high temperature E-Cat, which will be signed off by the agent of Rossi's military customer. The report should provide confirmation of high temperatures being produced with total stability. It might just be what triggers the start of the cold fusion age.

# # #

This story is also published at Examiner.

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