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You are here: > News > July 1, 2012

Dale Pond--The Love Scientist

NEST science advisor, James Schmidt describes his recent tour of Dale Pond's lab in an old three-story school in Colorado. The rooms in the 16,000 ft2 building are devoted to and named for the scientists and philosophers that Dale follows, including Walter Russell, John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Phineas Quimby and Edgar Cayce; his showcase being a replica of Keely's Dynasphere. 

Dale Pond with his Dynasphere

by James Schmidt
Pure Energy Systems News

The Pond Science Institute is a model for "New Energy" research labs. I recently had the opportunity to visit Dale Pond at his Pond Science Institute in La Junta, Colorado. Yes, it is a little out of the way, but well worth the visit. This quiet little town fits Dale's personality.

There is quite a story behind how Dale came to La Junta and how he acquired the three story, 16,000 square foot brick school building to use for his research into the science of the quantum vibration. Dale started in Colorado, where he began an odyssey in pursuit of knowledge that he knew he had to have but not quite sure what it was. He traveled east of the Mississippi and ended up volunteering in the library of the famous psychic Edgar Cayce in Virginia Beach. While there, he came across a book about the work of John Worrell Keely. He knew immediately that was the knowledge he was looking for. 

John Keely (1827 – 1898) was a scientist ahead of his time, like many of the Victorian scientists of that period. John Keely's work had to do with incorporating quantum harmonics into devices that seemed to only work if the operators or visitors were also in harmony. John Keely's most famous device is the Musical Dynasphere, sometimes called a globe motor or sphere motor. It was a sphere which John Keely could presumably initiate into rotation just by focusing on it with his mind. This aspect of the device interested Dale Pond very much.

Dale knew he had to study Keely's work and reproduce the Dynasphere. This began his life's work. Dale traveled back across the U.S. and was eventually guided to setup shop in La Junta. Dale found this little red brick school house that was for sale in one of the nicer neighborhoods in La Junta. After some interesting negotiations, Dale bought the school house in 2005 for the value of the property on which it stood.

Dale set up his science institute primarily to study the work of John Keely. But he wanted to share the facility with other like-minded scientists. Dale currently lives in the building. He has his own apartment and there are two guest bedrooms for those that want to visit for more than a day. It has a "big" kitchen with an adjacent conference/dining room. Best of all, Dale has devoted the lower level to research facilities which includes a roomy machine shop, which is in an almost living room-type setting, where you can sit and enjoy discussion with Dale while he puffs on his favorite cigar. Also on the lower level are a wood shop and a sound lab.

The rooms in the building are devoted to and named for the scientists and philosophers that Dale follows, including Walter Russell, John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Phineas Quimby and Edgar Cayce. Of course, he has a room devoted strictly to the Dynasphere, which was the school's Principal's office. He also has a library and a bookstore from which he sells online. (

Dale is continuing to try to understand how the Dynasphere works. He meditates on its energies and invites visitors to experience the energies coming from the sphere. The energies were very perceptible, for me at 4 to 6 inches, with my palms. Everyone has a different experience with the sphere. My friend experienced tingling when he came within a few feet of the sphere. Dale relates how a group of ladies had surrounded the sphere at a conference and were holding there hands up to the sphere. Dale asked them what they were doing. They responded that they were feeling the "Love" coming from it. I have now dubbed the Dynasphere "The Love Sphere", while others call it the Love Machine.

Dale is just as proud of the research that is going at the institute being carried on by outsiders. Dale helps them with their experiments with advice and machine shop support. One individual worked on an intricate magnetic motor that purportedly had a COP greater than one. He tired of the project and left the motor behind in the PSI Museum on the third floor of the Institute. Anyone interested in taking over the project? He currently has an experimenter who is researching the effects of harmonics on his Cymatics apparatus. Dale also has other personal research projects having to do with the creation of overunity processes and generators, most of which are proprietary.

Dale solicits anyone who may have a legitimate interest in his work, or who may want assistance with their "New Energy" project, to contact him.

Mr. Pond is always open to donations to his institute ( Dale also has the goal of placing a Dynasphere (Love Sphere) in all the major countries around the world to help raise awareness of Keely's work with Sympathetic Vibratory Physics ( and to setup instruments that will help raise the vibration of the Planet. Contact Dale to order your personal "Love Sphere".

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