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You are here: > News > June 28, 2012

Desperate E-Cat Detractors Spreading False Safety Concerns

The E-Cat is an inherently safe technology, but certain cynics and competitors seem to be trying to spread false safety concerns as an attempt to muddy the waters and slow Rossi's progress. Reflections of the crab analogy.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

More and more often I read statements like.....

"Do you really want a nuclear reactor in your back yard?"

"What if one of these devices produced a nuclear explosion during testing?"

"Does anyone know where Rossi is testing his E-Cats? I don't want to be anywhere close!"

"What about the radiation produced by these systems? If he is producing kilowatts of power, the gamma radiation could kill everyone!"

Statements similar to the above are being spread across the internet by what appears to me to be desperate individuals determined to try and spread fear about the E-Cat, and slow the commercialization of the technology. They seem to be operating with an agenda to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) to muddy the waters enough to disrupt the rapid progress that is taking place. 

However, it is not going to work because their fear mongering is obvious, and the E-Cat technology is inherently safe. In fact, it is safer than many technologies already on the market, and several devices you can already purchase at any local hardware store.

No Nuclear Input

One of the first things people need to realize about the E-Cat is that it is not an ordinary nuclear reactor. It is far safer in many ways. One reason is because instead of using dangerous, radioactive elements as fuel -- like traditional nuclear power plants use -- the E-Cat utilizes only ordinary (non-radioactive) nickel powder and hydrogen gas as fuel. These two fuels are abundant, cheap, and again, not radioactive. 

Traditional nuclear power plants usually utilize highly radioactive fuels, such as uranium or plutonium. Such radioactive fuels require special processing, transport, and storage do to their hazardous nature. Conversely, the transport and storage of hydrogen gas (in the form of pellets) and nickel powder would require very minimal precautions. Little kids should not play with these substances, and people should not eat them like candy. They will require the same standard safety warnings that other common substances have. However, these fuels are safe enough that eventually, they will be sold in hardware stores, and perhaps even grocery stores.

It is worth mentioning that nickel powder does have a small amount of toxicity. However, many products you can buy on the open market are dangerous. For example, drain cleaner can burn your skin and a propane tank can explode if you put it close to a flame. If people will use common sense when utilizing the re-fill cartridges containing the nickel powder, there will be no problem with it being sold in stores. Of course, somewhere, a sue-happy idiot will ignore the safety warnings, take apart the cartridge, or intentionally use the nickel powder in a way that is hazardous. Then the idiot might try and sue Leonardo Corporation for millions of dollars. However, this already happens with all sorts of products. People have sued screw driver manufacturers because there was not a warning in place stating not to stick it in their eyes, and people have sued McDonalds for their coffee being too hot. These types of frivolous lawsuits will not stop Leonardo Corporation from having the technology proliferate worldwide.

No Nuclear Waste

Another reason the E-Cat is a safe technology is because no nuclear waste is produced. Again, this is far different from conventional nuclear power plants that produce huge amounts of nuclear waste. The waste they produce is toxic, radioactive, and has to be stored for thousands or millions of years. The E-Cat produces no nuclear waste, and instead, only produces stable, non-radioactive copper as a transmutation product. 

This means that even in a disaster that destroyed the reactor core of an E-Cat, the nickel powder that escaped would not contain nuclear waste and would not be producing radioactivity. 

We also know the E-Cat is safe because any radioactivity produced inside the reactor core during operation does not escape into the environment. The radiation levels around operating E-Cat units have been checked many times by experts from the University of Bologna and elsewhere. The result has always been that no radioactivity is detected being emitted from the modules. One significant piece of evidence we have that the E-Cat units are not emitting radioactivity is that Andrea Rossi is alive and healthy. After years of working in close proximity to E-Cat units, he is not dead, he does not have cancer, and he is not sick. If the E-Cat units did emit radioactivity, he would be very ill or dead by now, but he is not.

Not Going to Explode

One of the most pathetic and completely baseless arguments in circulation by some is the idea that an E-Cat could cause a nuclear explosion. This is totally impossible. An E-Cat cannot produce the chain reaction needed to produce a nuclear explosion. Before it could even come close to the temperatures need to create a nuclear explosion, the nickel powder would melt, destroy all the reaction sites, and all the nuclear reactions would cease. 

Andrea Rossi has torture tested E-Cat units repeatedly, and each time there was no nuclear explosion. What happens is that the nickel powder melts, and the reactor goes dead. The fact that nickel powder melts at around 1600 Celsius absolutely prevents any type of nuclear explosion from taking place. This is an inherent safety mechanism of the technology.

Simply put, the idea of an E-Cat producing a nuclear explosion is ridiculous. The only type of explosion that is even remotely possible (in extreme situations) would be a hydrogen explosion. This is theoretically possible if the reactor core is ruptured and and a spark somehow trigged the hydrogen into combusting. However, the chance of a hydrogen explosion is very small. 

There are built in safeguards to prevent such an explosion from happening. Also, the amount of hydrogen in the reactor core of an E-Cat is very small and such an explosion would not be large. Also, the hydrogen canister has been removed from the latest design of E-Cat. Now, only a small pellet is used that emits and absorbs hydrogen at different temperatures. When the reactor core heats up, hydrogen is emitted and when it cools down, hydrogen is absorbed. Although an E-Cat with a hydrogen canister would be a safe device (as long as proper safety procedures were followed), an E-Cat without a hydrogen canister is even safer. 

Safer than Conventional Technologies

One way to look at the safety of an E-Cat is to compare it to products that are already on the market. For example, lets compare it to a gasoline powered electric generator you can buy at Home Depot. Unlike the gasoline powered generator, the E-Cat would not have a fuel tank. This one fact alone proves that the E-Cat would be safer than a product already on the market. However, there are additional reasons that the E-Cat would be safer. One of these is that the E-Cat does not produce fumes or pollution of any kind. A gasoline fueled generator can create fumes that can kill everyone in a home if it is used inside, but this is not the case with an E-Cat. 

Another safety factor of the E-Cat is that it does not utilize combustion or have an open flame. There are many devices on the market that produce open flames that can be very dangerous. For example, propane grills can be dangerous, and turkey boilers have burnt down many homes. Because the E-Cat does not use an open flame (actually no flame at all), there is far less chance of it starting a fire. It is actually safer than many devices that many scores of people a year.

When it comes to the environment, the E-Cat is also safer than many technologies on the market. Instead of burning coal, oil, or natural gas to produce energy the E-Cat only uses small amounts of nickel powder and hydrogen. Unlike conventional technologies that emit particulate matter and green house gases into the environment, the E-Cat emits nothing at all. Once widely proliferated, the E-Cat technology will be able to solve many environmental problems. 


It appears to me that the idea that the E-Cat technology is dangerous has been spread across the internet by individuals who have agendas, in many cases. They have been posting their propaganda on webpages, forums, and in the comments of articles about the E-Cat. 

Some of them may be trying to protect their own field of research, such as hot fusion. Others could be involved with LENR research and are jealous that they have not been able to produce practical cold fusion reactors. 

Editor's Note:
You've heard of the story of the crabs? You put one in a bucket and it crawls out easily; but if you put two or more in a bucket, when one starts crawling out, the other will reach up and pull it down and start trying to crawl out itself. None ever crawl out because they keep each other down. 

I wish I could say that people in science are above such petty human tendencies, but unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case. Hopefully, though, in this present scenario, the derogatory comments being posed by jealous competitors will not be able to stop the leader from achieving his objective. 

From my vantage point, the following situations lend credence to these attacks being born of jealousy, not sincere skepticism: 

  • They don't try to criticize hot fusion or conventional nuclear technologies that are very dangerous, use radioactive substances, and produce huge amounts of nuclear waste. Instead, they only target the E-Cat technology.
  • They don't criticize cold fusion technologies being developed by other companies. They only seem to target the E-Cat technology. This is because many of the individuals attacking the E-Cat are developing their own cold fusion technologies, and do not want to attack their own work.
  • They often attack the E-Cat with mistruths that they should know better about. For example, they state that the E-Cat could produce a nuclear explosion when that is impossible. Also, they try to claim that it produces dangerous radiation when testing has proven it does not.

The E-Cat represents the world's first robust cold fusion technology, and can be used to improve our civilization. Those that are attacking the E-Cat technology by saying it is not safe should take stock of themselves, lest their jealousy spurs them to actually serve as an enemy of humanity by impeding the emergence of the E-cat. However, they are not going to succeed. The E-Cat technology is developing at a very fast pace, and will soon be used around the world.

# # #

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Last updated July 11, 2012


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