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You are here: > News > June 13, 2012

Fuelsaver - Battle with the lobbies....

The Europe based company, New Generation Bio, was recently on German TV to talk about their ultra simple device called the BE-FuelSaver, a metal rod that is added to the fuel tank or affixed close to the fuel line to provide an improvement in gas mileage, allegedly involving zero point energy; and to talk about an equally simple method for quickly reducing radioactivity.

Inventor, Herbert Renner, interviewed on

The rod allegedly pre-conditions the fuel so it more easily breaks into smaller, more easily-combustible molecules.

Sterling holds the "M" size rod for regular automobiles. It's 2.5 inches long and 1/4 inch in diameter.
Full disclosure: PESN has a relationship with N-G whereby PESN could benefit from relationships that result from this coverage.

by Joska Ramelow
for Pure Energy Systems News

A translation of a TV interview published at . We previously covered this technology on January 31, 2012: New Generation Bio's Super Simple BE-FuelSaver.


Here is an interview done by Prof. Dr. Michael Vogt with the Austrian engineer Mr. Herbert Renner, the inventor of the 'fuelsaver' free energy concept for combustion engines.

This engineer is of interest, as he has developed a technology that was derived from the medical field and has now been adapted for cars. It comes in the shape of an alloy pin that utilizes zero field energy, also known as quantum field energy. This pin, with its secret alloy core, improves the combustion process to a point where around 20% less fuel is consumed in European cars and up to a 45 % reduction in cars running in Africa. The technology has been certified by TÜV South in Austria, which is similar to the British MOT, and they are in closed negotiations with truck manufacturers and other interested groups. At the same time, a very strong lobby group pushed them out of the Austrian market where they had been selling the product for the last three years in hundreds of different outlets for the car industry. The technology is also capable of reducing the needs for irrigation systems, as it was tested under desert conditions in Utah, and it is capable of significantly reducing radiation contamination, such as Cesium 137, by 15% per month!!!

Below is the transcription/translation of the 30 minute interview at the 2012 Congress of Alpenparlament, an online Swiss portal that broadcasts interviews on a wide range of topics with an alternative political, medical, cultural or free energy slant, to name just a few.

Prof. M Vogt: You have developed a product that contradicts the usual characters of the mainstream and is at the same time successful in the market, so no wonder one gets to feel the full might of the lobby groups. This will be the theme of our conversation. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another round of our interviews with Alpenparlament Congress. I welcome Herbert Renner and am very happy that you could be with us here today. 
Let's quickly say something about the product, your 'fuelsaver'. Which technology do I have to think about when trying to understand this product? Which results did you have with it, and further to that, we will cast an eye on the difficulties you have encountered with certain interest groups.
But maybe you would just explain what the 'fuelsaver' is...

H.Renner: At first, I would like say thanks to Alpenparlament that I was listed with Esowatch (a German debunking lobby group of very shady character, that have active court cases pending against them for libellous slander; the translator).
You do not get listed easily with them but that was suddenly possible after my last appearance with you at Alpenparlament. So Thank You!

Prof. M Vogt: (ironic) Well, I am very pleased I am also on board, so therefore, welcome to the club!
All upright people in the world have received the seal of approval by Esowatch. One should simply turn the negative around, because no doubt anybody who has accomplished something proper in their lives has to be listed by them, otherwise he must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. 

H.Renner: We received technical certification (TÜV) with flying colours...roaring applause...Briefly an overview of the product now. It is so small that you will hardly be able to see it. It is a metal pin and with this pin, we change the composition of the fuel so [that] it combusts more thoroughly.
With better fuel combustion, I get significantly less noxious exhaust fumes and much less fuel consumption. In order for it to work, we utilize zero point or quantum field energy. In any case, it is a free energy product. We utilize free energy to upgrade the fuels which leads to the effect of saving between 6-20% of fuel, on average, here in Europe and up to 45% in Africa. The toxic fumes are sometimes eliminated by a full 100%. (86% certified reduction of diesel particulates, the translator.) We started marketing it in 2007 and managed to get it into the car accessories trade in Austria. But we seem to have been leaning a little too far out of the window, which is when the 'system' began 'working' with us (i.e. negative reactions by the petrol lobby, the translator).

Prof. M Vogt: You mentioned 'zero field energy' which is, so to speak, a technology that is not acceptable by conventional teaching standards. We have had a discussion with Prof Klaus Turtur, and he described his research experiments and theoretical ideas to us and brought proof that this technology actually works... So we are talking here about a real futurist technology, a technology that, on the other hand , is challenging the world view of classical physics or chemistry, or better [yet], has the capacity to transcend the conventional paradigms involved. 

H.Renner: It has been alleged that this is the 'perpetuum mobile' and that is wrong. I simply utilize an energy that is currently difficult to harness, but nonetheless, exists. The law of energy conservation holds that energy cannot be lost and science is refusing the idea of the concept of 'perpetuum mobile', which indeed does not exist. However, our concept taps into the free energy and the question is then how do I translate the concept into a real application? We are looking at the first mass-produced product that works with Zero field energy and that is available in the mass market. 

Prof. M Vogt: The life-span of the product that you hold in your hand is one that outlives the life of a car several times over?

H.Renner: That is correct since the structural arrangement of the alloys does not seem to change. The first test car is still running with the same technology since 2001 without any structural changes detectable. We are getting better emission results than we do with brand new cars.
Prof. M Vogt: If someone were to buy this product and tried to analyse and re-engineer it in order to rip off the idea, would that be possible?

H.Renner: This is currently not possible, even with an electron microscope, which would only reveal and analyse the atomic structure on the surface. Our structural configurations reach into the depth of the product and cannot be detected by any analytical means to date. The conventional scientific approach is not remotely capable of following us in our designs of layout and structural composition.

Prof. M Vogt: So you do not have to fear the 'Chinese' yet …(laughs). So, just to deepen the subject a little have not casually alleged that this product is performing such feats. You have not just said 'I sell a product where I am convinced it is good for your car....You have gone through the official testing procedures with government approved centres (TÜV) and accepted their stringent and exacting standards. And what happened as a result?

H.Renner: At the end of March 2012, we received our official Austrian TÜV certification. A BMW 3-series car and a Mitsubishi bus were being tested. With the BMW, they certified a 14-15% reduction in fuel consumption after a series of test runs. The bus clocked up a saving[s] of between 10-12% in fuel consumption, which was being certified by TÜV South.

Prof. M Vogt: You now have a certification for a technology that the conventional scientific community cannot accept. It must also be stressed that it was quite courageous by the certifying government body to have accepted running these official tests on a product that is not acceptable by conventional standards. This must have far reaching consequences, as it is a world-wide accepted seal of approval.

H.Renner: Yes, it was NOT the TÜV GERMANY....laughter....applause...(7:23) 
TÜV Germany and TÜV Europe all declined. We were for three months in detailed negotiations with the MOT in the UK when they suddenly sent an e-mail cancelling any further engagements. 

Prof. M Vogt: They waved it off the stage before they even got close to the subject in hand saying we might get burnt doing this?

H.Renner: Exactly! In Germany, TÜV and DEKRA declined to co-operate with us. The MOT in the UK wanted to do it but three months into the negotiations, the e-mail explained that they were asked to withdraw, as pressure was put on them by their German counterparts.

Prof. M Vogt: As I mentioned before, the decision to run the tests requires a big amount of courage. The consequences of which mean that provided a certificate is granted, it will open the avenues for a big business idea and will also endorse a technology that is exotic by conventional standards.

H.Renner: Exactly! It has triggered a few developments, since we have had interested parties from big industry approach us under the condition that we remain absolutely discreet about their identity. But it is an indication that it is getting really serious now. This certification has really moved things ahead. We have a TÜV certification for a free energy device that hitherto has only been granted to another device in the US. (The magnet motor, was that not a hoax?; the translator /2012/03/03/9602049_Mark-Dansie_free-energy-traveler_interview/) 

Prof. M Vogt: One must consider that the risks were all on your side. If you say [that] I take a BMW and run it for several thousand miles and we simply measure with or without the device, the testing design is not such a big problem. I can run two identical vehicles over the same tracks and distances and repeat this with a bus...which is basically very un-problematic...If it works well, it works out fine, and will be good for you, but if negative, the certifying TÜV centre will not have lost out either. Nonetheless, it requires political courage that one is inclined to actually test some such device as yours.

H.Renner: Ok, we have used a few little tricks to get it off the ground. We had already completed and finished the tests by the time the German colleagues got wind of the project.

Prof. M Vogt: Ok, it is legitimate to use a bit of chuzpe in this arena. Well, it must be a little embarrassing to the TÜV Germany, but not so much to the Austrian TÜV. But pressurizing the UK colleagues into withdrawing from the proposed series of tests smacks of coercion. Now, the Austrian mainstream Television reported on your product and its difficulties...well, in actual fact, two televised reports...the first one positive and the second one with a backwards somersault. 

H.Renner: We had arranged to run some tests with the second largest automobile club of Austria. They approached me to ask for a test and I made it on condition of my presence to go ahead. This they initially agreed to. But then they suddenly reneged, saying: 'We are good enough, we can handle it ourselves.' But ok ,they managed to get a 6% improvement on fuel economy. Even 6% left me satisfied, because it showed again that it worked. But the televised report simply stated that it was not the hoped for result of 20% fuel savings. The Austrian Television channel ORF kept their silence about the 6% improvements. This is how they withheld the actual figures and I was subsequently approached to follow this up by a second test series. This time, I took a witness along and recorded all the conversations we had. I said that I am ready to enter another test, if we do it together and actually test the real fuel consumption. We identified a race course (Wachauring) which is the property of respective automotive organisation. I specified to engineer an external fuel tank that is transparent, so that we can run the test laps without the device and then repeat the whole procedure [again] with the device in the tank, so [that] the effects and results are openly visible for both testing parties. The day we had made the appointment to run the tests, no one of the other side showed up, neither Television nor the representatives of the automotive club. The University of Vienna was appointed to run the test. I rang up two hours later to find out what had gone wrong. They replied they had encoutnered some sort of problem and they would carry out the tests amongst themselves. I wanted to know what the results were and they could not tell. I then stipulated to be present for the last series in the tests and the ÖMTC (Austrian Motor Club) agreed to have me in again. On the day of the last tests, an ÖMTC member called to say that the University of Vienna would not want to have me in attendance and that I had been declared 'persona non grata' and was not allowed to enter their premises. I asked what the results were. They answered: ”Oh, Professor Gehringer is not present, He has gone on holiday.” Then, we had to wait for another month until the good Professor had returned from his holidays.

Prof. M Vogt: They have one month holidays in Austria? 

H.Renner: Well, I wanted to know what the results were...I did not get any answers. So one day before the show went on air, I was told by the Austrian Television ORF that nothing had been found. I was no longer surprised to hear this at this stage. I then asked the technical director of the ÖMTC, Dr. Lang, how the tests were carried out. He replied that they had carried out a CO2 emissions test, just like cars would be tested normally for licensing within the EU. I said this is impossible! We are interfering with the combustion process, so when you are calculating back form CO2 values, it is meaningless, since the combustion process is altered by our device. So they measured CO2, which remains the same in both cases. I have to move the piston downwards and I get an expansion of gas, so I get the same CO2 volume, but I use much less fuel for the same amount of CO2 as the combustibility of the fuel is far higher than that in conventional engines. So, I have to measure the fuel consumption and not the CO2 exhausts, since it remains the same. They replied this is EU regulations and this is how the testing standards apply. The Television then ran with this version of the story, which I tried to stop via my lawyers, but to no avail. I even produced an expert report by the nuclear physicist, Dr. Almeida Murphy, who supported my view that fuel consumption measurements were the correct parameter to measure my device and not CO2 exhausts. After the Television ran this story, all newspapers reported that my device was a hoax and the retail shops for car accessories were pressured into removing my device from their shelves. 

Prof. M Vogt: In effect, this means that if I simply measure CO2 exhausts, that the biggest gas guzzling car engines remain happily within EU norms of lower emissions.

H.Renner: EU norms are laboratory stuff. When you buy a car and it claims to use only 6.3 litres per 100 k's according to EU tests, then you can easily add another 2 litres to get to the real consumption levels. Everybody knows this.

Prof. M Vogt: Well, in effect, it means when you consider the banning order from [the] University of Vienna premises and all the other strange behaviour toward you lately and the wrong measurements for your device that were subsequently publicised throughout the country without a chance of redress, it was clear that a certain result was wanted from the outset.
What do you think since the Austrian Television ORF is not an Oil Corporation, at least that is what I was led to believe so far...why would they have an interest to destroy a product that is definitely proven to save fuel and money?

H.Renner: Ok, they are not free...there is neither a free press nor a free television, period! They are screening commercials from large corporations. We've debated the problem with Mafia-like structures earlier today and thus it neatly fits all together...

Prof. M Vogt: You said that you had your product in the Austrian Motor Trade...

(16:42) H.Renner: Well, we had, until this report appeared on television and the subsequent witch hunt by the press got unleashed on us. This led to the removal of our products by our trading partners from their shelves in their chain of shops. They told us the product definitely worked, since they never had a single claim for re-imbursement. So, they just received massive pressure from inside the motor industry to cease further marketing our product. 

Prof. M Vogt: Now a major retail chain who has had good experiences with your device is suddenly withdrawing all its products from the shelves. Is it known who specifically exerted the pressure?

(17:12) H.Renner: I know who, but I am not at liberty to talk more at this stage.

Prof. M Vogt: One is indeed reminded of Mafia-like structures if one considers that on the basis of such an imbalanced and factually wrong television report, massive pressure was exerted on a dealership that happily displayed your wares and traded it with big success, when we talked last. It is obvious that you stepped on the toes of really big fish here. 

(18:09) H.Renner: We have come out too far, that is what we have noticed. Yes, that is when the shovel is being unwrapped...

Prof. M Vogt: Notwithstanding all this murky stuff, you mentioned that you have in the meantime had serious enquiries from a whole range of interested parties, such as the aeronautics industries, the truck makers and other big players, who all do not wish to be mentioned by name.

(18:41) H.Renner: Exactly. Under strictest confidentiality agreements, we are negotiating ways to introduce our products into the widest ranging field of technical applications with aforementioned industries.

Prof. M Vogt: So, we can envisage a stage in the not-so-distant future, where a reversal of the process is impossible, let’s say, in car engines, in planes, in boats and another wide range of applications. But at this stage, you are still carefully operating beneath the canopy?

(19:26) H.Renner: We are actually operating above the canopy already. So, my view is that it is now unstoppable. Since we have had the TÜV certificate, we have definitely been given a green light for expansion.

Prof. M Vogt: The ‘fuelsaver’ only represents one element in the whole range of products you have in your display. Have you got other developments of this technology in the pipeline? What else can we expect to see in future? 

(20:09) H.Renner: I pick out another product from the range that acts on radioactivity. We have exhaustively tested it in Chernobyl and conclusively found that a rod of this material stuck into the ground is capable of reducing Cesium 137 contamination by 15% within 1 month!!!!
Within 1 year, we could completely clean up Fukushima and Chernobyl!!!!! The device also works with Zero point energy.
We had activated channels and contacts into the government of Japan and to our astonishment, they did not show the slightest interest. The same goes for Chernobyl. I find it very sad, since the population has to suffer the consequences. We offer solutions that are simple to apply. It simply requires a working Geiger counter to establish the results, just like a car requires consumption level tests to prove our devices are working. If I use a Geiger counter, I get one reading at the beginning of the month and then another result at the end of the month of testing, which is what we have done.

Prof. M Vogt: For this device, you have not yet received a TÜV certificate? (laughs) Maybe you should try TÜV Asia or some such.

(21:11) H.Renner: It might come our way. One always has to meet the people affected directly. The governments have other interests. One cannot understand this with a normal mindset. The larger population is suffering and there are reliable solutions to this problem of radioactivity, but somehow, it cannot be resolved.

Prof. M Vogt: We have seen the same with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, where very many good ideas were presented by people from Germany, Russia or other countries, and in effect, nothing came of it. So, the perpetrator corporations had no interest in following up these concepts, and the big politicians who voiced off noisily, were suddenly timidly quiet about it.

Let me come back to the ‘fuelsaver’ and the difficulties with obtaining it in the market at present, because that might be of great interest to the viewers. How does it work today? Do people approach you directly?

(22:22) H.Renner: At present, it is only possible online. But we do have a very big partner in the pipeline who might carry on marketing it in the not so distant future. They have a market presence with outlets in 12 European countries and about 8 million regular customers on their database. They will start this sometime soon, but as you know, big organisations are not the quickest, so it will require some patience before the re-introduction of our product into the market happens. The launch is already in preparation.

Prof. M Vogt: And they dare to present this product in its dedicated corner of new technology with the express label of 'zero point energy' on it? 

(23:00) H.Renner: Absolutely. They have the courage and presently, they are testing the marketplace carefully. They want to see which rabbit holes to best emerge from and place the cannons for the next part of the battle. This is the next step we are currently taking.

Prof. M Vogt: So, we can conclude now [that] whoever wants to get hold of your ‘fuelsaver’, at present, should approach you online.
However, soon it will be possible to buy the ‘fuelsaver’ in regular car accessory shops again.

(23:46) H.Renner: Absolutely correct. We offer a money back guarantee within 60 days via the internet, since we are interested that everyone does their own testing with the device before they finally commit to it.

Prof. M Vogt: Ok, I wish you all the best with future developments and everything that is presently happening and developing around your product range. Also, that the wind blowing in your face at present will serve to help many people wake up a bit more. After hearing your statements of tonight. I also hope that individuals in big companies might wake up and get inspired by your ideas. I, therefore, wish that your prognosis that this cannot be stopped anymore, will become reality. You have the TÜV seal of approval, the Esowatch seal of charlatan, too, so all the best and onwards and upwards.

# # #


Website & Contact: 
New Generation Bio
Herbert Renner Kaltenhausen 
1A-5274 Burgkirchen

Gregor v. Drabich - Waechter (speaks good English)
Ambition AG
Leimbachstr. 88
8041 Zürich

Tel : +41 44 481 4900
Fax: +41 44 481 4909



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