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You are here: > News > June 12, 2012

New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) update: June 12, 2012

We've been busy at NEST reviewing and assisting the best exotic free energy technologies get closer to market. Here is a brief report of our recent activities. Highlights include vetting a 2.5 kW solid state generator in Uganda, discovering that Magnacoaster is shipping back-orders, and Zydro gearing up for licensees.

What follows is an update of technologies and business relationships NEST is currently working on and tracking. This by no means represents the totality of what we are about, but is meant to give an overview of the hot projects we are working on or tracking. If you are represented by NEST in some way, and do not see your project, that certainly does not mean we are not working on it. A mention here does not mean there is a relationship, as our purpose is also to keep track of the most promising technologies. Technologies are assigned to NEST trustees to be tracked and pursued. The technologies are listed by trustee.

Sterling Allan

-An inventor in Uganda has a kilowatt-level, solid-state generator that we're in process of helping validate. It looks very promising, and is based on an elegantly simple design.

-As announced on Monday, it looks like we have a new technology in our Top 5. Magnacoaster is shipping their generators to back-order customers, according to a customer/advisor and Magnacoaster. They're associated with Zero Point Institute of India that is connected to a number of other technologies that are alleged to have been in process of deployment under the radar in Third World countries for quite some time now; with introduction to the rest of the world fairly soon via open source.

-No new news from Defkalion yet. They apparently are holding off until August to post the results of their recent third party testing; to be announced in conjunction with a major renewable energy expo.

-Intelligentry is still looking to September as when they will introduce noble gas engines available for purchase and delivery. They claim that their production prototype was recently proven and is now ready to go into production.

Ray Jennings

-NEST is in discussions with a company that claims to be working with an inventor of a widget that is fueled by water. They claim that the technology is fully developed and ready to go to market within a few months. They originally talked with us about possibly overseeing the entire project, developing, and marketing it. As of last Friday, they have backed off that idea. In short, while they expressed interest in working with NEST, they have not decided what role we would play in developing or marketing the water widget. 

-The same company also has a battery technology. The specific details are confidential. They are looking for seed capital to help build the machine to make the product. We introduced them to a venture capital firm that focuses on early stage investment in technology that can be applied in the cellular market.

-Dickens Mg-Cu-water cell. I have been working with a patent attorney to determine the status of the IP. While there do not appear to be patents which would prevent us from putting out a product, the Mg water cell does not seem to be as unique as it first appeared. There are dozens of YouTube videos of people fabricating similar batteries. The patent attorney says: “Developing a scientific kit may present patentable innovations - maybe how the cell is uniquely supported and displayed. A product could be sold as a novelty item to science markets and for that matter consumers who just want to play with it.”

Chip Paul

-An inventor in Colorado has idea for an Antenna project. This project would be similar to the Moray antenna. We provided the inventor with our boilerplate NDA. He reviewed and said it looks good for when they actually have something. Right now just in the idea stage.

-Received a call from a gentleman in India who is associated with the taxi association. He is wanting to support a technology which can be implemented in 2/3/4 wheel taxis which both reduces pollution and increases efficiency. He has access to both funds and manufacturing. We probably have a good match for him and NEST will pursue hooking the two companies up.

-An email was sent to Robert George of Brillouin congratulating them on their current round of funding. Also let him know that NEST is officially formed and that we are looking forward to working with them in the future.

-Had email correspondence with a principal of AMPERNERGO regarding formation of NEST and potentially licensing and business strategy for rollout of E-Cat tech. 

-An email was drafted to be sent to licensees regarding an update of where we are now and to give them a heads up about signing up on the website. Would also like to mention that the Zydro technology will be available for licensing soon.

-An email was sent to Wayne Travis of Zydro regarding intentions to mention him in our licensee email. Zydro’s technology is close to licensable and it would be a good time to poll our network for interest.

James Schmidt

-BlackLight Power Inc has been in business since 1991. They purport to have a LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) device that will produce up to 200 times the energy input, with the output being heated water or electricity. Randall Mills, the inventor of the process, claims that the device works by using a catalyst to drive Hydrogen to energy levels below traditional ground levels thus releasing energy in the process. The process is carried out similarly to that of an electrolysis cell.
The BlP device has been validated by numerous sources although the theory behind the process still has many detractors. BLP hopes to demo a manufacturing prototype in the 10 W magnitude by the end of 1012 and have available a 1.5 KW for home use by the end of 2013. (Story)

-Nanospire: On March 19, 2007, in a test of the first reactor, the investigators confirmed the presence of the same form of crystalline water discovered in 2004. The water exhibits extraordinary behavior during a precisely controlled process using Nanospire's harnessed cavitation reentrant jet technology. The cavitation process creates H20 crystals that apparently achieved relativistic speeds, scoring the interior sections of the reactor vessel.
In a series of subsequent tests in 2009, funded by another grant, the lead investigators, Mark LeClair and Serge Lebid, tested a larger reactor. During their tests, they triggered intense fusion, fission and large scale elemental transmutation events using ordinary water. They also produced a significant amount of energy producing 2.9 kW of hot water using only 840 watts of input, a coefficient of performance (COP) of 3.4 times more energy out than in. The water temperature was raised an average of 18 degrees C (32 degrees F) passing through the reactor with 28 degree C (50 degrees F) temperature spikes observed.
Nanospire is currently seeking funds to produce both fusion and non-fusion device for commercial purposes. No estimate of when we might see these promising devices. 

# # #

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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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