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You are here: > News > June 11, 2012

Rasa's Zero Point Institute Announces Emerging Generators Galore

A theoretical physicist and networker in India describes the scientific basis for magnetic resonance generators. He said he has received his Vorktex generator from Magnacoaster, who is now delivering back-orders, and that this is but one of several variations presently being deployed widespread in the third world.

Caution: see note below: Skepticism about Magnacoaster Shipping

| Stream |

45 mins

Interview > Listen
On June 7, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with Brother Rasaviharii as part of the Free Energy Now series.
Here's the Magnacoaster video from a year ago:

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The other day, I was watching a video on YouTube that showed an electromagnetic generator that apparently involves extracting energy freely from the environment. The video didn't say what it was or who was behind it, but concluded saying, "Tomorrow I'm giving the go-ahead for all the manufacturers to start producing parts. It works."

That's an attention-getter.

Obviously curious, I sent an email to user zeropointinstitute who posted it to see if I could get more information about who this is, where they are, what the product is, and where and when people can get one.

The user is Brother Rasaviharii, who goes by "Rasa". I posted a feature about him at PESWiki two years ago. He replied to my email saying, "Actually, we are setting up several manufacturing facilities for various versions of this technology in many different countries. This is just one example of one of the versions."

He agreed to do an interview, which took place last Thursday, June 7. I had my chin dropped to the ground nearly the entire time. Dumbfounding stuff, even for me, for whom belief comes very easily, as you all know by now.

Now it's a matter of verifying, determining its reliability, affordability, and potential for widespread deployment. But tentatively, I'll be putting it in the Top 5. If it checks out, it will be moving up to top position, until something even better comes along (e.g. more affordable, easier to implement, etc.).

Magnacoaster filling back-orders

To make a long story short, the machine and team in the video is Magnacoaster from about a year ago, the voice is Richard Willis, and they are now shipping product to their back-order customers. Rasa said he got one, and when I phoned Magnacoaster on Friday, they confirmed that they are shipping.

Rasa pointed out that the wording, when people purchased the Magnacoaster products beginning about three years ago, stated in the fine print, in essence, that they shouldn't expect the company to meet any deadlines. "A lot of us just sat patiently, now we're getting our machines."

I asked him if Magnacoaster is taking new orders, to which he responded that he doubted they were pushing that yet, as there is a long waiting list.

"I think they're going to be the first to break through the dam -- the leak in the dam that the little boy can't put his finger in any more."

And That's Just the Tip

Rasa appears to be a primary mover and shaker, not just with Magnacoaster, coaching them on their design improvements, but for his own line of products as well as those of others. And he claims that they have been distributing these widely for quite some time now, under the radar, in third world nations. And he intends to open source the designs once they're further along.

Brother Rasaviharii

All this from someone who gives the first impression as a new age hippie, but who appears to have been able to combine the wisdom of the East with the science of the West. Originally from California, where he studied theoretical physics, he moved to India to become a Yoga teacher, while maintaining his habit of continually reading through scientific journals. He's still in India, running the Zero Point Institute, a global non-profit special service organization whose mission is to distribute alternative energy systems around the planet, with a novel method of export and import involving hydrogen-HHO-powered boats, cutting down on the costs of shipping, as well as reducing pollution.

"Mostly, I travel around and teach people how to build systems."

The Science

The first fifteen minutes or so of the interview entailed Rasa going through a series of scientific articles from the mainstream that support the theory that is fundamental to these devices, the Magnetic Resonance Generator in particular. I remember linking to several of these articles in our Free Energy News as they came along.

The first is an article, published in 2001 by the American Institute of Physics, titled: Proposal for a spin-polarized solar battery, which put forth the theory that by polarizing the spin of the electrons you can get more energy out than you put in.

The second article was published in 2002 by Cornell University, titled: Spin battery operated by ferromagnetic resonance, which was when they started building "a spin battery" that takes advantage of spin polarization using ferromagnetics.

The third article was published in the flagship journal Nature in 2009, reprinted by Science Daily, titled: Electromotive force and huge magnetoresistance in magnetic tunnel junctions, reporting that physicists had develop a battery using a new principle, naming it a "spin battery", based on the scientific principle called tunnel magneto resistance. So in 2009 they built what is called a "magnetic tunnel junction," which is clear evidence of tapping into the quantum tunneling effect, calling for a new type of spin battery that will power electric cars in the future. It describes the science of this quantum tunneling effect from the N electron shell to the P electron shell; and this is where the energy is coming from.

Rasa pointed out that once they proved so much overunity energy, big corporations jumped on them, paying them a bunch of money to develop a new computer memory: M-Ram or Spintronics, which then became their focus, rather than the energy applications.

The fourth article comes from a 2011 article at PhysOrg, titled: Scientists report first solar cell producing more electrons in photocurrent than solar photons entering cell. Rasa said that he spoke to people there in Colorado. "Very interesting, to see more proof of how this quantum tunneling effect can be tapped into."

Also in 2011, this one from ScienceNews, came an article: Trilayer graphene exhibits quantum effect, which describes how to tap into quantum tunneling action, which happens whenever resonance happens in the system. This trilayer graphene is a new type of nano coil in which the atoms are aligned in such a way that you get this quantum tunneling effect. Nanocoils are not new, but this nanocoil itself produces overunity. Possibly dropping a hint as to what might be going on in the solar and wind systems they are involved in distributing and installing, Rasa continued: "If you put this nanocoil inside of a motor or generator, like in a wind mill, or whatever, the amount of energy you would get out would be overunity, just due to the [nano]coils. This is all due to the atomic arrangement...."

The sixth article, published this year by the American Physical Society, is one we also linked to in our news. How could I have done otherwise, with so many of our readers sending us links to it? Synopsis: Optical Device is More Than 100% Efficient. In Rasa's perspective, the article pointed out that "basically, any LED is overunity", explaining the physics of it. And he chuckles as the article admits: "We've known about this source of energy for a long time," but I'm not sure if he was chuckling at them admitting that they knew, since at least 2001, or that Rasa's team has known about it for a long time; perhaps a little of both.

For you free energy skeptics out there, this is some pretty "in-your-face" vindication of overunity principles from peer-reviewed scientific journals.

"We've captured quantum tunneling."

Following his review of the scientific literature, Rasa states: 

"Now we've gone ahead, and we have several variations of how to capture this quantum tunneling effect, just by using copper and some type of magnetic material. Usually, we prefer sintered iron, which, when it melts back together, the atomic lattices are aligned magnetically. We make a special kind of sintered iron.

"This is a way to channelize the two magnets at a 90-degree angle from each other. Basically, what it comes down to is, the larger the sintered iron magnet is, and the larger the copper windings are that you have around that thing, the more energy you can create from it.

"You have to tune your system in. You have to get a high frequency digital oscilloscope -- up to 2 GHz range -- to find these huge spikes that come when the quantum tunneling effect happens. And then it's just a matter of catching it in a series of batteries and capacitors."

Five Different Technologies

Rasa said they are working with five different technologies: Solar, Wind, Thermal Electric Generator (TEG), HHO / Hydroxy gas kits for internal combustion engines, and this Magnet Powered Generator.

"Our goal at the Zero Point Institute is to make these technologies available all over the world as cheaply as possible."

I asked him about the video on YouTube, and he said it is from the Magnacoaster group. "That's one version of [the] magnet powered generator. We have several factories set up in several different countries, which have several different versions similar to this one. Sometimes we work in conjunction with other alternative energy organizations."

Rasa said that the Rotoverter by Hector Torres and the Joule Ringer by Lawrence Tseung are also variants of the principle. Rasa said he was able to work with Lawrence and "guide him a little bit."

As a tangential note, I should say that in the course of the interview, there were at least two times requiring diplomacy when it seemed to me that Rasa was weighing his words very carefully so as to 1) be accurate, 2) not speak negatively of a group he's worked with, 3) present it in the best possible light without veering into hype or buttering up. It seems his Eastern training balanced with Western Science has honed him into a very incredible human being, both for moving forth the science and smoothing over the human relations which are usually the biggest obstacles for bringing a technology to market. To the Western eye, his photo resembles an occupy protester of the unemployed type, but in reality, he is one of the best scientists and businessmen in the free energy sector that I've ever encountered -- if what he is saying is true, and it rings true to me, based on what I know of the technologies he mentioned in our interview. A powers-that-be snoop would never suspect him to be the soldier for good that he is, based on their criteria of back-stabbing, ruthlessness, greed, posturing, etc. He is in no regard a typical person.

He said that when you start building these things, "you either get heat problems or you get sound problems." The Magnacoaster people have tried embedding their system in oil to reduce the heat and oil problems, "but there are other ways to do it as well, where the heating and the sound is not a problem."

I asked him to elaborate on this "tunneling effect" becaus,e in the context of cavitation, it usually has destructive connotations.

He said that this is not at all the case here. "It is used in tunneling microscopes in hospitals. In layman's terms, there are two ways for an electron to move. One way is through absorption and emission. For example, in a solar panel, you absorb a photon and emit an electron. Second way for an electron to move is through the quantum tunneling effect, where basically it just blinks out of existence and blinks back into existence at a higher energy level; then it can jump back down to the lower energy levels releasing the electron. You see it on your digital oscilloscope when you see those spikes. What you're seeing is the quantum tunneling effect happening when your system goes into resonance. Then it's just a matter of pulling out the right frequencies that you want."

The scientific name for this process is: "tunnel magnetoresistance." Google it.

The effect is noticed in the magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) and it’s a very well-understood effect. It's just that the money is going toward computer memory rather than making new kinds of batteries. 

"That's why we have our underground groups now. But I've been working with several universities; and I think we're starting to bridge this gap. Physicists can't deny it. The journals prove exactly what we're talking about."

Click here for a transcription of the remainder of the interview.

Comment on Egyptian Student Propulsion

Today, I asked Rasa what he thought about the Egyptian girl with a propulsion technology that sounds a lot like the science he described.

He replied: 

"If the silicon were doped in the proper way, I think it would be possible. The theory I subscribe to is that if silicon or other materials are doped in the proper way (such as in the Hutchinson crystal power cells), they start to act as neutrino collectors. 

"A number of things can trigger the N to P quantum tunneling effect.  It could be photons (quantum particles of light), phonons (quantum particles of heat), or magnons (quantum particles of magnetic energy), but it could also be neutrinos as well. Of course, it can also be a combination of more than one of these acting together.

"But with the magnet power generator (with the two giant electromagnets placed at a 90 degree angle from each other) we are primarily relying on the magnons."

Air De-Ionizer Generator

Rasa continued:

I am also friends with the people who made the air de-ionizer generator. It produces 15 kW in the size of a washing machine. 

"The noise you hear is the fan which blows the air past the anodes and cathodes. A certain air flow rate must be achieved before it begins to work properly. Once it begins producing enough energy, it is able to power that fan itself. That is when he unplugs it."

"They are not advertising yet, but they have contracts already to install them on Hong Kong shopping centers. In the video, you see the "mini" 1 kW version.

"He doesn't want to do any interviews, or to go public about it just yet. He has some contracts signed already, which cover all sales in the Pacific Asian region. But he is looking for other people to sign contracts with those who can handle operations in other countries."

Postscript: Skepticism about Magnacoaster Shipping

June 13, 2012; 2:30 pm MDT

I just got off a call with a couple of people who were concerned about my positive statements above about Magnacoaster shipping units to some back-order customers.

Their experience has been negative.

Michelle of Canada, was one of the first people to pay full price for a ~4 kW unit, back in February 2009. He was told it should be done by March of that year. When it was delayed for a long time, Michelle asked for a refund, but was not given one. After another period of time, he finally threatened to take them to small claims court. They still didn't refund. Now they don't even respond to his emails. "We would fully support Magnacoster if he delivers a working product that does what is promised."

What made him especially mad was that the company continued to take new orders without clearly disclosing to people that they are still working out bugs and troubleshooting, not ready to ship; and have been doing that for more than four years now.

Customers are putting money down for a unit with expectation of delivery "in a few months". They are not putting down money as long-term investors; yet that is how their money is being used.

Even recently, if you go to the Magnacoaster Twitter feed, it reads like they are still deep in troubleshooting mode. Same on their YouTube channel.

Magnacoaster has not responded to my email and phone requests for an interview with Richard, though I did talk to two people there on June 8 who both said something to the effect that they are shipping out units for some back-orders. They said I would half to talk to Richard to get an official statement.

So at this point, all we can do is speculate that perhaps certain friendly interests are among the first to receive units, more along the lines of beta testing.

Until Magnacoaster is in full production with a unit that is essentially problem-free, I'm going to drop them down into the runner's up in our Top 5 exotic free energy technologies.

We all know that the development process is a challenging one. It seems to us that Magnacoaster needs to be more forthcoming with their customers and the likelihood of delay in delivery; and when customers ask for a refund, they should get one.

This is still a "buyer beware" situation, though we do hope Magnacoaster can get their act together.

# # #

This story is also published at Examiner.


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