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You are here: > News > June 9, 2012

MYT™ Engine nearing market with legalization of investment solicitation

In a recent interview, Raphial Morgado said that the recent Jobs Act will now enable them to solicit the investment they need to finish building the 6-inch engine pilot production line. They would like to demonstrate the 6" engine at the upcoming LA Auto and SEMA shows.

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1:15 hrs

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On June 6, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with Raphial Morgado as part of the Free Energy Now series.

Raphial Morgado, Joe Bunetto, and Jin Kim prepare to put the 14-inch MYT engine in a Ford Focus in this 2004 photo. Raphial hopes to install a new 6" engine for the upcoming LA  Auto and SEMA shows. 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On Wednesday, I conducted a 1:15 hour interview with Raphial Morgado of Angel Labs LLC, to get updates on how his Massive Yet Tiny (MYT™) engine is coming along. It's been nearly a year since our last story about them.

The MYT™ Engine features 40 times higher power-to-weight ratio, low parts count, low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and low pollution. It is poised to benefit applications including airplanes, ships, 18 wheelers, SUVs, passenger cars, and even down to carry-on power generators. The MYT™ Engine, as a pump/compressor, also exceeds existing pumps/compressors in providing massive pressure, volume, and flow; all in one unit.

We all had hoped that his 6-inch production engines would be done by now. They would have been, if he had received the needed funds to complete them.

Until the U.S. Jobs Act passed last month, companies were disallowed from soliciting investment. But now they can, within certain parameters.

Raphial announced in our interview that they will receive investment from accredited investors. They need $2 million to finish their pilot production line. And considering that we're talking about an engine, that is a very small amount, made so because casting is not required. The components can be machined out of solid billet.

They are hoping to go to the SEMA and LA Auto shows this year with a Ford Focus fitted with the 6-inch engine, which results in a net 700 - 800 pound reduction in weight. Remember that back in 2004, they put the 14-inch engine on that Ford Focus. (Story) Usually, people have to go to exotic materials, such as expensive carbon fiber, just to get a small weight reduction.

When Raphial attended the LA show in 2005, he was the hottest thing on the floor, despite the bare bones display. One person told Raphial that he'd been attending the show for years, and that what Raphial had was the most exciting thing he had ever seen.

Raphial also talked about his plans to launch Morgado Transportation Company, which would modify other car and truck models and install their engine, along with other modifications, to improve their performance. They would tackle air and marine applications, as well.

They've also been turning the heads of Formula 1 race companies who are anxiously awaiting the completion of his first batch of 6-inch engines. Privately, Raphial listed three of those companies to me. His engine operating as a pump would be perfect for their kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) needs.

On a technical note, Raphial answered a frequently asked question regarding the seemingly small size of the shaft of his engine prototypes. He explained that in a normal internal combustion engine, the torque is spread across a long distance, so the shaft has to be large enough to withstand the twisting force. But on his engine, everything is compact, so the shaft can be much smaller. To illustrate a similar scenario, he referred to the size of the input shaft on a transmission. It's relatively small, too, for the same reason.

By way of follow-up on IGPI, he said that funding was shut off from them because of a financial snag, but they are renegotiating.

Finally, in the interview, Raphial mentioned the demoralizing effect some of the mindless (without looking into things before spouting off) comments that are posted in response to stories about the MYT™ engine. He's had investors back away because of these comments, even though the comments had no foundation. 

Before you post negative comments, please review the following links. If you post a negative comment that shows ignorance of this information, you will be banned from posting.

# # #

This story is also published at Examiner.

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